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Spoilers for wk of February 15th; *UPDATED 2/13**
Topic Started: Feb 4 2010, 02:09 PM (19,241 Views)
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Feb 6 2010, 09:11 AM
Feb 5 2010, 11:40 PM
Feb 5 2010, 06:26 PM
Hopefully,in the future Chloe can have a child with someone else.
She will. With Philip. ;)
Bahaha! It could happen ...stranger things have happened....Nadia sure is working with jay alot.
She again tweeted yesterday that they worked together.
Im glad theres no baby, tired of babies for a while.
Plus it kinda came off arrogant fri when chloe said 'i know i got mircales when i was survived cancer the car accident and the coma but i think god has another one for me" really chloe!?
Sorry Chloe but god doesn't owe you anymore 'miracles' nor is every woman 'entitled' to carry a child, sometimes it just isn't meant to be...not naturally anyways.
Move on Chloe and look at alternate methods down the road.
Really, I agree. I rolled my eyes at that one. What, Chloe thinks she's entitled to all the miracles in the world? I think she's more than met her quota.
And, I guess I might be speaking out of turn because I never had the infertility issue, but WHY does the ability to birth your own make a woman "fulfilled"? That just seems so, so Victorian. I think being a mom and nurturing a child, any child, would be fulfilling enough.
When I thought about kids, I was more than willing to adopt if the issue came up, and adopt from another country or a foster child, not necessarily an infant. That would make a wonderful story...........Like Caroline did with Frankie and Max.
Wait, that's a socially relevant story. Never mind. can't be done. :huh:

Edited to add: it still goads me somewhat to see her conferring with a priest. I don't begrudge anyone the need to talk to a man of the cloth (even if one is not of the denomination), because I've done it quite a bit and it's a good thing to do, but what goads me is that he is so ACCEPTING of her lifestyle. She was after someone while married. He tells her to follow her heart instead of advising marriage counseling. She's talking about getting pregnant, and he's not telling her she doesn't even need to think about that til AFTER the marriage. (It's not as if she ended up with an unplanned pregnancy. If they're getting married anyway, WHAT'S the friggin' rush?) At least, he didn't encourage her to believe in that miracle. THAT was, at least realistic.
Edited by ladyofthelake, Feb 6 2010, 10:01 AM.
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Feb 6 2010, 01:04 PM

It mad me even angrier that there were women out there that could have a child at a drop of a hat and abuse them. There were so many emotions that ran thru me.

This can I DEFINITELY understand. And that is very unfair. I see the results of that daily, in teaching. I want to tell those parents "If you don't want your kids, give them to someone who DOES". It's also the whole reason why kids-as-pawns-and-property get my goat.

I guess I feel this way more because it's such a redone topic for soaps, especially this one. A beautiful story would be an infertile Chloe finding, nurturing, and adopting a child who was abused.

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Feb 7 2010, 03:57 AM
Wouldn't it be SO lame if Hope thought Justin was Bo and tried to have sex with him? And Justin went along with it? LOL. That would be so lame and stupid!
They already played this card, except it was Bo and Billie in a pit getting gassed and Bo thought Billie was Hope and Billie let him.
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Feb 11 2010, 01:18 AM
Feb 11 2010, 01:00 AM
I wish the writers would give a clear indication where they are going with this sl and who the rooting couple are supposed to be. It's not really a great triangle when you've got Hope not wanting to be with Bo. That's why I don't understand how this is a triangle? If it is then why isn't Hope fighting for Bo? I just don't think this triangle is working. There is something missing. I'm wondering if adding Justin to the mix is what the problem is. It's just not coming together properly and it's not being done right. Bo and Hope should be working togther. That would lead to jealousy from Carly and then we could have a real triangle on our hands. But instead Bo's character has been dragged through the mud, Hope's too and we are probably going to be subjected to Carly giving Bo up because he still loves Hope, Bo getting drunk and losing his job, Hope wondering wether or not she should get involved with Justin or go back to Bo. Franco or Patrick anyone? This will probably go on for months.
Why must these writers continue to rehash the 90's with these triangles? Why are they still writing triangles for the vets? Times have changed.
They should be past triangles!
Long drawn out sl's should be a thing of the past!
And this has been such a LONG story. :eyeroll:

It's lasted all of FOUR months. In what universe is that long?

Part of the reason for soaps dying is that the storytelling has moved too fast, in general. The beats have to be played. I'm starting to see soaps finally going back to that. They are finally realizing stunts and breakneck pace don't work. You tell stories at a natural pace. Some stories will be longer then others. That is why these soaps are called CONTINUING drama.

As for triangles, I don't like too many of them either but they are a soap staple. No one should be beyond them. It's all a matter of making them work. If you feel you have a viable interest on both sides, you run with it. You tell whatever story works at the time. Days does have a viable interest as far as Bo and Carly and Bo and Hope. Now, we'll see where the story takes all three of them. That is what I like most about this. They are not telegraphing where the story is going. For the first time, I can legitimately be this being the end of Bo and Hope and I'm ok with that. I LOVE Bo and Hope but Bo and Carly never did get a shot because of Peter leaving and the way things ended up. I want CHARACTER stories, not couple stories. That is the era that has been dead for eons. Days finally realized it this past year and look what happened. It was long overdue that they moved beyond the supercouple era.

I'm not saying Bo and Hope shouldn't end up together. All I want is for the story to tell me if they should. I want the show and the writers to trust in the material and to take me on a journey like they have. I don't want to know where they are going and I don't want them to bail on it because it's Bo and Hope and it's unbelievable to think of them being over. This is what soaps are all about and I hope (and believe) the show will maintain this course.
It would help if there wasn't this forever "I have to tell Melanie" "I have to save Melanie". "I'm going to go back to Bo". "Hell, Bo is kissing Carly again". "Bo, you slimedog". "I must make Carly suffer". "I must stop Vivian". "I have to tel Melanie". "I can't tell Melanie". "Bo, you're a slimedog"."Justin, remind me again of what a slimedog Bo is". "I want Bo back". "Bo is a slimedog". "Ciara, you must respect your daddy". "Ciara, your daddy is a slimedog".

Some variety would be nice......In the old days, yes, it dragged on, BUT at least, there was some variance. When we waited to find out who Mike's dad REALLY was, the whole storyline wasn't about the paternity. The characters actually intertwined with other characters and got involved. It's like someone mentioned: Bo and Hope should be more involved in Sydney's Sydnapping than the occasional phone call.

It won't MATTER (well to me) who Bo ends up with as long as there is some interesting shit going down in the meantime, dammit! ;)
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Feb 16 2010, 06:12 PM
"Hope confuses Justin for Bo"???? Not to "badmouth" the dead, but this TOTALLY sounds like James Reilly ghost writing from the grave!!! That was the kind of stuff that he wrote on "Passions" and "Days" all of the time!!!! It only ends up making central characters look completely STUPID, and it's a lazy way to write storyline!!!
It's actually used in other soaps. They just used it for Natalie and John on OLTL last week, when Natalie confused John for her dead husband Jared while she was in shock from a car wreck in a blizzard. (yeah.)
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