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I don't think anyone's judging Reilly too harshly. When you spew crap for the bulk of your career, coming up with such bullshit as "the stupid neverending kidnapping crap" on Days & "Ethan & Theresa: together for 2 months, in love for 8 years, having the same conversation for up to 6 months at a time" on Passions you have to do quite a bit to clean up your reputation.

One Pretty question I'll need to have answered relatively quickly: what the fuck is her issue with Jessica Bennett? Is she that offended by stupidity? Jealous of the plastic-y look Jessica pulls off quite well?

That's actually how I think the storyline should be judged- by how fast he fills in blanks after revealing the blackmailer's identity. If it's another Martin/Katherine kind of deal where there's never really a legit explanation given, then the whole thing is crap, imho.
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