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Jun 25 2007, 09:46 PM
I think Pretty IS a big surprise.

So I am guessing that Vincent is the Evian son afterall, and He and Valerie were just red gerrings. Good job Reilly

I believed the theory that Pretty was handicapped because Esme said she "wheeled around" when she saw her in Paris.

Mikey, You should be happy. I remember you saying if it's Vincent/Valerie, JER could suck on your balls. Now ya dont have to worry haha :lol:

I agree that JER did a VERY good job with Vinny/Val as red herrings. I WAS SO SURE, until today's episode, that they were one in the same and were the blackmailer. Although, heck, I was also suspicious and wondered if Vinny/Val were also somehow Pretty! :lol:

It was a great mystery and this reveal doesn't take from that because no one knew for sure (or the majority didn't), as they did with the VERY easy to guess Passions Red mystery and the monk one.
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