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Spoilers for wk of August 16th
Topic Started: Aug 16 2010, 02:11 PM (1,222 Views)
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Royal Reporter

Since the original thread for this week was accidentally deleted, I started a new one. Please continue discussion here!

Daily Spoilers
Monday, August 16th
Rafe turns to Victor for advice; Nicole begs Brady for forgiveness; Stephanie tries to view the results of Choe's paternity test; Melanie is attacked.

Tuesday, August 17th
Hope wants to plead guilty; Nathan tries to rescue Melanie; Chloe confides in Father Matt; Rafe tries to seduce Nicole for information.

Wednesday, August 18th
Justin, Bo and Abe testify on Hope's behalf; Sami hears that Rafe is with Nicole; Adrienne and Justin discuss their relationship.

Thursday, August 19th
E.J. tells Arianna about his upcoming wedding; Sami sees Nicole and Rafe kissing; Kate worries about Chad; Maggie and Victor bond.

Friday, August 20th
Sami and Will bond; Nicole is confronted; Daniel has a surprise for Chloe; Stephanie learns the truth.

More Daily Spoilers
Monday, August 16th
Nicole begs Brady to forgive her; Chloe worries Nathan will tell Daniel about her affair; Rafe asks Victor for advice on how to work Nicole; Stephanie tries to hack into the St. Mary's computer records; Stefano aims to get Will on board with the wedding.

Tuesday, August 17th
Doug and Julie try to talk Hope out of pleading guilty; Daniel and Carly are worried about Melanie; Stefano suggests to Sami that they bury the hatchet; Daniel thanks Carly for making an effort with Chloe; Lexie learns about EJ and Sami's wedding.

Wednesday, August 18th
Brady warns Sami that she'll regret being with EJ; Abe, Justin, and Bo testify on Hope's behalf, while Arianna speaks against her; Brady tells EJ about his breakup with Nicole; Justin and Adrienne have an honest discussion about their relationship.

Thursday, August 19th
Kate has a flashback of Madeline that reveals who Chad's real father is; Sami decides to seek out Rafe at Nicole's; EJ informs Arianna that he and Sami are getting married; Vivian tells that Victor she wants to do something for his daughter.

Friday, August 20th
Rafe finally hears the recording of EJ's admission to kidnapping Sydney; Daniel surprises Chloe on her birthday with a change of plans; Carly waits for the paternity-rest results at St. Mary's; Stephanie dreams about losing Nathan to Melanie.

CDN TV Guide Spoilers
Nicole looks for Brady's forgiveness; Stephanie calls a friend to help her get access to the hospital computer.

Bo begs Hope to plead not guilty; Daniel believes Chloe and Carly are bonding.

Sami learns that Rafe and Nicole are together; Justin and Adrienne try to solve their relationship problems.

Rafe successfully gets the CD of EJ's confession; Vivian has a plan to rid Maggie from Victor's life.

Sami and EJ's wedding begins; Stephanie discovers the paternity-test results.

Daytime Dial Spoilers
Week of August 16:

Monday August 16:
Stephanie worries about getting the results of Chloe's paternity test. Melanie catches her looking through the computer at St. Mary's.

Philip finds out Melanie is working with Nathan at the free clinic.

Just as they are about to make love Brady pushes Nicole away.

Rafe needs Nicole to blow EJ out of the water and asks Victor for help.

In front of Stefano, Kate and EJ Will lashes out Sami for her decision to marry EJ.

Sami tells Caroline and Roman she's marrying EJ.

Tuesday August 17:
Nicole dumps a drink on Rafe.

Hope knows she's on her way to prison.

Chloe informs Carley that it's time Daniel knew the truth.

Coming Up:
Brady warns Sami she'll regret being with EJ.

Carly and Daniel become concerned about Melanie.

Doug and Julie beg Hope not to plead guilty.

Stefano approaches Sami about burying the hatchet.

Vivian informs Victor she wants to do something for his daughter.

Thursday August 19:
Kate's flashback reveals Chad's real father.

Friday August 20:
Rafe hears EJ's recording, which proves he kidnapped Sydney.


SOW Spoilers
Stephanie's plans are almost derailed.
Kate tries to make peace with Sami.
EJ worries about Nicole.
Bo reveals hes plan for Hope.

SOD Insider Spoilers
DAYS: Bo and Hope share an emotional good-bye before she heads to jail on Wednesday, August 18. "She is still in shock over what she has done," says Kristian Alfonso (Hope).... Chad is revealed to be Stefano's son on Thursday, August 19. "Finally!" cracks Lauren Koslow, whose alter Kate is the only one who knows the truth. "Kate does care about Chad and does have a connection with him because of Stefano and also because of Madeline," she adds. "In some ways, with his mother gone, Kate feels like she wants to step in there."... Daniel has a birthday surprise for Chloe on Friday, August 20.

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I was wondering why this got deleted, thanks.
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It had been a wonderful evening and what I needed now, to give it the perfect ending, was a little of the Ludwig Van.

Thanks Angie :)
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Virgo Twins
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COOL!!! Thanks a lot :thankyou:
Edited by Virgo Twins, Aug 16 2010, 04:33 PM.
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Thanks Angie!!
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In my opinion Sami's true love will always be Lucas. He knows her better than she knows herself, he's been there every step of the way, he cares for her. They made a terrible mistake getting rid of Bryan, and there going to have to fix that. I honestly think Lumi will end up together in the end.
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Spencer Hastings
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I hereby promise to watch every second of this show and to never complain about it again if Chad's father isn't Stefano. Seriously, I will watch every last gruesome, snoozeworthy second as an apology to the writers for doubting them of any creativity and surprise.
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