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Survivor 19: Samoa
Topic Started: Aug 27 2009, 08:40 AM (4,998 Views)
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This is probably the worst edited season EVER. It's liked they are merged already and only those 8 people were there.

I think we saw Galu only once (when Shambo was fishing). During the opening credits, I think I saw some people for the first time. And I don't think I can name 5 people out of Galu. Which is sad cause they still have 10 people, which means I don't know more than half of their tribe. Horrible.

Russell thinks he's god, so I hate that as always.

Ben is a jerk. And so is Yasmin. Sure, it was fun when she called him out, but it wasn't smart game-wise.
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Punk Cabaret is Freedom

I don't think I've disliked an entire tribe this much in some time. I could care less about anyone on the yellow tribe(i forget their name).

Shambo is definitely taking the annoying path.

Ben = Douchy Doucherton
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So I'm guessing you hate the tribe that is on ALL THE TIME? Cause you really have no reason to hate the other one (that actually wins something) when we don't even know those people...
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Punk Cabaret is Freedom

^^lol, ya, it's that one.

I also don't like when there is such a big cast, b/c that doesn't help in trying to 'get to know' everyone. Hopefully we'll start to see some of the other tribe soon.
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Oh and the ratings are out. Survivor did NOT win its time slot in any category. If this continues and FlashForward doesn't fall, I believe this could be the end of Survivor. It's down from last year and is no longer #1 in its time slot (which I believe was huge in past seasons).
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There have been rumors that next All Stars 2 could be the last. I'd honestly like to see it return in the summers once a year like Big Brother. Go back to casting fans of the show instead of casting a bunch of mactors. It seems like they only cast 2 fans every season and they're so unfit or old that they can't compete.

There really is no one rootable yet. Mick, Liz, & Jaison are okay from Foa Foa. The other tribe is just invisible. I like Yasmin but she's not a great player. She'll probably be fun to watch until she gets herself voted off. Russell seems to already want her out.
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I agree. I'm barely interested in this season.

China and Micronesia had me glued to the television. Gabon was mostly entertaining and I stuck through it. Tocantins, man, I probably missed a TON. I did watch the last several episodes and it was entertaining but overall I wasn't interested.

Samoa is reminding me of Palau. Not to mention the first two actual vote offs SUCK. Marisa and Betsy were the victims of an overhyped "villain". Oy. Foa Foa has SO MANY smart people and they're just rolling over. It's pathetic. Liz, Jaison, Mick, Betsy ... all of them are SO smart and they're just letting Russell take control. Why they didn't join up with Natalie is beyond me. And now Jaison allies himself with Russell? Stab me in the eyes with a fork. I'm just done.

I am looking forward to All Stars 2 and hope it reignites my love for the show but I dunno. I really think they need to do what they did after the mess that was Cook Islands and Fiji, with China, bring it back to 16 average Americans, in a nice location and have it be simple gameplay. 16 people, merge at 10, final 2. It worked for 7 seasons without fail. Why wouldn't it again? They try too hard to change the game up and again, 20 people is TOO MANY if we don't already know them. It's what, to me, helped ruin Cook Islands and Fiji. Micronesia benefited from 10 fan favorites and interesting fans and exciting blindsides. Palau wasn't horrible and overall I felt like I knew most of them. It's bad editing when, for example, Susie (Gabon), Becky (Cook Islands), Cassandra (Fiji) are all basically applauded for their gameplay in interviews and after the show but yet get so close to winning and get no airtime to explain why. LOL. I'll never get it. You mean to tell me you can't take one confessional away from Yul and give it to Becky? I mean, hell, Susie and Bob were both virtually ignored for a better part of the season. LOL.
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^Amen. Even Probst himself gave Becky kudos at the reunion. And the fact that they overhyped Sugar in Gabon and igonored Susie pissed me off.
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I thought I'd post the insider transcripts from Sucks. There is nothing really spoilerish but it has deleted scenes. We also get to see more of Galu.

James Barber from Sucks transcribes them...

Episode 1

Tribal Council Voting

Find out what each tribe member of Foa Foa had to say as they cast their votes at Tribal Council

Betsy (Ashley): Ashley, you may not be the weakest link in the challenges, but you're the weakest link at camp.

Liz (Marisa): I'm so sorry. I tried to do my best to keep you until the next immunity challenge, but there are too many people who want you off the island.

Mike ("Marissa"): Marisa, you started the whole plot against me, so this is payback for you.

Ashley (Marisa): When I hear you are trying to vote me out, I have to vote you out. I'm really sorry.

Jaison ("Marrisa"): <no comment>

Marisa (Ashley): I'm voting for you because you're aligned with Ben.

Ben ("Marissa"): This should come as no surprise. You barked up the wrong tree, now you're going to feel my coconuts when they come down and nail you.

Russell ("Marissa"): I'm the one that got the ball rolling to get you out of here. If you played with fire, you'll get burned.

Mick (Ashley): Mike, I told you I wouldn't write your name down, so I won't, but this might spike (?) me later. (votes) This is strategic.

Natalie (Marisa): I'm voting for Marisa and I really, really hate this. It's for a couple of reasons. First, it was the majority, and I did tell Mike today I would not vote for him, which again put you in the majority. But I think you are an awesome competitor and I think this will hurt our team. I'm sorry.

Secret Scene: Marisa

Marisa leads the women of Foa Foa in a palm frond-weaving circle

Marisa: The one thing I know how to do is weave palms into different things. Should I just go ahead and start weaving some roof shingles?

Mick: Absolutely. Sounds good.

Marisa (to Liz and Ashley): I guess we don't know how long the shelter's gonna be, but it doesn't matter, because we can make more shingles. Let's get a few and we can all start together.

Ashley: Marisa, how old are you?

Marisa: How old do you think I am?

Ashley: Oh my God!

Marisa (nervous laugh): I'm not playing that game.

Marisa (solo): I kind of got a palm frond weaving circle going, but ultimately, I'm not worried about building the shelter. It's gonna be my social game that gets me forward.

Natalie: Well Betsy, what do you do?

Betsy: I'm a police officer.

Marisa: I knew it! You know what, I said, she seems so nice, she's either like a veterinarian or a (?) or something, but watch, she's gonna turn out to be a prison guard or something in enforcement, and you sure enough were.

Betsy: Good intuition.

Marisa (solo): My strategy here is to really play to the women. (Ashley tells Marisa they should stick together) I hope to worm myself into their little hearts and then slit their throats at the end.

Marisa's Final Words

Marisa reacts to having just been voted out by her tribemates

"Tonight's really difficult for me to swallow. I think the two most vocal guys just went after me and created a scene around me in Tribal. I think what that tribe should have had on their mind was most unity, however I think they'll find that voting me out wasn't the answer. I haven't insulted anybody, I haven't done anything but stand up to the one person that got under everyone's skin. I shouldn't have done it. I should have just let him say whatever he wanted and bark as many orders at me as he wanted to, but I didn't, and he makes trouble, so he made it around me, because he didn't like me and was threatened by me. It was stupid on my part and I'm really sad to be going home."


"You get so prepared mentally and you think you're making the right moves but I knew this morning it was a mistake to say something back to him. I'm really, really upset I did, because after that he came gunning for me. I know before that Tribal Council not everyone was going to be voting for me like that. He definitely set it up so that was so. I made some mistakes. I trusted Russell initially and then he went around and screwed my words and came back to me. He told me honesty was the most important thing. In the beginning he told me the one person he didn't trust was Ben and he was gunning for Ben to be gone. So now I think what he did was make his worst enemy his friend and I think that will bite him in the end."


"Overall I wouldn't trade the experience for the world. I'm in a beautiful location, and I did meet some really nice people. I'm just having a hard time dealing with it because I never thought I'd be the first person voted off, but I guess nobody does. I really think that's a huge double standard going on because I was kind to everybody and didn't insult anybody. Ben spent the whole time insulting people. He insulted groups of people, he insulted people individually, he didn't do anything but talk and talk and talk smack. I think there's a huge double standard and the only person I stood up to was him because he barked orders at me and was really rude to me. He was a lot stronger than I thought he was and he built a big fire around me and all anybody wanted to do was put it out. I understood why they did what they did and I don't hold any animosity towards anyone and I just, I'm grateful to have had the experience, however short it may have been."

Marisa the Day After

Marisa reflects on her short time in the game

"I'm very proud of myself because I learned no matter what situation I'm put in, no matter how hungry or thirsty I may be, I have no choice but to be a sincere person, even if that means being unkind to someone because I truly don't trust them. It ended up getting me kicked off the game, but I ultimately feel more impressed with myself and I'm glad to be carrying myself around as this person and certainly not anyone else on my tribe."


"The men on my tribe really came gunning for me. They were really scared of having any strong women on their tribe. Absolutely, aside from Betsy physically, I was the strongest woman on our tribe, period. I was the only one who would be competitive against the women of the other tribe. It's not surprise to me that they lost, especially where the women were concerned."


"Hindsight is 20/20. I guess if I'd been paying more attention to all the things Russell was saying I would have realized not only couldn't he be trusted, but he was out for me because I knew he was lying to everyone. That's difficult. I was interested in a democracy and a unified tribe and they were all kind of tricked into a dictatorship."


"I don't think I would go back and lie and manipulate right off the bat, because that's just not who I am. I thought I could but it turns out I can't and I'm proud to learn that about myself."


"I think I'm going to take back a message to my nieces and my little sister and the women in my life that being a strong woman is way more important than getting any kind of validation from a man."


"A big turning point for me in the game was when I found out everything Russell said to me was a lie and I saw him constantly talking to people around me. He saw a window of opportunity when I got into an argument with Ben. He used that. Ben and Russell created such a commotion around me that didn't exist that they actually tricked the other people into believing it. If they would have followed their hearts they would have known I was the good guy and those were the bad guys. It was a bad mistake and they had to pay for it."


"Having my torch snuffed out and walking out of Tribal Council was very difficult for me because I thought I had been treated really poorly by the two main bad guys in our tribe. They were cruel to me, they played practical jokes on me, they were demeaning, they tried to make me look terrible. Cruelty is just not acceptable anywhere. The best I could do was hold my head up high because the more I struggled, the worse it looked. I just had to take it and move on. The most difficult part was not being voted off, but being treated so poorly."


"Ultimately I leave this experience and go home with a stronger sense of self, with motivation to go through school, like I planned. Knowing this is a once in a lifetime experience that hardly any other people in the world will have, even though it's been hard, this experience has been wonderful."

Ashley's Strategy

Ashley Trainer of Foa Foa shares her thoughts on why she feels she has what it takes to become the next Sole Survivor

"I think first impressions can definitely change, especially when you get to know someone. A lot of people, when they first meet me, soem women say they're really intimidated by me, then they get to know me, and they say that's the stupidest thing they ever thought, because I'm not intimidating at all. I feel like definitely first impressions can change."


"In the game, since a lot of women look at me as intimidating, I'm going to try to show the women right away who I am and get them to really like me. I'm not a mean girl. I'm going to show them first and maybe a couple of us can group up and take in some of the guys."


"I believe I will win Survivor, 100%, because I have the brains to do it for sure. I've seen every single season of Survivor. There's not a season I've missed. I don't know if these people have seen all the seasons. I've seen how people win this game. I'm going to use a lot of those different techniques and kind of make it my own game. Just make sure I don't backstab a lot, because I feel like at the end with the jury, if yo ubackstab everyone, they're not gonna give you a million dollars."

Ben's Overconfidence

Ben takes a cocky stance with his abilities to survive in the wilderness

"In the woods, I'm definitely the strongest competitor. I can make fire, I can do anything out here. I'm not worried about that; like the surviving point, it's a piece of cake for me. The challenges? I'm an all-around athlete so I'm not really worried about that either. I'm really confident in myself in this game. I'm just making alliances with the people that I know."


"It would be very foolish of them to get rid of me. The girls like to eat, they like the crab. Natalie's a picky eater, she doesn't like to eat anything else, she doesn't like the coconut, we haven't found any other fruit or anything. She's told me, 'I appreciate everything you've done around camp. I don't want you to go because you're an asset to this camp and this team.' And I am. I'm an outdoors guy. I think that's what threatens Mick. When he was chosen as leader, they didn't know anything about us, just going off looks. That was fine. I wasn't put out by it. I know I"m a natural leader and people just follow. I don't try to micromanage people."


"I think Mick made some alright choices today. We needed some height to get over the obstacles. It was one of those things. I would never have picked Marisa because I don't think she's smart at all. I think she's an idiot. But what can you do?"

Galu's Papaya Tree

Erik returns to camp carrying a large papaya tree over his shoulder as he tribemates watch in awe

(John, Barrett, and Dave see Erik walking up)

John: Look at this! He's walking down the beach with an entire tree over his shoulder. I think he's only part human. I'm not even gonna go help him because he's so bad-ass when he does it all by himself. I'm not gonna ruin his moment.

(Erik tells them he ate one and it was great; Kelly walks up and marvels as they try to put the tree in the ground)

John: I think we have a little shade at our main beach here. Dig a little hole...

Erik (tugging at a papaya): This is gonna feed like three people.

John: Which can we eat?

Kelly: Don't open any of them.

Dave: None of them are ready. They have to start turning yellow.

Erik: I ate one, it was a little less green. I wish I had the skin, it was one of the most delicious...

Kelly: I'm so hungry.

Dave: Do you think they'll ripen faster if we cut 'em off? Anybody?

Kelly: What?

Dave: Do you think they'll ripen faster if we cut 'em off the tree?

Erik: The tree's dead now.

John: The tree's still living though...well, let's dig a hole and make this like a resort.

Erik: If nothing else we can get some shade out of it but I think we can get some good meat.

Dave: Oh we'll totally get nutrients out of it.

(Dave and John hold a papaya and Dave eats some)

Erik: The other one was a little softer.

John: Is it edible though? If it's edible I'm gonna eat some, I don't care if it tastes good.

Erik: Dude, I just had one and it tasted like Thanksgiving dinner over there.

John: It tastes sweet. I'm getting a bit of sugar. It's not coconut, which is the only thing we've had this far.

Dave (to Erik): I had a vision, bro. You can plant this as deep as you want but the wind's gonna blow this right over.

(they try to plant the tree at an angle, but it still starts to fall. Dave says he's just going to sit the tree on the ground.)

Building Galu's Shelter

Galu's newly elected leader, Russell, describes the pressure of leading his tribe in constructing a shelter without having prior experience in the wilderness

"Let me tell you how I feel about the fact that I had to lead this group of people in building a shelter. I've never camped before, so even if we had a pup tent, I wouldn't know what to do other than open the box and take the doggone thing out. Here I am in a scattered field of bamboo , tree saplings, coconuts, and somebody says, OK, I need to build a shelter for ten people to sleep on, that's not on the ground, that's comfortable, and has a roof over it? I was sick to my damn stomach. I knew at the end of the day, we go back, and Mr. Man, JEff Probst, catches wind that a shelter didn't get built, I'm dead. That's it. I don't care how crafty I try to be in terms of this whole strategy of trying to be the coach and not the leader. If we go back and there's no shelter and God forbid we lose the challenge and go to Tribal Council, I know what's coming. (pretends to be Jeff) 'So Galu, I heard you guys don't have a shelter. Wow! And you lost the first challenge, and now here yo uare at Tribal Council. Doesn't that begin to make you think...' I'm dead. Even if they were thinking they weren't gonna write my name down, I'd get voted out. I was like, 'Russell, I don't care, you've gotta dig deep, you've gotta make this happen. Period, end of discussion. The only thing I could think of was we've got bamboo, I remember episodes on TV where people were building rafts. Build a raft, lift it up, throw some palm fronds over the top of it, and you're good to go. It's a raggedy shelter, but guess what? It got done! (laughs) It got done. Jeff can try to do all the red meat he can but I'm gonna be like, 'Jeff, we have a shelter. It got done.' I think I did a pretty good job amongst my other teammates having zero experience building shelters. We did it."

Monica's Personal Quest

Monica of the Galu Tribe shares her childhood background and how it will aid her in winning the game

"I have island in my blood. We spent most of our summers in Puerto Rico as a kid. I was a beach kid. You had to beg me to come inside from the water. I was digging pits in the sand pretending to make huge (?). I loved the water and I loved swimming and I loved the sand and I loved the island. It's in my blood. It calls to me. That's why I think it's perfect that I'm here. It's kind of like the island has called to me. Not to be corny or anything, but for sure. It's going back to my roots. This is where my ancestors are from. This is where I came from. This is where I'm returning to."


"I feel extraordinarly blessed and grateful to be out here. It's really important to me I go far in this game. I can't even explain to you how much it means to me that I fight and rock on in this game to the end. Not a lot of people get this opportunity, get to come out here and fight for their life literally and survive on an island with very raw material. It's caveman, it's very exciting. As a female, in a society that expects females to do their hair and do their makeup all the time, it's really nice to get down to the nitty-gritty for a while and not have to worry about all that crap. It's not important in the grand scheme of things. Out here it's not. It's gonna be nice."


"I am a total girly-girl. I'm not gonna lie. I love the makeup and I love doing my hair, but I can't deny that it gets really tedious. It's annoying. TO be thrust into a situation where I have to be a tomboy, I have to get down to the nitty-gritty, I think it exposes a whole other side of me. Not only to the people watching at home but to me. I think it allows me to grow as a person and expand my journey even more. It's awesome. I love it."

Prayer to the Treemail Gods

Four members of Galu get in touch with their spiritual side as they ask for the blessing of the treemail gods

(Kelly, Monica, John and Dave each put a hand on the water source and decide to say a prayer)

Dave: My dad's a preacher. I'll do the honors. Please help us to win challenges, and food, and fire, and friends, fame, and money. Thank you very much. Peace out.

John: Peace out.

(they start to look for food)

Dave: I'm probably gonna be reviled in the Midwest for that.

Kelly: Where are you from, Dave?

Dave: Oklahoma.

Kelly: Really? What do you do there?

Dave: I don't live there anymore, that's just where I'm from. I teach boot camp. Oh...I should be working. (starts trying to help find food)

John: So, not to change the subject, but if these are banana leaves, there should be banana trees. Where are the banana trees with the bananas, one would ask.

Dave: I like the way this guy thinks.

Kelly: I haven't seen any fruit.

John: That looks tall...

Kelly: Did they tell you you look like Mogli?

John: Oh, I get that. I get Aladdin. I think I'm gonna be Aladdin for Halloween. I usually get a brown Ryan Reynolds, but I don't see it at all.

Kelly: A little bit. You kind of look like Kevin Spacey.

John: Wow! Is that a compliment? He's smart I guess.

Kelly: Only from like Se7en, and American Beauty, when he was really weird.

John: The really weird, creepy Kevin Spacey. Nice compliment. Cheers.

Shambo's Recliner

Yasmin is elated as Shambo introduces her to an organic recliner

Shambo: I made a recliner. Come on. See what I'm saying? I want you to hang your shoes up.

Yasmin: That is so cool.

Shambo: It's not cool having wet shoes. So if at night, you're at camp, go to the far log right here, once you get to these two stumps you can see the flag, then head this way. My recliner. (Yasmin laughs as they get to the recliner) No, you're laughing now, put your butt right there and sit back on that. You're gonna love me forever.

(Yasmin sits on the pile of fronds and says it's nice)

Shambo: You gotta lean that way though. Isn't that something else? And these are my blankets for at night when I get cold. (she puts fronds on top of Yasmin, who is still in bliss)

Yasmin: This is nice. I love you. I do. (Shambo touches Yasmin's forehead)

Shambo: You get some sleep. This is your night mask. (tries to put a leaf on Yasmin's eyes) I'm cracking myself up.

Yasmin: This thing is comfortable.

Shambo: I know, baby, that's why I made it. OK, have a good rest.

Yasmin: Don't let me sleep too long cause then I'll be up talking tonight!

Shambo: No, seriously, you need to sleep. I don't need you getting bitchy.

The 39 Year-Old Grandma

Laura reveals a shocking detail about herself that leaves most people stunned after hearing

"The most uncomfortable thing when I tell people, 'So what do you do, what's your situation?' and I'm like, 'Well, I'm married,' 'That's great!', '21 years,' '21 years! Were you 7 when you got married?' I tell them about my kids, I have a beautiful daughter Sierra that's 20. 'You have a daughter that's 20?!' Yes. Then I tell them I have a son Brandon that's 18. 'You have a son that's 18!?' Then I have a son named Adam who's 15. You kind of hesitate..."


"Grandmas aren't necessarily known for being really strong and agile and tough, and I'm flippin' strong and tough! (laughs) Do I really wanna play my stroller grandma card right now? It was really flippant. So I'm just like, 'Yeah, I'm a grandma.' I think that caught 'em off guard a bit."


"It's totally flattering when somebody says, 'Oh, I thought you were 25.' Or when I still get carded. I love that. I love that. Then when you drop the g-bomb, oh by the way I'm a grandma too, you have to go through the whole, 'What! You're a grandma?' You don't want to get egotistical. 'Oh really, I don't look like I'm a grandma?' You don't want to do that. But definitely yeah it's nice when people say you're a grandma, you don't look like a grandma. Or that I don't act like a grandma. Who wants to act like a grandma? I don't. (laughs)"

Shambo's First For Knowledge

Knowledge is power, and Shambo embraces that statement by living a life of constant learning and discovery

"Through this process of life, I don't think that I've ever read a book in my entire life that I absolutely, positively did not have to read. I have never read a book for fun in my entire life. Fun, on the other hand, to me is like medical journals, studies of how the human body works. That fascinates me. That's a need-to-know, because knowledge is power. How the human body works is one of the only thing I read. Tendons, diseases, (picks up a leaf) what nutritional value does this have, I find that fascinating. What can I eat for Vitamin C in the state of Washington? I can chew on pine needles. Cool. I don't have to take my Vitamin C. I can chew on pine needles while I walk my dogs, and of course I actually do that, because I think it's cool, cause I learned that. I took the same math class for 4 years in high school. Pitiful. But I got an A in it in the fourth year. That's one of the reasons I did so well at that puzzle, because to me that wasn't a puzzle, it was match. All I had to do was count pegs, visually inspect where they were, look at it. I think the gal next to me was trying to color coordinate them, or size, I don't know. But it's math. Am I smart? (shakes her head) I am worldly in the ways of knowledge through things I have experienced and things my brothers and sisters have experienced. I think I've gathered knowledge from other people's experiences and use for my own. If that makes me smart, I guess I am smart."

Survivor Barbie

Natalie shares her newly given nickname

"I found out last night Ben has officially coined me Survivor Barbie. I'm not really excited about that role at all. Yeah, I played with Barbies as a kid, and I love Barbies even to this day, not that I play with them, but I think Barbie is Barbie. An All-American doll that little girls play with. I've always been a huge fan. But when you're out here playing Survivor, that is the last thing you want to be coined, as Survivor Barbie. That is in my head not exactly a positive connotation, because that means makeup, heels, probably not competitive, probably can't do anything. That's tough, because once again I'm gonna have to prove even harder, prove them all wrong, that you know what, I'm not a weakling, I'm very competitive, I can do it, which I'm not afraid to fill those shoes, because I know I can, but once he said that, I think everybody probably thought the same thing. They might not have thought it in their head initially or said it in the beginning, but after he made it so verbal, yeah, I think everybody's probably thinking the same thing. That scares me because I think it puts my head on the chopping block, initially, that I'm like just an easy one to take out, which stinks, because I feel like I'm a valuable asset for my team. I know how I've performed, I know I've performed well in challenges, and I've helped out at camp. That kind of stinks. At the same time maybe it's a little bit of a compliment, the ALl-American girl, as far as that goes, maybe it's a little bit of a compliment. But I still think it's an uphill battle for me."

Tough Guy Mike

Mike boasts that his tough-as-nails attitude will get him far in the game

"I lived in the Caribbean for seven years, so I love the islands. That's where I got my apprentice for cooking. I was on a French island for 6-7 years. This feels real good to me. I feel real at home."


"There were no schools when I got into it. I apprenticed with frog, French chefs down in St. Martin, in the Caribbean. I learned the hard way. The first year all I did was peel vegetables. The second year all I did was pluck pheasants and skin rabbits. I apprenticed in the strict French system of culinary arts. Mean, heroin-addicted, violent French chefs from Mees and Marseille. I learned the hard way. Now these kids go to culinary school, they come out 2 years, they think they're chef. I say hey, I'll give you a job as a dishwasher, how's that?"


"To be honest with you, I'm really a nice guy. I may look like I'm different, but I'm really a nice guy. In real life, loyalty to my friends is everything. My friends and my family. I don't have a big family bloodwise but I have a handful of friends and they're my family. I'll take a bullet for 'em. I want to make them feel that way with me, and then as we start dwindling down and the time is right, I'll start slitting their throats in their sleep and they won't even know it."


"I have no idea what these kids are thinking of me and who I am or what I do. I can make 'em feel easy, be funny if I have to, make 'em laug ha little bit. When the time comes, and they gotta go, it'll be business."


"It'll be like it is in real life, when you get whacked. You don't know it's coming, and it's usually from your best friend. If someone crosses me, they will pay."

Russell's Leadership

Kelly supports her leader, Russell, and boasts of his ability to be an excellent motivational speaker at camp

"Russell should be a professional speaker, I think, a motivational speaker. He has good things to say and he's super-supportive of everyone. He makes sure everyone's taken care of and healthy and hydrated. Making sure no one is getting overwhelmed or working too hard, and everyone is comfortable with what's going on. I don't think he's gonna be someone that's gonna have a dictatorship by any means. I think he's very supportive and has a good heart, and I think that's exactly what we need right now in the beginning. The first little bit's gonna be tough and I think having a positive support system is huge."


"As far as I know I think he's been making really good decisions. I would hate to be a leader, I would hate to be put in that position. There are things I don't know. I don't know how to build a shelter. There are a couple things I can help out with, as far as that. I kind of trust that they know what they're doing and if I have any suggestions or ideas I'll chime in, and everyone listens for the most part. Things are going pretty smooth, so far."

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Episode 2

Tribal Council Voting

Find out what each castaway had to say as they cast their votes at Tribal Council

Mick (Betsy): Betsy, I know this isn't a surprise, but it still hurts. I'm sorry.

Natalie (Betsy): Betsy, I'm voting for you. No hard feelings. It's the majority.

Russell (Betsy): You should have taken my invitation while you could, but you didn't, so that's why you're going home tonight. Bye-bye.

Betsy (Ben): <sings the theme to "Cops" as she writes> Don't use my name if you ever get stopped in New Hampshire.

Ben (Betsy): I thought you were a good cop, but you're a bad cop, so this one's for you. (pretends to fire a gun)

Ashley (Betsy): I tried to save you. I really did. I'm really sorry I couldn't.

Jaison ("Betsey"): I'm sorry.

Liz (Betsy): We're only as strong as our weakest link. I'm sorry. We need to start winning.

Secret Scene: Mike

Mike leads his tribe on a papaya tree hunt

(Day 4)

(Mike tries to tell Ashley about what to look for)

Mike (solo): I lived in St. Martin in the Caribbean for seven years, so I know papayas and mangos. They're looking up every tree, and I said no, look at the straight ones, with leaves like a hand, at the top like an umbrella. The fruit will be right underneath there.

(Betsy, Mick, and Ashley find what Mike confirms to be papaya; and Mick shakes some down from the tree; they proceed to find more)

Mike (solo): The papayas were great. They were beautiful. There were a couple of ripe ones that were perfect. You could find them at the market.

(the four of them proceed to eat, and then joke about not telling anyone what they found)

Mike (solo): As far as our camp goes, we're in pretty good shape foodwise. That's gonna be pretty important strengthwise. Everybody's psyched. Even the girls are really psyched.

(they return to camp with the papayas, and everyone is overjoyed)

Mike (solo): Today's been the best day so far. This has been a thousand times easier than I thought it would be.

Mike's Final Words

After receiving word from the Survivor Medical Team that he cannot continue on in the game, Mike Borassi leaves his parting words

"I wanted to prove myself today because the other two challenges were puzzles and I wasn't in the first one. Then there was some discussion about me being the weakest one at Tribal Council, so I wanted to show 'em that I was a tough guy. Again, I clocked some of those young guys pretty good. I know they didn't expect it. I gave it a thousand percent. The numbers aren't good. Nothing I could do about that. I feel good. I tried. I gave everything I had. It's luck of the draw."


"Raging Bull is my favorite movie and I kind of feel like that scene where Deniro, Jake Lamotta, fought Robertson for the third time and got hte crap beat out of him, and then at the end of the fight he went up to him and said, 'You never got me down, Ray. You never got me down.' I kind of feel like that. A little beat up, but those guys never got me down in the pit."


"I think I showed that I can be tough when I have to be, no matter what age I am. I wanted to prove it to the other kids. As they said goodbye, they were kind of impressed."


"My blood pressure was high, and I've been on medication for it. The last 9 months have been spot-on. 115 over 65, 70. No problems with it at all. These are pretty harsh conditions, been for what, 5 days now. Not much food, not much sleep. A lot of pressure. We lost two challenges. It's a tough environment."


"I wanted to go all the way. I got a lot of things I got to take care of. I need the cash. The most important thing is I tried. I tried and I gave it all I had. When I used to coach, my players would be, if they did that, it was all I could ask from them. I don't think anyone on the tema could ask for more. I gave it all I had, and it didn't work out."

Mike the Day After

Mike reflects on his ability to fight hard and never give up, no matter how old he is

"First of all, it's a thousand times harder than I thought it would be. When you're watching it at home, you're going, 'I could do that. I could do that.' This is no joke, man. This is serious stuff. There's no help. There's no giving you stuff on the side. You are really on your own. I think it shows everybody what you got. You can either dig down and do it or you can quit. I knew that about myself. I'm not that type of guy. This is really, like, 'Now I know. I'm done.' (laughs) I did it. You didn't."


"I underestimated the conditions and how severe it can get. When you go in you feel strong and confident. I didn't eat much the first three or four days, just a little papaya. I was drinking not enough. It was a gradual buildup of detoriation. When we went into the smorgasbord game, the football like thing, I really had to prove myself. I went all out, and I blew the engine. I got totally dehydrated. No electrolytes. My blood pressure sunk. I was seeing the light. I was blinded by the sunlight. I thought I was dying, going to Heaven. It caught up with me. I was the first to go. It was hitting everybody pretty hard."


"It was very surrealistic, because it was literally blinding. We were standing there after the game, and everybody's talking. It was like looking into the sun. I'm saying to myself, will everybody shut up? I gotta see medical. This is not right. Ben was going on. Jaison was going on. I was going under my breath, let it go, let it go. I gotta see medical. I knew I was in trouble. I knew these were not good times. In a sense it was kind of trippy too. Everyone's talking and all I can see is bright light. It was good and bad. I knew this was, I had to get checked."


"If I was 40, I would've recouped better, but it took me a little longer, to come back. Now I'm 100% fine, but with anything now, I injure myself now, it takes longer than when I was 40, 20. I did give it my all. That last round, it was total will, I was empty, I was totally empty. I said this is all gonna be 100% will. I was proud of that."


"I gave it 1000%, and that was it. There's a lot of luck involved. It didn't go my way. I feel pretty good. I didn't quit. I didn't wimp out. I would've liked to have lasted longer, and maybe been voted off rather than go this way, but like I said, I blew the engine."


"I even tried to instill in the team, I said, 'Don't give up, whatever you do.' I was really impressed with the kids. The younger kids didn't give up. They got thrown around quite a bit, we got our asses kicked, but they didn't give up. That's the whole thing. You never give up, and you go down swinging."


"I didn't start the social game quick enough. I thought the first few days would be let's get organized, let's get settled in, but people were playing the game right from Day 1. I kind of missed the boat on that. I would do that differently. Like I said, there's so many aspects to the game. It's physical, it's mental, it's social, it's luck. That's why it's a great game. I wouldn't bet on this, ever. You can't bet on this. It's too crazy, you know? It's like trying to bet on a horse race with 50 horses. You can't handicap this."

Secret Scene: Betsy

With Tribal Council on the horizon, Betsy becomes paranoid, interrogating each of her tribemates as to whether or not she is next on the chopping block

Betsy: If I was the one on the chopping block, would you tell me? Or is that too much to ask? Is that putting you in a horrible position?

Natalie: I would have to think on that.

Betsy: You just never know...

Natalie: I don't know what the whole thing is on that, but I don't like to be put in this situation.

Betsy: I won't rat you out. I would just want to know. I don't think I can ask anyone else.

Betsy (solo): Natalie wouldn't tell me that my head is on the chopping block. Right then I knew I was the next to go. (shots of Betsy around the fire as the others talk) I don't think I'm playing a great game, because I'm excluding myself and I know I shouldn't be. I'm not finagling as much as I probably should. I have a lot of work to do this afternoon. I don't want to give up without fighting.

Mick (on the beach, to Liz and Jaison): Should we talk to her now?

(Betsy walks up)

Jaison: What's going on, Betsy? It's tough decision time. Got any ideas?

Betsy: My personal opinion is Russ or Ben. What do you guys think?

Jaison: The thing you gotta worry about with Ben is he does catch food. He's pretty good in the wilderness.

Mick: I don't think there's anybody around camp that's doing things that isn't replaceable.

Betsy (solo): My only chance to stay in the game is to persuade everybody not to vote me out. I can do it. I know I can.

Betsy's Final Words

Betsy reacts to having just been ousted by her tribemates instead of Ben

"It took me 6 years to get here. I loved every minute of it. I know that sounds so corny, you hear it all the time, but I did. I even loved being cold at night. The only thing I'm not gonna miss is Ben and his attitude."


"I think Ben will, I don't want to curse him or anything, but he needs to grow up, he needs to be responsible for his actions. He's still not admitting that he did something wrong at the challenge. I think he's always going to beat around the bush. Hopefully when he sees this tape back, with the game, it will click something in that head of his."


"Ben won't learn the error of his ways if he keeps up this attitude. He's gotta change. If he changes, absolutely. He's gotta...I don't know what it is he's gotta do, but he can't go down his road. It's not a good road. I've seen it happen with these punk-ass kids. It's like he's acting like he's an 18-year old, not a 28-year...I was surprised he was 28. I didn't know he was 28. I thought he was maybe 23. I was giving him the credit, I thought 23 was old, but no, he definitely needs to mature. That's from a mother's point of view and a cop's point of view. Earned a good smack around the back of the head."


"I think Ben will definitely be a liability for this tribe because they are in such denial. I just wanna shake 'em all. I tried today to wake them up and say, 'Why can't you see this?' They're just, 'That's the way Ben is, that's the way Ben acts.' That's no excuse. If they don't open up their eyes, the whole tribe will go down, I bet."


"If I picked Ben up in a bar, first of all I'd have my hand on my pepper spray because I know he'd mouth at me. He's a mouth. I know he will say it's not his fault, it's the other guy, he's not going anywhere. I'm pretty good about talking people into...y'know...I'd probably end up arresting Ben for disorderly conduct."


"If Ben ever comes to my town, he'd better not ever use my name if he gets stopped for a speeding ticket. He'd better not use my name and say he knows me."

Betsy the Day After

Betsy reflects on the trials and tribulations of her short time in the game

"My regret of being kicked out as soon is I didn't play the Hamburgler, AKA Russell, hard enough. I should have played more dumb, I should have gone along with him more. I knew he was the ringleader, I didn't play up to him. That's my regret. That's what I think I did wrong."


"It wasn't a curse to be on Foa Foa by any means, because there's so much more of the game to be played out. There's gonna be so many more twists and more turns, and Foa Foa being the underdog, will come out on top. On the show the underdog always pulls through. I'm not worried about them."


"The best thing I learned is my sense of adventure is not dead. I am so excited to have it back. I used to be really fun and really funny, and then I had kids and got married, (makes motions like everything became flat), and now it's back, and I'm so excited. I hope I never lose it again."


"I don't wanna stop being a mother. That's the most important thing to me. But it's not the only thing. I think the past 17 years that was the only thing I was was a mother. It sounds so queer (clear?) now, but I'm just gonna be happier. It wasn't a miserable home that we have, there was a lot of love and happiness, but I'm such a more fun-filled woman, I think a happy Mama. When the mother's happy, everybody's happy, so I think it's gonna be great when I get back home."


"Being kicked out so early in the game, I didn't get to experience the hardships that others have done. That's one of the reasons I came to Survivor. I wanted to push myself to the limits, stay out for days on end, day in and day out, in the rain, not eating. I didn't get that experience. I think that's gonna stick with me when I get home, because for some strange reason I really want that. I want to be tested for my physical strength. I will go camping by myself for days on end. That's a goal I want. Even if it's in the winter. I haven't fulfilled that desire yet. I want to be pushed more than what I was pushed out here."


"I don't know it is about me, but I am so much happier when I am hiking and the weather is sideways, compared to hiking on a beautiful day. I am so much more happier. I'm a happy person when I'm miserable, in miserable conditions. Give me a sunny day, and it's like <grunts> It's almost like OK, not challenging enough for me. I don't know what it is. I haven't got it yet. I haven't confronted that part of me yet."


"This addiction to trying to get on Survivor for 6 years. I am an addictive person. The whole family was right along with me. Some kids were on the tapes. One kid was holding the camera. It was like 13 tapes I made. All the times you think Survivor called. The journey to get here was fun. The destination was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. That's what I got out of being here on Survivor. I reached the goal. That's where the thrill comes from. That's where the excitement comes from for me. Being out for 6 days is really fun, but to reach a goal, a farfetched goal, I think that's where I got the excitement and the fun, to go back and say, 'Yeah, I can do just about anything.'"

Ben the Provider

Ben boasts about his ability to provide for his tribemates - guaranteeing, in his mind, a spot in the finals

"I make life easier around camp just by being crafty. I'm a very, very smart guy. I'm very - what's the word, besides crafty - any time I'm innovative, I see something I think I can use for something, I'm obviously gonna pick it up. I'll show everybody else. I'll share the wealth. I'm not trying to keep it to myself. I want everybody to feel comfortable and everyone to know I'm trying to make their lives a little more comfortable. Everybody keeps complimenting me on how much I do around camp. I would probably say I'm the hardest worker and the most experienced outdoors. It helps out a lot, and people respect me for that, and I appreciate it."


"I think it definitely makes me safe, especially with the girls. I don't think they would ever think of voting me off at this point. I keep everybody so well-watered, well-fed, keep 'em warm, keep 'em sheltered. I give the girls my pants. I do whatever I can to make people feel comfortable. I'm more of a giver than a taker. I'm just doing my thing, biding my time until I win that million dollars."

Brett's Tribal Connections

Brett expresses his concerns for making genuine close connections with his tribemates

"My biggest concern coming into this game was the women, and the emotional draw they could have, and use that against me."


"I think I'm doing well so far. Before I came into the game I didn't really realize the extent that I would actually connect with people, and genuinely connecting with these people is something I didn't anticipate to the degree I originally thought. Having these close connections is kind of a double-edged sword. It's great because you're now connected with these people, but that clouds your judgment as to who you want voted off. If you sit there like, 'I like everyone on my tribe,' it makes that decision process a lot harder. There's definitely a balance between maintaining good personal friendship or interaction, and making the most strategic decision."

Galu Relishes in Victory

After winning the immunity challenge, the Galu Tribe returns to camp to celebrate

(everyone hugs and shakes hands)

Erik: I did not know he was 62 years old, but he should not have been in that ring.

John: It's not your problem, it's not your fault.

Dave: Dude, I rocked Pocket Hercules hard, and then in the next round I was like, "I'm gonna rock you, dude!"

Erik: How many of those little girls did Shambo put on their ASS!

Monica (solo): Our tribe's outlook on the challenges might borderline be a little bit cocky, but I validly think we have the stronger tribe. The other tribe is voting out people left and right. Some of the people who participated didn't look so great when they're done, so I don't know how many of them are going to continue to hang tough in this game.

(Monica tries on the fishing mask, and Russell tells the tribe he wants to fish)

Russell (solo): Yeah, we got fishing gear. I know for a fact I'm gonna catch some fish today. I've done fishing ever since I was 7, 8 years old. The fact that we won is gonna be real nice around camp.

(John and Brett watch Erik and Russell fishing in separate areas)

Monica (to Dave and Laura): Do you think Yasmin would ever consider making alliances with people over there?

Laura: Definitely.

Monica: She's the perfect person to go over there. She's gonna run her mouth, she's gonna make them miserable. (Dave agrees) What I would give to be a fly on the wall at the other camp!

(Laura shrieks, and Dave is shocked and laughs)

Kelly on the Challenge

Kelly comments on the excitement surrounding the physical, adrenaline-inducing immunity challenge

"The challenge was so fun. Going into it I knew it was going to be something pretty physical, based on the treemail that said a rumble. Rugby is like the Samoan sport. I'm going into it like, 'OK.' I've never tackled anyone before. I've never been in full contact like that. Monica's gonna sit out, because she's the smallest. We get in there and we see the big ring, court, I don't even know what to call it. I was like, 'Oh no, this is going to be full on physical.' I get a couple little pointers before I go in, but by the time you get in there, you have so much adrenaline going that you forget everything. They blow the whistle, and by the time I'm in the pit it's like, 'Game on.' It was a really good test to see how the other females were, ones I was up against. I was the little blonde girl up, swinging her around, like Mama. She was easy to take down and stay down. It was fun. You don't realize sometimes how strong you are and how weak they are. I had a ball. It was really tiring. By the end of it I could barely catch my breath, but I definitely proved a lot to myself. I didn't think I could do something like that. It was fun."

Mick on Being the Leader

Mick shares the difficulties surrounding his role as the leader of a tribe of strong personalities

"Trying to lead this tribe is like trying to herd cats. Everyone does their thing. Everyone has a nice they fill, but these are pretty strong personalities here. Russell hates being told what to do, so he's let it be known that anyone who tries to lead him is gonna get (?) That's tough. Ben is a strong player, he's got a strong personality, he's very comfortable in this environment. A lot of us are getting there, but he's another guy I don't feel comfortable...he has a tendency to undermine a little bit when I make recommendations. It hasn't been as obvious this morning. We've spoken and we've hung out a little bit, trying to feel each other out a little bit. It's getting better. To say there's definitely a leader in this tribe is tough because it's such an individual game also."

Laura Gets Aggressive

Laura gets her kicks from getting physical with the younger castaways at the immunity challenge

"That challenge yesterday was so much fun. It was...the one thing I told my daughter before I left, I said, 'I'm so excited.' She said, 'WHat are you most excited for, Mom?' I said, to be able to throw around some 20-year old punk kid. The first thing I did was look at that Georgia peach girl and was like you, you're going down. It felt so good to throw her to the ground. I love physical combat like that. I think we did great. Heck yeah I was exhausted and soft, we're out there in the mid-day, so hot, hardly any water, but knowing they were more tired than we were was all we needed. We did awesome. Everybody contributed."


"I was so glad our first challenge was a physical challenge. Coming in, being a 40-year old grandma, with 3 kids, you can be perceived as being a little weak and a little soft, maybe not that agile or athletic. It gave me an opportunity to show them I can throw down anybody, and making a couple hoops surely didn't hurt either. I think I more than proved myself in that challenge, that I'm just as strong as any of these young girls out here."

Natalie After the First Vote

Natalie describes her frustrations after witnessing the dysfunctions of her tribemates at the first Tribal Council

"I didn't really realize we were as dysfunctional as we were when went to Tribal Council. I actually get along with every single person, in this tribe. I really like every single person. Apparently I'm the only one that gets along with everybody, for whatever reason. It seems like though again this morning, we buried everything. It was like we started over this morning. It was brutal to go to Tribal Council. I think even the people that didn't care for Marisa, I still think it was brutal going to Tribal Council. We don't want to go back, period. Hopefully we're gonna get it together, and it seems like we're really coming together this morning as far as people are catching crabs, Liz and I are gonna do laundry, we have a few people who have been working all morning so they're gonna lay down and take a nap. Kind of going in shifts and rotations, trying to make the best of everything. Attitudes seem so much better. Honestly I've noticed you never see the people going off to the side like it's been the first 3 days. That says to me maybe we are coming together and maybe we are gonna be unified. That's what I hope."

The Stronger Tribe

Monica rags on Foa Foa's dysfunction and boasts about her own tribe's ability to get along at camp and win at challenges

"Our tribe's outlook on the challenges might borderline be a little bit cocky, but I validly think we have a very strong tribe. Not only do we have a very strong tribe, we have the stronger tribe. The other tribe is voting out people left and right. They lost one, they're losing another, some of the people who participated yesterday didn't look so great once they were done. I don't know how many of them are going to continue to hang tough in this game. I think we do have the stronger tribe. They might come back as underdogs, but I'm confident we'll keep it together. Not only because we're the stronger tribe, but I think we have the stronger morale, I think all of us have a stronger connection to each other. We don't know the other tribe but looking at them it doesn't seem like they're as much of a family as we are. We're kind of like a family, a little Galu family. We bicker, and we get over it. We all get along for the most part. I have nothing against Shambo. She's a very sweet person, she just has her quirks that get a little bit annoying. That's fine, same thing goes in families. Brothers and sisters bicker, mothers and fathers bicker. The thing is I don't see that family dynamic in the other tribe that I see in our tribe. That really goes for a lot. We dig deep and try to connect outside of the challenge and try to come together and make sure we are gonna do everything we can to win the challenge. ThatThat feels great."

The Stingy Ocean

Erik describes the challenges one has to endure while fishing on the reefs

"Look at me. It sucks. I'm dejected physically, I'm dejected mentally. It's like there's no fish out there. The ones that there are aren't even worth going out there. Even if you do go after 'em there's coral everywhere and the coral is sharp everywhere. We did a 400 yard by 400 yard excursion today and there was coral everywhere. You can't even use a raft because you can't float in the water. There's not enough depth to even tread water. Tried to get out and try to fish and it was razor blades everywhere. It was like someone goes in your backyard and puts razor blades in 90% of the bottom of the pool and said hey, let's go play a game in the pool. Dive in headfirst. No thank you. It sucks. I' mcut here, I'm cut there, I'm cut on my back. That was this morning. I was supposed to be recovering from my wounds from yesterday, and my woudns from the battle. It's just like keep giving me more. I could take it if maybe I had a fish for some kind of reward, but the ocean is stingy, it messes with you and doesn't even give you a fish."

Russell's Injury

Russell discusses his injury after getting kicked at the challenge by Ben

"In the heat of the battle, y'know, things happen. I don't even know really what happened. I know I had grabbed the ball. There was somebody around me, I didn't know who it was. I started to run, and toss the ball to the girls so they could take a shot. That's when I'm on the ground and Jeff was screaming at the guy."


"My ankle's definitely hurting. I wasn't sure if I rolled it. It happened so fast. The guy definitely took me out. There was no doubt about that. My ankle's hurting. The only thing that bothers me about that is I'm praying it doesn't hinder me in upcoming challenges. Like I said, with that necklace, any weakness, coupled with that necklace, it could be nasty. Even though people knew what happened, at this point, when you go to that first immunity challenge, you're looking for any reason to knock somebody off. Even though I'm purportedly the leader and a strong player, it doesn't matter if the strong player is gimpy. I wasn't too happy about that."

Shambo's Fishing Trip

Shambo explains why her fishing expertise didn't yield results

"The fishing trip was really cool because there's so many beautiful, beautiful fish in the ocean here. The reefs are amazing but they're really dangerous. I didn't have what I needed out there. I needed another person. #2 I needed a spear swing that had elastic on it. I was pulling that spear back as far as I could and it would shoot maybe 4 feet, but it's not a rapid fire swing. It's not something that's really good in the ocean, the fresh water, the currents deter the shot. Unsuccessful but fun, it was a good workout stretching out after our gladiator competition yesterday. I'm sore. It loosened me up a lot swimming in the ocean. I think I was out there an hour and a half. I tried to go in the swamp. ALl I managed to do there was look at murky water, lose the end of the snorkel. I'm sure the tribe isn't happy with me about that. It wasn't a one piece, it was K-Mart blue light special, most likely. I lost that. I got to have a freshwater bath for the first time in 5 days. That was a bonus for my efforts. I'm hungry. I got water going right now. Just tending the fire. Most of the guys went out fishing. I told them where to go. There's thousands of fish out there. I saw one this big that was a black one that got me pretty fired up and excited.

EW deleted scene.


"Got treemail. It couldn't have come at a better time. The warrior challenge. It is on. I cannot wait. I get to let the crazy out! (says this with a quavering voice) Gotta hold it in, gotta hold it in. People think you're crazy. I get to let it out today and go crazy. I've been waiting for the warrior challenge, and it couldn't come at a better time. It's day 5. It's early in the game so we're not decimated and wasted away. Still strong. We've got great tribe unity."


"I've been wondering. Are we gonna do sticks? Probably not. Stick fighting's too dangerous. Probably gonna be hand to hand. I wish I knew more jujitsu, but I don't."


"I'm hoping my speed will make up for lack of bulk. I'm quick, I'm smart, and I've taken martial arts a lot. They were distance martial arts, and not grappling. I wish I'd taken more grappling. I don't really like that kind of stuff. I figure a lot of this kind of thing, when it's a real war situation, oftentimes in hand to hand combat, spirit can often beat an opponent before you even lock up. If you show them hey, I've got a lot more going for me than you've got going for you, that can at least even the odds. I plan to scare them."
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Ugh, I'm back.
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John is such a hottie.

Ben the racist better go. Fuck you Survivor.
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Mick is cute, but dude needs a tan.
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No room for bigotry. Fuck off and go home Ben! :D :D Thank you tribe, and Jaison. :wub:
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Yay! There is hope for Foa Foa.

I'm actually starting to get into this season, finally. It's at least been an entertaining past two episodes. Still too many ignored people but that's the norm anymore.
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I do like how they group The Rewards/Immunity challenge together. Too bad we don't see more of the other tribe (minus Shampoo).
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I actually like the Reward/Immunity challenge being together right now. Two challenges would totally take up too much time.

Shambo is getting really annoying. Suck it up honey. If you're an outcast then do some damn yoga.
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Punk Cabaret is Freedom

Oct 1 2009, 08:42 PM
I do like how they group The Rewards/Immunity challenge together. Too bad we don't see more of the other tribe (minus Shampoo).

I was expecting to like her, but I can't stand her as of now. Count me in as one that likes the combo challenges. I suspect we won't see much of the other tribe until they finally loose a challenge, if they ever happens, lol.

Soooo glad that douchy doucherton Ben got the boot. I hope they play the part where he was telling Russell, after his confrontation with Yasmin, that she needed to back to the ghetto and eat her ketchup sandwiches and drink her kool-aid, at the reunion. Who the fuck says that kind of stuff and thinks they are not being racist?!?
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They'll start the two challenges once the numbers dwindle.
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Yaz. :(
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