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OLTL: News & scoops
Topic Started: Oct 29 2007, 07:07 PM (457 Views)

Source: Soapzone

News for the week of 29-Oct-2007

Marcie winds up hiding out in New Orleans with some good-natured, warm-hearted drag queens, and serving a good cause for Hurricane Katrina relief awareness, starting this week. Some of the actors playing the drag queens include: Charlie Kevin (Brandon), Andre Ward (Clarence), Benjamin Howes (Harvey), Randy Roberts (Cher) and Jason Zmbos (Liza Minnelli).

A recently-released audition script indicates possibly that Viki and Charlie will soon enjoy a bit of slapstick tomfoolery at a local Dallas pie bake-off. The audition is for a day player named Hadley, the pie bake-off judge who gets into a food fight with Charlie and Viki.

Nathaniel Marston (Michael) was in the news a lot last week. His travails with the cops even made it in mainstream publication, People Magazine, and mainstream entertainment, E! Online. A representative of his who helps run his website made a statement on October 23 (that got quoted in People): “I would like to thank all the amazing people who have sent their support and well wishes to Nathaniel. I have spoken to him and passed on your kind thoughts, and please know that he was very, very appreciative of all the good will and support sent his way. I hope you all understand that I have to respect his privacy and can't comment on the situation at this time. I'll keep you updated as much as I can as soon as I can, but until then I will continue to pass along your good wishes.”

Until TPTB are done “reviewing the matter internally,” they’ve given Nathaniel Marston (Michael) some time off the show. –Soap Opera Digest online

Credit Kassie DePaiva’s (Blair) gorgeous hair to genetics and a little help from the actress herself. She doesn’t rely on the fancy tonics of expensive stylists to keep her locks fresh and beautiful. She’s been taking care of her fast-growing hair, its maintenance, upkeep and color, c/o Jolen facial bleach highlights, since forever. Of all the fan comments, DePaiva reported that her hair received the most attention. The cutting part, though, she leaves to professionals. Her latest, popular style, that short, undercurled, shoulder-lengthed bob, comes c/o OLTL’s Wayne Bilotti. It veers from the layered ‘dos of a lot of the other women on the show, and emphasizes Blair’s cutting edge style – a conscious decision by the portrayer. –Soap Opera Digest, October 23, 2007

OLTL possibly distinguished itself with its year 2000 Sweeps story about the train wreck (which led to Nora being held hostage for months), in longest shoot day, said Hillary B. Smith (Nora). Work began around 7:30 a.m. and lasted until the next day at about 5 a.m. The longest shoot was taxing enough for the actors and the crew, but then there was the matter of the train wreck itself. Because of the way the crew had to set up the train after its crash—all skewed around and disheveled—the participating actors and camera crew scripted to navigate its disorienting curves had to fight the urge to vomit. Dramamine and patches took care of the camera crew, but poor Smith and Robert S. Woods (Bo)… “he had to come down the length [of the train],” while the crew made a hole for her to escape through to be under the train as some relief. –Soap Opera Digest, “The Longest Day,” October 30, 2007

Farah Fath (Gigi)—fresh from her lengthy break between DOOL (as Mimi) and her new soap home, OLTL—can’t wait to breathe new, different life to her new, different character even though, the two characters seem similar. Both are spunky spitfires and share a rhyming undertone, but Fath seeks to distinguish the two somehow. She’s also stoked to play her introductory scenes with the legendary Erika Slezak (Viki). Walking away from her DOOL family made Fath second-guess the decision, but place an almost blind hope in something happening for her in the near-future. She took a miss at Sarah in stride, still holding onto that hope, which manifested itself as Gigi. “…everything happens for a reason and I didn’t get the part of Sarah [on OLTL] for a reason – so I could go home and spend time in Kentucky with my family. Now, I’m really, really ready.” The respite came as a blessing for Fath, who has worked hard since she was a teenager. She got to love on her family, her friends, not have to wake up at the crack of dawn, just really take the last few months to chill before restlessness set in. –Soap Opera Digest, October 30, 2007

Once again, Kathy Brier (Marcie) found herself distracted from concentrating on her somber material by a co-star kidding around with her non-stop. And once again, she made her feelings known with a direct admonishment. During past scenes where Marcie’s grieving over a dead Al and her brother Timothy Adams’ Ron is trying to help her, the actor couldn’t stop rattling off joke after joke in her ear until Brier finally snapped and went, “Will you shut the F--- up? I’m supposed to be crying here and you’re telling me jokes in my right ear!” While admonished, Adams kept bringing up his apology and asking if she was alright until she yelled, “Shut up!” again. But of course, Brier made sure to tell the press that it was all in good fun and she adores Adams. –Soap Opera Digest, October 30, 2007

Brian Kerwin (Charlie) had always envied good pal Tuc Watkins (David) for being in a soap opera. Harboring no soap prejudices, Kerwin would see Watkins – formerly a neighbor – walking to work in Manhattan and wish he, too, could enjoy such joy. After inquiring about the opportunity with his agents, Kerwin received his wish not just on any soap but on the same soap Watkins was in.

The passing of Lee Patterson (ex-Joe) last February 14 prompted Erika Slezak (Viki) to remember him fondly as a friend, an idiosyncrasy and a warm host. She said they’d enjoy lots of fun times together on board his sailboat. Sometimes “Scoop” (nicknamed for his news man OLTL character) would disappear for days on end and then phone Slezak up three years later with an update.

Picture Bree Williamson (Jessica) in a bikini, frolicking on the beach, shaking her voluptuous buttocks and bosom in the noon-day sun. Okay, snap out of it. The normally adventurous actress made mention of a Brazilian bikini wax, and the shocking admission that she’s never tried one ever out of an uncharacteristic fear of the unknown. My mind just went there when she brought up the bikini wax, sorry.

Brandon Buddy (Cole) was born on November 26 and calls Austin, TX his home, along with his mom and younger brother Paul, 10. When his current manager discovered his potential—at a modeling search—Buddy was a college student with a side job waiting tables at restaurant chain Chili’s, looking only to make a little more money modeling to get him through school, interest in business. His only claim to acting fame before the discovery was a little high school Guys And Dolls. Now look at him.

John Brotherton (Jared) goes for the gritty dramas, on par with something like Australian indie, Candy, which is far from a feel-good cartoon about sweets. Brotherton described it as a realistic, “well-shot, well-directed and [well-performed]” gem starring Geoffrey Rush and Heath Ledger, that delves into the lives of a well-off couple who get dragged down by their addictions. –Soap Opera Digest, October 30, 2007

Gossip for the week of 29-Oct-2007

Shame on the editors of the New York Daily News for printing a picture of a bruised and resting actor Nathaniel Marston (Michael) at Bellevue Hospital, juxtaposed against one of his soap character at Llanview Hospital. Sure, Marston made news with his arrest (he was allegedly going after a cab driver and some other guys, and fighting off the cops), but putting a photo of the man at his most vulnerable hour was the height of bad taste. It turned my stomach. If that’s journalistic integrity, then please, let me be a liar by profession. While I was shocked by the reports, I was also moved by compassion. Leave him alone
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Thanks for posting, some interesting tidbits in there.
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