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Weekly Discussion; 10/12 - 10/16
Topic Started: Oct 11 2009, 06:20 PM (13,728 Views)
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This adoption reveal isn't as entertaining as I thought it would be. I'm ready for the "big" reveal. I think they've made Ej way to calm (for him anyway). I want to see him explode b/c that's when he's at his best IMO. Sad to say the best acting or lines I've seen this week have been made by a kid (Chad). They could have done much better with this. Hopefully the baby switch reveal will be much more explosive b/c if it comes off like the adoption reveal did then I don't see much of a future for Days.
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Oct 17 2009, 01:23 AM
Gee, what a dud of a Friday. Are they purposely putting ZILCH on since the Friday ratings have been dismal for the past year. More evidence that TPTB can screw up a good thing.

Other rants......

1. The Brady-Arianna reconciliation could have taken one-third of the time. Wasteful conversation that barely made sense. A good example of how multiple "short scenes" detract from whatever punch this lackluster duo might have had. Yawners. I almost missed Felisha Terrill.

2. Maggie "driving by the cemetery, seeing Sami, and stopping cuz she might need a hug"??? Egad. Could there be any worse reason. I absolutely love Maggie, but the writers are sooooo stupid sometime. Wouldn't it have been better to have Mrs Horton headed to visit "Janice's grave", since she had been "thinking about my daughter since we chatted at Chez Rouge" yesterday" I would have even settled for "Alice wanted me to stop by and drop these flowers at Tom's grave since she is spending the year with Jack and Jennifer in England". I don't mind the Maggie as Mother Hen for all of Salem, but at least put some effort into it.

3. So I suppose since Nadia Bjorlin spent half the year in a Salem Coma, they needed to still meet her 2009 wardrobe quota. The current Salem day began with her babysitting in that purple hoochie dress. She changed into the white lacey top to get embarrassed by Victor's arrival at the tenement house. Now, later in that same Salem Day, she comes back from the grocery wearing a teal-green top for her "now that I'm annulled, I can have monkeysex" moment. I almost think the writers are purposely making this couple so vain and sex-crazed just to eventually break them up since they have nothing in common. Yawners....

4. True, Stefano needed to be somehow debilitated to fully play out all the twists and turns in BabySwitchPalooza, but Nicole jabbering at bedside is becoming a daily event. Plus, it looked like they reshot a whole sequence, with AZ babbling to an empty bed WITH WHITE SHEETS, with 5-6 periodic cutaways to her 80-something co-hort. In the later scene, Stefano was clearly coma-tizing on colored sheets (taupe?).

5. I will admit "Chad Peterson Woods" actually sounds like a nice soapy name, so I forgive the change. Clearly the boy is hetero, as that shirt proves absolutely zero lack of fashion sense. His DiMera Mansion Debut was outstanding. His Motel Maggie and Pier-of-Mass-Wandering scenes later on, not so much, although that is probably due to the others sharing his scenes. Unfortunately, tying him to the Joe Isuzu DA doesn't seem very long-term story-enabling. And as potential Mystery Spawn of Salemites just sucks royally as a storyline. And, frankly, that right cheek mole is driving me batty.

6. I really had been ambivalent about Will-Mia. But, truly, they have minimal chemistry and ZERO spark. Early Shelle looks golden compared to these duds.

7. I have never been a fan of Elvis. Maybe its due to the fact that he should be 12 years old. Or that they have never explained what happened to Edmund and Susan Crumb. Or that he has zig-zag-ed as a character more than anyone in Salem History (I'm a race car driver! I'm a businessman! I'm an attorney! I wore black gloves in the summer and wreaked haoc all over Salem. I shot John Black. I switched Belle+Mimi's baby embryos! I killed a policewoman! I drugged and tortured Steve Johnson when I was a toddler!). His initial violent reaction to Adoption was unnecessarily cruel to his onscreen wife and to his offscreen fans who love and treat all their children equally. His toned-down slow-burn acting ever since has been much much much better.

Still, a dud of a Friday. Oh well, 35 minutes of my life gone.

Oh, and I hate this Halloween-grey background....Yechhh

I think that about covers it. I have a feeling if you saw a puppy dog today you would have kicked it :lol:

Hopefully this story line will move along, it just hasn't had the explosion I thought it would but maybe it will get better when the whole truth is out. I think the writers were going in the right direction and then made a wrong turn somewhere. Oh something I'd like to add is why in the hell are they taking up so much time with actors talking to themselves and coma patients with no 2way dialogue?????? :redface: We need these characters interacting with each other more. I'm ready for some kind of formal party, wedding, or even a Halloween party so they can all actually interact with each other.
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Oct 17 2009, 11:01 AM
I think the only people upset with EJ's reactions during the reveal are those people who deluded themselves into believing in the character as a romantic lead. EJ is not, never has been, nor ever should be a romantic lead. He's a villain. Charming? Yes. Suave? Yes. Entertaining? Yes. But still a villain. He's like the modern day Lawrence Alamain -- wicked, evil, petty, charming, sly, slimy, and totally entertaining. I love the fact that he's a petty snake in the grass.
ITA, and great post. You hit the nail on the head in comparing Ej n Lawrence. Both good looking, suave and entertaining but he is the villian. I just prefer him that way. His acting is much better when he is in his crazy evil mode. I just can't dig him trying to be good. Just doesn't work for me.
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