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Soaps.com Burnett/Deidrick interview - they're dating!
Topic Started: Jul 27 2009, 02:28 PM (3,617 Views)
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Jul 27 2009, 02:32 PM
Jul 27 2009, 02:28 PM
Molly Burnett: It’s chaos downstairs on the days where all of us are on set. Casey, Mark, Taylor, (Sprietler, Mia McKormick), Dylan (Patton, Will Horton) - we're all running around yelling and playing video games and "hallway bowling." It's pretty epic!
Casey Deidrick: Usually within the first 10 minutes of getting on set, the hallways turn into a mosh pit. I don't like to step out much, until I’m about to tape because it’s my room of Zen, but occasionally I’ll sneak a few kisses! We'll run lines in each others rooms too.
WTF? It sounds like the Days studio has been turned into some sort of college dorm, LoL.
Maybe but at least there is an energy and people having fun.

I remember we used to hear stories all the time in the 90's about all the antics Drake, Bryan, Ali, etc were getting into.

How cute that they are dating. This was a nice interview. They do looks like they would have a nice chemistry onscreen and they really should've casted him as someone else because like Molly he looks and plays too old to be in scenes with Will and Mia just like Melanie. I would move him out of their orbit and into Melanie's and go from there but with them going out in real life now maybe that is too much.

I like how so much focus is placed on Molly hanging out with younger cast in real life but many in this thread seemed to ignore the fact that she also mentioned going to a dinner party hosted by Nadia Bjorlin LOL. I've also read her say she's hung out with Darin, Rachel, Shelley, Jay, Eric, and Felisha outside of work too so she isn't just staying in one age range as far as who she socially engages with LOL.

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Jul 27 2009, 02:57 PM
Melanie should be in with the teens, but I do think it would be odd to suddenly do it now. Chad would probably still be ok, but I don't see her hanging around Mia or Will.
I think the way the character's been from day one makes it hard to put her in with the teens. Everything she went through with Trent and then interacting primarily with Nick, Chelsea, Stephanie, and Max to start out and then the whole business angle/Philip/Stephanie stuff...and now interacting with Brady, Arianna, and Maggie...I just think it would make little sense for the character IMO. Plus, she's 18. She's legal. Will and Mia are both 16. I just don't see Melanie even wanting to hang out with them.

I can't see Deidrick being in the story he is in either. Chad looks too old for Mia and he makes Will look like he is 10 LOL. They botched that casting IMO. Deidrick should've been casted as someone else and Chad should look more like Will and Mia's age.
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Jul 27 2009, 03:37 PM
Jul 27 2009, 02:46 PM
Jul 27 2009, 02:34 PM

Quoting limited to 3 levels deep
But haven't you heard? Everyone is interested in seeing Molly act opposite men way out of the character's league! Isn't it much more fun and realistic to see guys in their 30s fondling teenagers? And when Molly does those special ticks that just make her Molly (skewing her face, pouting on screen, the voice), it comes even closer to that underage thing that Dena is all about!

And how long have we been saying to put Melanie with Chad? Geez.
I donīt think this is a good idea. You cannot pair two outsider characters. Who would care about them. I know Mel is very close with Maggie and there is still a chance she will be eventually revealed as Nicolīs daughter, but you need atleast half of the couple to have some strong ties in Salem. Thatīs the main reason why Nathan is a Horton and his Horton roots are reminded so much. They needed someone for Mel and they knew in order to secure Melanieīs position on the show he has to have strong ties in Salem.

Besides, Molly and Casey are still young. I wish them best but they are together maybe two months now and they can as much easily breakup next week. I really donīt want some awkward offscreen resentments to be projected on screen.

Btw. Melanie and Brady trying to save things together again? Iīm really starting to wonder if the show had some trouble with FT. Because so many scenes which could be Ari and Brady together and used to build their relationship are Mel and Brady instead. Seems weird.
I agree.

Unless they tie Chad to someone on the canvas, it would be tough.

What you said about them possibly breaking up in real life at any point is one big reason why I wouldn't take the risk of pairing them. They are a cute couple and seem into each other but they are young and it can end as fast as it started and then there would be tension. I just think both Chad and Melanie don't belong in the teen set. They just don't look good for that range.

As for the FT issue, I'm with you in wondering about that. I know Arianna/Brady was not the plan but they could've had her go with Brady on these little adventures. That would be better then all the scenes of them bumping into each other and dancing around each other in terms of what to say. If they had a feeling it wasn't clicking, I wonder what took them so long to take action and recast? There seems like so much to the story.
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