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As the World Spins#10; My plus and minuses
Topic Started: Oct 10 2007, 02:17 PM (506 Views)

Summer is about gone and I thought I would give my personal PLUSSES AND MINUSES to what is going on in Oakdale.

Plusses and Minuses:

Luke and Noah :Plus! This story has been done intelligently without using a lot of cliches'.Van Hansis and Jake Silberman are two very good actors. Hansis proved it with his Emmy nomination. Silberman is growing everyday in his role.Their sensitive portrayals are winning over fans
Daniel Hugh Kelly: Plus and Minus! A great actor and a good addition to the storyline. Too bad they wrote him where he couldn't be redeemed. He could have been a good match up for Barbara.
Robin Mattson: Plus and Minus!! Another great actress,perhaps one of the best in daytime. She was the Oakdale Madam who turned out to be Mayer's ex and Noah's mother. A lot of potential story was wasted when they killed her off.

Maura West's return : Plus! This lady can make any lame story work and has chemistry with anybody she works with! I sense another Emmy nom!
Jack and Katie:Minus! Where are the fans clamoring for more screentime for this couple?Where are the banners and avatars promoting these two on the messageboards?How many failed relationships does Katie have to have?They need to reunite CarJack now and send Katie to the backburner.
Brad Snyder: Plus from what wouldhave been a Minus! When Austin Peck was cast I was scratching my head like everybody else. During his first months on the show,I was groaning like everybody else.The last few months he has turned things around and now I am liking Brad now.He will never be on my list of Emmy pre-noms but he is coming into his own!
CarJack kids:Plus! The casting department got something right when they cast Mick Hazen,Daniel Manche, and Allie Gorenc as Parker,J.J and Sage. These kids can act! I know in a few months these characters will be aged to twentysomethings and replaced. These kids have a good future and I see an Emmy nomination in Hazen's future.
Henry and Vienna:Minus! Two good characters played by two great actors and they are only being used to be Katie's personal cheerleaders. What a waste,what a waste!

Lilden: Minus! One of ATWT's signature couples if not THE signature couple. Martha Byrne and Jon Hensley are two of my favorites.They continue to write Holden as an ass and Lily as a whimpeing weak woman. I know a happy couple is a boring couple on soaps. I wish they could come up with something better.
Dusty Donovan: Minus! Almost all of Oakdale's men are written as super heros whose reason for existence is to rescue the poor damsel in distress. Donovan is no different. I am a Lilden fan but I must say a Dusty/Lily dalliance sounds interesting. Or a Barbara/Dusty romance. I'd like to see it explored that Dusty is the true Stenbeck heir and there would be a story bringing back James Stenbeck.
Lucinda:Plus! Like Maura West,Elizabeth Hubbard can make anything work and has chemistry with anybody. Her fight for her company has been great.They need to beef up her story!

Cady McClain's return:PLUS! Yay! I love Cady and I love Rosanna. Cady has to be one of the most beautiful women in daytime. She is the one actress who could make me forget Yvonne Perry as Rosanna!
Ro/Paul/Meg/Craig: Minus! This story has the potential of being one of the best but Jean is twisting it around and messing it up!
Scott Bryce returns!:Plus! I grew to like Hunt Block as Craig Montgomery but Scott IS Craig for me. The day he stepped in to the role it was almost like he never left. I'd like to see more interaction with Margo and Katie. They are his sisters,after all.
Paul Ryan: Plus and Minus! This actor takes a step backwards for me everytime he takes two steps forward.He is stuck in the same type of story over and over. How may times can he be shot and presumed dead? Oh,wait! He is a Stenbeck after all!

Gwen and Will Munson: Plus and Minus!I have said that CarJack and Lilden are signature couples. I believe that Willen is Jean's signature couple.Jennifer Landon and Jesse Soffer are great in their roles. They have deserved their nominations and Jennifer deserves her Emmy win. I believe these two deserve better storylines.They are too young to be settled down with a couple.If a happy marriage is the kiss of death for a soap couple,so is a baby.Both Will and Gwen have a lot of backstory that needs to be played out before they settle down.
Iris Dumbrowski: Plus and Minus! Terri Garber is tearing it up as Iris! They waste her by tying her to her children. Iris could be Oakdale's answer to Gloria Abbott of Genoa City.They need to mix her up with Tom and some of her contemporaries.
Cole and Sophie: Minus!. I have written about these two in other columns. A waste of space and airtime! A waste of Agim Kaba who as Aaron is wasted here.
Alison Stewart: Plus! History is repeating itself as Ali is helping Gen and Will have a baby by donating her eggs.Emily did the same thing when she donated her eggs so that Susan could have Alison. I can't wait until Emily comes back. Ali and Emily have so many issues to resolve and I hope she becomes involved in this story.

ATWT's new camera techniques:Minus! The shakiness ,the lighting are distracting the viewer from what is being played out on the screen. Hmmm! Maybe that is what they are trying to accomplish!
Lack of vets screen time: Minus! I have said a lot in the past about the way they ignore their vets,their talents and their history. What a shame.
Shrinking Oakdale: Everybody lives at the Towers or Emma's farm. They dine at Al's. They have parties and big events in the front yard at the farm.I am exprcting Bob and Tom to come downstairs at the farm anyday now and ask Kim and Margo who are standing at the stove:"What's for breakfast?"

These are just some of my opinions? What are your plusses and minuses?

Until next time!
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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Oooooh I like the plusses and minuses format you have for this column. I might have to steal it sometime. ;)

And I am happy to hear that Austin Peck is acquitting himself so nicely on ATWT. I wasn't crazy about him on DOOL but I didn't hate him either and he seems like a nice enough guy.
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