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LATEST RATINGS: Horrible week for most soaps; Y&R/DAYS only soap to rise in HH
Topic Started: Aug 7 2008, 08:15 AM (1,628 Views)

Ratings from Toups

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

Ratings for the week July 28- August 1, 2008

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 5,313,000 (+242,000/+30,000)
2. B&B 3,534,000 (-68,000/+153,000)
3. ATWT 2,689,000 (-23,000/-71,000)
4. GH 2,625,000 (-209,000/-583,000) <----------- new low
5. DAYS 2,552,000 (+31,000/-250,000)
6. OLTL 2,465,000 (-294,000/-560,000)
7. AMC 2,383,000 (-284,000/-709,000)
8. GL 2,271,000 (-74,000/-233,000)

1. Y&R 3.8/12 (+.1/-.1)
2. B&B 2.6/8 (-.1/+.1)
3. GH 2.0/6 (-.2/-.5) <--------- new low rating
4. AMC 1.9/6 (-.1/-.5) <-------- ties low rating
4. DAYS 1.9/6 (+.1/-.2)
4. ATWT 1.9/6 (-.1/-.2)
4. OLTL 1.9/6 (-.1/-.5) <------- ties low rating
8. GL 1.6/5 (-.1/-.2)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 1,200,000 (+45,000/+35,000)
2. GH 823,000 (-100,000/-316,000)
3. B&B 751,000 (-64,000/+107,000)
4. OLTL 729,000 (-92,000/-255,000)
5. DAYS 721,000 (+42,000/-249,000)
6. AMC 686,000 (-118,000/-276,000)
7. ATWT 643,000 (-44,000/-6,000)
8. GL 607,000 (-55,000/-62,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.8/12 (same/same)
2. GH 1.2/8 (-.2/-.5) <----------- new low rating
3. OLTL 1.1/7 (-.1/-.4) <--------- new low rating
3. DAYS 1.1/7 (+.1/-.4)
3. B&B 1.1/7 (-.1/+.1)
6. AMC 1.0/7 (-.2/-.5) <---------- ties low rating
6. ATWT 1.0/6 (same/same)
8. GL 0.9/6 (-.1/-.1) <----------- ties low rating

Girls 12-17 Viewers
1. OLTL 69,000 (+2,000/+8,000)
2. Y&R 55,000 (+4,000/-49,000)
3. AMC 54,000 (+2,000/-3,000)
3. DAYS 54,000 (-4,000/-36,000)
5. ATWT 52,000 (+14,000/-4,000)
6. B&B 44,000 (+11,000/-21,000)
7. GH 36,000 (-4,000/-49,000)
8. GL 35,000 (+6,000/-16,000)

Women 18-34 Rating
1. Y&R 1.2/8 (+.1/same)
2. GH 0.8/5 (-.2/-.5) <----------- new low rating
2. DAYS 0.8/5 (same/-.7)
4. OLTL 0.7/5 (-.2/-.5) <--------- ties low rating
5. B&B 0.6/4 (-.1/same)
5. AMC 0.6/4 (-.2/-.6) <---------- ties low rating
7. ATWT 0.5/3 (-.1/-.2)
7. GL 0.5/3 (-.1/-.3)

Men 18+ Viewers
1. Y&R 1,293,000 (+106,000/+57,000)
2. B&B 785,000 (+9,000/+15,000)
3. ATWT 539,000 (+7,000/-6,000)
4. DAYS 504,000 (-40,000/-3,000)
5. GH 502,000 (-22,000/-50,000)
6. GL 466,000 (+17,000/-30,000)
7. OLTL 435,000 (-74,000/-109,000)
8. AMC 427,000 (-56,000/-145,000)



Monday: 1.9/2,517,000
Tuesday: 1.8/2,329,000
Wednesday: 1.8/2,426,000
Thursday: 1.8/2,373,000
Friday: 1.9/2,271,000

Monday: 2.0/2,767,000
Tuesday: 2.0/2,720,000
Wednesday: 1.9/2,733,000
Thursday: 1.9/2,714,000
Friday: 1.9/2,508,000

Monday: 2.8/3,894,000
Tuesday: 2.5/3,443,000
Wednesday: 2.5/3,381,000
Thursday: 2.5/3,540,000
Friday: 2.5/3,415,000

Monday: 2.0/2,588,000
Tuesday: 2.0/2,629,000
Wednesday: 2.0/2,761,000
Thursday: 1.9/2,580,000
Friday: 1.7/2,201,000

Monday: 2.0/2,596,000
Tuesday: 2.1/2,827,000
Wednesday: 2.1/2,605,000
Thursday: 2.0/2,647,000
Friday: 2.0/2,451,000

Monday: 1.7/2,496,000
Tuesday: 1.6/2,307,000
Wednesday: 1.6/2,223,000
Thursday: 1.5/2,215,000
Friday: 1.5/2,111,000

Monday: 1.9/2,495,000
Tuesday: 1.9/2,550,000
Wednesday: 2.0/2,529,000
Thursday: 1.9/2,463,000
Friday: 1.8/2,289,000

Monday: 4.0/5,572,000
Tuesday: 3.8/5,340,000
Wednesday: 3.8/5,466,000
Thursday: 3.7/5,249,000
Friday: 3.6/4,940,000


For the SEASON September 24, 2007 through August 3, 2008

1. Y&R 4.0
2. B&B 2.8
3. GH 2.4
4. ATWT 2.2
5. OLTL 2.1
5. AMC 2.1
5. DAYS 2.1
8. GL 1.8

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.9
2. GH 1.6
3. DAYS 1.5
4. OLTL 1.4
5. B&B 1.3
5. AMC 1.3
7. ATWT 1.2
8. GL 1.1
Edited by kserox10, Aug 7 2008, 04:27 PM.
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Steve Frame
Member Avatar

This is from one of those posters that is always doing stats over at SON (they have several now). Thought this was interesting:

DOOL hit its peak for the year (and its largest number in 13 months) in mid-Feb. Since then, the show has lost 700,000 total viewers, almost 25% of its total. 2/3 of those are in Women 18-49. This is FAR worse than soaps as a whole, which has also declined. Something needs to change, and fast.
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Lskreet just posted the households over @ SON:

1 Y&R 3.8 (+.1)
2 B&B 2.6 (-.1)
3 GH 2.0 (-.2)
4 DOOL 1.9 (+.1)
4 ATWT 1.9 (-.1)
4 AMC 1.9 (-.1)
4 OLTL 1.9 (-.1)
8 GL 1.6 (-.1)

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Member Avatar

WOW - So only DOOL and Y&R went up... interesting. thanks for posting.
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Sad day when 2.0 gets you to third.....
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Member Avatar

These numbers are pitiful. It's sad to see over half of the soaps in the 1's.
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Wow! GH at 2.0!!!

Now, this is the reason why the producers arenīt panicking about the ratings anymore. OLTL is supposedly best soap on air, yet it has the same numbers as DAYS. And merely a statistical discrepancy can decide if you are second to last with 1.8, or third with 2.0.

Anyway, I hope the demos for DAYS are up too and we will see some upswing for last and this week. We need just a +.1 rise and can be third in HH again. Scary!
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Member Avatar

I just read over at SON from Toups and another poster that GH has hit a new low in 18-34 viewers, getting a 0.9/0.8 or somewhere around those two.
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☼ Jinx ☼
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Live. Love. Laugh. ♥

These numbers are really low. I'm glad DAYS did go up a little. The material has picked up a fair amount. I'm expecting even better results after this week.
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Member Avatar

I'm not watching DAYS (or anything) b/c I have no TV, but I am happy for DAYS.

Regardless, I have been told by three soap execs that ratings frankly don't matter anymore so I have pretty much stopped caring about them, as well. LOL.

I mean if they don't care, I don't see why I should. Ratings are so 90's. :lol:
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However, I will say MAJOR ouchness to ABC Daytime. Sucks to be you!

And GL, poor thang!
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Steve Frame
Member Avatar

Added the demos & dailies
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Member Avatar

I tried to help OLTL by Tivoing it and watching it the same day most days last week. It has some problems, but overall, the show is really interesting. Maybe if they picked up the pace a little. It is slow-moving in places it doesn't need to be. I like it when they play out all the beats but some beats don't need playing.
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Member Avatar

well these are still really bad for dool, but i am happy to see some 2.0's back. thanks for posting.
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Q Steph
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Put your hands up for Obama

I'm sorry but some of these shows deserve these pitiful numbers. Fans aren't tuning in because you keep insulting our intelligence, trying our patience and boring us.
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Member Avatar

I agree with you, Steph.

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Member Avatar

GL deserves its numbers. I feel no sympathy for it, because it's doing it to itself.
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Member Avatar

Glad for Days and Y&R. Both were good last week and deserve bumps for this week too. I think OLTL would be better off had it not went from classic soap in May and early June to pretty much all camp. The time travel stuff should've ended after two days and been nothing more then a fantasy. Making it real was dumb and making it last this long is just plan suicidal. I think OLTL would be solidly at 2.0-2.1 if not for that. It would probably be the only ABC soap maintaining. Yes, the whole genre is falling but OLTL was doing decent with good word of mouth and now many fans are upset and ratings are beginning to crash for them too. I hope Ron ends that shit and focuses more on the kind of things that were working so well in May and early June. Right now, in all honestly, I feel like I'm watching a BAD version of Passions at times between the Mendora and Tess stuff we've seen and the time travel stuff.

I hope ATWT and GL start seeing better too. They've been decent of late.

These numbers are sad though. Really sad but, like King said, it seems the execs don't care anymore about the numbers. Who knows what they are obsessing over now.

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OLTL(the only soap I can say I'm watching regularly, although I am watching Days off/on and will definately be tuning in every day soon), even though its not awful, deserved those ratings IMO. I love Ron and what he's done for OLTL but last week it was hard to keep my attention because of all the camp and whatnot, as others like Phoenix have said, but thankfully it seems to be improving this week with Mendorra being pretty much through and getting back to some more classical(although still campy) stuff like Tess and the Secret Room.
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ITA PR and daysfan.
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