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Jun 25 2007, 09:20 PM
Jun 25 2007, 06:53 PM
To be perfectly honest I am just really happy it's not Vincent.

You know what? I totally agree with that feeling.

It does open some interesting questions about Pretty Crane. Where's she been, how did she get to be the most powerful Crane (Sheridan and Fancy combined couldn't sway the judge, but apparently Pretty could), why'd she pick now to show up....

Of course, based on the previous mysteries I doubt they'll touch on any of that, but still.

Huh. I think I kind of like this now. My only beef is that it didn't need to take that long to get here.

And that is why I can tolerate this.

In a way, it is a surprise because the Val/Vincent theory had spread like wildfire and everyone bought it. I agree it should not have taken this long.

The other thing is that this was not meant to be the last story. This story started in late 2006 and I think had Passions really been cancelled it would've been changed to something fitting of a last story. I still think this is fitting but it would've been bigger.

I am curious about what Fancy did to her and so many things. Why does she want her half brother? Let's also remember he/she raped Fancy, her own sister. Pretty sick, no pun intended. The stalker mentioned how he/she had it out for all of Harmony. WHy? Did they run him/her out of town? This could be a pretty intense story, as we saw in the Theresa/stalker tunnel scenes in April/May.
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