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I just can't wrap my mind around ANY character -- much less Anna -- wanting to hop into bed with this version of RRRRoman Brrrrrady.

Why does he get all the hot women?! Billie, Kate, Anna... ugh. I could understand it if Wayne Northrup was in the role (please, please bring him back!) but not with Josh Taylor. No way, no how. Kate and Anna are similar women (that is... stylish sexy ladies) and neither one should ever be paired with this ho-hum "glorified extra" version of Roman, yet both have. Because really, that's all he is now -- a glorified extra. He has no personality or stories of his own. He's just there as a side-player, and that's all he'll ever be until Wayne Northrup returns to the role, IMO.

As for THIS Roman and who be belongs with? Hmm... I'm thinking someone more along the lines of, eh... Bonnie Lockhart? Yeah? Yeah.
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