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ATWT:Dylan Bruce dropped to recurring; plays Dr. Chris Hughes
Topic Started: Aug 23 2008, 10:04 PM (1,128 Views)

Dylan Bruce (Chris Hughes ) dropped to recurring.

Nelson Branco reported this in his Suds report.
Here is the Soap Central column:

Link to Article

soapcentral.com As The World Turns News 2008 Dylan Bruce is the latest Chris to be written off

Dylan Bruce is the latest Chris to be written off
Posted Saturday, August 23, 2008 12:21:04 PM
by Dan J Kroll

Seven up and seven down. Dylan Bruce becomes the latest Chris Hughes to exit As the World Turns. Bruce, who joined the show just last year, has been dropped to recurring status. There's no word on whether the actor will make any additional appearances.

The casting cuts continue at As the World Turns. Dylan Bruce (Chris Hughes) is the latest star to be demoted. The actor, who joined the show in October 2007, has been dropped to recurring status. The de-casting decision comes as either a surprise or an expected eventuality, depending upon how you look at the situation.

For one reason or another, the role of Chris Hughes has been one of the most problematic roles for As the World Turns'. Since 1990, eight different actors have held down the part. Christian Siefert has the distinction of lasting the longest in the role, appearing from 1992 through 1998. Ironically, some of the best-known Chrises have been performers that have appeared on-screen for the shortest period of time. In 1999, As the World Turns scored what was seen as a huge casting coup when it landed former All My Children breakout star Ben Jorgensen. The writers struggled to come up with meaningful story for Chris, and Jorgensen left the show only a few months after his debut. A similar fate befell Bailey Chase who, while popular with fans, saw his on-screen time dry up near the end of his two-year run with the show in 2005. Chase remarked that "professional desires" and lack of story led him to decide to leave the CBS soap.

This time around, however, Chris hasn't been without story, which has led to some viewers questioning the decision to write off Bruce.

"I'm shocked that with recent plot developments his character's role would be downsized," soapcentral.com's As the World Turns Two Scoops columnist Jennifer Biller comments. "Last week, he had quite a heroic arc, by saving Ali from psycho Rick and creating an antidote for [Rick's] toxin. It seemed they were pointing him toward a love triangle with Aaron and Ali. Plus, he has deep-rooted history with a number of other characters on the show."

Bruce is the latest contract player to be shown the door. Last month, Jon Prescott (Mike Kasnoff) announced on his official web site that he'd been handed his walking papers. In the days prior to Prescott's announcement, the Internet was abuzz with the news that one of the show's contract players had been sent packing. This time around, there was no whispering about Bruce's dismissal.

With Bruce no longer on contract with As the World Turns, the actor is free to pursue other opportunities. There is always the possibility that ATWT could call Bruce to put in an appearance, but the actor is under no obligation to agree to any future appearances.

A final airdate for Bruce was not made available.
Edited by oakdalelover, Aug 23 2008, 10:05 PM.
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My understanding from not only Nelson but SOD is that Bruce is dropped to recurring so he is still "tied" to the show they just don't have to obligate him a certain amount of eps a week. The new Dani, at least according to the person who edits the ATWT cast list at my MSN Group, wasn't even put on contract.

This Soap Central article is just confusing for me.
Edited by jcar03, Aug 23 2008, 10:15 PM.
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Just cut him altogether. He's obviously been a bust in the role.
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Half the people front-burner on ATWT aren't on contract. It saves them money. Janet, Parker, Liberty, Noah, probably Bonnie and Dani. This way they don't need to pay them for guaranteed shows they never did or were never written into in the first place. They only have to pay them per appearance, for the shows they're actually in.

That SOC article was weird. I don't think recurring = written off in this case. But maybe I'm wrong...
Edited by brimike, Aug 24 2008, 12:04 AM.
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Unless exceptions are made, being dropped to recurring IS almost like being let go. You have no guarantee of work, and only get paid if they call you in to use you. It would have to suck for any actor.
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The Royal Stoner

It's really too bad. He was just starting to grow on me. Hopefully, recurring on ATWT isn't the death sentence it is on ABC or B&B.
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But they clearly still plan to use him at some point or they would of just released him entirely which they didn't. They aren't writing the character off yet and there won't be a final airdate as of now which the article is saying.
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I guess I would look at this dropped to recurring thing different if it he had no screen time over the last several months and no story like Mackenzie Mauzy on B&B where I fully expect that the show will write Phoebe out or recast in a few months time.
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Classic Soap Fan

You have to remember that a lot of soaps (and seemingly P&G's in particular) are known for dropping featured actors to recurring as a cost saving measure. Hell, I almost think 1/3 of GL's cast is recurring and a lot of those recurring cast members do pop up rather frequently. I'm almost certain that Kathleen Widdoes (Emma) is recurring and we see her more often than we see some contract performers. The primary difference between contract and non-contract is about the same as on-staff and freelance. Contract actors are bound to their respective shows, meaning that if the show says they have to report to work, they have to report to work. As a benefit to actors, those contracts will also stipulate that they'll be guaranteed a certain number of days per week and those days are "play or pay" (meaning that if their contract states they work 3 days a week, they have to be paid at least for those 3 days even if they don't even work). Non-contract performers aren't given those guarantees and are only paid for the days the work. Consequently, without a contract, a show cannot force a performer to work and it allows the performer to accept other roles and work only when they chose to do so. If the role is more of a supporting role with no significant storyline prominance, this isn't that big of a deal. However, if an actor is playing a character that is part of a key storyline that hinges on that character, it's often in the show's best interest to make sure that performer is on contract.

Also, that's one reason you see some performers signed to lengthy contracts and then released at the end of the contract cycle (usually 3 months, if I'm not mistaken) with the reason being "end of storyline". If a new performer comes on and shows a certain spark, a show will often quickly sign them to a contract to "hedge their bets", so to speak, so that if the performer/character really takes off, they've already got the performer locked in and aren't at risk of losing them. Often, however, once the performer's storyline is concluded, their character is no longer needed (or no longer fits in the upcoming storyline) and is released from their contract at the end of their cycle. Then why sign them to a contract in the first place? It's kinda like an insurance policy. If I were an EP and I saw the faintest glimmer of a spark that a performer might really take off with the viewers, I'd want to jump in there quickly and make sure I've got them locked into my show rather than risk losing a potential future start to competing soap or another acting endeavor. After all, if they don't work out, I could always let them go at the end of their contract cycle.
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