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GH Spoilers/Rumors from DD's Insider Lounge; Updated Jan 14th, post #138. Lots of backstage stuff involving OLTL cross-overs and possible s/l rewrites.
Topic Started: Oct 12 2011, 11:24 PM (29,127 Views)
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Daytime Dish

A recast Claudia is in the plans of the new HW.

Q: do you have any info on what RC wants to do with Liz?

Lucky is the plan for Liz but which Lucky is up in the air at this point.

Q: what do you mean which Lucky? are they going anywhere with Ewen and Liz?

JJ, GV, a new Lucky...any of those could happen but Lucky will be back in the spring and they will move back to L&L2. Ewen is temporary at this point.

I was told that LL2 would be together to end the show but dependent on JJs willingness to end the story.

If history serves new regime will not tolerate power struggles with talent. This will be an adjustment for some. Valentini has a history of writing out talent with conflicts (see RS).

The Jason/Sam baby is a go and unless I am misinformed the couple will be a go as well.

Hearing that feelers have been sent out to VMG, with an open ended offer to return on her timeframe.

Also hearing that Kate and Shawn will be leaving.

Q: Anything on Jax? TIA

I know that IR is keeping the door open.

(Answering questions about Lulu, Matt and Lucky.)

From what I heard LuLus story is up in the air. She is an integral part of the Spencer legacy but JMBs (Lulu) status is up in the air. All I know is there is no interest in recasting Lucky. As far as JCs (Matt) status that is still up in the air. I did hear rumblings of an inherited Cassadine/Corinthos feud related to Michael and Anthony's growing his hold on PC through Tracy's past mob ties.

Q: Is JMB's status "up in the air" because of her own choice? Thanks.

Yes. I dont know if JMB will leave. I did hear that BW (Jess on OTLT) would play LuLu if she does.

Q: Insider... Are TPTB considering breaking JaSam up even though they are having a baby? Have you heard about Michael Easton coming to GH?

What I heard re ME is that he will be tied to Tracy's story. I have heard nothing about him being paired with Sam.

I had heard rumblings of Faison returning. I had no info on TK. Sorry

I heard MEs character was to be tied to Tracy's mob past. No character name, or exact tie.

Q: Do you have any info on KS returning? She seems very upbeat on twitter. Thanks.

I have not heard definitively if KS is returning. All I know is that JL will be taping when taping resumes.

I haven't heard SBu is leaving. Speculation: If Jason leaves the canvas that would change things as they stand now.

The Faison information I have was related to the desire to have Robin "presumed dead". Faison was discussed as an avenue to achieve this after FH agreed to return. I have heard nothing re Robert returning. If Anders Hove has not been contacted then the Scorpio story may be headed in a different direction


Posts from other "insiders".

Q: Did your source happen to say anything about plans for Scrubs?

Well my source didn't tell me much but I did ask her about Scrubs because I like the Scrubbies on this board and I feel bad for them after evrything Scrubs have been through to have a shitty ending like this, My source said that RC/FV are negotiating with Kmc to bring her back towards the end and reunite scrubs and get them and their fans their happy ending and my source said the same thing as other insiders and the presumed dead angle is where it's headed. So to all my fellow scrubbies on this board don't give up because I really think Kim will agree to come back at least for JT and her fans

FV and RC have their plans underwraps be ready for a rollercoaster No One Knows what is happening!!!

(Answering a question about Ewen)

I have posted here before. Neither he nor the Liw are Cassadines

Q: Thanks. Can you share if their story will be scrapped with RC?

I can be honest and say I do not know. None of RC's storyline plans have been approved and finalized yet. Rumor is most of the current storylines will end and seague into a bigger canvaswide story arc

Q: Approved by FV you mean? Who else would be looking at what he wants?

The storylines also have to be approved by the network. Since Brian Frons is gone now I am not sure if that means they now only need budget approval but normally the network has yeh/nah power with storylines

Q: Frons is totally gone already? I thought he was sticking around for that "transition stuff" (so they say) lol

To my knowledge at this point yes he is gone. ABC may say differently to the public.

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I know this is wishful thinking but is there anything on michael and abby? That is fv and rc liked the pair as much as we do.
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Dec 30 2011, 10:33 AM
I know this is wishful thinking but is there anything on michael and abby? That is fv and rc liked the pair as much as we do.
Nothing that I've seen, Amb2. :frownie:
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More rumors from two anonymous "insiders" and from the insider known as "Happy New Years".

I hesitated to post these, because frankly, I don't like any of the rumors, but perhaps they will interest the rest of you.

DD Lounge

A few things with the new regime coming that are VERY possible

Skate/Johnny/Carly quad coming

possible Spixie/Micheal triangle

Liz/Ewen/Lulu/Dante with some Delores thrown as well. (that one sounds messy)

JC (Matt) probably out.

Q: Figures they get rid of JC when I finally like him. Thanks for your scoops kind sir or madam! Any other tidbit?

Also depends on if they can get JJ back. Or GV or whoever IF they want to recast. Then they would go with LL2.

Q: Do you have any JaSam info we haven't gotten yet? Thanks for the drops.

Nice try, lololol...My source warned me about sharing jasam info here.

Jason has a very explosive public breakdown that even scares himself.

Q: Just a few tidbits please? It's pretty chill in here right now. Does he lose it with Sam?

Sam is there, yes.

Sorry I had a call. Sam is the only one who can calm Jason and bring him out of it when he almost hurts someone else important to him and some others.

Q: So is there any couple that RC is going to leave intact?

This pretty much goes with what I was told I shouldn't talk about and avoid at all costs. ;)

Q: I think they meant Liz/Lulu fighting over Ewen and Dante being with Delores because Lulu is fighting over Ewen.

Lulu and Delores at each others throats as well.

Q: I can buy this. I don't buy Lulu having anything inappropriate with Ewen. She probably sees him for some therapy.

Why couldn't you buy Lulu and Ewen? I never said they were long term.

Q: Even short-term sucks. Lante just got married, didn't even get a honeymoon, and now they are thrown into quad hell? I already hate RC.

There doesn't have to be feelings, but misunderstandings and miscommunication during a disaster. Lante is still the story people. geez

Q: I appreciate your spoilers, but do they think Lante fans want to watch that crap?

Sorry. Maybe it won't be so bad?

Why are people twisting my words? I never said jasam and lante were ending.

Nothing even close to that.

The Scrubs stuff changes way too much so I don't know anything about that.

Tracy/Anthony should be interesting as well. Tracy is supposed to fall for him for real.

Q: Have you heard anything about TK coming to GH?

A bit.

Q: INSIDER...can you tell us when Jasam will know WTD is?

Sometime in Jan. Sorry can't be more specific than that, that story also has been hacked to pieces.

I don't know if its still a go but TJ was supposed to be HIV positive. (Aurora's question, who the hell is TJ?!)

Liz is horrified when Ewen brings up BC.


Here are Happy New Years' rumors/spoilers:

Robin's exit and fallout underwent major rewrites. RC appears to be setting up the surprise twist I previously dropped. (Aurora: That's a reference to this prior drop: "At GH, RC appears a big fan of Lucky's "death."
A "gaslit" story "could" leave open the "possibility" Robin revealed alive at a later date.")

A big mystery umbrella story in the works. This story will "reset" at least two couples. Sonny/Kate is one as RC pulled the plug on them.

RC working on ideas to re-empower Helena and possibly resurrect a Cassadine.

Carly's character will be undergoing some major rework.

The resolution of Jason's rages underwent rewrites.

The Zaccharas mob story was gutted.


From another Anonymous "insider".

Interesting tidbit and then I'm out. My source was outed to the new regime and not to the writing end. So I can only assume that my source will be gone...I will say this. Don't assume that Jason Morgan will live to see the birth of his child.

Budgets will be cut and guarantees cut as well. The fat days are over. The power has shifted. The inmates are not going to be running the asylum. My source will most likely be let go.

I will say this. You don't piss with FV. He is the boss. He will make the talent decisions and if talent doesnt want to play his way they will be out of the sandbox

People who think with RC is going to mess with jasam are in for disappointment. He is here to wrap the show up and its not going on PP. He isn't going to pull away from the only long lasting pairing the show has.

Sam sees the baby and mother at GH when she's there for Jason.
Jason and Sam go home, Jason orders Spinelli to find Franco and Sam tells Jason that she's pregnant.

Sam tells Jason on Monday Jan 9th.

Q: They probably walk out of her office and bump into Liz at tge hub

That is actually exactly what happens.

Q: So sam is with him?

Yes. Jason and Sam go to Dr. Lee together. They do an ultrasound. It's a few scenes with Dr Lee and Jasam. They talk about Sam's health. Sam tells Alexis.

Q: Do you know if the Tracy Anthony wedding will air or do u think it will be tweaked or cut cause of new regime?

I only know what's been taped. I cant imagine it would be cut though - too much to fill in if they tried to cut it.

Q: Anything on Matt?

He loses another patient to his research. He gets drunk and picks a fight with Maxie.

Liz tells Ewen about Helena week of January 9th. (dont know exact day)

I dont know exactly who shows up. I do know Luke finally agrees to let Tracy go and she goes through with the wedding on her own.

Preparations start week of Jan 16th. I dont think Luke and Tracy are done for good. Luke has some plan up his sleeves even after Tracy marries AZ.

Q: Second, anything new on Lulu/Lante you vwouldn't mind sharing? Or are they just in routine newlywed mode for now?

I actually dont have anything on Lante. Not that nothing is happening, I just dont have it in my info.

Q:Insider what week do jasam sees Dr Lee

They go see Dr Lee January 12th

For whoever asked where Tracy will live, I dont know.

Q: Hi do you know when patrick will find out Robins secret thank you

He finds out week of January 9th (I think). Robin and Patrick talk about her health and the new protocol January 17th.

Patrick is angry at Robin at first. Dont think it lasts long though because the following day they have pancakes with Emma as they decide on the best course of action.

Q; INSIDER... Do JaSam find out Jason is the father at their appointment with Dr. Lee?

Dont know. I think they do get an amnio done though.

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If they are dropping the Zacchara mob storyline - any hints about what that means for Michael?
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None of that I like. I really hope none of that pans out.
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(Aurora's question, who the hell is TJ?!)

This guy. I remember seeing the name "TJ" and really hoping it would be Tom (Hardy) Jr. :-/
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Jan 2 2012, 06:39 PM
I really hope none of that pans out.
You and me both!

This guy. I remember seeing the name "TJ" and really hoping it would be Tom (Hardy) Jr
Thank you, Spider. I'll never understand why, if they had to bring on a bunch of newbies, they didn't bother to make them legacy characters. :shame:
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Jan 1 2012, 06:04 PM
If they are dropping the Zacchara mob storyline - any hints about what that means for Michael?
I honestly don't know, Red. All the official spoilers make it sound like Michael is going to have a s/l. I don't see why RC & FV wouldn't give him one. He's perfectly placed - he's a Spencer, a Quartermaine, and a Corinthos. If the writers possess even half a brain they should be able to think of something interesting for him to do with that background, and CD has proved that he's a good actor.
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They (JaSam) bump into Liz at the hospital after the Dr's appointment with Dr Lee and tell Liz Sam's pregnant.

Q: thanks anything else you can share? any Elizabeth and Ewen spoiler? is Ewen reaching Liz out and she opens to him about Jake?

They are cleaning the slate for Liz, her feelings for Jason included. She will acknowledge that it wasn't what she thought it was with Jason and how she made it more but that for Jason it's always been Sam. This is cleaning the way for Liz to finally have a real romance without the past intruding into it.

Q: Does she fall in love with Ewen or Matt?

Ewen, he is all the men she has ever loved rolled into one. Why do you think they had him dressed so much like her dream of Jason when they first met, not an accident.

Q: Does he have a little Ric in him too?

What do you think?

Q: do you know why Liz tells Ewen about Helena? any Ewen/Helena spoiler?

Helena will play a part and he is "connected" to her.

Q: Are they more leaning towards Patrick and Liz?


Q: Do you have any info on when Jasam settle who the daddy is?

wont last long. Jason will state he loves baby before they know

Q: Insider, do you know anything for JaSam coming up after Doctor lee visit?

This story is moving away from Franco so WTD over quickly. They will be happy about the baby once shock and fear gone.
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RC is going to start off with a BANG not a whimper.
Robin is presumed to be dead but another character is presumed dead WITH her
Two longtime character go at it against the wall ( you will not see this coming it is GOOOOOD)
The Jasam baby has a twist coming( has there ever been a triple paternity switch on a soap?)

The only scene that will air is Jason killing Franco and that will be beginning of Feb sweeps.

Q: Spec or real info? Thanks

Not spec. Jason killing Franco kicks off Feb sweeps.

Q: Thanks. Is this due to RC/FV's rewrite orders?

No, Jason killing Franco was always going to air Feb sweeps. Just like Franco raping Sam was going to air Nov sweeps.

There have been changes to the story but that timeline didnt change. Most notably, Franco will be dead for good.

Q: Hi do you have any other info to share?

Dont have anything else.

Just know Jason killing Franco was always going to play in Feb sweeps, like Franco raping Sam was held over to Nov sweeps.

Those were specifically "sweep" events.

And that hasnt changed for Feb - Jason will be killing Franco first week of Feb.
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Just saw on Twitter:
teenystweeting Kirsten Storms
Handled some bizzznaaas today. being a grown up is tiring...AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE KIDS!

@teenystweeting I hope it was signing back on at GH! Can't be soon enough. :-)

Kirsten Storms Kirsten Storms @teenystweeting
@xxxxx well then you be happy with this news. (and good guess btw) 😉


ghhshirley Shirley C
@NancyLeeGrahn Figured I wld go straight 2 the source.Rumors are flying on the net that you are going on recurring status? :-( Yea or Nay?

NancyLeeGrahn Nancy Lee Grahn
@ghhshirley nay!

ghhshirley Shirley C
@NancyLeeGrahn Woohoo! Thank you, you made my day! I was ready to go on the warpath. Hugs. :-)


Two actors are gone. they will leave the show by midfebruary

RC is wrapping up 2 storylines by getting rid of the characters

Q: Cuz Dr. Lee does an official test to back up the home test?

No. She takes the home test, gets a positive result and tells Jason.

Jason and Sam go to Dr. Lee for their first appointment and have an ultrasound week of the 23rd.

With FV and RC in, any spoiler AFTER the month of January cannot be counted on. FV and RC are keeping their plans very, very, very close to the vest, so those JaSam fans who are determined to believe that their couple is safe may not get what they want. HOWEVER, those Liason fans who are determined to believe that Liason is reuniting may also not get what they want. (Sidenote: Sorry to "pick on" two specific fanbases, but that seems to be where the majority of the hype lies.) As of right now, it does appear that GW s/l's through January will play out for the most part. There will be minor adjustments but nothing too newsworthy...until February.

Here's what is somewhat known...

*There's still a chance that GH will remain on air as a lead-in for Katie Courics new show.

*The Budget is being slashed again. There will be actors who will be getting (not asked but told) a reduction in their salaries. This is non-negotiable. For some, it will be major, for others, minor. Also, how an actor earns their salary may change, as well. Example: Right now, salary is based largely on "star power", meaning the "leads" are paid more than the non-leads. It's being talked about that GH is going to go to a seniority pay scale, meaning the vets will receive more than the non-vets. So...Maurice Benard, Anthony Geary, Steve Burton, Rebecca Herbst, Nancy Lee Grahn, and others who have been with the show 10+ years will receive a bigger paycheck than say Laura Wright, Kelly Monaco, Chad Duell, etc. It's also being reported that Kelly Monaco will specifically be told she MUST take a paycut. Ms. Monaco is apparently, with Ms. Wright, the two highest paid actresses on GH, but Ms. Monaco was not required to take a substantial cut at her last contract negotiation. (LW did take a paycut.) This time it will be take it or leave it.

*The Young and The Restless are still hoping to grab Rebecca Herbst when her contract ends this spring, but unless it's announced that GH is definitely going off the air, it's doubtful she'll be going anywhere.

*Still no word on Genie Francis. It's rumored that she has absolutely no interest in returning to GH, considering what's been done to LnL history. But if FV adn RC can come up with a compelling reason, and a few major s/l promises, including script approval, she just might.

*Michael Easton is still a strong possibility for joining GH, but he WON'T be a re-cast for Rick Lansing. He may play a lawyer, though. Possibly for the Justice Department. If ME does arrive, expect major ME/KM interaction. And yes, if he does arrive, viewers can pretty much guarantee a JaSam break-up.

*Jonathan Jackson has been in talks with FV regarding coming back to GH. However, that DOES NOT automatically mean a LnL2 reunion. FV appears to not be interested in revisitng that much repeated, much tortured relationship. Also, those who are hoping for GV to come back as Lucky, don't hold your breath. GH will go with JJ before GV.

*Kirsten Storms NOT returning to GH? She's been out on medical leave, but it's rumored that it's make it or break it time. It's rumored that the reason for her medical leave are no longer an issue so she's been giving a timeline as to how much longer she can be gone. The show may not have a choice BUT to let her go.

*No word on the Kristina recast as of yet.

*Nancy Lee Grahn not bumped to recurring. As of now, she's still contract.

*FV still working on convincing Kimberly McCullough to stay. So far, she's not. FV seems to be determined to not kill Robin off. She may simply "disappear" leaving Patrick and Robin behind.

*FV not a Carly fan? It appears so. Seriously considering what GH will be like without the long-time character.

*Sonny without a woman? Possible. It appears that FV would like Sonny to remain woman-less for a while. However, Sonny may be going on an adventure with Luke. So...I guess maybe Luke will be Sonny's new squeeze!!!!

*Dr. Matt out? It looks like that's the case. He may also go off the rails a bit.

*Dr. Maggie possibly staying as a romantic interest possibility for Patrick. She isn't, though, Lisa Niles sister, and she's not a Lisa Niles-type stalker.

*Dr. Ewen is up in the air. FV is reportedly trying to figure out how and if it's possible to work him more into the show. Ewen does have a Cassadine connection, but exactly what it is, is unknown as of now.

*Dr. Steve staying. He's a Webber/Hardy, a legacy character. FV sees the need to keep him around for a while.

*Office Padilla may also be sticking around, simply because she's the only female cop the PCPD has, apparently. Viewers may also get to finally meet her hubby (in a short term, recurring role). There may be a Dante/Delores/Johnny triangle.

*Lulu's drinking may have dire repercussions (especially if Julie Marie Berman decides to leave).

*FV trying to figure out what to do about Spinelli. Not sure what he brings to GH and isn't connected to anyone. GW's plans for a Spinelli backstory was reportedly dumped.

*Also dumped, the s/l as to who Sam's father is. Rumor is, FV has no interest going there...yet.

*It's being spoiled that Robin asked Liz to "replace" her if anything should happen to her. It's being rumored that it's more like Robin asked Liz to "watch out", "protect", "look out for", or whatever euphanism you want to use. And Liz agrees. There is, however, no plans for a Patrick/Liz romance.

*Sam may have scenes with several random male characters (possible testing?), hence, the random, out-of-the-blue Sam/Patrick scene coming up.

Now, here are the Jason/Sam and Elizabeth speculations...

*FV and RV are aware of how popular Liason is.

*FV and RV are aware of how popular JaSam is.

*FV and RV are very aware of how UNpopular killing off Jake was.

*FV and RV are very aware that everything after 2008 regarding JaSam and the destruction of the Elizabeth Webber character was so ordered by a certain, recently outted someone at ABC.

*FV and RC are very aware that JaSam has NOT brought in the ratings bump PROMISED by previously mentioned outted someone at ABC.

*ABC President Anne Sweeney is leaving GH solely in FV and RC hands. (They'll have nearly full control.)

*FV and RC expressed great interest in reviewing Liason's history since 1999.

And that's it... Anything rumored of how JaSam is a rock-solid guarantee, or how Liason reunion is a rock-solid guarantee is merely that: a rumor. FV and RC have not, in any way, shape or form, let ANYONE know what their long-term plans are. Even February sweeps may not be an indication. Viewers might get a hint, but that's all.

But because I like to add fuel to the fire, here is what is being speculated...

*Liz will be the first person to find out about JaSam's baby. She will be genuinely happy for them.

*Liz's comment about her time with Jason being more than SHE made it out to be is slated to still be left in the already filmed reel, but FV may use that to his advantage, and Liason fans may see something they've been wanting but haven't so far regarding the couple (and I don't mean Jake being alive). Let's put it this way...Liz may SAY that she made more out of relationship with Jason, but the fact that viewers aren't hearing the same thing from Jason is very telling.

*Sam's determination to protect her unborn child may have disastrous consequences.

*Sam's Cassadine genes may sprout their wings at the most inopportune time.

*Sam may have to make the most difficult decision of her life.

*Jason's anger issue may come to a head, possibly with devastating consequences.

*Jason's life with Sam and baby may not be as smooth-sailing as they'd hope.

*Jason's regrets may have life-altering repercussions for him and someone he cares about (not Sam).

*Liz may find that the biggest threat to her life ISN'T Helena Cassadine.

*Liz may find that the person she trust the most is betraying her.

*An interested someone may find that it's too little, too late in capturing Liz's heart.

One more thing...I know that "BE PATIENT" is probably the last thing anyone wants to hear right now, but please, BE PATIENT. FV and RC did a fabulous job with OLTL, but the reason they never got the credit they deserved is because Frons wasn't invested in OLTL as he was GH and AMC, so it was cast aside. Sure, there were hits and misses on OLTL - there are on ANY show - but for the most part, OLTL was a well-balanced, well-told - not to mention always under-budget - show. I think given the chance, FV and RC could turn GH around. But to do that takes time, especially when a show is a daytime drama, airing five days a week, all year around for the most part. It's not like a primetime show where changes can happen much easier (so to speak) than a soap. So give them a chance, realize that changes don't necessarily happen overnight, and I think we're all in for a fantastic February sweeps, not to mention a great GH future!!!

Sorry I meant IK as a sidedish. Posted over the weekend regarding inaccurate drops fed to a source. Tonight I dropped IK as possible Amy Vining like character and Alcazar...taking Spinelli back to the beginning. I did NOT write a dissertation. Oh and I hit L instead of K Sorry for any confusion

Well nothing on JMB except that if she exits of her own accord there is a backup plan. I dropped BW in that regard. Oh and interesting info regarding KS as that decision had not been written in stone as of a week and a half ago. Wall do have ears and will be back when I hear. Source has left the building

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The Liason/Jasam mess is so 2006. I really hope the new writers don't continue that triangle from hell.
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Wonder if there's any chance of WK coming back as Ned. He's sure not being used on Days.
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I hope they bring back all the Q's. I don't care how ludicrous it would be.

I want Alan, Emily, AJ, and Ned all back.
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Jan 6 2012, 04:29 PM
I hope they bring back all the Q's. I don't care how ludicrous it would be.

I want Alan, Emily, AJ, and Ned all back.
ICAM. :applause:
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Rumors from "insider" Happy New Years:

Q: Evening, HNY. Do you know if RC and/or FV will actually be on set tomorrow when the actors show up? Can you say when RC/FV's scripts/stories will actually start? Thanks.

FV for sure.

Prior to the holidays RC began editing and cutting GW's scripts. As a result, expect choppiness leading into February. -Happy New Years

Q: HNY, I hope your little one is doing okay!! Do you know when ABC/Disney will officially announce GH's cancellation??

I do not have access at ABC. Cancellations are usually announced in the spring when the network releases its new fall season lineup. -Happy New Years

Q: HNY do you have anything on TRacy or the Q?

Tracy and the Zs mob story undergoing major rewrites. A big chunk was scrapped. Nothing on the Qs yet. -Happy New Years

Q: Do you know what Scripts they were cutting or what stories?

RC gutted the Tracy and Zs story, cut some Franco pieces, changed a big sweeps Skate event and rewrote Robin's exit and fallout. -Happy New Years

Q: Are they changing Carly/Shawn too?

They are the second coupling scrapped and "reset" in another direction. -Happy New Years

Q: So does that mean Tracy might be cut from the show or will she be back in story with Luke? Any idea if her future depends on whether they secure Genie? Do you think they scrapped it cause of the mob aspect or they don't see much value in tracy character/Jane? Thanks so much

GW's board included months of a Zs mob war. RC gutted most of GW's plans for Sonny's future. With Ned and Dillon under consideration for returns, I do not see JE in danger. The GF situation is a separate issue. -Happy New Years

Q: HNY do you know if there are any plans to bring back Nikolas?

It appears GW planned a Nikolas down the road. He had a missing twin story in the works. I cannot say yet what changes RC will make. His first goal is to re-empower Helena. He feels she has been de-clawed far too much. -Happy New Years
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From the insider = Serial Anon

So, I got an interesting bit of news today...

TPTB are thinking of redoing the last few years..

They wanna fix the mess, the deaths and the bad character writing with a rewrite as big as Dallas... however, this type of thing will take A LOT of effort and A LOT of writing extra stuff on the side while writing the world GH is in now.

They want something drastic to change the ratings. Anyone who tells you that RC and FV are not trying to save GH are either not getting the same info as me or lying.. either way they're trying. They really want the last remaining soap to remain on ABC.

They're hoping this drastic turn will do exactly what GM did for a dying GH back in the day. They want record setting ratings so this story will take a long time to put in motion. They have to figure out where every character would be and how everyone is dreaming of a fake world, and also figure out how to keep some of the couples they have now and fix the ones that shouldn't have ended.

I gotta tell you when I read this from my source I was shocked. They're trying to get it out and on screen by the time GH's time slot is gone... they wanna fight hard for one of the spots that may or may not be open depending on the Revolution and The Chew's futures...

As for the OLTL stars, they might be written off in the "Rewrite" if they don't do well with the viewers. They'll be watching phones lines and snail mail like crazy to see what people's responses is to stuff.

I honestly don't know how this will work, in my opinion, but I'm just dropping what my source told me. They also said they believe Guza set GH up to fail and they wanna fix what he screwed up.

I don't mind being called fake. It's okay with me. I just didn't mean to upset the board.

I said it was an idea being tossed around. I don't know how I'm confused. Since some are saying I am now or something like that. Because I'm not. I said it perfectly clear. They want to redo the mess that Guza left behind. How they mange that.. no idea. However, they are trying to fix the mess and that is just ONE idea being tossed around.

Sorry, I know I said I was going and I really am now. I just wanted to clarify that I am not confused about a thing. I dropped what I was told. And it's crystal clear to me. What is not is IF they'll actually get around to doing that storyline or not. As I stated it would be a ton of work.

Not really wanting to engage here so let me provide some good news

NLG figures, somewhat prominently, in storyline that will at through May. So you can mark her off the who is going list

This info is legit

From the insider called "unemployed source".

Assumptions have been made about cancellation.
In fact there's not currently a time slot and things look bleak
But RC/FV are under the assumption that they can manage the show
With better ratings.

Q: So you're saying that these OLTLer's ARE filming now?

No. End of month from what I understand

Glad to see my Emma drop got confirmed, and even fast than I thought.

BTW I am the same person who dropped the post in the IL about RC/FV not being in endgame mode. And lots of returns around Robin's funeral

Q: Can you tell us who is leaving and a timeframe on the exits?

Sorry, I do not. I do know that Ted King is expected to return, and Genie Francis is a "must get" for them.

Source heard KdP, ME, KA, and RH all have six month contracts on GH. They have a contract for as long as GH has a timeslot. None are recurring Through mid July. Source also said Mannings coming kept very quiet

Source heard Prospect is a powder keg. Expect the Zaccharas to be gone. On the critical list the Drakes. And Bensonhurst. Gone.

Only thing I heard is that talent is carefully scrutinizing their contracts and not only SBu

Source had heard that Spinelli was to return to the beginning meaning Alcazar. Also had heard he could be killed off.

Q: Thanks. By Bensonhurst, do you mean LLC and Kate or does that include Dante and possibly Lulu? Thanks.

According to my source LuLu is an integral part of the plan moving forward. Haven't heard re Dante

The caravan from Llanview to Port Charles doesn't include talent alone. Crew, writers, directors all at risk.

My source didn't know because JE is not one to spill her professional issues w others on set. Said she heard JE met w FV but gave no indication of her status

Mannings are brought here to facilitate John McBain coming. Mannings aren't staying long. Just wrapping up T&B with a little Starr(no pun). McBain will stay on and with Robert get rid of the mob element in PC.

If they get rid of any fan faves other than newbies, it was already headed that way anyway. And if they do, it's not cause of the OLTL people since they'll be gone. It'll be to bring old GH fan faves back.

Q: Why is McBain the only one staying? Will he get a pairing or "get an old one back?" What happens to Natalie and his child?

He was orginally gonna be here along maybe with TK. They're just using The Mannings to spice up sweeps and to bring him on.

Q: Thanks. Is there anything else you can share? Is RC/FV really wanting a Spencer arc? Thanks.

Of course but right now the players haven't been arranged

Q: As much as I want it to be true, where has it been said that the Mannings are only here for a short time?

They're only here for sweeps time. RC wanted a T&B sendoff.

Q: anything on jt and kmc? scrubs ending?

They have asked Kim back, re writting what was already written
RH & KD are short term.

Source said talk behind the scenes of timing of SBus medical leave. Why not while the set was dark? More are coming. Let's call them visitors. Dont expect actual pink slips for many. Just put in the closet collecting dust. No return for IR or TC. Zaccharas are done. Quartermaines kept but expect time limited. They want NP to stay to rebirth him to a Scorpio. The Mannings are here to stay. Look for integration with the Corinthos clan.
The integration begins Mon should be an interesting day

Q: Steve Burton is just supposed to be out for like 2 to 3 days, i do not see that is a big deal its not like he is out for weeks plus he came in monday and tuesday to tape

Source said there was talk. Not who was talking. In any workplace there will be those who think everyone's business is theirs.

Source said Sweeps will focus on those in the promo setting up their vision of GH.

Source said you will see some GH characters less frequently. If taken to recurring status they would be free to accept others offers. Attrition. Who specifically not known at this time. Source can barely keep up with all cast additions, and didn't have a clue re the Mannings. Source still firm on TK coming and BW in the wings. Also possible IK. Has heard nothing re MA

Source is a smart cookie. Wants to know how characters on a show now allegedly licensed to prospect park are appearing on ABCs General Hospital. Source said others are asking the same question. The characters are appearing as their OLTL characters. Interesting tidbit

Source will Liz continue to interact with Ewen

I'm hearing yes for Ewen Liz. But the JJ return is still hanging out there

Won't sign drops anymore. And sketchy info at best. I will continue to drop but I'm not into disclaimers. Source doesn't guarantee anything. What I found is that anything can be bullshit but if I hear it I'll bring it over. Looks good for Ewen, Tracy may play with Todd Manning, but in the business sense only

Q: You have any idea how tracy gets out of the Z situation?

Source said ELQ is going to need some support after Zacchara. Todd is silent partner. Source thinks Howarth and JE would be Gold.
Anthony dies. BTW Luke is not happy with the union and not hearing anything re TG

vNot sure what's going on there TK wants to come on as Tomas. There will most definitely be an Alcazar Delgado connection. Not sure if familial

Listen there was a group from India that wanted to take OLTL thus the Indian contingent FV kept on OLTL. He pimped that hard. But prospect swooped in for the rights headed by an ex ABC exec. Source says Valentini will use GH to pimp out this hybrid for the future.

I hesitate to go here but source says Sams baby lives. Maybe premature, but lives

Heard Spinellinwas going back to the beginning meaning Alcazar. Now I'm hearing he dies. Don't know who's supposed to kill him though.


From the insider "Little Birdie aka Tweet Tweet"

A birdie told me to look for Ric Lansing in the future. He will come and help Sonny out of a bind because Alexis can't. Ric and Alexis reconnect and leave canvas together during May sweeps.

I also have been hearng talk about Lynn Herring (Lucy) and Jon Lindstrom (Kevin) coming back. Not 100% on this. It would be for a short arc later in the spring. Possibly Nurse's Ball. Again, just being talked about now.

Q: They are doing alot of shit with a slashed budget.

It would be short arcs, not a lot of $$. Much of the current cast will be cut by the end of Feb. Watch for pink slips, many of them. Surprising cuts. There will be $$ and FV broght back lots of people in the last remaining months of OLTL & had big name musical acts where GH has had none. FV & RC have also planned many location shoots over the past few years at low cost. Where again, GH has had none. They will be cost effective.


From the insider "uncensored source:

source said its not over. GW will be packing bags soon

SBu will be out until next week. Characters I heard most likely gone: Ethan and Cassandra, AZ and Johnny, Maggie, Steve, Olivia, Ronnie, Dolores and Kate.

Already have one foot out the door: Ethan Robin and Shawn


This is only the beginning. Both for OLTL on GH, and possibly a new start for both shows.

Pending agreement and availability, you can expect to see appearances by Natalie, Tea Delgado, Roxy, Bo and Nora and Viki and Clint. Not in the capacity that you will see John, Starr and the Mannings- some just cameos- but if RC has his way they'll be appearing. And then there's all the GH people they want to bring back to GH before the end.

This is not just about OLTL or GH.

The reason RC and FV's actions seem so baffling to people here is this:

The assumption is that they are here to spend the next six months ending GH.

The truth is that they aren't doing any such thing.

Everything they will be doing from now, through February sweeps, is about bolstering ratings.

There is a HUGE Feb sweeps planned. It is an umbrella story involving the people you saw in the promo, the Scorpios with Robin, and a few more vet return surprises.

They are hoping to post big enough numbers, which is what the new time at Time Square Studios asked them to do. They have not been instructed to end GH...yet.

Q: So which timeslot will it fill then? seeing as how it's old one is gone to KC

They are working under the assumption that they can still compete for a slot against The Revolution or The Chew.'

That is their instruction from above. They were not told to close the show at this present moment, and have been given cart blanche, and money, to do what they can to raise ratings fast. It's very similar to the situation Gloria Monty came into over 33 years ago. You have an ungodly short amount of time to turn things around, or just finish the show.

They know that they're fighting an uphill battle, but neither Ron Carlvati nor Frank Valentini are in "endgame mode".

A lot of people's returns will be tied to coming back to town for Robin Scorpio's funeral. Some will be here just for the service, others will pick up some story that will keep them around longer.


RH (Liz) and RH (Todd) to share scenes

Todd needs some medical care. Blair to hate Liz on sight. It is the only thing Liz and Carly will agree on, but they may become frenemies.

Look for Todd to be reeling after his incarceration. When Tomas shows up everyone wants him dead but Sonny sees him as Alcazar. Sets up Blair/Carly combustion.

JC (Matt) staying until Robins funeral over then gets research opportunity

Maggie and LIW gone as well, not contract players. Steve is hanging around for now

Like RB (Raven Beauty?) I want to take a long vacation when it gets announced.

KS (Maxie) isn't back to taping yet.

The OLTL characters are temporary.

The only reason they're coming on in droves now is because the turn around for FV/RC between the PP deal falling apart, them coming to GH, and ABC requesting that they be ready to launch by February didn't leave enough time to have a full rooster of GH stories. The original plan was not to bring on so many OLTL characters, but FV and RC both agreed that almost nothing was working on GH as it is.

The OLTL stories are for one arch, are tweaked versions of the launch stories that the planned for OLTL-PP, and once this arch is finished almost all of them will be sent packing.


ATTN fans of both soaps.

The OLTL crossover is linked to the beginning of a new umbrella on GH.

The Who Killed Victor Lord saga is closed at the same time as the Cassandra ("Lady in White") and Ethan/Cassadine subplot on GH. They are tied together, believe it or not by common villains. Both endings flow into the new umbrella with the Cassadines/Spencers/Scorpios/Corinthos/etc in Port Charles.

Ask yourself what the similarities are between the two mystery people on both shows. Look at everything you know about their limited background history. Lord and "Lady."

Mr. and Mrs. Manning are mostly going to be involved in corporate intrigue and adventure. The two being looked at for new pairings are John and Starr M. The question of who John might gravitate towards should be obvious. But don't discount the once and possibly future Mrs. McBain of Llanview.

I was called a fake when I dropped RH (Todd) coming to GH. Life goes on. It's a pick & choose what you want to believe.

Q: Do you have anymore info? The Manning news seemed to have been kept tightly under wraps, was there a reason? TY

I already said yesterday. RH (Todd) isn't for the long haul, mostly to just bring ME (John) & KA (Starr) on. Kassie a few weeks longer, not permanent.

Q: so mcbain will be for the long haul?


Q: Do you have anything on the JaSam baby story?

no. sorry.

Q: Insider-- NB is saying 2 more OLTL actors are apparently joining GH. Do you know who it might be, aside from TK?

I'd rather not. sorry.

That bad, eh? Is it just 2 including TK, or more?

More...Over then next 6 weeks expect at least 8.

Q: I don't think any of them are long term.

4 [are long term]

Q: 8 plus the 4 already announced?

8 total.

I have enjoyed dropping here. [My] source lost [his/her] job so there's no love lost there. I've tried to bring what I've heard. Valentini is not saving what you knew as GH. He's marketing a hybrid and people are getting axed. ABC has been behind this and Valentini is a businessman and can be a cut throat. Ask Strasser. It's coming and it's not going to be pretty.


The TSJ addition isn't going over well at Prospect. Source said the four already announced are 6 month contracts. TK also contract. TSJ had major issues with ABCD but looks like Valentini is going to get his way. Still hearing BW. Nothing on MA. nothing on Lozano ...yet

Q: you hear anything on them bringing back anymore old school vets fromm GH?

Nothing new on GH cast. Source said Lozanos (Tea) character is pregnant. They want her but she has ties to NYC and theater

Yesterday I told you who [my] source heard was out. Nothing new today. Big buzz was TSJ. When I say a surprise I mean a shock. ABC was instrumental in him leaving. Bad blood expected so Propect was shocked

Source said RC has been tweaking scenes. His influence is evident. He is working on wrapping things. Franco/Jason today and Luke/Ethan.

Q: TG [Luke] is out too?

Haven't heard that. Luke /Ethan dialogue added part of Luke story reconstruction making Laura his soulmate.

Q: so are you hearing genie is secured yet? So are they dropping the part with luke not being happy wiht tracy/az marriage stuff since they are reconstructing LnL?
Nothing more on Tracy huh or the Qs?

I have AZ dying. Tracy at ELQ and interaction with Todd Asked source which Todd. They just laughed they are going to ask

Q: so all the drops of the Mannings being for sweeps only seem to be wrong then if SID said they are all contract actors

Yep my source said 6 months and if anyone thinks this show is lasting longer than that on ABC they are delusional. This is Valentini marketing the hybrid product

I'm sorry if my comment, about anyone believing GH would stay on longer than 6 months was delusional, if that offended I apologize. That is what source said

Source said GH is finished taping in July. Valentini trying to market hybrid to other sources. I dropped last night there was an investor from India that wanted to purchase rights to OLTL.

Q: How did [ravenbeauty] screw up? Backing what horse? I hate cryptic stuff like that.

Valentini and company were seen as the saviors. This is a business and they have a hybrid to market. Their connection with ABC brass is tight. The prospect park deal was tied up with ABC ABC didn't want a legitimate offer for the rights to OLTL. It was on the table and prospect park swooped in. They knew all along.

Q: Do you know who will be cut to make way for oltl-ers?

Source said both Zaccharas, Spinelli, Matt, LIW, Maggie, Kate, Olivia, Dante possibly and Today I heard possibly Patrick

Here is my last information from source and this is based on buzz at Prospect. I had initially dropped that GW was out but people wanted to know why he stayed when Valentini and co were hired. Speculation is that GW has been part of the plan w Valentini and co all along. Source said once a scab always a scab.

Q: Unemployed Source - is that cut list certain..like without any doubt?

Nothing is certain and I'm sorry if the list is incorrect. The situation is influx. I don't know who might choose to walk or anything about their contract statuses

I have passed along who source heard would be out. For me many make no sense. I could see the Zaccharas and the Bensonhurst people going with the exception of Dante. If they are going to do Robins story right they would keep Patrick and Matt. Called source and this was exactly what was said, "it's a mess. Almost everyone thinks they [Patrick and Matt] are leaving."

I'm not going to drop anymore talent information. It's not a good time. And I apologize. I believe that much of what I have heard from source has been driven by the backstage anxiety going on.

There are three stories. They'll start taping these next week. It's likely details will emerge after taping. They usually do. The stories will intersect later,maybe early March, not sure, at which some people will be out because you're looking at 5 months of storyline around the intersection.

Just talked to source. asked who's the most pissed off based on RBs drop source will find out

I do know that CT [Helena] taped with Stelly. But she also taped with BH [Liz].

I threw in the BH was leaving crap because I knew people would buy into it.

Q: do you know what the jasam/helena scenes are about? tia

She is lurking around GH. Pretty sure Liz is around there too.

Q: DB insider... Anything on E&E?

They still are taping lots of scenes. Some with Matt too.


Douchebag Insider

Q: Douchebag Insider (lawd it feels so wrong addressing an insider like this lol), anything on Jason? Please, would love to know that his fist of doom and his head stuff is OVER. TIA

He is mostly in the baby story. Don't know about his poor widdle head and fist.


Douchebag Insider

Q: Why are you so angry at us? Not everyone tries to bait or insults Insiders either. Most of us have manners.

I'm angry because I have ALWAYS came here and dropped the truth and no one ever believes me.

Yet they are quick to believe stupid shit.

Like BH is fired every 10 seconds and this new horse shit that FV has total control and answers to no one and has a secret plot to turn GH into OLTL like Voldermort wanted to kill Harry Potter.

THAT is why I am angry.


Douchebag Insider

Q: Is the baby confirmed to be Jason's please DB, give me something positive.

Yes the baby is Jasons.

Lots of baby story coming up.

With Alexis, Monica involved.

Alexis is also involved with Ethan and Helena.


Douchebag Insider

Q: douchbag is there any Lante coming up? Are Julie and Dom taping alot together?

Ya they mostly tape with each other.

Guess that is good.


Douchebag Insider

Q: So any info on Tracy by any chance? LOL

She has got some interesting stuff coming up with Michael.
The Anthony mob crap was GW's fucked up way of bringing the Q's back to the front.
Ya know making them about the mob of course.

Douchebag Insider

Q: But I doubt it will go anywhere though right cause I don't think Jane is probably even around working

She had some stuff this week.
Not sure when.

Q: anything on luke?

I've got nothing on Luke sorry.
Trazy is mostly with AZ who isn't dead...yet.

The Genie debacle was one of the reasons JFP lost her job.
Anyone who tells you they are sure she is coming to GH is liar.

That would mean Genie would have to

a) want to

b) The Bells/CBS/SONY would agree to loan her to the competition.

And yes Y&R UP HERE, GH down here...but still competition none the less.


Douchebag Insider



Trust me you don't know who I am.

And now that I owe you anything.

But I have never been on an OLTL board in my life.

Don't know anything much about OLTL and never said I did...


Douchebag Insider

Q: That couplling put soaps on the map, for YnR to be stingy for a short time doesn't make sense. Being gracious and giving a nod to soap history costs them nothing.

You clearly know nothing about the TV business. It IS all stinginess and greed.
For Y&R to do GH a favor it would take an act of graciousness and class that doesn't exist in the entertainment business. That being said, I'm not saying it won't EVER happen.

Y&R was never asking for BH.
Poor girl.
She was the one asking the other shows in town for a job.
They let her go from GH because Guza was more of a douchebag than I am.
Luckily JFP won that round.


Douchebag Insider (who likes Liz and Becky AND JASAM and doesn't need her fired, SUCK IT)

Q: Umm Genie Francis just gave an interview a month ago and she said, twice in fact, that she really wants to come back to GH and that she's hoping Y&R let her. So the "want to" portion of your drop is covered.

Oh wow. I guess that would be the first time an actress lied to the fans then.


Douchebag Insider

Q: Do you know why Jake's death was written the way it was? Like, why did they have Elizabeth reading mail and the time, and why did they make it a whodunit with a drunk driver and several others on the road that night?

Because Liz was supposed to leave town over it because she couldn't deal with the guilt of it being her "fault".

But that was stupid and they changed that, and JFP fought to get BH her job back so Guza had to change what happened to Liz. It was all stupid and a waste of time and they killed a baby for it.

Another reason Guza is gone.

Now this really is my last post.


Douchebag Insider

Q: Just a quick question before you run. Given the high cost of soap production and declining audiences, why would Lee and Dummer want to save the show? I am genuinely curious, moreso as a business question, than a fan question. Thanks

Vicki is a fan
The past regime decimated ABCDaytime
The Chew blows
The Revolution Blows Harder
They need a strong lead in for Katie Couric

Oh wait I must be wrong because I can't get this info from call times!

*rollen my fucking eyes*


Douchebag Insider

p.s. I guess I'm not leaving...I love a good fight what can I say

Q: I heard guza didn't talk to JFP for like three weeks after she rehired BH [Liz]. Good lord. did he hate BH that much?

No it was just about not getting his way.
Perpetual child.
He would also hang on up execs who didn't agree with him.

Oh to the ones that keep asking I don't know anything about JJ coming back.
But knowing nothing doesn't mean it won't happen.
I DO know that he never did that well in the FGs.
Probably because 4th grade plays are written better than that character.


Douchebag Insider

Q: I read NB/Becky taped alot together - do you think there is chances Ewen and Liz might be a couple in your opinion?

He isn't someone you WANT Liz to be with. Except they do look pretty together.


Douchebag Insider
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WOW so much stuff ! Does anyone have any other info about Chad Duell and Michael ?
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