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SOD/SOW: Taylor and Nicole Arrested!; 6/28 issue
Topic Started: Jun 15 2011, 10:42 PM (4,567 Views)
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SOW: Bo and Hope arrest Nicole and Taylor!

Bo and Hope are on the verge of exposing the DiMeras involvement in Rafe's kidnapping, but in order to keep sisters Nicole and Taylor quiet, they arrest them!

"You're going to see Bo and Hope work together as a team and make things happen," previews Peter Reckell.

Bo, Hope and Rafe re-create the moment that the impostor threw Fay down the DiMera stairs. Taylor arrives and is stunned to hear what she thinks is Rafe confessing. Sami intervenes and pleads with Taylor to keep quiet about what she heard. Meanwhile, Bo, Hope and Rafe get the impostor out of the mansion and back to the hideout.

The trio videotapes the impostor, who admits to killing Fay. He also implicates Stefano and EJ. In a surprise move, the impostor kicks the stand and the camera crashes to the ground. Bo and Hope play back the tape, and are dismayed when the part about the DiMeras is missing. "Everybody is pretty upset," recounts Reckell. "Bo and Hope have been involved with the DiMeras for years, but at the moment, Rafe is the one who was drugged and beat up. The DiMeras dragged Rafe and Sami, along with their family, though the mud. So they're pretty devastated that the entire confession wasn't recorded."

The threesome receive news that EJ was injured during a mugging and is in the hospital. Bo, Hope and Rafe strategize and decide to show EJ the tape of the impostor's confession, hoping it will trick EJ into implicating himself.

"The confession gives them concrete proof of what EJ did, so they get this idea to try and get the same information from EJ, but in a different way," Reckell explains.

Just as they arrive at the hospital, Nicole is about to confront EJ over the fact that Rafe killed Fay when Bo suddenly interrupts. At that moment, EJ's health takes a turn for the worse and they're unable to show him the tape.

At the pier, Hope and Taylor have a tense conversation. When Taylor flees, she pushes Hope, who falls and is knocked unconscious. Justin and Adrienne come toh er aid, and Hope promptly calls Bo to inform him that Taylor and EJ are a twosome.

Taylor heads straight for the hospital, where she tells a groggy EJ that Rafe killed her mom. Bo and Hope worry that Taylor is trying to provide aid to EJ, so they arrest her for assaulting Hope. "Bo and Hope basically want to keep Taylor away from EJ and out of the way," notes Reckell.

Soon after, Hope and Bo become concerned that Nicole will try to reach EJ, so they find a reason to arrest her, too. Reckell explains, "So now these two sisters are at the police station."

Is the Salem Police Department enough to keep Nicole and Taylor from tearing each other apart?


SOD: Taylor and Nicole Arrested!

Both Walker sisters wind up at the police station this week as Bo and Hope try to establish a link between faux-Rafe and the DiMeras.

"First of all, the good part about these shows is that you're getting to see Bo and Hope make things happen and work together and be a team," lauds Peter Reckell. "We were kind of inserted into the storyline and it worked out nicely. It's good writing and some substantial stuff for a couple of cops."

The Bradys put the doppelganger on tape and get him to not only confess to killing Fay, but implicate EJ and Stefano in the process. After he comes clean, fake Rafe pushes the camera stand, which causes the camera to drop. When Bo and Hope review the tape, the Fay confession is there, but the part about the DiMeras isn't. "Of course, that's sort of what has to happen, because you can't have the DiMeras go off to jail," points out Reckell. "But it was destroyed, basically. It lets the air out of the balloon. Everybody is pretty upset. Bo and Hope are involved in it, and have been involved with the DiMeras for years. But Rafe was the one who was, at this moment, drugged and beat up. Rafe and Sami, that whole family was dragged through the mud. So they're the ones who really are devastated."

Bo and Hope then hear that EJ had been beaten up, so they try and get a confession out of him at the hospital. "The confession gives Bo and Hope concrete proof of what EJ did, and so it gives them something to off and try to get the same information in a different way," Reckell explains.

Unfortunately, while Bo is questioning EJ, his blood pressure plummets and he's rushed into surgery.

Hope, meanwhile, is trying to keep Taylor away from EJ, but Taylor pushes Hope and knocks her unconscious. Taylor then rushes to the hospital to be with her lover. Justin and Adrienne find Hope and revive her. Bo and Hope head to the hospital, where they arrest Taylor for assault. Bo then heads to the Kiriakis manse, where he arrests a visiting Nicole to get her out of the way, too.

"Those sisters have their drama," cracks Reckell.

Scan courtesy of Forbidden Love.
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Spencer Hastings
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Give Taylor the chair!
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Let me guess....next week, EasyLayTay beats up Nicole (cause ELT is Sami here and since Sami always beats up Nicole...)

:flipoff: DENA...yes, again!
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Peter refers to Bo and Hope as cops.
Since when did Hope become a cop again?
Hope was told she couldn't be a cop again because she had been to prison.
I hope they explain this.
Knowing Dena's writing it will mot be explained.
Edited by AlisonLou, Jun 15 2011, 10:53 PM.
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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Why can't the Salem PD tell Nicole and Taylor the truth about their mom? They deserve to know the truth about Faye and not be thrown in jail just so Safe and Bope can play Keystone Kops.
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Why does this all seem like it's still about Taylor? I hope Nicole rips her a new one at the station.
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Earlier this week, when Hope was determined to go with Bo to the warehouse, he told he'd have to deputize her. Not sure how that fits in with the can't ever be a cop again, but this is Dena.
Edited by Keith, Jun 15 2011, 11:11 PM.
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Ummm, is there ANY fan base Taylor won't antagonize? Cause now she's going to have the Hope fans after her ass! And yes, why is this all about Taylor? NICOLE is the one who was worried about her Mother's secret and last moments while Taylor was making out with EJ in the limo. But I am a wee bit excited about that jailhouse confrontation, wait til Nicole opens Taylors little eyes about why their mother died.
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Why throw NICOLE in jail??? Seriously, those Brady's are a joke. . what a miscarriage of justice!! Sami deserves to be in jail more than Nicole, given her involvement in playing keystone cops herself.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy Bope working as partners. This storyline is just colossally stupid!
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This shit is worse than Tinda Lau or whatever the fuck it's called!
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Sounds like it will be a good week. I am looking forward to the Taylor stuff. Seeing Nile and Taylor in jail should be some good confrontation. I just hate that Bope is being used to further prop Loser Rafe.
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Good to see Justin and Adrienne.... but the rest of it sucks!

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I have never been happier to see a character leave a show than I am seeing Taylor leaving!! What an epic fail on Dena's part-- EPIC!!! (Well, the only other character leaving that would give me great joy is Melanie-- :) )
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I totally agree about what a failure Taylor has been. On a positive note, it has caused me to enjoy Nicole more. :wink:
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I can't believe Reckell referred to this as good writing. This mess reeks of Higley.

There's so many holes in this story, I don't know where to begin. Bo and Hope may be a part of the story, but it's about everyone else but them. They are exactly right when they said they are inserted in. They are glorified extras to move the plot along. I want to see what half ass reason they come up with to arrest Nicole when they can't find reason to arrest people that have committed known crimes.

I agree with the poster who said why not tell Nicole and Taylor the truth instead of throwing them in jail. I'm sorry, but there is no way in hell either sister would side with the murderer of their mom. Another thing that is slipping is that they have a murderer in their hands (Rafe 2), but they are so obsessed with pinning EJ for that too that they don't have their facts straight. They can't get a confession from a man that is clueless over the details of Faye's death, hospitalized or not. They'd have a better chance of getting a bogus confession from Troy that EJ ordered Arianna's death (doesn't matter that it's not true)- since they are into bogus arrests anyways. At the end of the day, the Dimera's will remain free and may even be able to press charges of their own. EJ's beating has to come into play, because Stefano will be out for blood and Brady's involvement may or may not be known (at least at first). Way to go.

This story is a layered crap cake no matter how you slice it.
Edited by 83leesy1, Jun 16 2011, 06:15 AM.
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Please write 4 Bryan Dattilo, Give him a love interest.

damn, just another day at the okay corral folks!
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Don't get up. So how are you? What happened, eh? Let me guess, Stefano told you that you could fly,and you jumped off a building. HeHe It's funny right, no I'm sorry Bad EJ, I should'nt be that cruel!

So bascially they are trying to manipulate Ej to say something? Working outside the law again? Oh how surprising :sarcasm:

I want to see what happens when Stefano gets involved, I can careless about them who got arrested.
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So the "heroes" arrest Nicole on a trumped up charge, instead of being honest with her?

This is the reason this show has gone downhill.
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This shit is so bad - I hate they have turned the Brady family into this holier than thou do whatever the fuck we want and cast stones at the same time bunch.

The Bradys actually used to be GOOD guys with shades of grey. Now they are just sanctimonious assholes. It's one of the biggest reasons I'm team Dimera.

Hopefully the new writing team realizes good doesn't need to be my shit doesn't stink lily white and bad doesn't need to mean diaboloical with no redeeming qualities.
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I understand arresting Taylor for assaulting Hope. She just simply deserves to rot in jail. Nicole doesn't make so much sense. She could have been told the truth. Bo/Hope know she's on the outs with EJ. She would have helped them keep Taylor from getting to EJ.
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