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Make up Greatest Characters and Couples list
Topic Started: Feb 20 2011, 05:30 PM (842 Views)

Late last year, ever since a fan created a list of the 100 Greatest Characters and 50 Greatest Couples for DAYS OF OUR LIVES on their website, I think it's time we should make up our own list for other soaps with 100 characters and 50 couples. What do you guys think? The soaps are:

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Why excluding the other soaps?
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I'm guessing some of them just didn't ran that long. I think I'll delete this.
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all time couple jake and paulina,i got hooked on soaps bc of them.
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Cliff Warner and Nina Cortlandt - AMC
Jeff Baker and Penny Hughes - ATWT (The real first supercouple of daytime!)
Steve Frame and Alice Matthews - AW
Ridge Forrester and Caroline Spencer - B&B
Doug Williams and Julie Olson - DAYS
Dr. Rick Webber and Dr. Lesley Williams
Roger Thorpe and Holly Norris - TGL
Joe Riley and Viki Lord - OLTL
Mason Capwell and Julia Wainwright - SB
Lance Prentiss and Lorie Brooks, Y&R
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My favorite couples:

Bo & Hope
Shawn & Belle
Jack & Jen

Nick & Sharon
Billy & Mac
Vicky & Ryan

Sheridan & Luis
Whitney & Chad

Meg & Ben
Gabi & Antonio

Mason & Julia
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All My Children: Hayley & Mateo, Dmitri & Erica, Edmund & Maria, Trevor & Janet, Ryan & Gillian & Tad & Liza
One Life to Live: Ben & Viki, Clint & Viki, Jared & Natalie, Todd & Tea, Bo & Lindsay, Christian & Natalie
Port Charles: Livvie & Caleb, Lucy & Kevin
Days of our Lives: Bo & Hope, Bo & Carly, John & Kristen, Doug & Julie, Stefano & Kate, Shane & Kimberly, Phillip & Belle
Sunset Beach: Gregory & Annie, Ben & Meg, Cole & Caitlen
Another World: Jake & Paulina, Ryan & Vicky, Carl & Rachel, Mac & Rachel, Grant & Paulina, Matt & Donna, Cass & Kathleen
Passions: Ethan & Theresa, Julian & Tabitha
Y&R: Ryan & Nina, John & Jill, Brad & Nikki, Jack & Phyllis, Danny & The Bug
B&B: Thorne & Brooke, Ridge & Taylor
ATWT: Jack & Carly, Craig & Rosanna, Mike & Katie, Henry & Barbara, Luke & Reid
GL: Hart & Cassie, Ben & Blake
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Fave Couples:

DOOL-- Bo&Hope, Shawn&Belle (original only), Philip&Chloe, Brandon&Sami, Rex&Mimi, Rolf&Hattie
Passions-- Sheridan&Luis, Charity&Miguel (original only), Fox&Theresa, Chad&Whitney (original), Tabby&Timmy, Eve&Julian
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Oh yes! I forgot Phloe!! OMG! Also, I loved Rex and Mimi.
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Days: John and Marlena :makeout: , Bo and Hope, Doug and Julie
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Will post my best couples later....Here are my top ten characters for AW, GL and Days. Along with honorable mentions

Another World

1. Rachel Cory Hutchins
2. Felicia Gallant
3. Carl Hutchins
4. Mackenzie Cory
5. Iris Cory Wheeler
6. Victoria Hudson McKinnon
7. Cecile DePoulignac
8. Aunt Liz Matthews
9. Cass Winthrop
10. Alice Matthews Frame Gordon

Honorable Mentions
Sharlene Frame, Jake Mckinnon, Marley Hudson, Kathleen Mckinnon, Franke Frame Withrop, Wallingford, Steve Frame, Gwen Frame, Paulina Cory, Donna Love, Lorna Devon, Cindy Brooke Harrison, Alma Rudder, Jamie Frame and Reginald Love.

Guiding Light

1. Reva Shayne Lewis
2. Roger Thorpe
3. Nola Reardon Chamberlain
4. Bert Bauer
5. Alexandra Spaulding
6. Holly Norris
7. Josh Lewis
8. Vanessa Chamberlain Lewis
9. Philip Spaulding
10. Ross Marler

Honorable Mentions
Alan Spaulding, Beth Raines Spaulding, Bridget Reardon, Annie Dutton Lewis, Quinton Chamberlain, Sonni Carrera Lewis, Dinah Marler, Ed Bauer, Christina "Blake" Thorpe Marler, Maureen Reardon Bauer, Rick Bauer, Billy Lewis, Buzz Cooper, Mindy Lewis Bauer and Nadine Corley Cooper.


1. Julie Olson Williams
2. Hope Williams Brady
3. Dr. Marlena Evans Black
4. Bo Brady
5. Stefano DiMera
6. Maggie Simmons Horton
7. Jennifer Horton
8. Victor Kiriakis
9. Kimberly Brady
10. Vivian Alamain

Honorable Mentions
Alice Horton, Kayla Brady Johnson, Steve Johnson, Sami Brady, Ivan Marais, Kristen Blake, Doug Williams, Lexie DiMera Carver, Carly Manning, John Black, Isabella Toscano Black, Roman Brady, Bill Horton, Caroline Brady, Carrie Brady Reed, Susan Banks Crumb, Laura Spencer Horton, Marie Horton, Anna Fredericks DiMera, Shane Donovan, Mickey Horton, Eve Donovan and Tom Horton.
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"I like to be on top, Darling." - John Ross/Pamela

Ridge and Taylor (1998-2002)
Deacon and Bridget (2001-2003)
Nick and Brooke (2003-2006)
Nick and Sharon (2000-2004)
Jt and Colleen (2001-2003)
Billy and Mac (2000-2003)
Jack and Phyllis (2001-2004)
Billy and Chloe (2008-2010)
Adam and Sharon
Nikolas and Emily (2003-2007)
Jason and Elizabeth
Ric and Alexis (2004-2005)
Ric and Elizabeth
Sonny and Carly (2001-2004)
Leo and Greenlee
Ryan and Kendall (2002)
David and Erica
JR and Babe (2004-2005)
Bianca and Maggie (2003-2005)
John and Marlena
Ej and Sami
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