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My Days with Eric and the other 6 stars in Dallas (updated 4-24-10); The most amazing birthday weekend I will EVER have
Topic Started: Apr 19 2010, 03:25 PM (2,645 Views)

Here's my Dallas Days Charity event photos if anyone wants to see them.



Here's my photos that I posted on Twitter that you probably haven't seen. I hope this works. Sorry that the first one's didn't work.

Here's my synopsis of my "days".

I left my house around 11:45am for a 1pm flight to Dallas. Then we took off and landed before I knew it in Dallas, and my most funnest weekend would start here and now. After I got off the plane, I proceeded to go to the hotel (which is inside the airport). I check in and head up to my room (it's around 6:30 at this time). I take a shower and get ready to have dinner with my friend that I met on Facebook (no not a baddy). She was very nice. Then on to dinner at a place called "Bone Daddy's" (an American eatery, i.e. Chilli's/T.G.I Friday's). It was a great place except for it was a little bit too loud for my taste. So then they took me back to the hotel so i could go to sleep and get up to one of the most AMAZING "Days" I have and will have in my entire life. But before I go to sleep on Friday night I watch on Slingbox my hometown Sharks beat the Colorado Avalanche 6-5 in dramatic overtime fashion. Then I go to sleep and wake up to OMG... I can't even finish the sentence because I am still on cloud 9 because of what I got as a present from the Days cast for my birthday.

Part 1- Waking up and the Q&A

So onto Saturday morning. I get up, excited as hell, and get some breakfast, and wait for my friend (Barbara Ashley from Facebook) to get to the hotel for the Q&A. We get our seats and the actors start coming in one by one. I'm obviously anxious for Eric to come out, and when he comes out I scream like heck. You know me, when Eric is in the same room as I am you will never know what I would do next. Don't worry I didn't grope him, although I wanted to. My seat was in Row 3 off to the side. Then, the Q&A started and people start to ask questions, but this one chick asked "what would you be doing if you weren't an actor?" and then she went on and on rambling different ways to ask the question. She was hilarious, as the actors also thought. We were all laughing with them. I was so nervous at this point that I couldn't raise my hand to ask a freaking question. I wish I did now, but it's ok. Maybe I'll sometime get another chance. Then someone asked Crystal what it was like working with her husband (Michael Sabatino) when she stabbed him and she talked about how they have like a bullet proof vest on underneath and the knife she used was a fake one that when you use it, it just goes back in, and it doesn't hurt you. But when she went for a take she missed the spot where she was supposed to knife him and stuff came out and it was again hilarious how she described it. Then Shawn said "he would be like a contracter, or just somebody that makes something out of nothing." Then he said, "hey I already do that", and we all laughed. Then Nadia said what she would be or more rightly where she would be (you'll know why when you look at what she wore). "She would be on a stripper pole." That was the most hilarious thing I have ever heard. Then it was Eric's turn, and as we all know Eric can saaannnggg, and that's what he said he would be doing. Other than that he talked about that he played with Dolly Parton at Dollywood because a fan saw him there so they struck up a convo about that. Then James said that this is what he would be doing because he told us the story about "how he had a girlfriend in England but then she cheated on him (why would you do that to such a handsome man) and that led him to come to the U.S.", then Jay said something but I forget at this point (sorry). Then last but certainly not least Mark said "he would be an actor because we don't choose what we do, but rather our art makes us who we are" (sorry if I didn't get Mark's right). So much happened during it that I forget a lot because I am still on cloud 9 about a thing I will mention a little bit later. Next is Part 2, the Meet and Greet.

Part 2- The Famous Meet & Greet

Ok, so this is when I get super excited about meeting Eric up close and personal for a little over a minute (at least in my mind its that much). So, I am waiting in this long line, and then it happens. Shock, disbelief, wowzer moment, my numb moment. There he is right in front of me and I am shaking like hell. And when I mean shaking, I mean it. So I walk up to him and he says "Hi, what's your name", and I say "Erica" and then he goes "you're Erica?" and I say "yep.", and then he declares "I know you. You're Erica from Twitter." and I say yep again. I showed him the tweet I tweeted him about the Rock the Soap Cruise and that he responded. And he was so awesome, you have no idea how amazed I was to hear that he knew who I was. Then I said I was glad about Lindsay coming on, and he agreed with me. I was so absolutely, freaking out at this point but he didn't see it. Although he probably could and wouldn't admit it. Then we took our picture (a very cute one I might add). Here's the pic (http://twitpic.com/1gral6). He is the most sweetest most caring person I have ever met. Next down the line was sweet Jay Johnson. He was really nice and I love him. Here's the picture (http://twitpic.com/1grcq8). Hope you enjoy. Then it was on down to James. He is super insanely tall. You'll get the idea from my pic with him. He asked my name and then signed my pic. Here is my picture with him (http://twitpic.com/1greu8). Then it was Crystal's turn for me. Crystal is so nice. She was so generous I love her. Here's my pic with her (http://twitpic.com/1grg6p). Then it was Shawn's turn for me. So I went up to him with this pic (http://z.about.com/d/daysofourlives/1/0/M/...sSummer2009.jpg) and when he saw it he said "this was taken in the morning and he didn't even do 1 pull-up". And then he signed the picture "just hanging around, Shawn Christian". Then it was Nadia. I went up to her and she looks beautiful as ever. I told her before I left that she was great on Venice. Here's my pic with her (http://twitpic.com/1grj87). And last but not least Mark. He is soo cute in person. You need to meet him to get the full effect. Mark is the one who set up the whole Eric and him doing my birthday present (i'll get into that in the next part). Here my pic with Mark (http://twitpic.com/1grkqu). Mark is so sweet. I can't wait to meet him again in Los Angeles in November. Ok, one more thing is that I won (not really won as much as me bidding in a silent auction and winning) an "I Love Brady" tote bag. Here's the pic of it (http://twitpic.com/1gdfok). Ok now I will skip on ahead to the best freaking part of the "day"...

Part 3-The Cocktail Party

Ok so this has got to be the best freaking part of the day for me. You all obviously know why by now, but for those who haven't seen or heard, Eric and Mark sang "Happy Birthday" to me (which freaking literally made my "DAY", pun intended) during the cocktail reception/party and might I say it was the best surprise I think I have gotten in my whole entire life up to this point (I just turned 23 on Friday). I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Eric agreed to do this for me because he knew that I am such a huge fan (and rightly so). I am still on cloud 9 because everyone was there taking pics of Eric and Mark while I was basking in my little Eric/Mark bubble that I never wanted to get out of. I know you would agree if it was you. You will about melt once you see this video that I got of them singing it to ME. Eric couldn't stop looking at me, and Mark is so cute leaning over to try and steal the mic, but Eric has that voice that needs all of the mic on him and no one else. You'll see when i give you the link. You will all drool at the video. I certainly am and I have watched it over 50x by now, even though its only 20 seconds long. But notwithstanding, those 20 seconds have to be the hotttteeesssttt 20 seconds in my entire life. I love you Eric and Mark. You are such sweeties. Here is the video of the "Famous Happy Birthday" song sung by none other than Eric "my man" Martsolf and Mark "cutie pie" Hapka (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEyHgt6TQWs). I know you will all love it. I did and I was right there face to face with My Man and Mark. Two of the hottest men on this Earth. After the song happened I didn't even notice but they had gotten me a cake (http://twitpic.com/1gg2hj) that is already half-eaten by this point. Another to-top-it-off-moment, Eric freaking kissed me on my cheek. How awesome is that? And to top that off, they got me a freaking card (the front- http://twitpic.com/1grprk), and the inside-(http://twitpic.com/1grq64). But before even the song happened, I got to sit and talk to each actor for a couple minutes one on one. It was sooo awesome. So once Eric came over to talk (1 on 1) i just about died. Eric just sat down and he began talking, and then he asked "when was your birthday again?" and I said "yesterday" (Friday the 16th) and then he asked "if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?, and I said "23". He was so personable and a pleasure to talk with. I love him to death (and don't worry I am not stalkerish crazy). I just love him so much that I will do about anything to meet him anywhere I can. I mean what would you do if you loved Eric like me? Wouldn't you do the same? Other than that I got another picture with Nadia (http://twitpic.com/1grnsz).

Part 4- All in All it was the most AMAZING, it Blew My Mind, and I am in a daze all because of "Days"

I don't know how to explain this night. It will go down as the most fun I have ever had with celebs (to their excaliber, meaning soap stars), and not having to wait in line to talk to them. They just came to me. First it was James, and he was nice as ever. He is the opposite of hie character. Then Mark came along and said hi and struck up a convo. Next it was Eric, and let me tell you he is the most gorgeous, attractive, good-looking, delightful dreamy man that I have ever met. He is moreso in person. I will tell you this, Eric and Mark were the last two to leave the party. Eric was so hilarious that I laughed at every single joke he said and nodded at everything I knew about him and Passions. I can tell you this they do tape 5 weeks ahead of time, and he is only working on Tuesday because of the whole Alice Horton funeral thing coming up there is not a lot to do with Brady (since he's not a Horton). So he won't be at the funeral. I will also say that after Tuesday he isn't working for 3 weeks (and he doesn't get paid when he isn't on an episode). They also get paid by the episode so that doesn't help him a lot if he isn't on screen a lot.

Well I will add my other autographs later today that I need to take pics of and post. But after what happened this weekend, I have no idea what to do with my life. I just want to go back to Friday and get on a plane to Dallas and do it all over again. They were all awesome and I can't wait to do another one of these events. This weekend will go down "As The Most Fun I Have Ever Had In My Entire Life (at least up to this point, hey I'm only 23)".

I will add stuff, if I remember anything from each thing.

If you read all of this I applaud you. I would love some comments on my pics from facebook and twitter so please comment when you can. Thanks again for reading this, and please leave comments here so I know what you think of all the pics and the video of Eric & Mark singing to me.

Peace out, Eric's Biggest Fan

Edited by BrariLove2010, Apr 25 2010, 12:29 AM.
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Here's my photos that I posted on Twitter that you probably haven't seen. I hope this works. Sorry that the first one's didn't work.
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