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GH: SID Summary; January 25, 2010 Issue
Topic Started: Jan 5 2010, 11:25 PM (900 Views)
Miss Rhi
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Who'll Be Next?

The article wonders if Franco's appearance on GH has lifted the stigma associated with working on soap. SBu talks about how he doesn't think that soap actors are viewed with the mocking disdain as in the past and that people that still hold that view probably haven't taken a fresh look at the medium. He's hopeful that other big names will walk through soap doors.

Hunk "Temporarily" On Hold

Article about Matt Borlenghi's character of Valentin. Says that it has been put on hold till early 2010. The story was put on hold because of Franco and JJ returning. A spokesperson says, "GH looks forward to Mr. Borlenghi's stint and the re-emergence of the powerful, dangerous Cassadine clan"

Franco's Next Victim?

Ever since it was revealed that Ronnie is connected to Franco, dark forces have surrounded the undercover cop. Between his attempts to bring down Sonny and the killer artist who has it in for him, could Ronnie's days be numbered? Dominic gets the scoop on Ronnie when he (Ronnie) admits to being childhood friends with Franco and that he helped to cover the madman's tracks in the past, but didn't know that he was as deranged as he has turned out to be. Sonny wants Dominic to have Ronnie frame Franco for Claudia's murder.

Ronnie's in a tough spot. He could end up at the wrong end of Sonny's gun if he hesitates to frame Franco OR Franco might catch on and plan to turn the tables.

Set your DVR

Jason finally clues into something important about Franco on Jan 11, but can't get the madman out of his head on Jan 12.

It's Claudia who is haunting Michael's thoughts on Jan 14, and Dominic begins to suspect on Jan 15 that the young man might know a lot more than he's been saying.

Dominic becomes convinced that he knows who killed Claudia, but he's looking in the wrong direction on Jan 18.

Sonny and Jason see things differently on Jan 19, and Dominic feels guilty about doing the right thing on Jan 20.

Jason finds out that Maxie saw something very incriminating the night of Claudia's death on Jan 21 and tries to convince her to keep quiet on Jan 22. But how long can he keep the truth from coming out?

There are pics from Brandon and Bradford's PA

One of the "5 Things We're Loving Right Now..."

Patrick's explanation of Robin's dart-playing skills.
"Robin's parents are superspies. She's an expert marksmen," remarked her husband.

There is a pic from Christmas with Robin sitting in Patrick's lap.

Remote Patrol

There's a "yay" for the PCPD (ok, Lucky and Dominic) for quickly figuring out that Franco was most likely a serial killer, something the Parisian police hadn't caught on to.

They're annoyed that Kate was mentioned, but not seen with the Franco story. And shocked that she and Coleman shared a scene only to sit and blather on about Nine. This one has a pic of Coleman and Patrick with the caption "I can think of nine reasons why this idea kinda blew."

Readers' Poll

Do you think Liz and Lucky will make it down the aisle?

98% No Way!
2% Totally!

Next week: Do you like Alexis and Mac together?

Top 10 Couples
1. Spixie
2. Liason
4. Scrubs
5. Jasam
10. Carjax

Top 5 actors
1. SBu
2. MB
3. BA

Top 5 Actresses
1. BH
2. KS
3. Kemo

There are 2 main articles. The L&L2/Niz one and Spixie.

Niz/L&L2 article


Liz's secrets and lies catch up with her this week when Lucky finds out he's not the only man in her life, or her bed! It says to fasten your seat belts.

Exit Strategy

The weeks starts with Nik ready to leave town on the Cassadine jet. Before he can take off Ethan storms the jet and accuses him of going after Rebecca. Of course nothing could be further from the truth, but Ethan is clueless. At the same time Liz finds out from Alfred that Nik is about to leave town and rushes to the airport to stop him. She admits to Nicholas that she loves 2 men, Nik and Lucky, at the same time. She begs him not to leave, and he agrees.

Unfortunately, Lucky seems finally to have caught on that there's something wrong. "Lucky knows that Nik has feelings for Liz," explains JJ. "But he has no idea about the affair or anything that's happened. He confronts Nik from that perspective."

Nik plays along with Liz's claims that the feelings are one-sided on Nik's part. JJ says Lucky still feels betrayed because of Nik/Lucky's rocky past and how hard they worked to get where they are.

Lucky Lashes Out!

After Nik and Lucky talk Nik goes to Liz to beg her to tell Lucky the truth. Not really because of guilt, but because he wants Liz to leave Lucky and be with him. And that same time Lucky is angry and takes his anger out on anyone he comes across...first Sam, and then Jason. He apologizes to them and then goes to find Lulu.

Here JJ says Lucky is looking for answers. It says Lucky is paranoid because people have kept stuff from him before, like Jason being Jake's bio-dad.

Shocked Lulu denies knowing anything about it while Liz is telling Nik she is still going to marry Lucky.

Lulu To Nik: Get Out!

The next part says as word spreads of the situation that loyalties will be divided, and not necessarily the way you would think.

Nik goes and has a heart to heart with Steven. Steven admits that he thinks it might be best if Liz walks away from Lucky before more damage is done.

Lulu goes to talk with Liz, or it sounds like more ripping into her for leading Nik on. Lulu then goes to Nik and tells him he should stick with his original plan to leave town for an extended amount of time. Nik agrees.

Next Steven goes to talk to Liz and encourages her to set Lucky free, but she may not have to....

Nik calls Liz to say he's leaving town and at the same time Lulu tells Lucky he should go say goodbye to his brother rather than leaving things the way they are. That suggestion will lead to changing everything forever. Lucky goes to see Nik and finds out the truth in the worst possible way. JJ says Lucky's reaction is "Shock, hurt, devastated and then angry."

Then it talks about the level of betrayal and devastation on Lucky and that it will affect the next arc of this story and his vulnerability to addiction. It ends by saying Liz and Nik better watch out for his vengeance.

Hottest Stories: Beginning Of The End For Spixie?

Spinelli dives headfirst into his work for Jason to forget about his broken heart, and that in turn makes Maxie feel forgotten by Spin. Was her infidelity a sign of things to come.

The Franco threat is two-fold for Spin. One Franco's set on destroying Jason. And 2 he's a painful reminder that Maxie cheated on him.

He helps Sam paint over Franco's tags (I don't know what that means. I don't watch this story) and discovers that the body found at Franco's was Claudia's. He also learns that there is evidence that could link Jason or Michael to the murder.

Meanwhile Maxie can do nothing but think about getting Spinelli's trust back and comes up with a plan.

BA says that "if Maxie handles it well, he can forgive her," but that the trust has certainly been broken, and he's had these insecurities all along. He realizes she's not what he's been looking for her whole life and that maybe other guys will come along who fit what she's looking for.

Maxie's idea of Spinelli sleeping with someone else didn't work because Spinelli just wants to sleep with Maxie again and he wants it to be normal and wonderful.

It says Spinelli is trying to be as understanding as he can and that he knows that Franco is very manipulative. And that Maxie just needs to forgive herself too.

Then it asks can their relationship be repaired, or will she cheat yet again?



What does it take for a character to take for a character to stick around on a soap opera? They have to be able to take a lickin' and keep on tickin'?

GH's representative is Jason Morgan.

Turning Point

The scene where Jason put Mikey in his place is recapped

Wally Kurth interview

Quote about NLG "I loved working with Nancy Lee Grahn! I think we offered a lightness to the show."

Alert The Fashion Police

Jason seems to have a thing for jeans and a T-shirt. It's too bad that it took brain damage for the med-student turned mobster to realize that skinny jeans aren't supposed to be baggy. Really old pic of SBu/Jason accompanies.

Also has Ric and Luke.

Star Talk

If you ran away with the circus, what act would you try?

KS: That an easy question. Tightrope walking. I could wear a tutu and ballet slippers, and I think it would be fun. I wear four-inch heels and run around on set with them all day, so I think I could tight rope walk.

Scott Reeves: Lion taming. I'm really in awe of the magnificence of a lion, what they represent, their power and how much respect you have to have for them. Lions have always amazed me.

Lexi has a feature interview talking about the teen abuse storyline.

Spixie have the Messageboard

Up Close and Personal
SBu talking about how he and Franco can memorize stuff.

Monkey See, Monkey Do
Drew Garrett talking about Mo's 5 year old son, Joshua, and how he (Joshua) likes to mimic people.

Can We Talk?
Carolyn Hennesy talking about her blog "Ask Barb" that goes along with Cougar Town.

Some of the GH Stars Highlight places in LA that they would recommend to the AMC cast when they arrive:

MB: Vanilla Bake Shop
LLC: Casa Victoria
Haley Pullos: Menchie's Frozen Yogurt
Bergen: Bulan Cafe
Drew Garrett: Farmers Market
Drew Cheetwood: Little Toni's

Standout Scene:

Liz remembering her rape.

Plot Points: Your glance at who, what, where, when, and why:

Robin Scorpio Drake and Patrick Drake celebrated their first wedding anniversary

The Recap for GH has this

"When Robin stopped Lisa from calling security, the catty new doc ran to Patrick and claimed that his wife was still hung up on her hunky ex."

Sneak Preview:

Sonny has a plan to cover Mikey's butt.

Lucky may finally stumble upon the awful truth

Next issue

Cheers! Celebrate the non-wedding of the year with GH's Spixie!

Round Two: Will the way they were help propel GH's Liz and Lucky to victory in the Super-couple Smackdown?

Source: SoapZone
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