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All-Time Favorite Wedding?
Topic Started: Dec 15 2011, 10:19 PM (1,064 Views)
The Room Stops
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I'm watching Roman (John) and Marlena's 1986 wedding, and I thought we'd turn it into a little discussion of our favorite weddings (and maybe least favorite too). Which one's your favorite? Who's did you hate?

My favorite, obviously, would be Roman/John and Marlena's wedding from 1986. August 22, 1986. The dress was so 80s, and the headpiece was a little cake topper... but it's the most beautiful, romantic wedding with just superbly written vows and lovely realistic touches. The twins didn't walk down the isle on their own, so he went to get them. RoJohn being unable to wait to kiss her which makes everybody laugh. And their poem (Roman/Marlena) being recited.


Marlena: I love you. It's that simple. I love you. I thought I lost you and then I got you back. I got you back. You know I always belived that having someone come into your life that you could love as fully and completely is very rare and very special. And something to be cherished. And I do cherish what we had. I held onto that when you were gone and it saw me through some unbearable pain. I'm so glad we had it. Most people go through their whole lives and never have that you know. Not us. We got to have it twice in this lifetime. I know what it's life to be without you. For a month, or a week, or a day. I was. For 17 months and three weeks and two days. That's how long I hurt. That's how long my heart ached to be with you. It was worth it though, to be back with you... now. We're not just lucky you know, we're more than lucky. We're more than blessed. We're twice blessed. I love you. I love you.

Roman/John: Doc. Circumstances here have kinda... well kinda dealt us a funny hand. And there are things in my life, which include our life, that I don't remember. But I do remember the first time that I saw you - after I came back again. You were in the hospital, and you were working, and... I had no idea of who I was in my past, but there was a major connection there. And my heart stopped. They can take a human being and they can do a lot of things to him, but they can't take away his love. I love you and it is that simple. I know there's alot of the people here today, that might have thought when you were in the hospital, and you were lying in that bed. Well they might have thought, that I thought that I was losing you, or had lost you. But I didn't. I couldn't. You are my life. Sweetheart, you are the reason for me rising in the morning, and laying down at night. And I'll tell you what I did. Every day, I would talk to you... Honey, I would watch your children grow, and I would look for some evidence of you in them. And I would cry, for what we were missing together. Oh honey, we just... are meant to be together and I'm so happy that we are. I love you.
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From DAYS:
Bo & Hope's England Wedding.
John & Marlena's first wedding when he was Roman.
Austin & Sami's wedding when Carrie punched Sami out.
John & Kristen/Susan's wedding.
Austin & Sami's Vegas Wedding.

Ryan & Victoria's when Tricia shot and killed Ryan.

I like drama at the weddings lol.
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Classic Soap Fan

Favorite soap wedding of all time? For me, there's no debate -- Cruz & Eden's from Santa Barbara. I *still* cry during that damn thing. For the day of the wedding episode, they even played the bridal march over the opening instead of the typical theme. Hell, that whole damn week of the show is awsome.
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Ryan & Victoria's wedding. I had been waiting for years to see them finally get back together and I had no idea Tricia was gonna shoot him.

Nick & Sharon's 1996 wedding. I was a huge fan and they were my first soap couple. I think that was the first soap wedding, I ever remember watching.

I haven't watched a good soap wedding in a long time.

The ones I've seen on YT but didn't see in real time:

Bo & Hope's England Wedding
Ned & Lois Wedding in NY
Robert & Anna's Flashback Wedding in Italy and in 1991 (Even though the fashion was horrid it was still a beautiful outdoor wedding. The music they used for the wedding was to die for.)
Sonny & Brenda's 1997 almost wedding. (They didn't get married but drama wise it was perfect. Brenda thinking Sonny had showed up but it was really Jason telling her Sonny was gone. *cold*)
Josh and Reva's 1st wedding. It looked like a movie.
"I take thee Cord..." Tina & Max's almost wedding. LOL Friends totally ripped off them.

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I can't just choose one, so here's one per show (sort of).

John/Marlena in (what I believe was )1999.
This one was just nice. They'd been through so much and it was good to finally get the payoff. I loved the way John/Marlena gave a little speech to all the kids.

(the one where he died). :censored: Tricia. But that was some good drama.

Todd and Tea 2009
Just because of the "We hate each other, right?" part of the vows. How often does that happen in a wedding both people want

honorable mention -
John and Susan - technically a vow renewal
For the ridiculousness of it all. The outfits and Laura slapping Susan's teeth out of her mouth are classic. Of course the really good stuff came after the ceremony fell apart.
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John/Marlena 1999
Sami/Lucas 2007
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My favorite weddings tend to be when something really dramatic happens, Tina and Cord had a couple of these types with Tina showing up alive at his wedding to Kate and then Tina saying Cord at her wedding to Max. Both of Adam/Ericas' weddings were fun. I thought it was cool how Adam/Dixie got married during a thunderstorm -- foreshadowing things to come. The first Nina and Cliff wedding was probably the most elaborate AMC wedding.
And I'll admit, I do have a soft spot for Cecily and Nico's Maui wedding.
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My favorite wedding is Luke & Laura in 1981.

Honorable mentions:

Nikki & Victor 1981(Y/R)
Nina & Cliff(AMC)
Cord & Tina (OLTL)
Edited by bellajewel, Nov 21 2012, 01:21 PM.
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John and Marlena 1999
Lucas and Sami 2007
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Bright Eyes
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Cord and Tina rule soap weddings.
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Billy and Victoria's wedding (2010), Sharon and Adam's wedding (2009).
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Mine has always been Justin and Adrienne from Days. Loved the most beautiful setting of Greece and all that was going on during that time. It was 25 years ago on November 16th! I also really liked their second wedding too-- not all the bigness of the first but very romantic nonetheless.

Others that I LOVED were:
GL-Nola and Quint. Loved their courtship and everything. That was a terrific wedding!

GH-Luke and Laura--I can remember being in high school and everyone running home to watch it. Elizabeth Taylor as Helena--she was GOOD! :) Thought I would DIE when Scotty caught the bouquet and told her that they were still married! Awesome!

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The Phil and Tara wedding on ALL MY CHILDREN in 1976
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Kim and Shane (1987) :wub:
Steve and Kayla (1988)
Jack and Jennifer (1991)
Bo and Carly (1991)

Mac and Rachel/Blaine and Sandy (1983)
Felicia and Mitch (1988)
John and Sharlene (1989)
Edited by somersetfan, Nov 18 2012, 02:48 PM.
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Just gonna name GH ones:
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DAYS: RoJohn & Marlena 1986 (Didn't like Marlena's dress though lol)

OLTL: Bo & Nora 1st wedding with Little Richard!
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My reaction to current Y&R ...

Sharon and Nick's wedding in 1996. It was sweet and romantic, but also had Nikki's sour pussed face staring down the happy couple LOL
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Justin&Adrienne's Greece Wedding
Steve&Kayla's Boat wedding

Ned&Lois Brooklyn Wedding
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Oak Alley
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Bo & Hope in Oak Alley having their own private ceremony ~ 1984
Bo & Hope in England. Love the wedding episode and the episodes leading up to it, and the aftermath lol ~ 1985
Bo & Hope in Salem. Christmas Eve at the Horton's, hanging their ornaments, getting to the church on time lol ~ 2000
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