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Tuesday, January 24th Daily Discussion
Topic Started: Jan 23 2012, 04:10 PM (5,471 Views)
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Tuesday, January 24th

It is a new day in Salem

Hope and Bo at the pub
they talk about being at target practice
her dad and Julie come in

Carrie and Austin
in their hotel room
start to make out
Carrie tells Austin to stop she has a busy day at work and so does he

sami and rafe at home
she tells him she didnt really leave mad world
she is a spy ,,a mole
working at kates and letting her think she can trust me while reporting everything back to Madison , its great right ?
he says i hate it

Will comes in to the mansion and leaves an envelope for Ej
he starts to leave and Nicole stops him
she says im beginning to think you have been avoiding me since i told you i needed your help
he says he is busy with the campaign and school
she says helpful hint ,,,i suggest you make time for me

Ej is sitting out in the square
lexi walks by and he says hi Lexi good to see you
she tries to walk by him
he says lexi please , i was just hoping we could have a quick conversation about the campaign
she says there is nothing for us to discuss
he says i understand you are not very happy that im running against your husband i recognize you have to support him and not your brother
she says you are not going to make me feel guilty about that
he says no that is not my intention at all , once this stupid competition is behind us , somethings are going to be different either
im going to be mayor or abe is
lexi says abe is
Ej says but there are somethings that dont change
we are always going to be family
she says think again

Abe is at Jennifers house
she asks him if he meant it when he said that he wanted to play hardball with EJ
he says yes
jen says ej is doing exactly what we expected him to do
he has arranged to get the debate questions in advance
i have a way to stop him and ej will never see it coming

sami says all you going to say you hate it
rafe says what else is there to say
we renewed our vows ,we promised to be open and honest to each other about everything and you have been living a lie , we have been living a lie

Hope tells her dad and Julie that Stefano didnt deny he shared the safety deposit box with gran
he made her doubt that she wanted to know what was inside the box
she started questioning she might expose something that might hurt gran or the whole family
Julie tells her she is being careful which she has to be when stefano is involved

Ej says hey stop,,, Nicole is not here abes not here
can we have an honest conversation
she says honest , you were waiting for me , you know i come this way going to work every morning
he says i was waiting for you cuz i love you cuz i love my sister
im trying to bridge this gab between the 2 of us
she says you are so smug
you are thinking lexi will come around she will forgive me she always does
he says you came over at x-mas cuz you wanted to, cuz we are family
she says my real family is abe and theo, because with them its just about
love and trust and its always unconditional
he says father and i feel the same way
she says no you dont, with you guys its all about conditions and demands
ej says come on im really trying to change
she says even if you spent all your time and energy on trying to become the kind of man abe is
you will never succeed
he has the most amazing integrity, ethics and morals
you dont even know the meaning of those words

en tells abe she has a reporter friend who knows what Ej and Nicole are up to . They are working thru someone at the debate moderators office to get the questions in advance
Abe says why isnt your friend running the story
jen says cuz he knows Ej will claim plausible deniability cuz thats what Ej does , so
instead of printing a retraction and enduring public humiliation, he is warning me
i want to beat ej at his own game i want to get the questions in advance too all you have to do is say yes
abe says so this is whats its come to
jen says you said you might have to get your hands dirty
he says i meant being aggressive not cheating
jen says but Ej is already cheating
he says Ejs schemes doesnt work he will cover it up like he always does
jen says ej does that better than anyone
Abe says i know how much damage mayor Dimera would do to this city that i love,,,call your friend
jen says you are doing the right thing but its for the greater good
he says lexi cant know what we are doing
jen says we will keep it between you and me

Ej says you go ahead and compare me to your sainted husband
he is such a beacon of integrity and i am an utter disappointment
she says that sounds right
he says its an old cliche...but you cant chose your family
she says you crossed the line when you undermined my husband
you made me chose , you made me chose,,,she hits him in the chest
i chose my husband he is everything you are not and never will be ...
she walks away

Nic tells Will she wants to make sure we are on the same page
he says i dont know what you mean ,you run this whole campaign by yourself , im just a lowly intern , if you want some coffee i can get you that
she says we both know you do more than fetch coffee
i know that ej ordered you to break into abes computer and steal his job plans
we need to make sure EJ wins this election and
i need to know what is going on to with this campaign
whatever assignment you get , whatever it is , who ever its from you need to check in with me
he says are you asking me to be your spy
she says you catch on fast Will
always knew you were a bright kid

carrie says she is sorry but they are running late
he says i miss you
miss being with you
touching you
she says i know its crazy
all the work they have
he says if we dont make time for each other no one else will
time we made a date

sami says im not living a lie
rafe says you go to work for kate everyday telling her that you are loyal to her, all the time you are undermining her
she says this is kate , she has done a lot worse to a lot of people
he says so that makes it ok
she says kind of yes
you are not trying to see my side
he says i get why you didnt want to tell me
i dont know why you did it in the first place
she says cuz my boss told me to and im doing really well
he says you are excelling at this 9 to 5 of deceit and betrayal
she says police officers do it all the time under cover
he says we are talking about lipstick and perfume not life and death
seems like something Ej would do , not you

Julie tells Bo stef got what he wanted threw hope off balance
he says Hope will do everything she can to protect the memory of her grandmother and her family
she will find the right way to solve this mystery

Austin and Carrie try to find a day for their date
he tells her and rafe dont have much business she should be a little more flexible

Sami says you are comparing me to EJ
i dont think there is anything that you could say to me that could be more hurtful than that
he says im not trying to hurt you just
trying to get you to wake up
you convinced yourself that what you are doing is ok, you think its ok cuz you are doing it to
kate, someone who deserves it
she says dont condescend me
i have a pay cheque im bring in to support this family
mostly cuz you have a new career you are working on and thats fine but
you dont get to question me when i do what my boss tells me to do
he says i dont think that she thinks that
you should have to do this stuff
you are trying to find reason to justify it
she says you are wrong
he says oh really what about the candy wrapper they found in johnnys bed, he blamed it on Allie
you said lying is always wrong what if they found out about this how would you explain it

Will says im not comfortable with the direction this conversation is going
ej is not only the candidate he is my boss, so if you feel out of the loop with things
you should talk to him about that
she says very smart
but sometimes the candidate dont always look out for their own best interests thats why they need a team to look out for him, to protect him
he says you do a great job
she says if eJ gives you some future assignment it could end up hurting his chances , all im asking is for you to tell me whats going on in the campaign
she gives him a piece of paper
he says whats this
she says its the money i transferred into your bank account
and theres more where that came from
if i know that i can count on you
Ej comes home
he hollers from the foyer
is anybody home

jen says she hates doing this but ej leaves them no choice
she is going to call her reporter friend and get the questions , they will go over them and practice them , they will be well prepped, so that at the debate if ej thinks he has an advantage , he will be wrong because it will be neutralized
Abe says that wont be enough to level the playing field
i want an advantage over Ej the same way he wanted one over me
i have an idea

having the right questions is one thing we have to arrange for ej to have the wrong one
jen says he will be playing catchup through the whole debate and you will be wiping the floor with him
abe says this thing can decide the whole election but how can we make this happen
jen says she will ask her reporter friend
you are sure about this abe
he says ej has me thinking like him now
cant wait for this election to be over

Will puts the paper in his pocket
Nicole says we are in here
EJ says what are you up to
she says giving will a few things to handle
he says anything important
will says no nothing critical
just deliveries and stuff like that
Will and nic smile at each other

Doug tells Hope that when he looked at the bank statements, he noticed that the money always ended up in the same bank in Africa
Hope says i wonder if whatever is in the box is tied to the bank account
Doug says we are going to get on a plane and go there
to find out more

sami says i cant believe you are bringing up the kids
blaming something you did on your sister
we are talking about something completely different
you use to like that i was crazy and thought outside the box and you told me a million times that was one of the things you love about me
he says that is the sami i love and will never stop loving
she says you could have fooled me
rafe says trying to be honest sorry he is not jumping up and down congratulating her on her new job as a corporate spy
im sorry just worried about you
dont want anything to happen to you
she says this is just cosmetics
he says you are doing this to kate dimera
what happens when she finds out about it , she wont be ok with it
she says i have an exit strategy
he says she isnt going to be ok with, oops om sorry i quit, when you take a job its about the team and the
team comes first
she says i didnt realize that was your new motto ,is that like you and carrie she comes first for you now
he says you got to be kidding me
she says nope

ausitn tells carrie , she stood him up the other night
said she couldnt make it, so he made plans then she said she could make it , so he cancelled those plans and then she didnt show up
she says she was sorry
he says he got stood up for the same date
she says she is trying to get her business up and running so they can stay here
didnt think dinner was that important
he says are we important
she says im trying to find a date that works for both of us
he reminds her that they always found time for each other when she was going to law school
he wonders what they cant find any time now

Hope thanks Julie and Doug for going all the way to Africa to look in to it
Julie says they will make it a second honeymoon
Hope says she is afraid of what they might find
stef is implying gran was involved with something horrible
doug says stef is making it hard he saw doubt he makes people unsure all the time protecting himself
he is so self serving
julie and doug say good bye
hope says its amazing they are doing this
hope says they take the fight to stefano

jen tells abe her contact is wiling to get the questions but not willing to feed Ej the wrong ones , doesnt want
to cross a Dimera
abe says we will have to figure this out ourselves
we have to keep this between us , the
fall out could be catastrophic

Ej says to Nicole how is our little debate project coming along
she says my sources tell me, bam its a lock,, delivery in a few hours
so i have a few things to handle myself , she asks how he is
he says im more than fine,i have a few things to talk to William about
she leaves
Ej says so William anything to report
he says no
ej says no
Will says i wont have any trouble filling up my car
now that im rolling in cash
ej smiles and says it went exactly as i said it would
he says yeah except instead of cash she transferred money into my bank account
ej says the internet , she
is a smart girl
will laughs and says it was kind of exciting
i have never been bribed before
Ej smacks him on the shoulder and says oh look at you
Will laughs

lexi says what are you talking about
Abe says we are talking about the fallout from loosing the debate its so close and a bad performance could be the difference between winning and losing
lexi says you are worried about losing the debate
it doesnt matter, all you have to do is get on stage and they will seethe difference between the 2 candidates
one is a liar and the other is the best man i ever met
she hugs him
abe looks at jen

Will says how did you know that nicole was going to ask me to report to her
Ej says once you realize what women want , predicting their behaviour is straight forward
Will says i will remember that
EJ says she was very generous with you
the funny thing is that really tells me how much she cares
so dysfunctional but
i really love her for it

Austin tells carrie she is free Thursday and his meeting is cancelled
they decide to have a date on Thursday

rafe says of course carrie doesnt come first,you and the kids do
i knew it you had a problem with me taking this job with carrie thought you understood i didnt take the job to hurt you , i did it to put food on the table
she says its the same thing im doing you dont see that
he says no i dont
he says ok and puts his coat on
she says where are you going
he says going to work dont want to be late
she says you are going to leave without saying good bye
he says of course not,,, good bye
she shuts the door
she cries

Tomorrow...madison, brady and vic

sonny and Will
more rafe and Sami

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I knew from that one scene EJ knew Nicole was up to something. and he aint mad in fact he loves her for being soo sneaky. :cheer:

unlike another couple. :laugh: Rafe is funny. Its ok for the beast to scheme with him but when it effects their family. Oh no its soo wrong. bad beast.
the contrast between the two couples is glaring. I love it.
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Glad to see Doug and Julie on, angers me they aren't on more thanks Skye for recapping for us.
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I can't believe that Austin has to make an appointment to screw his own wife. :shame: I HATE the way there're writing Carrie.
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Why does Ej always have to be a topic in Safe's conversations :shrug:
I can't wait to see what Kate has in store for Sami!!
Abe and Jenn's plan is sooo going to go very wrong.. :rockon:
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tfp Skye.
Sami's hair was awful. I do like the EJ/Lexie dynamic, curious to see what happens to the family ties in all this election drama especially now Abe and Jen have put ethics to one side.
Really like Will strolling toward the darkside. Maybe he can pair up (in a non-romantic way) with Gabi when she goes bad and cause some trouble in Salem.
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Strangely Will had me smiling throughout this episode.

His mother wiped it off.

Then Ej put it right back. Nicole's got EJ's back! He knows his wife and what she's up to and he loves HER for it!
Edited by NikiLani, Jan 23 2012, 04:53 PM.
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I find it so telling MarDar never even attempted to write for Caustin. I knew it will not end good for them when TPTB announced they will be back together and happy but I did expect they will give them atleast few months before the inevitable destruction begins. Will anybody even care if after everything the show decides to put them back together again?

But this sexually frustrated Austin makes me feel pretty uneasy because Abby looks so much like young version of Carrie. All it will take for her is some late hours in Austin office, some spiced drink and the nature will care of the rest. It happened before.
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Thanks. I think I'll enjoy this episode. Sounds like Rafe didn't buy Sami's crap about how she's only doing this because Madison told her to. How refreshing for him to be pissy about it and walk away rather then be kind of against it then she sexes him up and it's over like they usually do.

I am starting to wonder if they will go there with Austin and Abby. Personally, it wouldn't bother me at all.

I was hoping that Jen and Abe would do something worse than just changing the debate questions on EJ.

LOL at Will getting a kick out of Ejole's sneakiness with each other.
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Deleted User
Deleted User


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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Jan 23 2012, 04:25 PM
I can't believe that Austin has to make an appointment to screw his own wife. :shame: I HATE the way there're writing Carrie.
Me too! Carrie and Austin showed up in Salem, with their love problems evident and so I'm not surprised they are going to be the first to fall. I am not an Austin fan, esp since it is PM, but really, their sexlife is almost non-existant and they have no real excuse, not to get it on. Carrie is such a prude!! Austin is practically begging for it, standing there in a towel, and Carrie is more interested in getting dressed and heading off to work. Another crazy SL I really don't care about, Caustin is not one of my favorites.
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I guess someone got waxed.
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Who did MR tick off in the wardrobe department?
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I never thought I would like Will going bad but it's fun watching him be seduced by the dark side.
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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

TPTB are going to make bitches out of all the Salem woman. Sami, Nicole, Madison, Kate, Jennifer, Abigail, Melanie, Gabi, Carrie. Almost all these women are experiencing immoral lapses in their behaviour. Interesting, huh? We'll have to wait to see what happens to Marlena and Hope... in case they falter anytime soon.
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The same one AS pissed off. :laugh: She looks like Peg Bundy.
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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

Jan 23 2012, 06:16 PM
I never thought I would like Will going bad but it's fun watching him be seduced by the dark side.
Ejill scenes were my favorite. Yes, it was totally fun to watch Will enjoying being on TEAM EJ. CM consistantly shows a great range of the many faces his character can play. We haven't seen will smile that big in a very long time. I think he might enjoy being EJ's minion, seeing him accept Nicole as she is, maybe he is enjoying someone paying attention to him, with a chance to feel important and needed. Wacky, but it works!
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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

I liked MR's outfit today, I thought this was very Jennifer like.
Sami's shirt was cut way to low and her boobs were popping out like muffin tops.

Both needed a return trip to the hairstylist,. Sami = Peggy Bundy- a perfect analogy.
Jennifer's washed out, librarian look, has gotta go. She has so much more potential.
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So Jennifer has a male reporter friend? Why oh why couldn't this be Jack? Why create a fictitious male reporter when you have the real thing? :shame:
Edited by LanaluvsBroe, Jan 23 2012, 06:38 PM.
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Jan 23 2012, 06:33 PM
So Jennifer has a male reporter friend? Why oh why couldn't this be Jack? Why create a fictitious male reporter when you have the real thing? :shame:
I wondered if it was Jack, and Jennifer was actually protecting his identity. Seems like a wasted opporunity, if it's not Jack.

On the other hand, if Jennifer is on her way down, maybe it'll make for better drama if Jack is out of the loop and as shocked as everyone else when she falls from grace.
Edited by Romancer66, Jan 23 2012, 06:42 PM.
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