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Wednesday, October 31; Happy Halloween!
Topic Started: Oct 31 2007, 02:18 PM (886 Views)
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No pictures or videos today. Just discuss. :)

Sorry Drew. I can't resist. ;)

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[dohtml]<object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/Vxd8aJmBP0E&rel=1"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/Vxd8aJmBP0E&rel=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>[/dohtml]
Clip o' the day: 1993 Halloween party
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I loved the Belle and Sami scenes. Sami's line was has hysterial. "There are always ways out of things! Have I taught you nothing?" Nice little homage to the old Sami. Now, if we could only start seeing her more in action.
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I agree, Drew. That line really made me nostalgic for the old Sami!

I can't believe Belle said she doesn't want to lose Philip as a "friend". Didn't she promise Hope she was going to cut him out of her life completely?
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Red Mist
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OMG! That clip! Now I know why Shawn is so damaged...my god! Who would dress a little boy up like that? lmao :lol:

Belle is fast becoming one of the most watchable vixens on Daytime...She can sniff out sexual tension like a hound dog from Fredricks of Hollywood Kennels...When she pointed out Sami's feelings for Ej I was jumping up and down in my seat...Rock on Horn-dog Belle! :clap:

I loved it when Belle confessed she cheated on Shawn and could not deny it to Hope...LMAO @ SAmi "Belle, you can always deny...Have I taught you nothing?!!!"

I love these twisted sisters! Marlena spawn is complicated and unfaithful just like mommy...I also adore the men who have slipped into these ladies' hearts..Ej and Phil make daytime hot! :D

I enjoyed Steffy and Son today too...I am a total Dimera hag...most fun family to watch IMO. :whip:
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After two bad shows, it was refreshing to get a gem like this one..The Marlena and Hope scenes were dee-licious!!!! Loved the way Marlena described her fantasies and she knows how to set up an insanity plea...And Hope's reaction was spot-on..

Belle and Sami was great..I loved Sami's line about "Belle not learning how to tell a lie"

And Kate's scheme was horrible, its totally going to blow up in her face...
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☼ Jinx ☼
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Live. Love. Laugh. ♥

It was interesting that Belle went to Sami and talked to her. I know they're sisters, but they've just never come off as being THAT close.
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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Jinxed Soul
Oct 31 2007, 10:23 PM
It was interesting that Belle went to Sami and talked to her. I know they're sisters, but they've just never come off as being THAT close.

I liked it as hilarious as the idea is that Belle was going to SAMI for advice. It was funny how they acknowledged that and it was nice seeing through what she told Belle that at her core Sami is still the lying sneak she's always been whose first impulse is to deny, deny, deny. Maybe the anti-Brady still is in there somewhere and is just waiting to resurface. And love her idea that she is already planning how to control EJ.

I also enjoyed EJ's scheming dynamic with Kate. In a way you can tell EJ really does care about his friend, Kate, but at the same time it seems like he knows that getting Kate to go along with the scheme won't help her with Lucas in the long run and he refuses to feel bad about that because it helps him reach his goals.

I don't get why Kate is a party to this though. She seems to feel really really bad about hurting Lucas. It's not fun watching Kate partake of nefarious deeds but not have any glee about it.

Loved loved loved psycho Marlena and the banging piano accompaniment for her crazy. Lemme see more crazy Marlena, please.
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Sexy Jew

I agree, after a few bad episodes, today was refreshing. Loved it. Especially Marlena. Her confession gave me chills.
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Is it bad that I thought yesterday was better then today?

Yesterday felt more heartfelt and traditional Days. Today was similar but things felt less gripping today.

I enjoyed Sami and Belle and the little hints of Sami's old ways. Liked the reaction to EJ coming in and I like the buildup to Belle possibly cheating again, which seems like a foregone conclusion at this point.

Kate and EJ's scheme was interesting and I like how Roman was suspicious of it and that it wasn't the typical situation where everyone buys it. I am just glad the divorce go round is over and we are getting somewhere. The last scene with Kate was fun too. Loved her pointing the gun at EJ.

Nice seeing Stefano too, especially out of the chair and back at the mansion. Love his scenes with EJ.

Bo, Hope, and Marlena together at the Pub was nice. I just love this side of Marlena. Dee's performance was chilling. The way she pretty much thought all this out (going back to John's shooting last winter) and Hope's reaction combined with the dialogue was the makings of a intense scene. It came off well and Hope admitting her fears to Bo was right on too. Good scenes all around. Bo and Sami's scenes were nice too.

Ok show. I actually liked the young character stuff better this week but I know I am in the minority :lol:
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Loved Sami and Belle and EJ/Sami/Belle. ITA with others that it felt like we got to see a little of the real Sami again during her talk with Belle, and the dialogue had me laughing for sure. The Shawn's mother line was great and also the denying part :)

I think EJ really does care about Kate; I mean it was clear he didn't want to even consider lucas not showing up. If he hadn't tried to comfort her when they saw the names changed for the twins yesterday, I might buy he was only using her to get what he wanted. JS uses his eyes to convey more emotion than a lot of actors are able to pull off period. Kate and EJ work good together though, and this was a win-win plan so I loved it. Roman seemed a bit smarter than normal, but I had to laugh over Kate saying she went under the dashboard. EJ offering to shoot Kate was priceless -- esp when combined with her reaction.

After watching Marlena (and the possession sl fresh in my mind) I'm ready for her to start levitating again :unsure:

I thought it was a good episode.
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