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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Jun 24 2007, 01:27 AM
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Jun 23 2007, 06:06 PM
I just can't wrap my mind around ANY character -- much less Anna -- wanting to hop into bed with this version of RRRRoman Brrrrrady.

I'll just take it to mean Anna's working for the Dimeras and taking one for the team.

Or she's on drugs.

Kenny, it'll be OK. This is Sheffer. I doubt we'll even see Anna and Roman kiss because she's not gonna get pregnant. They'll just TALK about the characters having had sex rather than SHOW it.

I am fine with Anna sleeping with Roman just because she wants to get laid or is working for Stefano or she is trying to make Tony jealous or all of the above.

I know what you are getting it but the lack of love scenes is not all Hogan's fault. He was giving them to us in December. I think it has more to do with budget cuts. He is trying to sneak romance in scenes lately but it doesn't seem like Salem has bedrooms anymore so that contributes to it. I would like to see love scenes too but it seems like more of a budgetary sacrifice then anything else.

Budgetary reasons does not explain why Hogan is not writing love scenes.

They found the money to build that retarded Maison Blanche set with RED brick walls and used it for like four eps yet they can't make an effort to have even one permanent bedroom anywhere in Salem?

Budgetary reasons does not explain why viewers this spring were shown Billie and Nick's one-night stand yet after all these months of the show trying to establish an emotional investment for viewers in Chelsea and Nick getting together the show fails miserably in providing any sort of payoff as their first time is not demonstrated and instead happens off screen where they only tell us about it later. I have a strong suspicion Anna and Roman will be the same way.

I happen to like this summer storyline but have seen little indication that Hogan has any interest in providing Days fans with true romance. HOPEFULLY he proves me wrong with the Colleen and Santo tale but I'm not holding my breath.
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