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All: Rate the Headwriters; - based on recent stories
Topic Started: Oct 2 2007, 01:30 PM (636 Views)
Steve Frame
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All My Children (B&E) - D

B&E constructed what seems to be a good story with the Crash story but damn it has been so depressing. Where is the happiness in Pine Valley. I know I have not been watching full episodes. The first full one I have watched in a year was Monday's episode as part of my October challenge. But geesh no one is ever happy anymore. I love that they have made Annie more likeable and love her and Ryan now. They are the first rootable couple that AMC has given me in quite some time after they killed off Dixie. I love Greenlee and Aiden but hate this Greenlee but that has nothing to do with B&E. And so far they are doing nothing to make me like Kendall again or love the pairing of Zach & Kendall. If their goal is to make me hate them more, then they are succeeding. B&E might end up being good for AMC but right now they are still too heavily influenced by McTavish and what I am seeing has not made the show seem like there has been a transition. Balance is still a big problem on the show.

As The World Turns (Passanante) - B-

Oh how that grade made my hands hurt typing it. ATWT has been such a big discouragement to me for so long now. But lately Pissant has been constructing stories that full of cliches but are so soap opera. She is greatly helped by great breakdown and script writers. The additions of Peter Brash & the other former Days writers (sorry forgot her name) have been great. ATWT has 3 of the best script writers on TV right now. The balance still sucks to a point, but it is getting better. She is making me like Gwen again who I had gotten so sick of due to overload. She is not succeeding in doing that with Katie though. Still way too much of her. And at times there is still way too much of Carly and that comes from someone who loves her. I am so loving Paul/Craig/Meg/Rosanna but at times she falls back into the old habit of rinse, wash, repeat with them. She needs to watch that. Luke & Noah has been such an Island story until recently and that is making it much more enjoyable. It was so filled with cliches already but she added another one, but at least tied it to another story on the show and involves more people now. If she could get rid of Vienna, Cole and Sofie, less Katie's role on the show, restore and use the vets, and fix Henry she could easily move up to an A.

Bold & the Beautiful (Bell) - D-

Bell has wrote some good stuff lately, but I still can't give him above a C. His great rape story has turned into another effort to put Brooke & Ridge back together. And so far has had no lasting impacts on Brooke. The addition of Alden has been great, but he needs to give her more influence on the writing. He has a bad habit too of constructing these big stories for characters and they end up back at the same level they were before. Cheif examples are the rape of Brooke and the exploration of Stephanie's past. What influence did they have on the characters. So far none.

Days of Our Lives (Sheffer) - F

Days has made great improvements but writing is not one of them. Sheffer has been with the show for a year now, and to me has done nothing for the writing except for bring on better script writing. The scripts are wonderful but the stories that Sheffer constructs are terrible. And he destroyed 3 of my favorite characters. For so long now Days has been in a shuffle of headwriters who come on, construct stories, and even after they are gone characters and couples seem back at square one even after the things they have been through. Higley did it. JER did it and now Sheffer. Sheffer has been here a year and where are we at with characters. Pretty much where we were when he took over. John & Marlena are back together but where is the growth in their relationship. Bo & Hope are together but we as fans don't feel them being closer as we never see them bonding or together. He put Chelsea & Nick together - a great new couple but has destroyed it all. Months and months later they are at a standstill and back to square one. Sheffer has been here a year and we have been through all kinds of stuff with Steve but we still don't know anything about his missing years. We don't really know why the DiMera's took him. We don't even really know why EJ brainwashed him. John was shot and almost 10 months later we still know why or even if EJ really did it. Shawn/Belle/Philip are still in the same boat they were that they have been for years now. I don't see any real growth in that triangle at all. And even after months and months of reading letters, and the so called reason for the vendetta I still don't feel like I understand what the vendetta was all about. And don't understand who I am supposed to feel for in this. I mean the way Hogan talked we would be angry with the Bradys and not see them as such goody goody's by the end of summer. Well finding out that a young innocent girl was taken advantage of by a horny old man who lied to her about being married, and the innocent girls brother told the truth about it to protect his sister - sure didn't make me feel bad for the DiMera's. It made me hate them even more. I mean all this hurt and all the pain that Stefano has wracked on John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Steve, Kayla and so on is because a horny old man lied about being married so he could fuck a young virgin. yeah right. To me it is the same problem with Bradley Bell. Stories should change people or at least move from one level to another one. I am just not seeing that anywhere with Hogan. A year ago Hogan started at Days and many of us said to watch for certain things to happen. Sad but every one of them did. Vets have been backburnered. The under 30 set was put front burner. Stories have had very limited or no payoff. Sorry Sheffie but a big fat F is what you deserve.

GH (Guza) - D

Guza has the same problems that he has always had - balance and consistency. He gives us way too much of the same people all the time. And he evidently has a hard on for Lulu. He brings in all these young men and every one of them develops something for Lulu. he also has these great brilliant moments like Laura's return last year, the hostage crisis in February, but he never follows up or keeps the brilliance going. Guza is not a bad writer which is proven by his good spots, but he needs to work on evening that out and giving the show more consistency. And he needs to remember what Marland said about putting on the characters that everyone wants to see and forget about his own favorites.

GL (Kriezman) - C-

The only thing that gets Kreizman a C is the fact that he uses balance. His stories are not that bad, but he definitely needs a co-headwriter to help him punch them up and tweak them. He changes characters around to fit his needs, and for a soap that is a big problem. Soaps are about characters, and those characters need to be consistent with their history on the show. I believe in the old Marland addage that if fans say a character would never do that, then the writer has done something wrong.

OLTL (Carlivati) - A-

I have to give Ron credit. He has done somethign that I felt was unthinkable. He is turning OLTL around. If he can continue on the trend that he is on now, I see him staying at OLTL for a long time - unless he ticks off Frons. He needs to work on the balance a little more. I am loving seeing some old characters back and he is making the show about characters we care about, but please decrease John. He has been so overused for so long. I just need a break from him for awhile.

I won't rate Passions since I am not able to watch it on Direct now.

Y&R (Latham) - C

I won't go into it completely here since I just wrote a column about it. A month ago I would have given Latham an F, but she has made me love the show again and those few months still put her grade down, but if she keeps tweaking and continues to do some things right. She might even move up.
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I only watch Days and Y&R.

On DAYS, I give Heffer a B+. Why? Well, I haven't watch the soap much in the past 6 months and before that Reilly was writing and his stuff was below Grade Q. The current on-air stuff if great, especially when I only watch EJ, Sami, Lucas, the letters, Stephano, Steve/Kayla (if Stephanie is not one) and Bo/Hope, J/M.

Y&R - D-

For the sake of Zeus, it was just a kiss. Get over it Jack. Ji-Men is yet another pointless murder mystery and Professor Doorbell is ding-donging himself into more useless territory. Come on Y&R, where is the payoff?
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The only show I watch on a regular basis:

DAYS/Sheffer: (B): Slightly Above Average.

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As the World Turns (Passanante): B-/C+

I agree that, if not for the great script writers she has under her, Passanante would be getting a much worse grade than this. She wouldn't know the meaning of the word balance if it smacked her in the face (yes, I know, I'll be getting to Sheffer later). On the rare occasion that she DOES write a decent story like Luke/Noah, Craig taking over WorldWide, or Lucinda's cancer, it's usually relegated to the background while far less interesting stories are shoved in our faces. I want to see more of Bob, Kim, Lisa, Lucinda, Tom, Margo, Barbara, Susan, Emma, and Holden, and much MUCH less of Katie, Jack, Carly, Gwen, Will, Dusty, Paul and Meg (some of them I like, others I don't, but they're all overexposed right now). Another thing, when was the last time we got some good family interaction? And no, I don't count half the town living at Emma's farm (particularly when we never see Emma, anyway).

Days of Our Lives (Sheffer): B+

I know this isn't a popular opinion right now, but I honestly do not believe Sheffer is a bad writer. That said, yes, I DO believe there are things he can improve upon, the first being balance. I'm beyond tired of the Lumi/E.Jami merry-go-round dominating the show, and right now, even though I like all three characters, I would not mind at all if they all were given a nice year-long vacation at this point. Second, we see couples together (Bope, Jarlena, etc.) but we don't see any scenes ABOUT them, which is something Sheffer needs to work on big time. The pacing could be better because usually it's either snail-slow or lightning fast (usually the latter). All that aside, I do believe that Sheffer truly does want to give the fans what they want, I just don't think he knows how to go about it. Although, to be fair, DAYS has got to be the hardest soap on the air to write right now, so I do give him credit for trying.

Guiding Light (Kreizman): D

I know some people don't think the show is all that bad, but right now, I think GL is a total mess, and if it's ever going to get better, Kreizman has to be shown the door ASAP. None of the couples right now are working, IMO, the foremost of which has to be Josh and Cassie. Don't even get me started on how that particular pairing is all kinds of wrong. The stories are totally plot-driven right now, with the characters being changed to fit them. Frankly, I'm embarrassed for Alexandra right now, because I just think it's ridiculous to have her competing with Marina (a girl in her 20's) for this Aussie hustler con-man who's also young enough to be her son (Cyrus). Gus has never been one of my favorite characters to begin with, but he's just been absolutely destroyed with this story with Natalia and Rafe, two characters that make me ill when I see them on screen. Speaking of character assassination, next we come to Reva, my all-time favorite GL character (or at least she was). Honestly, I'm sick to death of her shenanigans and everything she's done this past year (hiding her cancer, keeping Lizzie from her child, kidnapping Emma, framing Olivia for running her down) is actually making me hate her, something I NEVER thought I would do. I could go on and on about how much I despise Kreizman's writing, but since I don't have all day, I'll just stop here.

Passions (Reilly): B-

Honestly, I don't even know where to begin with this one. Everyone knows I have a love/hate relationship with Reilly, and there are so many things about PASSIONS that are good and so many that are bad right now. It's basically just a mixed bag, for me.
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I would explain all this in detail but I don't have much time right now so, briefly:


Was improving but lacks intensity, boring, feels like the whole show is driven by one story about two people (Zach and Kendell). I know someone will accuse Days of this but at least their main story doesn't feel like two people are driving everything.


Much improved of late. Loving Luke's story and the balance is a bit better.

B&B: D

Everything is a rehash or feels like it and so many characters are wasted. Too much stunt casting and plot-driven material.


Everyone knows I love Days but I do recognize the show has problems and a month ago I would've went with a C but Ed has turned the show around. Things are better executed and more character-driven. Things are taken seriously. Balance needs work and so does the Lucas/Sami/EJ story but, otherwise, it has gotten alot better.


Terrible. Force couples, character destruction, character pimping more then any other show, too reliant on sweeps stunts...basically, classic GH.


Not too good but not too bad. I don't know. It has its good weeks and bad weeks.


Most improved show and I am loving so much about this show right now, especially the baby story. Hopefully, it keeps up. Balance is better and some stories still need work but miles better then what it was.


I am watching on DIRECTV and I thought it was supposed to be faster? T/E/G are still in the same damn spot they were on the finale. The Fancy brain chip crap is awful. Pretty is a waste. Al is bordering on over the top. I am starting to lose my patience again. I do like the Esme stuff, Fox's murder, Tabitha/Kay, the search for Marty, and Eve's gaslighting.


It may be harsh but compared to what this show used to be I feel it warranted. The balance is good and, while they use their vets, the stories suck and are nothing but plot-driven drivel. LML has turned this show into what every other soap gets accused of being and that alone should get this women fired. It's depressing to see this once great show like this. It really is.

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B&B: B+
GH: D+
Y&R: D
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AMC (B&C): B
I must admit that I'm loving the show right now. I have never been a fan of the show, and decided to start watching after I heard that McTavish was leaving. I wanted to see how the transition was from head writer to head writers because I remember how great DAYS was last summer. And through this time, I fell in love with the show and several of the characters. Ryan and Annie are now one of my favorite soap couples. I love Annie, and all of her dark and shady background. She's a pretty new character, and I am very interested in her past. That doesn't happen too often with new characters on soaps. B&C made me like Ryan as well, someone who I used to loathe. The same thing can be said for Babe. It makes me so sad to see that Alexa Havins will be leaving, because I love her as Babe now. Hopefully, I'll like the new girl as well. But back to the writing. Sure, there's not action taking place everyday, but I feel that we are seeing characters grow. As for the doom and gloom on the show, it's expectable seeing as what just happened. Erica Kane, the town's probably biggest pillar, grandchildren and daughter were involved in a horrible accident. Of course everyone is going to be sad and upset. I feel that it is real. I hate when tragedy happens, and a few episodes later, you see people making love and being all happy. The people of Pine Valley are upest and I like that we are seeing it. Oh, and B&E made me like Zach and Kendall! That alone is a shocker. I like Zach more as an individual character. I can't really stand Kendall alone, although I am starting to soften to her. And I love Sabine's Greenlee! :D

DAYS (Hogan): C
I'm not longer sugar coating Hogan's lack of talent anymore. I'm not liking what I am seeing and I'm not going to ignore it any longer. The balance on this show is horrible. Phoenix, you talk about AMC and how Zach and Kendall are ruling the show. The same thing can definitely be said about DAYS with EJ and Sami. I don't see how you think it doesn't. I absolutely hate seeing Sami anymore, and she's my favorite soap character. Maybe I don't hate Sami as much as I hate victim Sami. If Hogan would give Sami the edge he took away from her, I think I would enjoy watching her on my screen. I'm tired of the bomb threats and trapping characters together. You want to talk about a wash, rinse repeat cycle? A lot of the characters on right now are characters that I like, but I'm not seeing them interact with others besides the other characters that are on all the time. Can I get more interactions with these "main" characters with the other characters that we haven't seen in a while? The vendetta storyline has proved to be a major flop. Lets hope this next ratings stunt will prove successful, or else this show is in trouble, and making stupid decisions for nothing.

I haven't been watching B&B lately. I only keep up with the show through online summaries and such. I hear OLTL is great, and I try to catch it when I can. And what I do watch is good. I've given up on Y&R months ago, and I don't plan on ever watching again.
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#1 Fan of Daytime Psychos!

All My Children: C+

I haven't watched reguarly since B&E took over because the show has gotten so boring. Although, they have worked out an intriguing story with Annie's family, so they deserve points for that. But Greenlee overload = major deduction.

As The World Turns: B+

Love basically all of the stories, but some days seem way too slow and boring.

Bold and the Beautiful: B

Bradley Bell is a very hit/miss writer. One minute, I'm loving B&B and one minute it's boring me to tears.

Days of our Lives: F-

I detest Hogan Sheffer and everything he's written...

General Hospital: B-

Compelling stories, but a lack of variety in characters really turns me off sometimes. Guza needs to start focusing less on Jason and more on the other Q's.

One Life to Live: A+

Ron Carlivati is amazing so far. I love everything he's doing with the show and can't wait to see what's up his sleeve for the future!

Passions: A+ (pre-DTV)

Haven't seen it since the cross-over, but I miss it so much. And I loved it more than ANY other soap. That has everything to do with the amazing James E. Reilly.

Y&R: A

LML is a good writer as far as I'm concerned. She keeps me watching daily and I'm rarely bored with every story.
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GH (Guza) - D

Guza has the same problems that he has always had - balance and consistency. He gives us way too much of the same people all the time. And he evidently has a hard on for Lulu. He brings in all these young men and every one of them develops something for Lulu. he also has these great brilliant moments like Laura's return last year, the hostage crisis in February, but he never follows up or keeps the brilliance going. Guza is not a bad writer which is proven by his good spots, but he needs to work on evening that out and giving the show more consistency. And he needs to remember what Marland said about putting on the characters that everyone wants to see and forget about his own favorites.

I have to wonder just how much of this is Guza and how much is Frons.
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I only watch ATWT so... B-

I'm really liking the Rosanna/Craig/Meg/Paul storyline. Although I could do without Paul's annoying mannerisms.

I'm all alone in my dark corner but I'm totally indifferent to Luke and Noah.

Sofie & Cole: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Will and Gwen's storyline with Alison hasn't really taken off. It's just lurking in the background and I don't have much interest in it at the moment.

Thumbs up to Carly and Jack.

Kudos to TPTB for making Brad more likeable. Oddly enough, he's one of my favorite male characters now. :o
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B&B - A+

The show has been absolutely fantastic lately! Donna, Thorne and Eric finally have interesting storylines and Brooke and Ridge no longer dominate the show. It's nice being able to tune in and see so many different characters working in a storyline. Loving the new rivalry between Ashley and Brooke. Ashley was so nice to her and has no baggage like Taylor, so it really makes Brooke look bad. Hope to see more of this fabulous triangle!

BTW Steve, I have to disagree about Brooke's rape not having lasting impact. She's still being severely haunted by her rapist, breaking down at the Brooke's Bedroom fashion show, seeing her rapist at Big Bear, etc. Now they even have her going to see a therapist. Her going back to Ridge is very logical considering he helped her through the rape and she needs a man by her side. It doesn't bother me because it seems clear he's going to be with Ashley. If anyone should be worried about Brooke, it's Taylor!

I think some people don't give B&B a fair shot based on what Brad Bell did ages ago. The show has made a huge turnaround lately and is telling new, fresher storylines involving more characters.

Y&R - C

The writing is still piss poor and LML has gotten to the point where she is repeating her own stories. They're obviously trying to recreate the Colleen/Adrian story with Lily/Cane. Only it doesn't work because Lily acts like she's 12 and Cane is a mature adult. Snorboria and JT are the most boring couple in the history of this show. Ji Min's poorly planned and executed murder is a copy of Carmen, from this time last year. The only positive is Jess Walton's performances, although she had to fight through bad editing and writing. Just as she hit a moment, they'd cut the scene. Would love to have seen what she could do with good writing.

The Jack/Phyllis/Nick/Sharon story makes no sense. First Nick has amnesia, now they've forgotten. First he loves Sharon, then he loves Phyllis and has no feelings for Sharon. Jack is being a whiney bitch. Hate it!

I also think this jack is the devil stuff is getting old. He bought back his fathers company and everyone acts like he's a killer! GMAFB! It makes me sick to see them destroy a legendary Y&R family to prop Gloria and the Fisher's. We should've known about the skin cream by now and Jack should be vindicated. Unfortunately, I doubt it'll ever be revealed and Jack won't get the apologizes he deserves.
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Sexy Jew

As the World Turns/Jean Passanante-D+: Okay. I'm very, very, very anti-Passanante. I will simply never forgive her for what I had to sit and watch on AMC. However every now and then something good happens on ATWT and it proves to be watchable. I still resent her though, and I am waiting for the other shoe to fall.

Days of Our Lives/Hogan Sheffer-B: Okay today it's a B minus, tomorrow it might be a C minus. It's best to point out Hogan's faults here: First of all pacing. It's terrible at times. Second of all I would say that 90% of his storylines were good or at least started out good. I honestly don't think he tells bad stories, it's how they are executed that puts a sour taste in the viewers mouth. Another problem is consistancy, his weakness in balancing (it's become as bad as GH, only that we don't have dark mob stories), and his ability to have things happen off screen. Despite all of that there's still some winners. When Hogan is good, he's EXCELLENT.

The Young and the Restless/Lynn Marie Latham-F-: She's taken a soap that stood out from the rest and has made it blend in with countless others by having the show resort to gimmicks, plot driven tales, and boring episodes.

Guiding Light/David Kreizman-F-: Plot, plot, plot. It's all that the show seems to be about these days. He is almost as bad as Ellen Weston...almost. Here are some of my complaints about the show: The constant pimping and propping of Josh and Cassie. The fact that we have Jeffrey, Rafe, Daisy, and Ava on the canvas. He's fumbled countless issues that should have been handled seriously, but in the end he 's treated them like a mere plot point. I mean issues like breast cancer, abortion, rape, brain injury, the list goes on. It's ridiculous. Moving on, last but not least David has destroyed the every single character on GL in some kind of way. Most importantly to me, since I am a avid Alexandra Spaulding fan since the days of Beverlee McKinsey, he's destoryed the character of Alex by turning her into a desperate and pathetic woman who has school girl crush on some Australian con artist. I don't even recognize the show sometimes. Congrats to DK for achieving the one thing Douglas Anderson, Megan McTavish, B&E, Lloyd Gold, Christopher Dunn, and Ellen Weston could not make me do; quit watching the show.

One Life to Live/Ron Carvilati-B+: OLTL is the only soap next to DAYS that is trying to embody everything that a soap should and could be. Vets, intreguing stories and episodes, good scripts penned by Carolyn Culliton. OLTL is filled with all bunch of soapy goodness. If anything OLTL deserves to be ABC's #1 soap.

General Hospital/Bob Guza-D+:Somedays this show really surprises me by entertaining me a day or two. The show has hit gold where Tracy and Luke are concerned. When the Quatermaines are shown I am instantly glued to my screen. I'm liking Johnny and I am finding Robin's quest to find a sperm donor interesting. Nikolas's new storyline is a good one also. Much of the recurring cast, when shown, are more interesting than some of the cast that is shown. Despite all of that good stuff, I still find myself disenchanted or changing the channel when Sonny, Carly, Elizabeth, and Jason are on. The propping of the mob and the ignorance among much of it's characters that this line of business is dangerous, illegal, and simply without morals sickens me to the very core. Another complaint is that there is also a lack of vets.
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