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Um, that shouldn't be the question on your mind. The question should be if the He-She was telling Sher Sher and Fr. Lonigan that he-she was born like...a freak and judged by her family and town, and if everyone knew Pretty Crane was born a freak and judged by her family and town, why didn't the Cranes put two and two together if one of their own had the very same issues? This is too big of a DUH, even for Harmonians.

It's also gotten to the point where the person was messing with too many people on the canvas. A WhoDunIt storyline can't just be involved in every plot for the sake of being involved in every plot. It's stupid. ESPECIALLY when it's going to turn out to be someone newish who only has a limited number of established connections to people on the show.

It's really become clear that JER thinks his audience are a bunch of teenagers who will watch day and day out and somehow lose their memories from day to day. The storylines don't make much sense anymore, and they lack logic big time. I don't know why he thinks younger viewers have no brains, but he does. Even if the show is a sitcom or a parody or whatever it is you want to call it, it could still be a well-written, smart, edgy, quality show while doing that.
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