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Ridgecrest: Stefano's 1st kidnapping of Marlena; DAYS: 25 YEARS AGO
Topic Started: Apr 5 2008, 10:19 PM (2,217 Views)
Dr. Chip

]Ridgecrest: Part 1

Stefano is kidnapping Liz at gunpoint. They exit the tunnel and enter Doug's Place when they come upon Marlena. Stefano threatens to shoot her, and he kidnaps her, too. Petrov drives Stefano and the women toward Ridgecrest (Mountain View). On the way, Liz reveals to Marlena that Tony is not Stefano's son.

]Ridgecrest: Part 2

At Ridgecrest, Marlena tries to escape but is knocked unconscious by Petrov. Liz is locked up in another room, and Stefano and Petrov have dinner with Marlena.

Ridgecrest: Part 3

Marlena and Liz are now locked up together. Marlena tries to escape through the window, but an alarm goes off. Petrov threatens the women. Liz is ready to give up hope, but Marlena knows Roman will come and rescue them. Petrov takes the women down for their lunch. Marlena picks up a fireplace poker, and Petrov pulls a gun on her. Later, Liz sees half of the security-alarm combination as Petrov punches in the numbers. Petrov takes a tray to Stefano as Liz continues to fret.

Ridgecrest: Part 4

Petrov learns that Liz can play the piano and asks her to play something. Marlena looks out the window and gasps. Petrov thinks someone is outside. He disarms the alarm and goes outside, and Marlena is able to see the other half of the code. Petrov returns and demands to hear music. Liz plays the song she and Neil share, "You Were Always on My Mind." Stefano summons Petrov upstairs because he has spotted Roman and Abe in the mountains. Marlena punches in the code, and she and Liz escape. They get as far as the front gate, but it's locked. Stefano catches up to them and pulls a gun on them. He forces them back inside, then berates Petrov for being careless. Stefano talks on the phone with his man in Chicago and is anxious for his transportation. Petrov goes upstairs. As Stefano talks on the phone, Marlena gets up and looks for a weapon. Stefano barks at her to sit down or someone will get hurt.

Ridgecrest: Part 5

Marlena and Stefano agree that Roman will come for her. Marlena opens a window and sets off the alarm. Stefano goes after her, and Liz grabs a huge vase so she can hit Stefano over the head. Petrov rushes in and threatens to kill Liz. Petrov takes Liz away, and Marlena grabs a knife from the table and hides it in her back pants pocket. Stefano wants to argue with Marlena, but she begs him to let her check on Liz. Petrov takes Marlena to Liz, and Marlena shows her the knife. Stefano comes up and tells them the pilot will be there shortly, then leaves the room. Marlena and Liz use the knife to cut out a panel in the door, then escape. They make a run for it. Abe and Roman see them from their perch on the mountain, and Abe orders the SWAT team to move in. Liz trips and falls. Marlena stops to help her. Liz begs her to go without her. Marlena won't leave Liz, who then goes into labor. Petrov and Stefano catch up to them, but now must help Marlena get Liz into the house.

Ridgecrest: Part 6
Inside the house, Marlena begs Stefano to let Liz go because her labor is premature. Stefano refuses. He plans to take Marlena as his hostage and leave Liz behind so others can help her. Marlena says Liz could die, so Stefano orders her to deliver the baby. Roman, Abe, and Neil arrive outside. Petrov holds Marlena at gunpoint as she goes and tells Roman the terms of letting a paramedic drop off supplies. She warns Roman that if one false move is made, she will be shot.

Ridgecrest: Part 7

Neil delivers the medical supplies to the front door. Later, after Petrov leaves Marlena with Liz, he warns her not to mess with the boarded-up door panel. Petrov leaves, and Neil arrives at the back door. Marlena helps him get inside, and Liz is stunned to see him. Marlena and Petrov go outside, and she asks for a special kit. Back inside, Marlena begs Stefano not to take Liz but to let her go to a hospital. Stefano refuses and tells Marlena to get her coat. Liz cries out, and Marlena runs upstairs.

Ridgecrest: Part 8

Liz gives birth to a baby girl, then goes into convulsions. Neil tells Marlena that Liz could die. Marlena goes downstairs and demands that Stefano let Liz and the baby go to the hospital because both are in danger. Petrov warns Stefano of the danger. Stefano is ready to leave with Marlena. She returns to the room and tells Neil that Stefano will be leaving soon. Neil doesn't want Marlena to go with Stefano, but Marlena tells Neil to focus on Liz and the baby. Neil tells Marlena that he almost convinced himself the baby was his. Petrov disappears, so Stefano tells Marlena to get her coat; the pilot has arrived, and they're going to leave the country together. When Neil finds out Marlena will be leaving with Stefano, he wants one good shot at Stefano; Marlena then lies that they're only going to walk around the grounds to look at Petrov. She hugs Neil, then leaves to join Stefano downstairs

Ridgecrest: Part 9

Stefano forces Marlena to drive his limo to the top of the mountain. Abe and the SWAT team surround the area, but Stefano has a gun on Marlena. The helicopter arrives, and Stefano forces Marlena inside. She sits next to the pilot, and Stefano climbs into the back. Stefano orders the pilot to take off, and Marlena yells "No!" and knocks the pilot out of the helicopter. The pilot hits the ground, and his helmet falls off -- it's Roman! Stefano shoots Roman and climbs into the front seat. He begins to fly the helicopter, but Roman grabs onto the bottom and lifts off with it. Marlena fights Stefano, and he is unable to keep the helicopter up. He finally must land the chopper, and Roman and Abe apprehend and arrest him. Marlena is reunited with Roman. He tells her that Liz is okay and on the way to the hospital. He promises Marlena that it's all over and is ready to take her home.

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LOVE it!
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Miss Rhi
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