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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Whoever the hell Thaao Penghlis is playing... be it crazy, bitter Tony or straight up sociopath Andre... I don't want this character to be killed off even though I do want to see Thaao and Leann explore their romantic chemistry on the show again.

I just love him as this caustic, eccentric villain they are writing him as now so much that I'd hate to see that quickly cast aside.

I think it'd be interesting if they actually made it Tony who died in Aremid and Andre has just been impersonating Tony all this time and then at a later date they can have Tony show up in Salem to Andre's surprise that he is actually alive. I am perfectly fine with them rewriting history that way since Aremid is so much better if Tony is the one who actually dies (or is thought to die).

But I would rather not see Andre locking up Tony again. If he is going to lock someone up I'd want it to be EJ with Sami eventually rescuing him the way that Anna did Tony and then the two of them can finally have scenes alone without OLD YELLER interrupting them. They could work out all their issues about the rape too actually getting some closure for the characters so then we wouldn't have to be reminded 15 times an episode of Hogan's retarded melodramatic plotpoint from six months ago at the expense of the character of EJ. At least that's how it works out in my blog. lol. well minus the tony being andre part.

And getting back to Tony and Anna... I am really glad to hear that Hogan likes them. Haven't been a fan of a lot of what has happened under his reign but to hear him say that shows me he at least has SOME good taste. And very excited to hear that he is getting really into 80s history of the show. His comments lately and this summer storyline make me think he is trying which is something I wasn't totally convinced of before.

I just wonder what the hell was going on all those months that Hogan was silent. Were the people who left for AMC really in charge of storylines or something and that's why stuff sucked so much from Jan-April or was it just simply the money issue?
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