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GH: Spoilers Galore Incl. From SOW & SOD (Interviews)
Topic Started: Jan 3 2012, 08:18 AM (1,120 Views)
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Deleted User

Is Anthony's latest scheme serious enough to bring Luke back to town? (You bet!)

Ethan learns that the "Woman in White" is named Cassandra and they grow closer despite interference from some surprising sources.


Sonny threatens Johnny about working with Michael


Liz finds Ewen annoying, but still likes him which Matt doesn’t like at all. Maxie dislikes Matt disliking it even more! Maxie becomes flustered when she sees Matt and Elizabeth lying side by side on a gurney looking at “constellations,” as both Spinelli and Ewen look on. Later, however, Maxie is distracted from her concerns regarding Liz and Matt when she catches Spinelli pining for the Woman in White.
Spinelli offers to move in with Maxie since she just lost her roommate.
Lulu and Dante share a romantic moment as husband and wife.

A wedding announcement shocks Port Charles.

Maxie is quickly dragged into planning Anthony and Tracy’s wedding.

Jason is terrified after nearly killing Michael. Michael is relatively unharmed, but is furious to learn that Jason was helping to keep Jax’s survival a secret. This is the last straw for him.

A seething Alexis confronts Carly and later Sonny.

Carly levels Alexis with a question she does not want to answer.

Olivia and Kate have a heart to heart about the Corinthos family and dating life.

A seething and emotional Michael turns to Johnny, again, who happily recruits him.

Maggie makes overtures to Steve and even pulls him into an embrace which Olivia just happens to see. Maggie hopes she and Steve can return to old antics and behaviors, but Johnny has other plans.
Zacharra sets to work on Maggie.

Carly just happens to see Michael and Johnny discussing business and she’s not happy about it.

Jason and Sam decide to check in on Michael but are unaware of Franco’s latest threat.

Jason continues to spiral.
Jason gets news on Michael.
Jason flashes back to the motorcycle accident.

Jason’s attacks of rage return and he lashes out at Michael before dragging himself to the hospital to pass out.

Jason brushes off Patrick’s care, telling him that it is actually Robin who needs his attention.

Jason is trying to deal with his increasing bursts of anger. Steve Burton shares in SOD, that, "he tries to make the concession of not letting Franco run his entire life. He tries to have that not happen but he can't. He's completely obsessed with Franco and all the damage he's done. He talks to Spinelli, who says he can probably find him. Jason says go ahead. He made a deal with Robin that he'd get [his heath] checked out, but until he can get the Franco situation resolved, he can't concentrate on anything else."

Meanwhile, Sam gets the results of her pregnancy test, and realizes that she might be pregnant with Franco’s child. she initially keeps the info to herself. But by week's end, Sam is compelled to share the life changing news. Burton explains, "Then, it goes right into, 'I'm pregnant'. And that is the nail in Jason's coffin. He would probably rather die than have that happen, and that just opens a whole other can of worms for Sam and Jason to deal with, and that will take [them] up into the next couple of months."

No matter what the outcome, Sam and Jason remain determined to carry on. "Franco being the daddy? I don't know about this," says Burton. "This couple has been through so much. Up until recently, they didn't even think they'd be able to have a kid, and once that possibility came up, it opened up a lot of doors for them. 'Should we or shouldn't we?' I don't even know if they resolved that properly. But no matter what happens here, this is just another test for them."

In SOW, he says, “We have a number of scenes dealing with the issue of whose it is: Is it Jason’s or is it Franco’s? They try to stay positive, but of course, your mind is going to go there. If it is Franco’s, is that something he can live with? I don’t know. But I do know he loves Sam. He wants to be there for her. He already feels he failed Sam once, so he definitely does not want to fail her again. Hopefully, they’ll find out the truth some time in the near future – before it drives them both crazy.”

Of course, with the new regime change in effect behind the scenes, Burton points out that anything could happen now. "I don't know how invested the [incoming regime] is in this storyline, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens next," he notes. (S here- Carlivati's writing kicks in about Feb. 10th).

Jax is on his way back to PC - but plays to stay undercover. 'It's really not that much," says Ingo Rademacher in SOW. "I'm just in and out. I don't interact with a whole bunch of people, but there are some good scenes in there...it's always fun to come back."

Having barely escaped with his life the last time he was in town, Jax is a man on a mission. "He's unaware of what's gone on in his absence. He wants to keep tabs on his daughter. His big thing with Carly was keeping Josslyn out of harm's way, and now she's got a bodyguard living there, which just proves his point that his daughter is not safe. Sonny tried to kill him. He hasn't forgotten about that. He also knows that Michael saw him. He's not going to run away from that. He's not going to pretend like it didn't happen. So, there's a lot going on right now."

Ingo adds that he had talked with the previous regime about another return trip to tape at the end of January, which is now up in the air due to the backstage changes. However, he's quick to note, "If they want to talk to me about it, I'm certainly open to that. There's a lot of life left in this character, so if they're willing to explore it, I certainly am."

Patrick catches Robin trying to sneak away. She tells him she’s just going to Africa for an AIDS conference. He accepts this but is confused when he catches her looking at her will.

Robin asks Liz to replace her in Patrick and Emma’s life should anything happen to Robin.

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Lord this is all looks boring as hell! I'm a tiny bit excited to see Jax though.

TFP Android!
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You are welcomed Graham :smile:

Yup I would prefer if they keep Jax around rather than bringing in all these newbies
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right carly got bodyguard what did u do jax u hand michael franco then u handed joselynn to franco gj of parenting .
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