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Y&R: SOD Cover Story: Genoa City is Blown Away!; Full Spoiler Article
Topic Started: Oct 15 2010, 11:07 AM (2,411 Views)
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Deleted User

Previews: On Tuesday, October 19, Meggie and Deacon are determined to stop Nikki from walking down the aisle. Also, Nina has a passionate plea for Ronan. On Wednesday, October 20, Phyllis sets out to destroy Diane.

Cover Story: Blown Away! Batten down the hatches, a twister threatens lives and loves on Y&R! Genoa City is being battered by high winds as a potential tornado threatens the Midwest burg, but the blustery storm also tosses together unexpected couples. For starters, Diane and Tucker are in his apartment discussing her contract when they suddenly end up in bed! "It just kind of happens," chuckles Maura West (Diane). "It's written so that youdon't know exactly who is making the moves. She's not married, so she can do whatever she wants."

Uh, isn't Tucker involved with Ashley? "Tucker has never fallen this hard for anyone like he has with Ashley," acknowledges Stephen Nichols (Tucker). "He has avoided, at all costs, that kind of intimacy. The other thing, casual sex is Tucker's habit." `

After the deed is done, there isn't much time for afterglow when hurricane-force winds suddenly shatter the windows and broken glass is everywhere. Tucker and Diane are hurriedly getting dressed when Abby and Daniel come knocking. "Abby is concerned for her mom and is looking for her," West explains. "Abby thinks the most logical place to look is at Tucker's place. He answers the door and Diane is standing there demurely. Abby didn't at all expect to find Diane there."

Abby immediately demands to know what is going on. "It's funny because there's really no strong reason or evidence for Abby to be suspicious, except that Diane and Tucker are a little flushed," smiles West. "But Abby is like this little sleuth and starts asking, 'Why would you be here in the middle of a storm?' She does have a point. Tucker explains that they were just discussing business, so that's their story and they're sticking to it, but it's pretty clear that Abby's not buying it."

After Abby and Daniel leave, Tucker informs Diane that their romp was a one-time thing and their relationship has to remain strictly business from now on. "Oooh, that stings -- and it's mean," sighs West. "She is a woman and that's just not a nice thing to say a few minutes after having sex. It's hurtful." But Nichols points out, "Tucker immediately regrets it and this affects him. He sees how much he really does care for Ashley. As disciplined as Tucker is about business, old habits die hard."

Abby is just outside the door and declares to Daniel that Tucker cheated on her mother with Diane. Ashley unexpectedly shows up and overhears her daughter's comment, so Abby reveals what she and Daniel walked in on. Ashley escorts them back into Tucker's apartment, where the sinners insist they were having a business meeting. Ashley seems appeased with their account, which irks Abby. "Abby says to her mom, 'Look at the way they look at each other. This is not entirely innocent!'" says West. "But for whatever reason, Ashley doesn't pounce on that right there. Diane has a poker face, but she also somewhat enjoys this. There's no love lost between her and Ashley, and to watch a powerful man like Tucker McCall be uncomfortable is entertaining to a woman like Diane."

Abby and Daniel depart again and she vows to keep a close watch on Ms Jenkins. "Diane is not the kind of woman to feel threatened by someone like Abby," sniffs West. "And I don't think Diane particularly cares at this point if someone finds out about her evening with Tucker."

Meanwhile, Sharon, who has Faith with her, agrees to chauffeur Adam from the coffeehouse to a business meeting. "It's not far from her house, so she reluctantly says she'll do it," previews Sharon Case (Sharon). "She's been trying to keep her distance from Adam, so it's strictly a favor."

En route, they encounter trouble. "She's starting to swerve off the road because of the wind, so it's hard to control the car," Case explains. "Adam thinks it's best that they leave the car and find shelter somewhere. She wants to keep driving because she has the baby and doesn't want to go out in the rain and the wind, but he convinces her that it's not safe in the car anymore."

Luckily, a dilapidated barn is nearby, where they hunker down as the storm intensifies. There, Adam takes off his shirt so Sharon can dry off Faith. "He's being really helpful," says Case. "I think if the situation wasn't so scary, Sharon would be impressed. The wind is really howling and getting worse. They're both looking after the baby and just trying to stay calm."

So much for that. The barn doors burst open and Adam struggles to secure them. "He's trying to close the doors, but he can't do it by himself," details Case. "So Sharon runs over to help him and she leaves Faith alone in a little hay bed. That's when the tornado hits."

When the section of the barn over Faith collapses, Sharon is horrified. "Adam suddenly runs over and throws himself on Faith," says Case. "He does it without even thinking. Now they're buried under this pile of rubble and Sharon can't see them."

Sharon is in shock as she surveys the devastation. "For a moment, she doesn't know how bad it is," notes Case. "Then she can hear Faith crying and she starts pulling debris off with almost superhuman strength. In a moment of panic, you're pretty strong."

Sharon digs until she uncovers Adam. "He's still on top of Faith and he's barely conscious," Case muses. "He's got a lot of scrapes and there's bleeding. She has no idea if there's any internal injuries because the roof came down on him pretty hard. She rolls him over and there's Faith. She's okay."

Meanwhile, Nick is frantically searching for Sharon and panics when he spots her overturned car. After a phone call reveals that Sharon hasn't been admitted to the hospital, Nick sets out on foot. He eventually comes across the wrecked barn, where he's relieved to find Sharon. "Then he spots Adam holding Faith and gets really upset," sighs Case. "Sharon explains to Nick how Adam saved their daughter's life, but he doesn't care. He's mad that she is with Adam at all."

Will Sharon's feelings for Adam change after this harrowing experience? "She can't help but be very impressed with him," shares Case. "This is the second time that he's saved one of Sharon's kids. He really does care for Sharon and looks after her and her children. Sharon and Adam obviously still have deep feelings for each other, so it'll be interesting to see what happens from here."


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♥ Sabrina & Patrick ♥

Thanks for psoting!
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You're welcomed :smile:

Here's another article in SOD that talks about previous similar storylines:

Weather or Not: Big things happen during stormy weather in Genoa City.

1997: A preggers Sharon ventured out into a blizzard so she could visit Nikki, but on the way, she slipped on the ice and was knocked unconscious. Nick found her hours later, but she went into labor and their son, Noah, was born prematurely. When it didn't look as if the baby would make it, Sharon's best friend, Grace Turner, tracked down Cassie, the little girl Sharon gave up for adoption at 16. Noah survived, but Cassie died after an auto accident in 2005.

2006: Genoa City was hit with an ice storm, which caused Daniel and Lily's car to crash. Thankfully, Nick came to their rescue, but Daniel was taken to the hospital with broken ribs. Meanwhile, Phyllis -- who was preggers with Nick's child -- was in an elevator with ex-hubby Jack at Newman Enterprises when the power went out. The situation grew worse when Phyllis went into labor -- and Jack had to deliver the baby girl, who Phyllis named Summer Ann Newman.

2009: A blizzard buried GC and it's outlying areas in several feet of snow. Sharon went to the Abbott cabin for some alone time; Brad followed her and declared his love, but she turned him down. Dejected, he headed into the storm. Meanwhile, Eden and Noah were skating on a pond when he fell through the ice. Brad heard Noah crying for help and pulled the teen out, but Brad drowned. At the hospital, Nick and Phyllis were relieved to hear that Noah would be okay. Against Phyllis's wishes, Nick drove up to the cabin to give Sharon the news about their son and they were snowed in. During that time, Nick and Sharon hit the sheets and Faith was conceived.

2009: Adam was gaslighting a preggers Ashley into believing that the spirit of Victor's late wife, Sabrina, was haunting the Newman ranch. While a violent thunderstorm raged outside, Ashley was awakened by a woman's voice calling her name. Ash then encountered a shrouded figure (Adam in drag), but when she yanked the veil off, she tumbled down the stairs and miscarried

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So basically it just amounts to Sharon falling more for Adam and Tucker and Diane hitting the sheets?
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