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My Picks for Best of 2007 (or ours); - add yours
Topic Started: Dec 19 2007, 08:57 PM (728 Views)
Steve Frame
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I do this every year as do the critics. These are my picks for the Best of 2007. I always try to pick 10 in each Category except for Best Show.

Best Shows:

1. General Hospital
2. Bold & the Beautiful
3. One Life To Live
4. Guiding Light (tied)
4. Young & the Restless (tied)

The rest of these are in no particular order

Best Stories

1. The Metro Court Hostage Crisis (GH)
2. The Black & White Ball (GH)
3. Zarf/Zoe (AMC)
4. Luke/Noah/Maddie triangle (ATWT)
5. The Custody Battle for Claire (Days)
6. Who Shot Alan Spaulding (GL)
7. Asa's Death (OLTL)
8. Who Shot Stephanie (B&B)
9. Brooke's Rape (B&B)
10. Victoria In the Coma (Y&R)

Best Newcomers

1. Murray Bartlett (GL)
2. Billy Miller (AMC)
3. Dylan Bruce (ATWT)
4. Shelley Hennig (Days)
5. Brandon Barash (GH)
6. Jason Gerhardt (GH)
7. Megan Ward (GH)
8. Philip Jeanmarie (PSNS)
9. John Brotherton (OLTL)
10. Daniel Goddard (Y&R)

10 Couples I Enjoyed Most:

1. Bianca & Zarf/Zoe (AMC)
2. Luke & Noah (ATWT)
3. Ridge & Ashley (B&B)
4. Cooper & Maxie (GH)
5. Jason & Elizabeth (GH)
6. Lucky & Sam (GH)
7. Jeffrey & Reva (GL)
8. Bill & Lizzie (GL)
9. Jared & Natalie (OLTL)
10. Brad & Katie (ATWT)

Most Improved Performers:

1. Austin Peck (ATWT)
2. Kirsten Storms (GH)
3. Kyle Lowder (B&B)

Top Actors:

1. David Canary (AMC)
2. Michael E. Knight (AMC)
3. Jeffrey Carlson (AMC)
4. Jon Hensley (ATWT)
5. John McCook (B&B)
6. Joseph Mascolo (Days)
7. Frank Parker (Days)
8. Anthony Geary (GH)
9. Tyler Christopher (GH)
10. Jordan Clarke (GL)
11. Ricky Paull Goldin (GL)
12. Robert S. Woods (OLTL)
13. Trevor St. John (OLTL)
14. Ben Masters (PSNS)
15. Philip Jeanmarie (PSNS)
16. Peter Bergman (Y&R)
17. Doug Davidson (Y&R)
18. Joshua Morrow (Y&R)
19. Van Hansis (ATWT)
20. Thaao Penghlis (Days)

Top Actresses:

1. Leven Rambin (AMC)
2. Maura West (ATWT)
3. Katherine Kelly Lang (B&B)
4. Susan Flannery (B&B)
5. Alley Mills (B&B)
6. Martha Madison (Days)
7. Deidre Hall (Days)
8. Rebecca Herbst (GH)
9. Jane Elliott (GH)
10. Leslie Charleson (GH)
11. Julie Berman (GH)
12. Beth Ehlers (GL)
13. Caitlyn Van Zandt (GL)
14. Kathy Brier (OLTL)
15. Catherine Hickland (OLTL)
16. Robin Strasser (OLTL)
17. Lindsay Hartley (PSNS)
18. Jess Walton (Y&R)
19. Melody Thomas Scott (Y&R)
20. Jeanne Cooper (Y&R)
21. Michelle Stafford (Y&R)

Biggest Waste of Talent

1. Days of Our Lives
2. As The World Turns
3. General Hospital

Worst Stories:

1. The Serial Killer Story (AMC)
2. Carly/Jack/Katie Triangle (ATWT)
3. Constatine/Rick/Phoebe (B&B)
4. Brady/Dimera Feud (Days)
5. Tinda Lau (Days)
6. Touch The Sky (Days)
7. Maxie & Logan's scheme against Lulu (GH)
8. Josh becoming a minister (GL)
9. The Vincent Mess (PSNS) - even though it was daring
10. Jana having a brain tumor (Y&R)

Biggest Waste or Ruining of Good Couples:

1. Nick & Chelsea (Days)
2. Cooper & Maxie (GH)
3. Patrick & Robin (GH)
4. Bianca & Zoe/Zarf (AMC)
5. Tad & Dixie (AMC)
6. Ridge & Ashley (B&B)
7. Steve & Kayla (Days)
8. Korbel & Colleen (Y&R)
9. Ji Min & Jill (Y&R)
10. EJ & Sami (Days)
10. Lucas & Sami (Days)

Best Stand Alone Episodes:

1. GL's 70th Anniversary (GL)
2. Dixie's Memorial Service (AMC)
3. John's Death (Days)
4. Gus & Harley's break up (GL)
5. Brooke's Rape (B&B)
6. Stephanie is Shot (B&B)
7. Jonathan's Car Goes Off The Cliff (GL)
8. Nikolas Discovers Emily Dead (GH)
9. Alan Dies (GH)
10. The Judge Awards Custody to Todd (OLTL)

Now Pick Yours or Critique Mine
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Best Shows:

1. Bold and the Beautiful
2. One Life to Live
3. General Hospital
4. Passions

Best Stories

1. Zark/Zoe (AMC)
2. Marcie vs Todd (OLTL)
3. Who shot Stephanie? (B&B)
4. Luke/Noah/Maddie triangle (ATWT)
5. Black and White Ball (GH)
6. Metro Court (GH)
7. Asa's Death (OLTL)
8. Booke is Raped (B&B)
9. Donna/Throne Romance (B&B)
10. Krystal is carrying Tad baby (AMC)

Best Newcomers (None really stood out)

1. Billy Miller (AMC)
2. John Brotherton (OLTL)

10 Couples I Enjoyed Most:

1. Babe/Jr (AMC)
2. Carly/Jack (ATWT)
3. Sharron/Nick (Y&R)
4. Bianca/Zoe (AMC)
5. Noah/Luke (ATWT)
6. Lucky/Sam (GH)
7. Victoria/JT (Y&R)
8. Donna/Throne (B&B)
9. Robin/Patrick (GH)
10. Carly/Jack (ATWT)

Most Improved Performers:

1. Austin Peck (ATWT)
2. Kirsten Storms (GH)
3. Kyle Lowder (B&B)

Top Actors:

1. David Canary (AMC)
2. Michael E. Knight (AMC)
3. Jeffrey Carlson (AMC)
4. Micheal Park (ATWT)
5. Austin Peck (ATWT)
6. John McCook (B&B)
7. Anthony Gearry (GH)
8. Tyler Christopher (GH)
9. Tuc Watkins (OLTL)
10. Joshua Marrow

Top Actresses:

1. Leven Rambin (AMC)
2. Boobie Eakes (AMC)
3. Alicia Minshew (AMC)
4. Susan Lucci (AMC)
5. Mura West (ATWT)
6. Susan Flannery (B&B)
7. Erika Slezak (OLTL)

Biggest Waste of Talent

1. Days of Our Lives
2. As The World Turns
3. General Hospital
4. Passions

Worst Stories:

1. The Serial Killer Story (AMC)
2. Rossana/Meg/Paul/Craig Triangle (ATWT)
3. Constatine/Rick/Phoebe (B&B)
4. Brady/Dimera Feud (Days)
5. Ej/Sami/Lucus Triangle (DAYS)
6. Touch The Sky (Days)
7. Lucky finding out Jake wasn't his (GH)
8. Josh becoming a minister (GL)
9. The Vincent Mess (PSNS)
10. Vicotria is in a coma (Y&R)

Biggest Waste or Ruining of Good Couples:

1. Cooper & Maxie (GH)
2. Patrick & Robin (GH)
3. Bianca & Zoe/Zarf (AMC)
4. Tad & Dixie (AMC)
5. Ridge & Ashley (B&B)
6. Ji Min & Jill (Y&R)

Best Stand Alone Episodes:

1. Dixie's Memorial Service (AMC)
2. John's Death (Days)
3. Brooke's Rape (B&B)
4. Stephanie is Shot (B&B)
5. Nikolas Discovers Emily Dead (GH)
6. Alan Dies (GH)
7. The Judge Awards Custody to Todd (OLTL)

Most Shcoking News

1. Debbie Morgan, Darnell Williams, and Rebecca Buding Returns (AMC)
2. Megan McTavish is fired (AMC)
3. Dena Higley is fired (OLTL)
4. Passions is canceled (PSNS)
5. Passions is canceled again! (PSNS)
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Dec 19 2007, 08:57 PM
Most Improved Performers:

1. Austin Peck (ATWT)
2. Kirsten Storms (GH)
3. Kyle Lowder (B&B)

how funny that they all came frolm Days, were not good. then got a better soap and the acting improved ten fold!
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Best Shows-
1) The Bold & The Beauitful
2) General Hospital
3) One Life To Live
4) Days of our Lives

Worst Shows-
1) All My Childern
2) The Young & The Restless
3) As The World Turns
4) Guiding Light

Best Stories-
1) Luke/Noah/Maddie, ATWT
2) Metro Court Hostage, GH
3) Paris, TX, OLTL
4) The Black & White Ball, GH

Worst Stories-
1) that killing fiasco on AMC
2) zarf/zoe, amc
3) the quad's on ATWT
4) touch the sky, Days

Best Newcomers-
1) Megan Ward as kate howard GH
2) Billy Miller as whoever he is, AMC
3) Josh D (Logan) & (tie) Jason G (Coop), GH
4) Carolyn Hinnesy (sp?) as Diane, GH
(yes, i do think GH has the best casting!)

Best Couples-
1) Elizabeth & Jason, GH
2) Luke & Noah, ATWT
3) Robin & Patrick, GH
4) Katie & Jack, ATWT (tie) Lizzy & Bill, GL
5) Katie & Thorne, BB

Biggest Waste or Ruining of Good Couples-
1) Cooper & Maxie, GH
2) Lucky & Sam, GH (they coulda been great!)
3) Brad & Victoria, YR
4) EJ & Sami (tie) Lucass & Sami, Days

Most Improved Performers:
1) Kirsten Storms, GH (i have long loved her, but this year she has imrpoved and chnaged so much, all for the better)
2) Austin Peck, ATWT (wow. he can act! who knew?)
3) KKL, BB (again, who knew she could act?!)

Top Actors:
1) Michael Park (ATWT)
2) Greg Vaughan (GH)
3) Steve Burton (GH)
4) Josh Marrow (YR)
5) Tuc W. (OLTL)
6) Daniel C. (GL)

Top Actresses:
1) Becky Herbst, GH
2) Heather Tom, BB
3) MTS, YR
4) Crystal Chappell, GL
5) Dee Hall, Days

Biggest Waste of Talent-
the cast of AMC that is not AM or TK.
Dee Hall & Suzanne Rogers, Days

Best Stand Alone Episodes-
Emily Q's funeral, GH
Liz tells Jason the truth, GH
John dies, Days

Most Shcoking News-
Rebecca Budig's return to AMC as the REAL and ONLY greens!
GH fired NL & LL and kills Em & Georgie
The Writers Strike, all soaps
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I only watch DAYS, ATWT, PASSIONS and GL (up until August) so I can only make choices based on those four shows.

Best Show:

Days of Our Lives

Worst Show:

Guiding Light

Best Stories:

1. Luke & Noah (ATWT)
2. John's Death & Marlena's Quest for Vengeance (DAYS)
3. Tammy's Death (GL)
4. The Brady/DiMera Feud - early on, around June (DAYS)
5. The Half-Man/Half-Woman Blackmailer (PASSIONS)

Worst Stories:

1. Vincent/Valerie's Pregnancy (PASSIONS)
2. Touch the Sky (DAYS)
3. Josh the Minister (GL)
4. Cleo's Obsession with Gwen (ATWT)
5. Sofie/Cole/Aaron/Alison/Iris (ATWT)

Best Newcomers:

1. Kristen Renton (Morgan, DAYS)
2. Murray Bartlett (Cyrus, GL)
3. Marnie Schulenberg (Alison, ATWT)

(those are the only ones from this year that I like enough to include in this list)

Favorite Couples of 2007:

1. Bo & Hope, DAYS
2. Buzz & Lillian, GL
3. Henry & Vienna, ATWT
4. Shawn & Belle, DAYS
5. Luke & Noah, ATWT

Worst Couples of 2007:

1. Josh & Cassie, GL
2. Jack & Katie, ATWT
3. Jeremy & Stephanie, DAYS
4. Cole & Sofie, ATWT
5. Rafe & Daisy, GL

Top 5 Actors:

1. Joe Mascolo (Stefano, DAYS)
2. Thaao Penghlis (Tony/Andre, DAYS)
3. Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan, GL)
4. Stephen Nichols (Steve, DAYS)
5. Scott Bryce (Craig, ATWT)

Top 5 Actresses:

1. Deidre Hall (Marlena, DAYS)
2. Martha Madison (Belle, DAYS)
3. Gina Tognoni (Dinah, GL)
4. Lindsay Hartley (Theresa, PASSIONS)
5. Lauren Koslow (Kate, DAYS)

Biggest Waste of Talent:

Days of Our Lives

Best Stand Alone Episodes:

1. John's Funeral, DAYS
2. Shawn & Belle's Wedding, DAYS
3. Tammy's Death, GL
4. 70th Anniversary Show, GL
5. Luis's Execution, PASSIONS
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Best Show:

None -though OLTL was atleast close to being the best.

Worst Show:

Hands down "All My Children"

Best Lead/Supp. Actresses
1.) Melody Thomas Scott
2.) Beth Ehlers
3.) Kathy Brier
4.) Katherine Kelly Lang
5.) Michelle Stafford
6.) Maura West
7.) Crystal Chappell
8.) Gina Tognoni
9.) Bobbie Eakes
10.) Deidre Hall

1.) Catherine Hickland
2.) Orlagh Cassidy
3.) Jess Walton
4.) Jane Elliot
5.) Jeanne Cooper
6.) Leslie Charleson
7.) Kelly Monaco
8.) Jennifer Gareis
9.) Martha Madison
10.) Robin Strasser

Best Lead/Supp. Actors
1.) David Canary
2.) Jon Hensley
3.) Ricky Paull Goldin
4.) Eric Braeden
5.) Peter Bergman
6.) Michael Park
7.) John McCook
8.) Greg Vaughn
9.) Robert S. Woods
10.) Joseph Mascolo

1.) Tuc Watkins
2.) Greg Rikaart
3.) Kristoff St. John
4.) Michael Grazadei
5.) Doug Davidson
6.) Ric Hearst
7.) Michael E. Knight
8.) Trent Dawson
9.) Justin Deas
10.) Jordan Clarke

Best Stories
1.) Luke & Noah, ATWT
2.) Tammy's Death, GL
3.) Metro Court, GH

Worst Stories
1.) Phillip III is alive, Y&R
2.) Brooke's rape, B&B
3.) The Brady/Dimera feud, DAYS
following closely behind is GH's absurd text message killer

Best Trend
1.) Focus on veteran actors

Worst Trend
1.) Teenage overload

Biggest Waste of Talent
1.) Eric Steinberg, Y&R
2.) Cady McClain, ATWT
3.) Susan Lucci, AMC

Best Couples
1.) Maggie & Paul, Y&R
2.) Katie & Brad, ATWT
3.) Luke & Noah, ATWT
4.) Jack & Sharon, Y&R
5.) Tracy & Luke, GH

Worst Couples
1.) Josh & Cassie, GL
2.) Cane & Amber, Y&R
3.) Paul & Meg, ATWT
4.) JT & Victoria, Y&R
5.) Nikki & David, Y&R

Best Stand-Alone Scene
1.) Paul Williams tells Heather that he is her father, Y&R

Most Improved Actor
1.) Austin Peck, ATWT

Best Newcomers
1.) Daniel Goddard, Y&R
2.) John Brotherton, OLTL

Most Dynamic Couple
1.) Nikki and Victor Newman, Y&R

Best Use of Cast
1.) Guiding Light

Worst Use of Cast
1.) All My Children

Most Promising Soaps for 2008
1.) One Life to Live
2.) The Young & the Restless
3.) As The World Turns
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FC Designer/bakedghoti

Best Actresses

Susan Flannery (Stephanie, B&B)
Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke, B&B)

Best Supporting Actresses

Lesli Kay (Felicia, B&B)
Alley Mills (Ann, B&B)
Eileen Davidson (Ashley, B&B)
Heather Tom (Katie, B&B)

Best Supporting Actors

William Devry (Storm, B&B)............. Typically idiotic and terrible Brad bell writes Storm as the shooter!
Dan Martin (Lt. Baker, B&B)

Worst Younger Actor

Jake Silbermann (Noah, ATWT)

Worst Supporting Actor

Van Hansis (Luke, ATWT)

Worst Actors

Ronn Moss (Ridge, B&B)
Jack Wagner (Nick, B&B)

Worst Younger Actress

Mackenzie Mauzy (Phoebe, B&B)

Best Stories

Brooke's custody battle for her children, B&B
Brooke is raped by Stephanie, B&B
Stephanie is shot and there are plenty of suspects, B&B
Donna sluttily pursues Thorne, B&B
Donna/Eric romance, B&B
Donna's revenge plot against Stephanie, B&B
Felicia vs. Donna, B&B

Worst Stories

Luke trashes his "friendship" with Maddie and Noah uses Maddie as his beard, ATWT
Luke's trashiness and meddlesomeness/Noah's constipated faces, ATWT
Brooke pursues Ridge after the rape, B&B
Stephanie remains a heartless demon after Brooke's rape, B&B
Storm is revealed as the diabolical shooter, B&B
Ashley is actually interested in and gets involved with Ridge, B&B
Rick/Ashley/Phoebe big mess, B&B
rick/phoebe/constantine bigger mess, B&B
Felicia/Constantine biggest mess, B&B
Nick/Taywhore's trashy, tacky "romance", B&B
Nick/Taywhore's wedding with only one church pew filled, B&B
Nick/Taywhore's attempt at having a baby despite Taywhore's dead vajayjay, B&B
Brooke is the egg donor for Taywhore's dilapidated oven, B&B

Biggest Wastes of Talent

Eileen Davidson (Ashley, B&B)
Heather Tom (Katie, B&B)
William Devry (Storm, B&B)
Dan Martin (Lt. Baker, B&B)
*These actors need MORE storylines!*

Best Couples



Worst Couples

Luke/Noah, ATWT
Taywhore/Nick, B&B
Brooke/Ridge, B&B
Ashley/Ridge, B&B
Rick/Phoebe, B&B
Felicia/Constantine, B&B

Best Stand-Alone Scene


Brooke is raped
Brooke slaps Ashley for saying Brooke's using her rape to get Ridge
Felicia physically attacks Donna as a shot Stephanie lies on the floor
Stephanie pulls a lingerie-clad Donna's hair as Thorne declares Donna as his fiancee
Donna is trapped in the steam room and looks like a skanky, drowned racoon during the FC fashion show, B&B
Ann gives Donna her ripped thong, calls Donna a HOgan and lets Tiny her dobberman run Donna off Eric's mansion

Worst Stand-Alone Scene

Luke meddles in Col. mayer's conversation with Noah, ATWT
Noah's constipated faces passing off as acting, ATWT
Luke seducing a confused Noah despite Noah dating his "friend" Maddie, ATWT
Stephanie excitedly looks at the lights go off in a room where Ridge and Ashley are having sex, B&B
Taywhore calls Rick a manwhore because he's Brooke's son, B&B
Taywhore/Nick tacky love scenes, B&B
Rick and Phoebe singing in Insomnia, B&B
Bridget performs Taywhore's procedure and sees Taywhore's dead vajayjay, B&B
Taywhore selfishly hates Jack moments after his birth when she finds out he's really Brooke's baby, B&B

Worst Soap

ATWT thanks to Nuke............ I mean PUKE!

Most Improved Actress

Jennifer Gareis (Donna, B&B) "Who knew she could act?" is applicable ONLY to JG!
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Best Shows:

None lol. But if I had to rank the shows I watch....

1. General Hospital
2. Days of our Lives
3. Guiding Light
4. The Young & The Restless

The rest of these are in no particular order

Best Stories

1. Black & White Ball (GH)
2. The begining of the Claire custody (DAYS)
3. Andre terrorizing everyone (DAYS)
4. John's death (DAYS)
5. The Springfield Election (GL)

Best Newcomers

1. Kristen Renton (DAYS)
2. Murray Bartlett (GL)
3. Megan Ward (GH)
4. Shelly Henning (DAYS)

10 Couples I Enjoyed Most:

1. Nick/Chelsea (DAYS)
2. Ashlee/Coop (GL)
3. Lucky/Sam (GH)
4. John/Marlena (DAYS)
5. Phyllis/Nick (Y&R)
6. Bo/Hope (DAYS)
7. Jax/Carly (GH)
8. Michael/Lauren (Y&R)
9. Lulu/Logan (GH)
10. Max/Morgan (DAYS)

Most Improved Performers:

1. Austin Peck (ATWT)
2. Kirsten Storms (GH)
3. Josh Taylor (DAYS)

Top Actors:

1. Joesph Mascolo (DAYS)
2. Anthony Geary (GH)
3. Thaao Penghlis (DAYS)
4. Peter Reckell (DAYS)
5. Justin Deas (GL)

Top Actresses:

1. Deidre Hall (DAYS)
2. Laura Wright (GH)
3. Crystal Chappell (GL)
4. Melody Thomas Scott (Y&R)
5. Lauren Koslow (DAYS)

Biggest Waste of Talent

1. Days of Our Lives
2. As The World Turns
3. Passions

Worst Stories:

1. Tinda Lau (Note to DAYS: When you have a good storyline don't move the storyline to an Island.)
2. Carly hides her misdiagonosis (sp?) (ATWT)
3. Jack & Holden dumping Carly & Lily (ATWT)
4. Katie & Jack (ATWT)
5. Touch The Sky (DAYS)

Biggest Waste or Ruining of Good Couples:

1. Lucas & Sami (DAYS)
2. Luke & Noah (ATWT) Biggest Waste. They should be on more.
3. Jack & Carly (ATWT)
4. Holden & Lily (ATWT)
5. Paul & Meg (ATWT)

Best Stand Alone Episodes:

1. GL's 70th Anniversary (GL)
2. John's Funeral (DAYS)
3. John's death (DAYS)
4. Holden & Lily rush to save Luke; Luke is shot (ATWT)
5. Emily's death (GH)
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Best Stand-Alone Episode:

Valentine's Day (AMC)
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Here are mine with some brief insight for some choices:

Best Show:

No one really deserves this so I will rank the shows according to two factors: how they entertained me and in terms of quality.

1.) OLTL
2.) B&B
3.) DAYS
7.) GH
8.) Y&R
9.) AMC

Best Stories:

1.) Asa's death and the aftermath, OLTL
2.) John's death and the aftermath, Days
3.) The Metro Court Hostage Crisis, GH
4.) Luke/Noah/Maddie, ATWT
5.) The custody battle between Todd and Marcie, OLTL
6.) Tammy's death, GL
7.) Shawn/Belle/Philip/Chloe, Days
8.) Endora the good witch, Passions
9.) Who shot Stephanie, B&B
10.) Luke's health crisis, GH

Best Newcomers:

1.) Kristen Renton, Days
2.) Murray Bartlett, GL
3.) Shelley Hennig, Days
4.) Billy Miller, AMC
5.) Megan ward, GH
6.) John Brotherton, OLTL
7.) Philip Jeanmarie, Passions
8.) Daniel Goddard, Y&R
9.) Dylan Bruce, ATWT
10.) Josh Duhon, GH

Best Couples:

1.) Bo and Hope (back in rare form this year), Days
2.) Luke and Tracy, GH
3.) Brad and Katie, ATWT
4.) Steve and Kayla, Days
5.) Luke and Noah, ATWT
6.) Lucky and Sam, GH
7.) Philip and Belle, Days
8.) Shawn and Belle, Days
9.) Micheal and Lauren, Y&R
10.) Chelsea and Nick, (the summer sucked for them but they rebounded) Days

Most Improved Performers:

1.) Kirsten Storms (don't like her but I am impressed), GH
2.) Josh Taylor, Days
3.) Austin Peck, ATWT
4.) Bryan Dattilo, Days
5.) Farah Fath, OLTL
6.) Melissa Gallo, OLTL
7.) Mackenzie Westmore, Passions
8.) Jennifer Gareis, B&B
9.) Heidi Mueller, Passions
10.) Frank Parker, Days

Best Actors:

1.) Joseph Mascolo, Days
2.) Stephen Nichols, Days
3.) Anthony Geary, GH
4.) Eric Braeden, Y&R
5.) Rob Raines, GL
6.) Ben Masters, Passions
7.) Stuart Damon, GH
8.) John McCook, B&B
9.) Thaoo Penghlis, Days
10.) Jay Kenneth Johnson, Days

Honorable Mention: John J. York, GH for his fantastic performance last week after Georgie's death.

Best Actresses:

1.) Deidre Hall, Days
2.) Melody Thomas Scott, Y&R
3.) Jane Elliot, GH
4.) Leslie Charleson , GH
5.) Martha Madison, Days
6.) Kathy Brier, OLTL
7.) Lindsey Hartley, Passions
8.) Eva Tamargo, Passions
9.) Mary Beth Evans, Days
10.) Catherine Hickland, OLTL

Biggest Waste of Talent:

All the soaps. It's unfair to single out one when they all do it.

Worst Stories:

1.) Satin Slayer, AMC
2.) Out of the Ashes, Y&R
3.) Tinda Lau, Days
4.)The Black and White Ball, GH
5.) Constantine/Rick/Phoebe, B&B
6.) LUMI vs Ejami (not the vendetta, the triangle)
7.) The text message killer, GH
8.) Victoria in a coma, Y&R
9.) Touch the Sky, Days
10.) Lulu and her many suitors, GH and the crash story, AMC (tie)

Most Misunderstood story: The Vendetta, Days

The premise was good and the idea was creative. Going back to a classic, romance novel-like love story to spark a vendetta sounded great. The story started out good, had a muddled middle, and was salvaged in the Fall by Andre's reign of terror and John's "death." Anyone but Ej/Sami probably could've made this work and the lack of vets through the latter half of summer hurt this story big time. It has been salvaged in recent months but is hardly terrible and worthy of a worst vote. Most Inconsistent is fitting too.

Biggest Destruction of a Story with Potential:

The Vincent story (Passions) and Out of the Ashes and Victoria's coma, Y&R

The Vincent story was fine until Vincent's presumed death and his now gas lighting of Eve. It's gone on long enough and has become far too over the top with the reveal of his pregnancy by either Chad or Julian. That is a stretch even by Passions standards.

Y&R had a chance for a great disaster story but blew it by focusing on one group of characters a day, which killed the suspense, and by having no one major die. The aftereffects were minimal at best and the only big thing to come out of it, Victoria's coma (which was a result of a small rock hitting her on the head in one of the stupidest scenes I have ever witnessed in television), has been ok but dragged out a bit at times. Braden and Scott have made it work enough to be tolerable.

Worst Couples:

1.) Zack/Kendell, AMC
2.) Lulu/Johnny, GH
3.) Jason/Elizabeth, GH
4.) Jax/Carly, GH
5.) Sami and Lucas/EJ, Days
6.) Stephanie/Jeremy, Days
7.) Ridge/Ashley, B&B
8.) Korbel/Colleen, Y&R
9.) John/Marlena (they sucked the life out of each other earlier this year but I am hoping they have a resurgence).
10.) Katie/Jack, ATWT

Best Trends:

-Some shows realizing they have to write for the whole year and not just sweeps.
-Vets beginning to be used again more consistently by some shows.

Worst Trends:

-Fanbases and fanbase wars.
-Ratings declining.
-Lack of risk-taking.
-TPTB being a little too easily blamed for everything that goes wrong (they take a majority of it but there are other factors).
-Killing off characters with story potential.

Best Stand-Alone Episodes:

1.) John's funeral, Days
2.) John's "death," Days
3.) Alan dies, GH
4.) Shelle's wedding, Days
5.) The Brady/Dimera meeting episode, Days
6.) GL's 70th anniversary, GL
7.) Tammy dies, GL
8.) Luis's life is spared by Eve, Passions
9.) The Metro-Court Hostage crisis climax, GH
10.) Stephanie is shot, B&B

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