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SOD - Best and Worst of 1994
Topic Started: Dec 7 2010, 11:44 PM (955 Views)
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If you want any information on why they chose what they did, I will write it up.

Most Entertaining Couple - Buzz/Nadine, GL
"" Boring "" - John/Sharlene, AW

Best Tearjerker - BJ's Death, GH

Best Plot Device - Eric's Vasectomy, B&B

Most Preposterous Plot - Janet's plastic surgery, AMC

Most Convoluted Plot - Search for Scott, ATWT

Best Wacko - Laura, DAYS

Best Reformation - Todd, OLTL

Best Triangle - Bo/Billie/Gina, DAYS
Worst '' - Cal/Connor/Kirk, ATWT

Best Breakup - Jill/John, Y&R
Worst '' - Kat/David, GL

Best Trend - May/December Romances
Worst '' - Convenient Disabilities

Best Blind Person - Hope, Y&R
Worst '' - Tony, DAYS

Most Realistic Illness - Monica's breast cancer, GH

Best Special Effect - Tornado, AMC

Best Reconciliation - Jake/Paulina, AW

Best Prime-Time Breakup - Kelly/Dylan, 90210

Most Shocking Twist, Daytime - Powell's the rapist, OLTL
'', Primetime - Kimberly's alive, Melrose

Most Long-Awaited Love Scene - Carrie/Austin, DAYS
Most Romantic Love Scene - Bo/Nora, OLTL

Best New Character - Noah, AMC

Best Recast - Tina (Krista Tesreau), OLTL

Worst New Male Character - Justus, GH
'' Female Character - Gabriella, GL

Best Golden Oldies - Nancy and Mac, ATWT

Most Realistic Teen - Pete, ATWT

Best Male Comeback - Wesley Addy, Loving
Best Female '' - Hunter Tylo, B&B

Most Dramatic Story - Jack and Keemo, Y&R
Least '' - Lily/Miguel, GH

Best Quadrangle - "Eddie"/Lois/Ned/Katherine, GH
Worst '' - Alex/Ava/Jeremy/Gilbert, Loving

Best Bickering - Dinner at Wildwind, AMC

Most Contrived Conflict - Max's gambling, OLTL

Smartest Character - Kevin, GH
Dumbest '' - Buck, Loving

Best Wedding - Asa/Alex, OLTL
Most Disappointing '' - Edmund/Maria, AMC

Best Wife - Eleni, GL
Worst Husband - Michael, Melrose

Best Father - Ed, GL
Worst Mother - Nikki, Y&R

Best Housekeeper - Mamie, Y&R
Worst '' - Donna and Ginger, GL

Best Confession - Samantha comes clean, ATWT

Worst Crush - Marty loves Andrew, OLTL

Most Realistic Couple - Casey/Ally, Loving
Least '' - Ashley/Blade, Y&R

Best Daughter - Erica, AMC
Worst '' - Sami, DAYS

Best Scam - Vicky's baby switch, AW
Best Scam Gone Wrong - David's lies, OLTL

Most Rejuvenated Characters - Spauldings, GL

Biggest Waste of Talent - Michael Sabatino, B&B

Most Entertaining Character - Lucy, GH

Most Ruined Character - Danny, Y&R

Best Movie Ripoff - Felicia's Misery, AW

Best Gimmick - Salute to Hollywood fashion show, B&B

Best Mystery - Who Shot Roger? GL

Most Improved Show - Loving

Best Show - GH
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I don't know much about 1994 soaps, but I did watch 1994 episodes of AMC... and Tornado was AMAZING! Alongside Sunset Beach's Shockwacke/Earthquake, it's my favorite Soaps Disaster Storyline, when it comes to special effects. But AMC's was even better in regards to storyline, since the tornado had affected lives of people, i.e. Julia being scared, running away and meeting Noah, who was named best new character which is awesome, since I LOVED Julia and Noah :D
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I haven't seen any of the tornado episodes, aside from Tad's reunion with his dead loved ones. From what I've heard it was fantastic. It seems like 1994 and parts of 1995 were the last time AMC fired on all cylinders.

I wasn't a big fan of Julia and Noah in their later stuff but I did hear their early scenes were great.
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Oh, yeah. Tornado was AWESOME! I remember everything... Tad went to open the door, but the tornado burst the door open and the hit Tad; Janet and Kendall (played by an awesome Sarah Michelle Gellar) were in stables when it hit; a bunch of others were at Adam and Gloria's party and when it hit, the chandalier fell near Julia and the glass from it cut her face.

And early Noah/Julia was awesome. I gotta admit, they canceled AMC after one year here, so I didn't get to see really much after 1995...

Here is the clip of the tornado

Edited by Manny, Dec 8 2010, 06:56 AM.
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That was great, especially everything at the wedding. Thank you! Who was the woman in the black dress being carried in?

I love how the extras run the hell out of there. I guess they knew they were expendable...
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The woman being carried in is Laurel Banning. She was married to Trevor and Jackson at one point, if I remember correctly. She and Janet were rivals.
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Thanks. I remember Laurel (hated her), but didn't recognize her there.
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Hey CarlD2, can you give us more info on:

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ATWT knows how to create a gripping triangle. The tortured tale of Holden, Lily and Damian had fans split down the middle - no one could agree on which man was right for Lily. On the other hand, the Cal/Connor/Kirk triangle didn't inspire much debate - Kirk was clearly the odd man out.

Sure, Kirk stood by Connor when she really needed a friend. For almost a year, he held her hand as she suffered a miscarriage, was charged with Linc's murder and fought tooth and nail to retain control of Walsh & Montgomery. A perfect gentleman, Kirk wooed her with flowers and nights on the town. Yet their relationship remained platonic because Connor was pining for Cal. Why create a triangle with no tension?

Cal and Connor's relationship was in limbo for months and months because of a series of missed phone calls and silly misunderstandings. If Cal and Connor had spent five minutes actually being honest with each other, they could have avoided their lengthy separation.

Through it all, we never believed that Kirk was a threat to their inevitable reunion. And that's not because we didn't like Kirk. This guy was one of Oakdale's most eligible bachelors, and his relationship with Connor demonstrated just how endearing Kirk could be. Kirk shouldn't have been reduced to chasing after a woman who was obviously in love with someone else. The talents of actor Tom Wiggin were wasted as well. If Cal and Connor were destined to be married, why didn't the show find Kirk a love of his own?


For a year, David and Kat struggled with her father's bias against juvenile delinquent David. Once that obstacle was overcome, David became Kat's first lover. Soon after, they went on the run to protect David from a murder charge. They bared their souls to one another. And yet, when Kat returned from a short sojourn in Europe to dump David, neither shed a tear for their lost love. Kat, in fact, cried only when saying goodbye to Bridget, and David barely mourned before groping Gabriella. We appreciate GL getting Nia Long (Kat) to return to complete this story, but we don't understand why Kat and David didn't break up before Long left the show. A slower-building, more heartfelt breakup would have packed a lot more punch than this wham-bam-goodbye-ma'am version.


Let's state up-front that we applaud GH's addition of an African-American family and that Mary Mae and Keesha are being fleshed out as realistic new characters. It's this Justus-as-saint thing that we don't get. After his father, Bradley, was found dead, Justus jumped from wooden lawyer to crusading politician overnight. Suddenly, he was giving speeches against the ELQ incinerator project. He was beaten up, and Simone - who is still married to Tom Hardy - was sobbing at his bedside. "You're such a Ward," said Keesha.

When someone says, "You are such a Quartermaine," we know exactly what it means. But we've only known the Wards a few months. We need help understanding why the whole town is relying around a man who still seems like a stranger to us.


When Michael Damian announced that he was quitting Y&R to star in the Broadway musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the writers devised an innovative exit for Danny: Send him to Broadway, too.

But soon, sweet Danny was doing one uncharacteristic thing after another. First, he sent Christine that cowardly "Dear Jane" letter. Then he returned to Genoa City with his horrible new wife, Phyllis, close on his heels. (Would Danny ever really sleep with her?)

Paradoxically, Christine is more interesting than she was when she was Danny's devoted wife. What a shame, though, that her rise mirrors Danny's fall. The Y&R writers are going to have to work overtime to bring back the real Danny, the one we used to love.
Edited by CarlD2, Dec 8 2010, 04:14 PM.
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BJ's death was one of the most memorable and heartbreaking moments in my soap viewing experience. I was felt like I was feeling the same things the characters were. Some of GH's best scenes ever.
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Oak Alley
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What?! No Kristian Alfonso for best female comeback?? ~ That was amazing imo.

I first started watching DAYS with episodes fom 1993, so I never knew Bo & Hope as a couple- or that KA was on DAYS before. I had only seen her on Melrose Place & Baywatch, then we saw the mystery woman's face and it was KA's. I was thrilled because I loved her on the shows mentioned.. Then as time would go on, and Peter Reckell came back as Bo, REAL flashbacks could be used and I saw snippets of them from the 80's- and LOVED it. Then came YT with MANY Bope clips/ SLs- I was in heaven discovering it all :wub:

I can only imagine what Hope/Bope fans fom the 80's must've felt like that day back in 1994...
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