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Anthony Geary

Lots of exposition/explaining, which doesn’t lend itself to emotion very well. Plays the physical aspects of the drugged up Luke role convincingly, although the “filthy hands” outburst seemed hammy. He plays the villain role convincingly, too, but it comes across as a cartoonish villain, although the last scene of him speaking into the camera is good. But I don’t think AG will be adding an Emmy to his mantle this year.

Christian LeBlanc

Overshadowed by TB’s laughing reaction at first. Then he has a few moments of indignation, which is followed by more overshadowing by TB’s angry reaction. But then he gets the scene back in a big way with his own outburst. The rest is more evenly matched, but still TB gets the most emotion to play, although his final speech about the diagnosis is also good (the quiet moment is excellent, the ‘why me’ is a little hammy). So while there is that one great (and another good) moment, I don’t know if this is the right showcase.

Billy Miller

In the first few moments (perhaps because I’m unfamiliar with the story), BM seems a little hammy. But that subsides quickly as he discusses his last night with his daughter (although there are a few moments where it veers back into hamminess, but he keeps it under control). MM is quite good, and I think he plays grief better than BM plays anger, which again causes some overshadowing.

Jason Thompson

Just ten seconds in and I thought that this was the best reel. The next 10:50 only reinforced that opinion. This is a very good actor and a very good performance. I did not sense a false moment in his eyes, his face, or his body language. He’s not overshadowed by KM, he’s only complemented by her. No contest to me, and as a Days fan I have no skin in the game here.

1.Jason Thompson

2.Billy Miller

3.Christian LeBlanc

4.Anthony Geary
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