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Michael Fairman report from Corday book launch
Topic Started: May 2 2010, 01:39 PM (7,564 Views)


As a SAFE fan, love the interview given by Galen Gering, so ready for Rafe to shake the place. I'll be in the back talking til late June.

Also, don't expect the Hope thing to come out anytime soon, Not ANY time soon.
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I'm so glad Maggie's illness will be crapped, because that is not an interesting s/l. I am ready for the prison scenes because he is the downtrodden warrior and we like him that way. The Hope thing.. well according to Wally they are two months ahead still w/ no clue. But July should be interesting on the Sami/Rafe/EJ front... and I am ready for the neverending Syd saga to be over.
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May 2 2010, 03:41 PM
May 2 2010, 03:33 PM
May 2 2010, 02:30 PM
I gather from Suzanne Rogers' comments that the mysathensia gravis storyline was dropped at her request. I had been looking forward to it, but I can appreciate her feelings. The Maggie/Victor/Vivian stuff sounds promising.

I have a strong suspicion this story was yet another Higley creation, Coming up withe Idea , without considering how painful it might be for Suzanne. The way it presented itself, then kinda not so much just seems to be ger style of writing. disjointed and out of nowhere. Then ...poof its gone.
I think you're right. Very disjointed and poorly conceived. At the moment it looks like the only real reason to do it was to give Melanie a reason to still live at Maggie's (so she can have endless, angsty run-in's with Nathan) after marrying Philip.
don't go there, a disease to prop those characters s/l.. Philip/Melanie/Nathan. I hate that threesome so much. I love Philip...... I love Mel.... I don't want them anywhere near each other. Nathan I could really flush that character, he started off good but it was down hill after the poker game. Philip & Nathan are like leeches they sucked all the interesting out of Mel. Brady once told her to keep away from both of them and he was right.
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May 2 2010, 03:47 PM
May 2 2010, 03:06 PM
Galen Gering (Rafe), with his beautiful wife Jenna by his side, told me to look for Rafe to come back strong to vie for Sami’s love, even though EJ’s got his evil hooks into her! “Sami is blowin’ it. So it does not leave me with anything good at the moment. I will be coming back full force with big news that will shake the place up. It won’t happen tomorrow, but it will be in the near future. There is a very strong chance Sami and Rafe can be together, if she ever stops lying to him, that would help. As far as EJ being in the way, I hope clearly that will not be an obstacle for long.

So in other words...unless Rafe is paired with Sami GG realizes he's got nothing to do on the show...or in his words not 'anything good'. I can see why he clearly hopes EJ won't be an obstacle for long. It's called job security. :lol:
Acually if were being honest since day one that Ej came his story has always revovled around Sami. If Ali were to leave the show JS wouldn't have a story he can't stand on his own! Even when he was with Nichol it was a story that had everything to do with Sami!

Now Rafe on the other hand has so much story we have his background (which wot be bad) He is FBI/Salem PD there is Alot of story for Galen Gering so get used to him being around wether it is with Sami or not (but we will have Safe back)!

Ej is just a crybaby that has to always cry to daddy he will never be able to be his own man! He is evil but will never be as smart as his dad! Ej sucks!

Rafe is the HERO Ej is the ZERO!!!

Ej needs to crawl his ugly ass in a hole!!! He is prissy little crybaby!
Tell us how you really feel... :lol: ....Yay---PEJAMI
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May 2 2010, 05:38 PM
May 2 2010, 03:15 PM
Well, he has to add the HOPE in there so not to give away the end of the story. I think its pretty clear though that Safe will come out of this thing alive and well.

I don't think this is CLEAR at all. Otherwise, there wouldn't be so much emphasis in the scripts on Sami being culpable for putting all of this baby mess into motion with her baby lies, nor on the fact that Bradys need to "practice what they preach" when it comes to forgiveness, and Sami being fully aware that EJ is a guy who is caught under the influence of his father, sometimes he wins the fight against his father, sometimes he doesn't but, Sami and their children could make the difference this time and EJ might become the man that he SHOULD be.

No, too many variables have been shoved into the scripts for the outcome to be "clearly Safe." As far as GG though, what else is he supposed to say? Obviously his scripts would have Rafe "hopeful" that dropping the Sydnapping bomb will remove EJ from Sami's romantic orbit, but I think Rafe is the one who will be in a for a very rude awakening in the final analysis.

Especially since Rafe is the one who has already called Sami out on being "the lady who doth protest too much" when it comes to her real feelings for EJ. Most guys won't settle for that, either way.
So Sami is gonna roll over & say I brought this on myself.. yeah that sounds like Sami...not!
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May 3 2010, 01:26 AM
May 3 2010, 12:07 AM
May 2 2010, 09:09 PM

Quoting limited to 3 levels deep
Sami did not get into the gory detail about EJ kissing her but she did not deny that something had happened or that EJ had made a move on her. She went on to explain that it was a very emotional experience etc.
Sami did not really explain anything. She just denied and deflected as much as she possibly could :lol: not that I blame her since it really isn't any of Rafe's business what she does with her life after he dumped her.

Rafe: That EJ wants you back. But if you're being honest with yourself, you probably know that already.

Sami: Why do you say things like that?

Rafe: Because it's true.

Sami: But how do you know? Did you s--

Rafe: Did I what? Did I see some--? No, I didn't see anything. Was there something to see?

Sami: (DEFLECTION) Look, I'm tired, all right? I was going to EJ to confront him about a lot of things, and then I found him on the pier almost dead.

Rafe: Hmm. So then what? You guys rehash the good old days?

Sami: Don't be like that. I care about EJ because he is the father of two of my children, and that is it.

Rafe: You know, I think the lady doth protest too much.

Sami: Well, I think the lady is sick of everybody butting in to her life, and I'm sure sick of this.

Rafe: Just think about your kids, Sami.

Sami: That's all I do.

Rafe: For their sake. For their sake, you need to be honest with yourself about this.

Sami: Rafe, I swear to God. I--I have no idea what's going on.

Rafe: Okay. So just look me in the eye and tell me that EJ hasn't made a move on you.

Sami: (DEFLECTION) I don't have feelings for EJ.

Rafe: That's not the issue, Sami. EJ obviously has feelings for you. Were you gonna tell me that you haven't realized that? That nothing's happened?

Sami: No, no, no. (LIE LIE LIE) You can't try to move, okay? You--you can’t. No. Rafe, it was an emotional experience. Our daughter was kidnapped. We--we got her back together. We...

Rafe: Yeah. Now you're gonna move in with EJ. He gets everything that he wants. Everything.

That is hardly explaining what happened, otherwise why would Rafe make the comment that "the lady doth protest too much"? Rafe has no reason to suspect based on what Sami said that Sami kissed EJ or that she's since fantasized about having kissed him. At this point he is in the dark that if EJ tried to kiss her that Sami would kiss him back (which she did).


Like it or not Sami told Rafe twe giant lies because EJ manipulated her into believing that she would be the cause of Sydney’s death if she told Rafe about the ransom notes, the ransom drop, the video etc.

I don't see anything wrong with those lies Sami told. But even without the reveal that the Sydnapping was a manipulated situation, why can't Rafe forgive her for that? Can some Rafe fan please explain why Rafe is right to not forgive Sami for lying to him when she was in a situation where she thought her kid could die if she didn't lie to Rafe?

And as far as GG talking about Rafe – I think he’s seen scripts why he is talking about what is going to happen to Rafe in such detail – in other articles he said they now get them 2-3 months in advance as the show still has a warp speed taping schedule of episodes out of order etc....and those who are in denial about it will just have to watch and see – but Rafe will have the big news and rightly so as EJ’s wicked plot hurt him as much as Sami so he deserves the ‘honour’ of blowing EJ’s butt out of the water – can’t wait! :jedi:

I'm fully expecting Rafe to expose EJ's involvement at the Sydnapping at some point, whether in the next couple months or they drag this out til Nov. sweeps, but I don't see how GG's comments really gave that much detail or that he made it clear that Safe is going to wind up happily ever after as soon as this is revealed.

For instance, I'm not convinced if Rafe goes to South America and finds out EJ's role in the Sydnapping but then comes back to Salem to reveal all this, that he will still want Sami back if he discovers that Sami's been messing around with EJ in the interim. GG wants his character to be in a relationship with Sami and he "hopes clearly" that EJ won't be an obstacle for Safe but he also makes reference to Sami "blowin' it" and "if she ever stops lying to him, that would help." So apparently she tells more lies to Rafe? Whether you consider Sami's lies of omission regarding the kiss to be lies, I think GG based on this interview would beg to differ on the claim that "Sami would never tell Rafe a lie." :lol:

I mean if Sami is such a lying screw up, I really don't get why Rafe wants her unless it's purely a hero complex thing.
But in the interview GG made it clear that he would want her back. It was one of the first things he said.
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May 2 2010, 11:36 PM
May 2 2010, 11:26 PM
I watched GL and I seen the graveyard scene. JMO, It was nothing great, especially not worth an emmy or a nomination. However, cc does seem to have more chemistry with women than she does with men.
I don't think Days will do a gay storyline so we're assed out there. LOL
Totally off Days, who is that in your avatar?
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