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Tamara Braun Interview; TVGC ó will she stay or leave Days?
Topic Started: Apr 15 2008, 02:22 PM (867 Views)
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Royal Reporter

There Will Be Blood
By Nelson Branco


ĎDays of Our Livesí killer vixen Tamara Braun opens up about her soap return, her new love, and her various dimensions

More times than not, actors are the polar opposites of the characters they play. Tamara Braun is no exception. Having played complex anti-heroine Carly Corinthos on General Hospital for four years (2001-2005), Braun is now seducing millions of viewers as the gun-toting whack job Ava Vitali on Days of Our Lives. Thankfully, Braun doesnít mind being typecast as the deranged itch with a killer wardrobe. Odd considering she could teach her alter egos a thing or two about embracing oneís inner chi. The Evanston, Ill., native was a psychology major at the University of Wisconsin at Madison before studying all things Shakespeare at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in England.

And donít knock Braun or her acting. Last week, I heralded Braunís deliciously campy performance on Days in The Nelson Ratings, but was soon reamed a new one by the star for citing her Daytime Emmy-nominated role as Carly as ďone dimensional.Ē

Below is our lively chat, including Braunís payback.

TVGuide.ca: How is life in Salem?
Tamara Braun: Iím enjoying it! Everyoneís so nice over there. Itís great to go into work and enjoy the people I act with.

TVG: You left General Hospital in 2005; what made you come back to daytime TV? At first Days seemed like an odd choice, and it coincided with Sarah Brownís (Claudia; ex-Carly) comeback.
TB: I have a bone to pick with you to start. Are you ready?

TVG: Take your best shot! I know where this is goingÖ
TB: You called my Carly one-dimensional!

TVG: Yep, I did.
TB: Baby, you can call me a lot of things but Iíve never been one-dimensional in my life! Or, as a character. Though Iím glad you got your reception on your television working now!

TVG: Enough of this treacle ó letís get back to business! [laughs] Your chocolate eyes have seduced me into submission.
TB: Thank you. I put those contacts in and put a Hershey kiss on top.

TVG: In between your GH and Days gigs you landed a couple of indie films ó why come back to soaps?
TB: Funnily enough, one of my films, Little Chenier, opened on my first day here. I also did another film called Limbo Lounge, along with a few guest spots on Freddie and some other prime-time shows. What made me come back? I was very intrigued by Ava. And the opportunity to work with [Daysí co-executive producer] Ed Scott. The role sounded like something I could sink my teeth into.

TVG: You also worked with your co-stars Stephen Nichols (Steve; ex-Stefan, GH) and Mary Beth Evans (Kayla; ex-Katherine, GH) on GH. Did you check in with GH to let them know you were coming back to soaps?
TB: No, I didnít.

TVG: Do you keep in touch with anyone from GH?
TB: I do. Alicia Leigh Willis [ex-Courtney], Rick Hearst [Ric], Ted King [Alcazar] and Cindy Preston [ex-Faith], who is from Toronto, I believe. Do you know her?

TVG: No, Iíve never met her.
TB: Yeah, I was able to make a lot of dear friends that Iíll have in my life.

TVG: Your gal pal, Alicia is literally kicking butt on The L Word!
TB: Isnít she phenomenal?

TVG: I didnít know she could wrestle!
TB: And in oil!

TVG: Did you watch Days before?
TB: No, I wasnít familiar with the show, so Iím taking my Days 101 course now.

TVG: Days just cast Avaís father, Martino Vitali with prime-time vet, Joe Penny. Do you know anything more than we do about Ava? Have you created a back story for her?
TB: I always create a back story for every character I play. Generally, I like to keep that to myself Ė especially on a soap Ė because theyíll write what they want to write and sometimes it doesnít always mesh with whatís in my head. And to share that would be a disservice to the audience. In a film or in a play with a beginning, middle and end, itís safer as an actor to share your views on the character because itís already on the page.

TVG: A common thread I find when I speak to great actors is that they have a passion for psychology ó and you have a degree in that subject.
TB: If youíre curious about the human condition and the psychology of people as three-dimensional beingsÖ [laughs]

TVG: [laughs] Iím not going to live this down, am I?
TB: You wonít. [laughs]

TVG: This week, Ava shoots Hope ó are you worried Days will have trouble redeeming the character? Or are those pills she takes a clue to unlocking Avaís reasons for being psycho? I wish I had a prescription myself!
TB: I know, right! You know, the soap world has a way of redeeming all kinds of characters. Thatís the beauty of soaps.

TVG: You signed a short-term contract with Days ó can we expect you to re-sign?
TB: Iím taking it one day at a time. Thatís neither here nor there for me at this point.

TVG: Your arrival also coincided with a new era at Days. How is the mood on the set. From my couch, it looks like everyoneís having a great time!
TB: Thatís great to know. I have nothing to compare to it, because as I said I didnít watch Days before. Ed Scottís been fantastic ó and he really cares about the show, cast and crew. That always makes for a healthy working environment.

TVG: Are you worried about the future of daytime?
TB: People have been worried about the future of soaps since they started. Everyone says itís a dying breed, but this genre has stood the test of time. I also donít think anyone should panic at this point. Just tune in and support your shows. Soaps moving to the Internet isnít the end of the world because thatís the future of TV; not just daytime.

TVG: Howís it working with Stephen Nichols? Ava hasnít really interacted with anyone else on the Salem canvas.
TB: I laugh so much with him! Heís a really, really nice guy. I think Ava will meet new people in Salem ó if she can get out of that darn room! [laughs] If she can find that key, she may interact with others. Avaís going stir crazy.

TVG: All the Carlys are back on TV. Is there a kinship amongst you gals having played this iconic role on GH?
TB: We definitely have something in common ó we have all played a wonderful character.

TVG: Were you shocked that Sarah Brown returned to GH, not as Carly but as a new character?
TB: It was a bold move, thatís for sure. Really bold.

TVG: If you leave Days, itíd be great if we could have all three Carlys in Port Chuck!
TB: [laughs] What do you think that would be like? Wouldnít it be interesting if we all turned out to be the same person? Somehow Carly fragmented into three beings!

TVG: As long as GH doesnít make you all share a dressing room!
TB: Youíd love a catfight, wouldnít you! [laughs]

TVG: Only if itís one-dimensional! But no, generally Iím not a fan of intelligent women in catfights. But I was referring to budget issues ópaying all of you would most certainly break GHís bank. So, is there anyone special in your life?
TB: I will say Iím happily in love with my new puppy, Barley. Heís the love of my life. Sheís a miniature dachshund and all black. And Iím allergic to dogs, but so far itís working out. Though I still get hives, I havenít gotten wheezy in a while, so thatís good. So far, Iíve acclimated to her.

TVG: And Iíve acclimated to your three-dimensional brilliance! Thank you for speaking to little olí moi! And continued success!

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Thanks Ang!

I LOVED this interview!!!

Soaps moving to the Internet isnít the end of the world because thatís the future of TV; not just daytime.

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Red Mist
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Thanks Angie, no doubt TB is a great actress...Sad that I despise the sl she is in. :(
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Good interview and I do hope she stays on Days.
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Well, I guess I will have to say she just won me over because she has a miniature dachshund. I have two.
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Great Interview!!!
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omg. im soch a tams fanboy. shes amazing. i love everything about her. and she is such a kind real person when you meet her. i agree that her carly was far from 1d. she played a wide range of emotions and under her carly grew the most.

sarah brown coming back to gh as someone not carly was bold, and imho, a bad move.

i really do think if days kept her char real, added soem depth, and had an idea for her she would stay. shes obviously attracted to characters and loves to act, but the fact that she has a degree means she doesnt need it, IMHO. can you imagine going to see her? id be like omg... lol.

wonderful interview.
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Great interview...I like TB so much more now that she is not playing Carly. Sorry but she was not it for me...Sarah Brown and Laura Wright - they are Carly.

I am hoping Ava will transform into a character I will care about...right now I feeling just as trapped in that room as she is.
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fucking hell .....

"She's from Toronto, do you know her?" <_<
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Did anyone else notice how she only talked about how great it is working under Ed Scott? Not once did she mention Corday. ;)
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Apr 17 2008, 11:11 PM
Did anyone else notice how she only talked about how great it is working under Ed Scott? Not once did she mention Corday. ;)

Of course :lol: .

I mean, most of the awesome actors and actresses Days has got are probably here because of Ed and the team he brought in, including Marnie. There is no way they would come here under Wyman/Corday.

Truth be told, she probably has only seen Corday once or twice since it seems Tamara hasn't been around that long and isn't supposed to be with the show long anyway so I don't think she has interacted with him much since Ed handled day to day stuff.
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