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The 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards; Live Discussion Thread
Topic Started: Aug 29 2010, 02:45 PM (9,704 Views)
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Aug 29 2010, 10:48 PM
Aug 29 2010, 10:44 PM
Aug 29 2010, 10:42 PM

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As long you have some maple and brown sugar oatmeal ready for me when we're finished, Mama Nubs!

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Now, you two boys makes me proud (I am feeling like Sharon Gless from QAF)
I get to be Brian (although I'm probably closer to Michael).
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By far best part for me was seeing George and Julianne together,my ER loving heart was so happy.
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Oh, and Ricky Gervais was hysterical, as always. And yup, another failure added to an already huge mound for Jimmy Fallon. I feel like he's one of those really nice people who try so hard to fit in so people lie and say he can do things until the point where he feels he's allowed to show us that he can't. A true tragedy.
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Late to the party (mostly because I didn't get back from my trip until like 4AM LOL) but it was a pretty good night, Emmy-wise IMO.

First, that opening was funny as hell and I think Fallon didn't do as bad a job as I expected. His little guitar bits with random people were funny and his tribute to shows that went off was ok too. I just wish shows like Ugly Betty, Monk, etc were included in that.

Funnest presenter had to be Ricky Gervais but he always seems to be funny. The man brought out beer for God's sakes! Hope he hosts the GG's again this year. I was very happy to see Maura Tierney. Can't wait for her new show. I think her hair looks great, although I still prefer it longer. Love that woman. The fact that she doesn't have an Emmy is a travesty.

Now on to the winners...speaking of travesties, the fact that Micheal C. Hall and Hugh Laurie both don't have Emmy's is a travesty. Cranston is great but he did not deserve it for this year and having him get 3 while those two have none seems so unfair. I would've given it to MCH. Hopefully, one of them gets it next year since it looks like Breaking Bad won't be eligible. I would actually hope for Hugh Laurie because he's waited longer and who knows how many chances he gets but I would be ok with MCH too.

Very happy for Sedgwick. It looks like the Emmy's were all about the tapes this year (wish the Daytime Emmy's would actually watch the tapes like these panelists did). They didn't go with buzz. If they did, JM would've won.

Happy with the supporting categories too. Nice to see new winners there. Loved Lithgow winning too.

I was very happy with all the comedy winners. They pretty much made my night. I think the right person won every category and, again, it was all about the tapes. I was so happy for Modern Family, Lynch, Stonestreet, and Falco. I just hope Falco doesn't get another one LOL. I'm fine with her getting one this year because she deserves it but the Emmy's have such a hard on for her that I can see this becoming a habit.

Very upset that Daily Show beat out not just Conan but Colbert and SNL. That was the toughest that category has been in eons and I can't see giving it to the Daily Show when Con, Colbert, and SNL all had better tapes. This is one instance where I wonder if there was a fear of pissing off NBC so they didn't vote for Conan and then Colbert and SNL just simply lost. Sucks. I did like the end of Conan's clips where the building came down LOL.

What a nice moment for George Clooney and a good speech too. The ER fan in me was so happy to see Carol giving Doug an Emmy LOL.

Could care less about the mini-series/movie part of the show. That is the one reason why bunching up the categories actually works. You can pretty much ignore that part of the show, although I was happy that Pacino won. I realize these awards are important but the show probably lost ratings sticking all of them together in the late hour of the show.

The In Memorium segment with Jewel was nice.

I am so sick of Mad Men. Like Bryan Cranston, I see why it won the past two years but this year? No way. That award should've went to Dexter. I would say Lost but the show probably didn't deserve it given how things went down, at least IMO. I wish Lost had won directing since that final episode was totally deserving for that. Mad Men is a great show but the problem is it's very subtle in what it's actors do (that is why none of them will win Emmy's) and it lacks the elements that most of the audience seem to like. There is nothing campy about it and it's not really the kind of show you watch for entertainment because it gets bogged down in being serious and realistic and all that. It reminds me of how Y&R used to be. Great show but alot of the time it will bore most people unless your into that kind of stuff or grow accustomed to it.

So happy for Modern Family winning comedy. I wanted either them or Glee but Modern Family was the better choice IMO. I think that is ABC's first win in comedy since The Wonder Years in 1988.

Overall, a good night. Comedy categories saved the night though. Also, NBC did a good job promoting their new stuff during the commercials. I'm more and more interested in The Event, especially since Laura Innes is on the show.

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Forgot to mention, I was a little bit upset Idol didn't win since they submitted Simon's farewell episode. I know this season wasn't the best but, for that alone, I thought they should've gotten it. However, I won't knock Top Chef. I'm just happy it wasn't The Amazing Race again.
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Streetcorner Philosopher

Overall, a good night. Comedy categories saved the night though.


I'm not getting Mad Men/Breaking Bad. I have serious problems with the fact that they include cable shows in competition with the network ones in general, but I felt like it was more of the same where they give it to whoever's won before. But, I'd also wanted something big to go to Lost. It was far from perfect, but it had a major impact on network television and I think it deserved more recognition of that fact. Or, y'know...Vampire Diaries should have won. That show is insane.

So yeah- comedy saved it. And now that Modern Family's in it'll get recognition for the next few seasons (barring the rise of another sitcom) which is cool because those people are insanely funny.

Also, glad Top Chef won for its best season (imho, of course).
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