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The Plan To Save Days!

Tackling the Brady/DiMera battle was something that HS has wanted to do since joining Days last year, but he had to bide his time before executing a tale involving so many A-list veterans - stars who were temporarily sidelined due to economic constraints. "Restrictions were placed on us for a while taht didn't allow us to do certain things," he says. Thankfully the purse strings have been loosened and Doug, Julie, Stefano, Tony, Lexie and Anna have returned allowing Sheffer to start his tale, incorporating historical facts (the tunnel between Doug's Place and the DiMera mansion) and new imformation (the tragic romance between Stefano's father, Santo, and Shawn's sister, Colleen). "History is incredibly important. You have to find the balance between the present story, which has to be current and contemporary, but still always tap into that history," notes Sheffer. In reviewing tapes from the 80's, Sheffer became a fan of Days supercouple Tony and Anna. "I want to give the audience back the fun, sweet Tony. Set right that he was never a criminal." But could the Count - who once framed Marlena for the Salem Serial Killer - ever be redeemed? "Someone asked me, 'Did you know there was an Andre?'" he confesses with a smile. "I said, 'Tell me all about it.'"

VCR Alerts:

Danger closes in on Hope after Stefano catches her snooping around in the DiMera mansion on Thursday, June 28.

And it's been a long time coming but Belle and Philip finally receive their divorce papers on Friday, June 29.

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