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As the World Turns Discussion
Topic Started: Dec 16 2009, 06:46 PM (4,871 Views)
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Bob and Kim
Tom and Margo
Holden and Lily
Jack and Carly
Henry and Barbara
Craig and Rosanna
Dusty and Janet
Katie and Brad
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Watching Margo's rape storyline for the first time. I'm blown away by this story.
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For fans of As The World Turns, not sure if you were aware but in the Netherlands ATWT has a huge following (they were two years behind the US broadcast). A three weeks ago the last episode aired but they invited some of the cast members for a fan farewell event in February. Cast members in attendance included Trent Dawson (Henry Coleman), Terri Conn (Katie Snyder), Austin Peck (Brad Snyder), Grayson McCouch (Dusty Donovan), Jon Hensley (Holden Snyder) and Martha Byrne (ex-Lily Snyder).

If interested, there lot of the clips are posted on Youtube from the event. I'd say the highlight of the event was Martha Byrne (Lily) singing to Jon Hensley (Holden) - and they kiss.

Lily and Holden Farewell
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Bitches be crazy! Haters are gonna hate!

Favorite couples:

Holden & Lily
Carly & Jack
Paul & Rose
Reid & Luke
Lucy & Dusty
Will & Gwen

Favorite Character:

Julia Lindsay played by the wonderful Anna Parisse

Favorite S/Ls

Alec Wallace murder mystery from the late 90's where Georgie was the killer

The boathouse bombing S/L from the early 2000's which also had Julia kidnapping Carly & trying to kill her in quicksand at the same time.
Edited by DaveBedford, Mar 4 2012, 06:10 PM.
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Bitches be crazy! Haters are gonna hate!

One of my favorite scenes bc of Julia & the score that sets the mood.

"A coma, Barbara!? Come up w/ something a little more original. How about a hole opened up & James fell into the center of the earth" :lol: :lol:

"Paul saved James? Right, & I suppose Santa has a toyshop up at the North Pole, huh?" :lol: :lol:

Julia cracks me up!
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Bitches be crazy! Haters are gonna hate!

This is the conclusion of the boathouse s/l leading to the quicksand. Interesting fact is that the quicksand was just water & oatmeal.

I LOVED the Julia & Carly scenes. Soooo soapy! :popcorn: :popcorn:

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My rendition of the original closing theme for As the World Turns.
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Yes, Paul's birth took place off screen and came out when James appeared in 1980. Barbara reappeared in Oakdale in 1978 and was portrayed as a heroine from 1980-85. I never quite bought her character change, which occurred when she was a thorn in the Brian-Shannon relationship and tried to seduce Tom from Margo to pay Margo back for her affair w/ James.
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I don't have cable, so I've been catching up with season 1 Homeland on DVD, and I was happy to see Trent Dawson (Henry Coleman) appear in the episode titled Representative Brody. He's just in one short scene, but he's central to it and he's working with Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin. Nice to see him on such a prestigious show.
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Mother & Daughter

Hey there everyone..I just thought I'd bump up this thread to say that I love(d) ATWT and I miss it terribly! It's the only soap I've ever watched. I love Tamara Tunie! She is/was Jessica. I loved her & Duncan until they messed that up then I hated him after that. Tamara's an amazing actress. I also loved Tom & Margo as well (Ellen & Scott's Tom & Margo) I hated that they re-casted Jessica though, but I understand why they did.

Feb 16 2010, 01:57 PM
Any older ATWT fans who have a favorite actor/actress in either original or recast character?

Alison: Jessica Dunphy or Marnie Schulenburg
Betsy: Meg Ryan or Lindsay Frost
Bonnie: Napiera Danielle Groves or Chauntee Schuler
Brad: Nick Kokotakis, John Loprieno or Austin Peck
Caleb: Michael David Morrison or Graham Winton
Casey: Zach Roerig or Billy Magnussen
Connor: Allyson Rice-Taylor or Susan Batten
Craig: Scott Bryce, Hunt Block, Jeffrey Meek or Jon Lindstrom
Dusty: Brian Bloom or Grayson McCouch
Emily: Melanie Smith or Kelley Menighan Hensley
Frannie: Julianne Moore or Mary Ellen Stuart
Jennifer: Kim Onasch or Jennifer Ferrin
Jessica: Tamara Tunie or Joanna Rhinehart
Lily: Lucy Deakins, Martha Byrne, Heather Rattray or Noelle Beck
Lucy: Peyton List or Spencer Grammer
Margo: Margaret Colin, Hillary B. Smith, Ellen Dolan or Glynnis O'Connor
Meg: Jennifer Ashe or Marie Wilson
Nikki: Jordana Brewster or McKenzie Satterthwaite
Paul: Andrew Kavovit, Scott Holroyd or Roger Howarth
Rosanna: Yvonne Perry or Cady McClain
Sabrina: Julianne Moore or Claire Beckham
Samantha: Brooke Alexander or Sherri Alexander
Sierra: Finn Carter or Mary Beth Evans
Tom: Justin Deas, Gregg Marx or Scott Holmes
For me it's as follows:

Tamara Tunie (because as they say there's nothing better than the original)

Bonnie (definitely Napiera (she & Tamara had the most natural chemistry)
Edited by TTJessATWT, Aug 16 2014, 12:52 AM.
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nigel pennysmith
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Fans of As The World Turns, I'm getting ready to post an extensive cast list spanning the 54 years it was on the air at SON Community. There is a list of "Questionable characters" over in the thread. If anyone knows if any of those characters were never seen on the show, please let me know here or there(if you belong). I'm Slick Jones there, Nigel Pennysmith here. I appreciate anyone's help with this endeavor, as I have hundreds of cast members I'll be putting up. Thanks for your time.
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Classic Soap Fan

Betsy von Furstenberg, who played Lisa McColl for a couple of years in the early 80s during the absence of Eileen Fulton, has died.


Betsy von Furstenberg, a glamorous German-born baroness who made her debut in the movies and on the Broadway stage in the early 1950s as a teenager and later reinvented herself as a television actress, writer and philanthropist, died on April 21 at her home in Manhattan. She was 83.

The cause was complications of Alzheimer’s disease, said her son, Glyn Vincent.

Born in a castle in Westphalia, Ms. von Furstenberg left Germany with her parents for New York before World War II. She was tutored by the choreographer Anton Dolin when she was 4 and performed with American Ballet Theater when she was 7.

While attending the Hewitt School in Manhattan, she began modeling at 14 and embarked with her mother on a globe-girdling career that led to a role in an Italian film called “Women Without Names,” about post-World War II internees. That projected her onto the cover of Look magazine, photographed by Stanley Kubrick, for an article titled “Working Debutante.”

In 1951, she made her Broadway debut in Philip Barry’s “Second Threshold,” which earned her a spot on the cover of Life magazine (accompanied by a photograph inside of her stage-door mother) as “the most promising young actress of the year.” Brooks Atkinson wrote in The New York Times, more guardedly, that her part, like those of the rest of the supporting cast, was “agreeably played.”

She went on to star or co-star in “Oh, Men! Oh, Women!,” “The Chalk Garden,” “Nature’s Way,” “Mary, Mary” and, in 1970, Neil Simon’s “The Gingerbread Lady,” for which Walter Kerr of The Times lauded her “brusque, dry, exquisitely enameled performance as a fading beauty.”

Ms. von Furstenberg also appeared on television, on “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” “Have Gun — Will Travel” and “Playhouse 90,” among other series; on variety shows like Ed Sullivan’s “Toast of the Town” and “The Johnny Carson Show”; and on the soap opera “As the World Turns.”

“She often played mischievous, flirty or rebellious young women,” her son said, “and was noted in the society columns for her naughty behavior offstage as well.”

Elizabeth Caroline Maria Agatha Felicitas Therese Freiin von Furstenberg-Hedringen was born in Arnsberg, Germany, near Cologne, on Aug. 16, 1931. Her father, Franz-Egon, was a count. Her mother, the former Elizabeth Foster-Johnson, an American from Memphis whom the count met on a vacation, was devoted to her daughter’s career.

Besides her son, Ms. von Furstenberg is survived by a daughter, Gay Caroline Gerry; two grandchildren; and a half brother, Count Egon von Furstenberg. Her first marriage, to Guy Vincent, ended in divorce; her second, to John J. Reynolds, lasted until his death in 1994.

She continued to perform onstage into the 1980s and was active in supporting the Theater for the New City and Young Concert Artists.

She also began writing, contributing articles and columns to various publications and, in 1988, publishing a novel, “Mirror, Mirror,” about an heiress who befriends her servant’s daughter and pursues love and ambition among Europe’s glitterati.

In an essay on the front of the Arts & Leisure section of The Times in September 1972, Ms. von Furstenberg wrote that all the world was theater, even for actors offstage.

“For myself, even when I’m working and have an audience to look forward to every night, I still find I perform better at home when there’s an eye — preferably approving — to mark my progress as a cook, mother, flower arranger, etc.,” she explained.

“One of the most frustrating drawbacks of being an actor-parent,” she wrote, “is to have your children accuse you of acting when you’re being perfectly sincere.”[/spoiler]
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Does anybody know the maiden name for the Joyce Coleman Hughes character played by Barbara Rodell in the 1970s? Joyce was married to Grant Coleman and Donald Hughes. Shr had a brief affair with Ralph MItchell. SHe had a son named Teddy who was adopted by Brian and Mary Ellison. Any info would be appreciated. :-) Thanks In Advance!!!

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Just wanted to add that I watched an episode of Dr. Kildare on dvd today and saw Kathryn Hays playing a blind woman who is content to stay in her home and only went somewhere on someone's arm to guide her.Her father who had been out of her life for years shows up . She has a chance to get her sight restored but refuses because she had cornea transplants before but failed. In the end her father wills her his before he dies.
Kathryn really gave an emmy deserving performance.
The episode was An Island is a Peacock ( season 2 1962)it also guest starred Leonard Nimoy
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Alison: Jessica Dunphy
Betsy: Lindsay Frost
Bonnie: Napiera Danielle Groves
Brad: Austin Peck
Caleb: Graham Winton
Casey: Billy Magnussen
Connor: Allyson Rice-Taylor or Susan Batten?
Craig: Hunt Block,Jon Lindstrom
Dusty: Brian Bloom
Emily: Kelley Menighan Hensley
Frannie: Julianne Moore
Jennifer: Jennifer Ferrin
Jessica: Tamara Tunie
Lily: Martha Byrne,
Lucy: Peyton List
Margo: Ellen Dolan
Meg: Jennifer Ashe
Nikki: Jordana Brewster
Paul: Roger Howarth
Rosanna: Cady McClain
Sabrina: Julianne Moore
Samantha: Brooke Alexander or Sherri Alexander?
Sierra: Finn Carter
Tom: Scott Holmes
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Wow, thanks Carl! This is great. I remember seeing part of this story.
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Jan 24 2016, 11:43 AM
Wow, thanks Carl! This is great. I remember seeing part of this story.
I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on this episode, or era. At first I thought this might be the 1972 episode that's already up but then I remembered Dan was in the hospital in that one and Paul was already dead.

My own messy thoughts after watching it:

I guess there must have been bits of different episodes, as I'm not sure the Paul hospital material fits the timeline?

I wish we could see that dream sequence in color. It looks trippy as hell, like something from a late '60s film.

This may be the closest I'll ever get to seeing Jane House as Liz (that was Jane's Liz, right?), even though we barely actually see her. I had never seen Peggy, so it's nice to know more about her. Lisa Cameron had been on AW for years, right? It's an odd setup, albeit very ATWT of the golden years, that Dan was married, in love with another woman, and had a third woman living with him (as nanny), clearly feeling something for him.

I was thrown by the conversation with Peggy and Ellen about childrearing techniques, complete with talking about leaving Emily alone for an hour a day because kids need to learn to be alone (true enough, but I wonder if that helps foment Emily's many...issues). I wonder if this was part of the attempt at new and modern points of view Irna was trying to inject into ATWT, along with stuff like Tom and Carol being green and having an organic farm, or whatever.

I was almost as shocked as poor Ellen when, amidst the usual "working mother" argument (at least they didn't act like Susan was a bad mother, which was a pleasant surprise) Dan all but said he and Susan had an open marriage and he didn't care what she did. And then Ellen connects it to her own past and reminds him of the pain she suffered as a child. He then throws his own childhood pain in her face. The whole thing was a bit more raw than I was expecting, especially for ATWT. I wonder if this type of attitude helped alienate some of the more conservative fans.

And Susan - I never thought I'd see Marie Masters in this era. She really isn't that different from later Susan. I thought she was going to be nastier, for some reason. But I thought that guy was impotent? He didn't seem to have any problem in that area in this episode...

Susan is such a fascinating, modern character, even just here. I'm so glad that she kept magically being saved from the soap scrap heap by various regimes.

Does that Baxter guy end up leaving with Peggy?
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Carl, I'm almost sure that's Jane House. The forehead and chin look like her. This must have been shortly before she left the show.

As far as memories of the stories, they're not extensive because at this time I usually watched at commercial breaks during Days (and when I was on a break from school). I started watching more regularly in the 80s. The Stewarts were always my favorite family.

The Dan/Liz/Paul triangle was interesting because they were all sympathetic characters. I felt horrible for Paul though because Liz obviously still loved Dan, and then Paul got the brain tumor (I think this may have been a recurrence). Plus, I had a little crush on Dean Santoro, lol. I don't think Paul ever learned that Betsy wasn't his daughter. Dan didn't learn it until after Liz died.

Susan was definitely conniving back then but more subtly. She wasn't OTT like Lisa. But I hated her for causing trouble for the Stewarts! That continued when she caused trouble for Dan/Kim, and Bob/Kim. Love Marie Masters though. I don't think I appreciated how beautiful she was then.

That dream was definitely trippy. Days was doing something similar at the time.

Wish we'd seen more of Rita McLaughlin (and that we could have seen her beautiful red hair in color).

I don't remember Baxter or Peggy at all. Guess they didn't make much of an impression on me!
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