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Weekly Discussion 9/5-9/9; No episode 9/5
Topic Started: Sep 4 2011, 05:58 PM (22,123 Views)
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Sep 10 2011, 09:17 AM
I thought Sami's most believable and least annoying scene (though that isn't saying much) was her happiness with Roman over not having cancer. Everything else was tiresome and badly-acted but I'll give her that at least this was a semi-nice father-daughter moment.
LOL. I hated that scene. But I usually find their scenes more believable and natural.
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I like how Daniel came in in the background of a Vivian/Quinn scene. I'm not sure how I feel about Jennifer showing up for her date with Victor and Maggie. It's like her parents brought her.

LOL. Daniel told Victor to bite him. But it was cute that Victor was teasing him.

Remember when EJ and Sami got stuck in the rain when she was supposed to marry Austin? That's what her hair looks like now. It looks like she got stuck in the rain, but she's actually dressed up.

Mandy: You guys are probably sick of me freaking out, aren't you?
She knows me so well.
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I LOVE that Vivian is up taunting people in the restaurant. Reminds me of the old days. And that's the second reference to Vivian going to the bathroom this week.

I like that we can see Victor and Maggie behind Daniel during the Dannifer scenes.

I do think it's kind of cute that Rafe and Sami are giggling about having no money.

LMAO. I didn't realize that was SAFE's song, but I think that song is awful so it seems fitting. Actually, that song lulls me right to sleep.

When Daniel's not being perfect or grieving badly, he reminds me of me. Seriously. I probably shouldn't have admitted that. But seriously...when I talk out loud to the TV during his scenes, we say a lot of the same things.
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LOL. The sketch artist scene sans sound is weird. It looked like he was trying to draw Mandy's face.

I'm not sure I understand what Maggie's gotten irritated about.

Ugh @ these Dannifer/SAFE scenes.
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Sami really wants to toast to Daniel paying for the champagne. Now they can buy Allie a pair of shoes that fit and maybe have something left over to get Sydney her first toy.

I think the person who drew that sketch was confused. They were supposed to draw Gus, but they drew Nicolas and Dario instead.
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I know this is nit-picky, but there was something about the set decoration in Chez Rouge that really bothered me, the salt and pepper shakers. I have them. They're sterling silver with blue cobalt glass inserts. They date from the first half of the 20th century. To me Chez Rouge is formal/fancy, but certainly not vintage. They look great on a table where everything else is from the same or similar error, but to me they just stuck out as not belonging when everything else is so modern. And we got to see them on everyone's table...Vivian/Quinn, Daniel/Jenn and Magic. Couldn't see them with Safe, but I'm sure the flowers covered them. Makes me think someone thought they were a great addition to the tables, but wrong era.

Sorry...that rant is now over.

Now for my other thoughts:
1) I thought "Winston" should have stopped Daniel before he went into Chloe's room.
2) I really like the actress who plays Mandy. You never know, she could be back as another character. They've certainly done that before...bring an actor on for a short-term role, only to bring them back in a more permanent role later.
3) I liked the scene between Winston and Sami but the Safe scenes were inappropriate.
4) Loved Daniel insisting the champagne be on him.
5) I'm beginning to like Dan/Jenn together but I've decided I really don't care for Jenn. I can't say she was ever one of my favorites.
6) SR does being in love so well. Loved the twinkling in her eyes when Victor asked Maggie to dance.
7) Not the biggest fan of the Safe song, but I guess it's just a matter of preference. Didn't PR's wife write that song?
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Daniel's poem---okay, it was a really bad poem, which would take about two minutes to write and very little thought. However, it was a nice gesture, even sweet. But it was sweet, generic drivel. Sweet, generic drivel. . . well, that pretty much sums up "Dannifer". But you know, I think that's all they're intended to be. All of Jennifer's complaining of Jack smacks of her being so very not over him, and I think it's actually decent subtext writing. Though the writing bugs me when Jennifer seems to have forgotten her past with Jack. I guess maybe she's supposed to be trying to forget.

What's with Jennifer and Sami gushing at each other? My favorite Sami moments have involved her telling Jennifer off.

Gus is suddenly sinister? I buy that the same way I bought lovable Zack on Bones being the apprentice to a serial killer. I don't.
Edited by AHM, Sep 10 2011, 01:32 PM.
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I'm a little behind, so I'm going to briefly add my thoughts on Thursday and Friday's episodes.

I loved Sami sneaking into Lexie's office to find her test results. Classic Sami! And I was cracking up when Rafe caught her. Scenes like these, Galen Gering and Alison Sweeney pull off well. I hope they continue. More comedy and less deep dramatic scenes that neither actor is very capable of pulling off.

I thought the scenes where Bo and Hope were investigating the scene were very good. I liked the black and white flashbacks of what Bo and Hope suspected happened. It reminded me a lot of CSI. If this is what Noel Maxam and Greg Meng bring to the table, I'm all for it. The scenes reminded me of something Ed Scott would do.

The writers actually used Melanie's history (or the history we were told about when we met her in 2008) about her travelling all over Europe and used it as a way to bond her with Nicholas, who would have also toured Europe obviously. I love these writers! The scenes at the rehab center were good as well. MarDar definitely saved this whole Carly is an addict storyline. It was pure shit until they came on board. It's a shame it will be ending so soon.

Friday's episode is something I hope we get more of. It was great seeing the three couples, along with Vivian, Quinn and Gus, dining at Chez Rouge. It allows for natural interaction between characters not usually in scenes together. And it just makes the show much better, looking wise, especially when we see characters not being featured in the specific scene in the background of the scene going on. It's the small things that make me happy.

Sami and Rafe's financial problems is a great angle to shine light on. It definitely opens up a lot of storyline potential down the road. How does Rafe feel about pinching pennies and does he worry that he won't be able to provide for his family? Will Sami do something, like reverting back to her bad side, to make sure they get more money? These two can have conflict between them without a third person coming between them. I can't believe how much I'm enjoying this couple lately. Hell must be freezing over.

The production on this show continues to improve by miles. I thought those last scenes with Chloe whispering Gus' name, and then Gus appearing on the pier in order to plant evidence on Quinn were great. That has to be Maxam's work.

Shawn Christian was horrible in the scenes where Daniel found out about Chloe. Very bad. I did like his interaction with Roman though. It was character-driven, I thought. Very natural.

I enjoyed Daniel and Jennifer's interactions with Sami and Rafe at Chez Rouge as well. That's how I expected it to go down. Nowhere in those scenes did I get the feeling that Sami and Jennifer were being forced into a friendship that made no sense. It was just four people, who are acquainted with each other, bumping into each other and catching up. Great scenes.

I always enjoy Victor and Maggie's scenes. I loved her getting welcomed back to Chez Rouge.
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i liked this week's episodes. the writing has gotten way better. i liked the production too. i miss stefano
Edited by Alin89, Sep 10 2011, 07:44 PM.
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Sep 10 2011, 09:03 AM
I think PR and KA are doing well in these scenes with Mandy, but there's just something missing. I think it would have helped if we'd seen Mandy before.
I believe we saw her in at least one scene with either Dario or Sonny whom she knew in the past. It wasnt a lot but they tried to establish a tie. It might have been Dario and since his part has been cut maybe any story with him was as well?
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I enjoyed the shows this week when Ej isnít shoved down my throat everyday for monthsÖI can tolerate him in very small doses with Nicole and Kate standing by his side!

Sami is scared and Rafe tells her that they will get through this together and he will love her for always and forever! I loved that the old Sami came sneaking back looking for her filing and Rafe understood why and didnít get mad at her. He didnít seem to be surprised by her hiding under the desk. Very cute moment for them. The chemistry between Rafe and Sami is amazing, I cry and laugh with them, I feel every emotion that they are going through, so they are doing a suburb job for the viewers to feel this way, SAFE is doing there job and then some!

Friday I enjoyed the toast between Rafe, Sami, Daniel and Jenn, everyone has friends and there should be more interaction between characters. And how everyone commented on how happy they looked and how much in love they are. It was a nice touchÖAnd I hope SAFE can have more scenes with a little humor like Sami worrying about the money, under Lexiís desk etc. Because in the end it all comes back to LOVE, they love each other for better or worse, richer or poorer and sickness and in health! Amazing job this week SAFE!!!!!!!
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Yes, I agree that the shows this week were better. The character interactions were great this week, especially Magic and SAFE and Carly with Nicholas and Melanie. SAFE's banter is what drew me to the couple to begin with and I loved seeing that this week. It reminded me of old Jack and Jenn, which I loved! I loved Maggie not being intimidated by Vivan and CC has knocked it out of the ball park these last couple of weeks. It's too bad her character was slaughtered at the hands of Higley. I did not like the investigation scenes, though, at the pier with Bope. I cringed at how bad the scenes were. I know this is not CSI, but come on. And just now they are deciding to do a sketch?? All in all, though, a huge improvement! I am looking forward to the return of Jack and the rest of the vets. I hope it is as good as what they think it is!!
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Hope and her empty ring finger today!

Will be up in a while.
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