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ALL: Soaps Suds - TV Guide Canada; Spoilers
Topic Started: Nov 5 2007, 08:54 AM (953 Views)
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AMC’ lands Celine Dion! ‘Days’ wedding shocker — who shot EJ? ‘Eastenders’ coverage!


Celine Dion proves she's a bigger diva than Erica Kane on ‘AMC’!

SUDS FLASH: At press time, it looks like writers will strike this week after failing to come up with a deal on Oct. 31. Look for details next week on this developing story.

All My Children (A-Channel/ABC) — Celine Dion: Erica Kane’s new BFF; ex-soap star lands Knight Rider
Finally, some AMC news I can sink my teeth into! Canadian superstar Celine Dion is the latest — and biggest — musical “get” to guest star on an ABC soap this past year (OLTL has been hogging all the marquis talent, which has included Canuck Nelly Furtado, Mary J. Blige, and most recently, Timbaland). She will appear on Nov. 21.

TV Guide’s most powerful person in soaps, Brian Frons, president of the daytime division at Disney-ABC Television Group, elaborates on his network’s newest trend: “Celine Dion represents another of today's top recording artists who are tapping into ABC's prime ratings position and garnering a presence with our daytime audience. This is the perfect blend of the power of music coupled with dramatic storytelling and enhancing the visibility of our brand across multi-platforms.”

Dion will appear as herself as a guest on Erica Kane’s talk show, New Beginnings, and will later sing the title track from her new CD, Taking Chances, before heading next door to guest on a real talk show, The View (c’mon — that has to be a part of the deal, non?). Since OLTL’s ratings are up and it’s enjoying a creative renaissance, AMC needs the help — especially after the sudser plummeted to last place in the ratings last week for the first time in its history.

Congrats go out to the brave and talented Justin Bruening (ex-Jamie), who has been cast in the lead role in NBC's two-hour movie Knight Rider, which may be developed into a new series. Coincidently, his on-screen dad on AMC, Tad, was played by Michael E. Knight.

Emmy bait alert: Pine Valley heats up this week as JR falls off the wagon, Lily makes a date with Richie, Joe learns the truth about Erica, Adam tells Krystal the truth regarding his twin scam (but ends up bedding her by the end of the week despite her restraining order against him), and Kendall frames Greenlee. And the wonderful Jill Larson is back on Nov. 8 as the deliciously wacky Opal; Kate Collins (Janet) returns on Nov. 21, not Nov. 26 as previously reported.

As the World Turns (Global/CBS) — Cancer schmancer
Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara) is finally confirming her battle with oral cancer after a seven-month fight. “The good news is, I’m cancer-free [now],” she says. Viewers were concerned when they detected Pinter’s lisp over the past few months, but after three “invasive” surgeries on her tongue, Pinter managed to eradicate the stage-two cancer by detecting it early.

Just what Oakdale needs — another spawn. In Turn 2 winner Ryan Serhant’s new alias will be Evan Walsh IV (the son of Greg Watkins’ Evan Walsh — remember him?). Look out for the twink on Nov. 7.

On Tuesday, Dusty kisses Emily — despite the fact that she’s dating a really gay Chris Hughes; Holden meets Bonnie; and Meg learns who the daddy of her bastard child is.

The Bold and the Beautiful (CTV/CBS) — The mourning after
At her 19-year-old son Michael’s funeral, Hunter Tylo paid tribute to the young man who touched many people’s lives. “A girl in our neighborhood who was disabled used to take a walk each day, and Michael would wait outside just to say ‘hi.’ He could identify the wounded and hurt. I thank God for giving me those 19 years,” she said while crying. A source close to the actress told TV Guide, “Hunter’s still in shock, but she’ll get through this thanks to her faith.” Tylo is due back on set later this month; insiders report Taylor’s storyline will not be affected.

Hottie and I Wanna Be a Soap Star Season 1 winner Mykel Shannon Jenkins has been cast in the contract role of Detective Charlie Baker (the son of Lieutenant Baker) beginning Nov. 21. Jenkins was last seen on Ugly Betty.

Don’t miss this Thursday’s show when Patrick Duffy (Stephen) returns for a big storyline that you don’t want to miss — and Stephanie wishes she could.

Coronation Street (CBC) – Scandal rocks Corrie vet!
Proving you’re never too old for a scandal, Johnny Briggs (ex-Mike Baldwin) was caught paying for sex with a prostitute during a visit to Thailand last week! £15 was all it cost for Briggs to party for one night with a 33-year-old hooker. Briggs told The People newspaper, which uncovered the scandal: "There's no fool like an old fool. I'm 72 and found all the attention very flattering. To be honest, I think I was too p*ssed to do anything. This was my first proper holiday as a single man and I got carried away with all the girls throwing themselves at me. It's all very embarrassing.” Briggs and his wife Christine divorced in 2006 after 30 years of marriage.

Days of our Lives (Global/NBC) — EJ: wed and shot!
Drake Hogestyn (ex-John), who? Salem’s on fire these days — and the ratings are reflecting that. This week, Sami finally weds EJ to end the Brady-DiMera feud, but right after the nuptials (Sami wears black, natch), someone shoots the groom! Guess who?

Christopher Gerse is out as Lucas and Sami’s son, Will, on Nov. 16 — the geeky offspring will be moving to Zurich.

Look for my interview with daytime icon Deidre Hall (Marlena) this Thursday to find out if she plans to submit herself for Daytime Emmy consideration, the future of daytime, and what her juicy new storyline is!

Eastenders (BBC Canada) — Sienna Miller’s soapy dream
She’s no Ian McKellen, but Jude Law’s trashy yet talented ex is ready to leave the big screen for the tube to become a soap star — or something like that! Sienna Miller, who was promoting her new movie Interview, told a reporter that she would jump at the chance to play a role on the gritty soap Eastenders, which focuses on the working people of Albert Square, and leave the Hollywood spotlight. Ironically, Miller’s real life reads just like a soap, so she’d be a perfect addition if you ask me. She says, "I like Eastenders. I would love to have a pint in the Queen Vic pub!" And perhaps, maybe, she could get around to acting too!

Genie Francis wants a Toronto-filmed series – but is over soaps for now. Who can blame her?

General Hospital (CTV/ABC) — Genie Francis has a change of heart, while Luke has a heart attack!
Is this the moment that GH fans have been waiting for? I doubt it — have you noticed that ever since Laura Wright took over the role of Carly, fans aren’t screaming for their favourite super-couple to reunite? Weird. Anyway, if anyone still cares, this week is the moment you’ve been waiting for. As everyone guilts Sonny into giving his blood to save Ric during the Black and White Ball disaster, he tells Carly something that will rock her world. Here’s a preview: “Hey, did you change your hair, or something? You look really different, ‘yo! Did you gain some weight — you were rail-thin last time I noticed you were still in town.” Also this week: Luke has a heart attack; Jason give Liz a dangerous weapon; Lucky tries to save that slut, Maxie’s life; and someone dies — again. Does headwriter Bob Guza get a commission for every character he kills off — and salary he saves the soap? Just asking.

As I reported more than a month ago, Genie Francis is finally confirming what my sources on her Hallmark Channel movie The Note told me: she’s done with soaps. She tells this week’s Soap Opera Digest that she’s “ready to get back to work. It’s a shame that I haven’t been able to go home to GH, but everything happens for a reason. It’s a nice time in my life to reinvent. I even cut my hair. It’s a new chapter in my life and I like the ‘moving on’ feeling.” Francis speculates she probably won’t consider another role on another soap. For us Canadian fans, Francis also reveals she loved taping her TV movie in Toronto: “I actually liked [the city] a lot,” she said, adding she would consider filming a TV series in Hollywood North. C’mon up, Genie — we’ll take care of you.

Guiding Light, (Global/CBS) — Cyrus: the new slut of Springfield
Reva, who? This week, Frank sics the INS on Cyrus (sorry, I don’t see why everyone’s all gaga over this scrappy not-so-hot mess) while Marina proposes to the loser; Will starts acting like a DiMera by coming between Cassie and her family; and on Monday, Dinah moves in with Lizzie. Oh, and Gus hands Harley annulment papers. I still can’t believe GL is pulling this crap with Gus and Harley. Also, expect to hear Phillip Spaulding’s name a lot in the near future …

Go to nonprofitshoppingmall.com to see Nicole Forester (Cassie) and Robert Newman (Josh) talk about their volunteer experiences and how it makes them feel more connected to their viewers, their community and fans in another effort by Find Your Light — and of course, donate as well.

One Life to Live (A-Channel/ABC) — John beds Marty! Alex weds David!
My new favourite non-couple is Jared … and Natalie. Yep, you read that correctly. I adore how jealous that shrew has become thanks to Jared’s wicked sense of justice and humour — I love, love, love this guy! John Brotherton (Jared) is crack on two legs, baby. What a rascal – and check out his fierce Justin Timberlake-inspired fashion sense in Soap Opera Weekly’s “Dressed For Success” pages this week.

In another brilliant OLTL casting move, R. Brandon Johnson has been cast in the recurring role of Chuck Wilson III — the son for Asa’s former right-hand man who will be involved in Jared and Natalie’s lives. Astute OLTL fans will remember the amazing and super-sexy actor from his brief stint as Michael McBain before Nathaniel Marston was re-hired in the role, after being killed off as Al Buchanan. I betcha OLTL regrets that decision these days!

In the Yuck Department, on Wednesday, John and Marty have sex — before she and Cole go missing. Is it just me or my pathetic dating life, but didn’t Trevor St. John (Todd) and Michael Easton (John) give major sexual subtext during their hunt for a drag queen and her child? Very hot; John comes alive when’s he’s bickering with Todd — they have chemistry coming out of the you-know-what! In a perfect world, these two would be a romantic couple.

Also, major DVR alert: Alex marries David after posing as a rich, sex-addicted socialite at a rehab centre to get her hands on the Buchanan fortune. Brills. Also, this Friday Asa is back in video form when he reads his will.

Passions (DirecTV/SuperChannel) – NuMiguel cast!
As news broke that Adrian Belani (Miguel), who became obsessed with my sleek Armani tux two Emmys ago, landed a role on Heroes, word came that Passions has recast the actor with former Y&R lightweight Blair Redford (ex-Scott), who first airs on Christmas Eve.

The Young and the Restless (Global/CBS) — Victor is guilty!
Now this isn’t contrived or predictable at all: Jack learns that Victor is to blame for the Clear Water Springs explosion and sets out to expose his nemesis for also killing Ji Min. On Wednesday, sexy Enrique Iglesias performs at Indigo, while Victoria goes from bad to worse; Paul tells Heather he’s her father without the “Luke” part; Neil and Karen have sex; and characters continue to act like aliens have invaded their bodies. Seriously — who are these people?

Tuc Watkins (David, ‘OLTL’): the best damn thing – and our No. 1 actor – on soaps this week!

1. One Life to Live
2. General Hospital
3. The Bold and the Beautiful
4. Coronation Street
5. Days of our Lives

1. Susan Flannery (Stephanie, B&B)
2. Erika Slezak (Viki, OLTL)
3. Maura West (Carly, ATWT)
4. Tonja Walker (Alex, OLTL)
5. Kate Ford (Tracy, CS)

1. Tuc Watkins (David, OLTL)
2. Jack Wagner (Nick, B&B)
3. Eric Braeden (Victor, Y&R)
4. Phil Carey (Asa, OLTL)
5. Peter Bergman (Jack, Y&R)

1. Alex and David, OLTL
2. Sonny and Carly, GH
3. Tracy and David, CS
4. Sami and EJ, Days
5. Jared and anyone, OLTL
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Steve Frame
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I love reading the Suds Report each week but I absolutely hate the reporter. He is worse than the stinking guy who was TV Guide (American) soap blogger last. I hate the commentaries like with Cyrus on GL - I can't see what everyone sees in him. Reva who? etc.

He is so stupid.
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Nov 5 2007, 02:47 PM
I love reading the Suds Report each week but I absolutely hate the reporter. He is worse than the stinking guy who was TV Guide (American) soap blogger last. I hate the commentaries like with Cyrus on GL - I can't see what everyone sees in him. Reva who? etc.

He is so stupid.

Daniel Coolridge. He was an idiot and a jerk and is now working for SoapNet or something. Something he thinks is an upgrade.
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Deleted User
Deleted User

Daniel Cooleridge is better than the asshole at TV GUIDE Online-Canada.
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Adrian Bellani (Miguel, PSNS) has joined "Heroes"?
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I think he's just on for one episode, something involving the twins..But still a great gig for him, with lots of exposure..
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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Nov 5 2007, 07:42 PM
Daniel Cooleridge is better than the asshole at TV GUIDE Online-Canada.

I agree.

I never had a problem with Coleridge and always liked him better than Hinsey. This Nelson Branco guy though takes the cake as the cattiest bitch columnist I've ever seen. And I'm pretty sure this Suds Report is the first time I've ever seen the word "twink" in print. So that's interesting.
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