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Wardrobe: Men & PJ's on the Soaps
Topic Started: Sep 9 2007, 05:48 PM (970 Views)
Steve Frame
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I am deleting old posts at my site getting ready to shut it down for good. This was an interesting discussion we had there. Wonder what some of your thoughts are on it. - Steve


I was reading an old story that I saved from a daytime mag from the late 80's or early 90's. Sorry didn't save the issue as it got wet when my hot water heater busted a year or so ago. I couldn't even save the whole article just saved parts of it.

Anyway I think it was from Daytime TV magazine, and the article was praising how the wardrobe folks in soaps did a good job at the time with matching men's sleepwear to the character they played. For instance they said it made perfect sense for Adam Chandler to wear silk pajamas. They praised how AW always showed John Hudson (David Forsythe) emerging from bed in an old t-shirt and boxer shorts. It just seemed so fitting for the characters, and they praised each one.

I was sitting here looking at it and thinking about today's shows and the male characters on them. Personally I don't know very many guys at all who wear pajamas to bed, so it seems crazy to me to see so many guys on the soaps wearing them or something to bed. I mean I don't know what a lot of guys wear in real life, but I do know that the majority of guys I know (mostly from a group of friends I have who go camping together alot) either sleep in underwear or nothing at all. Now at the camp where we go all of us wear our underwear in our sleeping bags, but I know that many of them admit to sleeping the buff at home. And no there is nothing sexual between us group of friends - just to set that straight. We are just fishing buddies and camping buddies. There are about 30 of us in total with about 15 or 20 of us at the most at the camp. Also during my 5 years of college, I had 5 roommates and not one of them slept in pajamas. And as an RA who did bed checks at night I never saw any guys in pj's. So that is my basis for this.

Anyway I just wanted to get others opinions about the male characters in soaps and whether you think the wardrobe folks are still doing a good job. And what you imagine the male characters on your soap should wear or possible wear to bed.

Some ones that pop in my mind are:

Bo Brady (Days) - I would think that he sleeps in the buff; showing him in pajamas of any type would be wrong.

Paul Williams (Y&R) - same as Bo

Victor Newman (Y&R) - silk pj's

Adam Chandler (AMC) - silk pj's

Holden Snyder (ATWT) - I can imagine him like John Hudson, old t-shirt and boxers for pj's - no traditional pj's for him; would be totally wrong

Dusty Donovon (ATWT) - under Brian Bloom's portrayal either undies or nothing, with Grayson's interpretation, I would think some type of pj's

Roman Brady (Days) - I think just boxers with no shirt, or nothing at all. Putting Roman in pj's would be totally wrong for the character

Abe Carver (Days) - pj's would fit the character

Shawn Brady (Days) - like his father

Philip Kiriakis (Days) - boxers under JKJ; under Kyle PJ's

Tad Martin (AMC) - boxers or briefs to bed - no pj's for him even though the Martin home might have required them growing up

Rex Balsom (OLTL) - boxers, no shirt

Will Munson (ATWT) - nude

Brad Snyder (Days) - breifs/boxers or nude

Lucas Roberts (Days) - pajama bottoms, no shirt

David Vickers (OLTL): since he wants to be wealthy I would think he would love to wear silk pajamas, but when he doesn't have the money to buy them, he probably sleeps in pajama bottoms

Antonio (OLTL): nude - boxers or briefs only at the most

Christian (OLTL): nude always

Nash (OLTL): boxers

Josh Madden (AMC): nude or boxerbriefs

Jamie Martin (AMC): nude or boxerbriefs

Luke Snyder (ATWT): boxers

Simon Fraser (ATWT): nude - doesn't even own pj's

I could probably think of some others, but will be anxious to hear your thoughts. Or any other part of the wardrobe matching the character. For instance, I feel that Mimi's wardrobe on Days does not match her social status at all. She dresses in too many designer type things to match how poor she has always made herself out to be. Things like that.
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Interesting subject Steve. I will give you my two cents worth on Days since that is the only soap I watch: I agree with most of your assessment, but I think Lucas would only wear boxers. I can tell you that you are probably right about most "real life" men. I don't know many that wear pjs. I know only for a fact that my husband wears nothing. (Neither do I, but that is another subject)!! :lol: Just because we are over the hill doesn't mean that we are under it!!
One additonal thought. What about the women! Especially the under 30 crowd. The pj's Belle wears (or use to when married to Philip) was more like Marlena wears. Most college age girls wear tee shirts and the like. Just a pet peeve of mine that they don't always dress age appropriate.
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Steve Frame
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I think the reason I chose PJ bottoms for Lucas is that they used to anyway love to show him in those lounge type pants in his apartment. Lately there have been some boxer shots.

The women is another good subject. The article just happen to talk about the men so that is why I went with it.
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I do agree with you regarding most of the Days men and their pjs. Abe is pjs, but I don't see Roman in boxers unless he was still played by Wayne Northrop! But the character, yes. (I try not to picture Josh Taylor that way! :lol: ) I do like Lucas in those lounge type pants too.
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Interesting thread. I only watch Days so I'll have to focus on it.

Bo: I think his preference would be to sleep in nothing but with kids in and out of the house I'll say boxers. Maybe flannel jammy bottoms in the winter

Steve: Nothing (he's said so on more than one occasion)

John: tighty-whities (no idea why) or maybe nude

Roman: baggy boxers and and old t-shirt

EJ: boxer-briefs or silk boxers

Lucas: boxers (haven't we seen him in those?)

Nick: boxers (ditto)

Abe: pajama bottoms and a t-shirt

Victor: silk pajamas

Stefano: silk pajamas

Tony: silk pajamas - bottoms only

Old Man Brady: cotton pajamas (top and bottom)

Jett: Naked, with no sheets or blankets in front of a full lenth window
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Oh, GBB too funny about Jett! You are probably right!
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