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Jun 22 2007, 10:39 PM
I'm over the Andre cop-out. It's becoming ridiculous if you ask me. Yes, I know that Andre is a biological DiMera and no one from that family stays dead, but if it was Andre, and only Andre, that was being killed and coming back from the dead I wouldn't have a problem. Stefano is known for dying and coming back to life. The phoenix has risen almost a dozen times now. However, Andre isn't even a real consistent character on the show. He once was, and is only brought back in order to redeem Tony. "Oh that was Andre..." That's what we seem to always hear. I'm sick of it. I would rather they give Thaao an in-depth psycholigcal storyline to play rather than the cliche evil twin storyline.

Those divorce papers cannot be the end of PHELLE. I just feel more coming out of those two. Sorry SHELLE fans.

I understand what you're saying. This show plays musical identities far too much. However, the idea of having Andre back gives LeAnn Hunley alot to play, and I think with her back on the canvas, this story could lead to many exciting places -- especially if Tony and Anna end up being captives together.

As for Phillip and Belle receiving their divorce papers, it only means one thing: they're not over. Every couple on this show that actually receives divorce papers only receives them for one reason -- so that the audience can see the sadness in their eyes as they contemplate signing them. That sadness in their eyes, of course, leads to re-kindled feelings, and thus the romance starts all over again. Nobody who ACTUALLY gets divorced on this show actually receives and signs the papers on-screen... that always happens off-screen. So, yeah, we're definitely headed for PHELLE, round 16. Kill me now. Compared to all the other excitement right now, this and the "teen" story seems like a totally different show. Why are they so islanded?
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