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Rumors from DD's Insider's Lounge & GHH; Updated 4/5 in Post #46
Topic Started: Jan 31 2012, 07:28 AM (24,252 Views)
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Checked. Can confirm KS (Scott) and JZ (Bobbie) returns.
I have seen no mention yet of Serena.
Kristina is the teen return in the works.

RC has Bobbie penciled in for more than one stint.
Scott, so far, only one return.
February sweeps is still mainly GW's influence with some RC edited scripts and drop-in scenes. RC's vision will start to be really felt in March.

Just got this...Maurice Benard (Sonny) OUT at the end of May.
Just came across it in an email from a friend who works at the studio. He sent it to me on Friday but I was out.

Source says VMG (Brenda) deal to come back is all but done. And she may be coming back with a "gift" for Sonny

Q: Are they recasting Michael?

With RC/FV, standard practice is for RC to first come up with a story pitch. He then submits it to FV who approves the budgeting and then will work to sign the actor/actress.

In the case of Kristina, appears RC is brainstorming her return. I do not have any further details except the HW wants her character back.

Q: Do you know if RC's bible has Patrick romantically involved with someone?

Nothing yet on a new Patrick romance.

Q: I think they started this week. Becky mus not have worked much this week.

The scripts taped this week and before were GW scripts with RC edits. I took what BH to mean is the scripts they get next week are all RC. As i keep telling you this wasn't a one day are GW scripts with no RC input and the next are RC scripts. RC has been making edits to GW scripts since shortly after he started.

The scrubs story was the story that got the earliest edits so while the entire scripts were still technically GW's Robin/scrubs material was heavily edited. For example the entire addition of anna

Q: Oh My Gawd. So the last alive Robin and Patrick scenes are GW?

No. Those were part of the RC edits. I know several of you have commented on how choppy the show seems lately - this is the reason. It is GW scripts with RC edits. Some material like the Scrubs story is heavily edited or outright changed (hello Anna). Some are tweaks her and there. For example, the heavy mention of the mob war and adding in explosions (off screen) - RC's doing.

Q: Were there any edits/tweaks to the Liz/Patrick reveal scenes or the scenes of Robin asking Liz to take her place?

The Liz/Robin material was taped a few days after he started. Not a lot of changes there. A lot of changes in how Patrick reacted to the lies.

Q: I still don't understand the robin blows up in her lab I got the impression that everyone thinks her death is mob releated and thats why Robert effects Dante/Sonnys realtionship ect

She doesn't. She blows up and everyone thinks it is mob related.

Q: Where does she blow up?

I believe a warehouse on the docks. How she ends up there I have no idea.

Q: I thought she died in a lab explosion? Now it's a warehouse? Holy raining insiders. And here I thought RC/FV rana tight ship. Ever since OLTL ended and some of their stars slated to come to GH, we have been overrun with insiders. Maybe RC/FV aren't so good at plugging leaks, as they think.

Not complainng though, I love info and gossip. What insider besides DB said it was in her lab? I thought I read they saw some of the scene filmed or am I misremembering?

I said it and riddle me this why would Robin dying in her lab lead to him causing a wedge between Dante and Sonny like HNY said? Could it be Robin "dies" as a result of this mob war. Robert decides to clean up PC and tells Dante he has to chose once and for all. Why yes it could.

Finding a proxy that works for this site sucks. Anyways, I see KA dropped how long she signed a contract for. Well, I can tell you right now, ME was offered the same contract. Whether he takes it or not is up to Mr. Easton. They have no offered Kassie or Roger anything lorn term. They are just about helping their daughter interact with PC residents. As for MA, if Mr. Easton signs the three year contract, MA very well could come on by summer.

Q: Anything on Jasam?

Besides the stuff I'm sure that's been dropped? The head stuff. Jason considering after Robin dies to quit the mob. And the baby? Nope.

FV and AE sought and received B&B's permission in advance for her OLTL stint. B&B generously agreed to write out AE for a period of time. This was a courtesy to a recovering AE to help minimize travel back and forth.

Lulu's new career will be impacted by Robert's return and a Luke decision.

When you think of any Laura return, think circa 1993. RC does not remotely share Guza's view of her character.

Carly returns to her roots, and starts to concoct "plans" to save those she loves.

RC feels Liz needs to face a crucible on her own two feet. An attempt to drive Liz back into Shadybrook's arms will fail. Think along the lines of his rebuilding Jessica to withstand so much stress her last few months.

I do not have anything on a Alan resurrection. However, an Emily return under consideration.

Sam's rape will be addressed.

Q: Will it be made clear either that she was or wasn't? Any therapy in her future?

Yes it will be clear.

Q: Sam's rape will be addressed. Is that the new item that is sent by Franco to Jason? Is it cleared up with that?

I believe so.

Q: Thank you. Can you tell us if it clears it up that she was NOT raped. If so, I bet Jason goes wild for Franco putting them through that for nothing. Can you comment at all? tia

Yes. DVD states no rape. Sam has a new sibling.

Q: Oh Wow! I'm thinking Johnny! Am I cold, warm, hot?

You got it. Johnny's mother isn't Claudia after all.

[Responding to a question about Johnny/Carly]:
Lulu was supposed to be in Carlys place i the Johnny/Papa Z stuff. They gave Lulu the drinking instead of putting her back in Johnny's orbit.

Please, do not twist my drops.

I dropped RC was not a fan of the Zacharras. He gutted GW's long mob war plans and Anthony would be gone. That is all I dropped regarding the Zs.

RC rewrote Robin's death and fallout as his first big "reset." With Robert and Anna, the investigation resurrects ancient ties/feuds and feels like a time warp back to the days of old-fashioned 80s adventures.

I am dropping Lulu will be reminded her family legacy includes more than addiction and mental illness. When ancient ties and feuds are resurrected, Lulu is reminded her family's legacy includes crime-fighting and saving the world.

Q: HNY, is Sonny gonna be involved in Robin's death story?

Yes. A few things on Sonny, RC pulled the plug on Skate. They will be ending this spring. His finale is an exit from the mob.

Do not expect VMG back for another "extended" S&B story. RC is drafting two shorter Brenda returns. I have no update on VMG's status at this time.

RC loves the Scorpios. His hands were tied as most of Robin's story was already written and taped. He changed the ending to a presumed "death." Losing Robin will now have major impact on most of the canvas and launches a huge umbrella story.

He and FV are working out how to produce a Nurse's Ball to honor Robin's memory. Robin will not be forgotten.

As for Anna, The WSB makes a comeback. So do their enemies. Plural. A reunion with Robert.

I do not get breakdowns but saw an outline for Anna teaching Emma. This was noted as a nod to the Scorpio legacy carrying onto another generation. Mirrors the Laura/Lulu legacy remarks.

They do want KMc back for the finale. RC has a penchant for surprise! this character is alive after all, reveals.

Will RC write a "Think of Laura" 1983 reunion for Patrick and Robin?

Will Robin have been held alone or had company?

Robin and Laura's fates may mirror. At this time, I do not know. I am working off very preliminary information.

Much remains to be decided.

I dropped what I had on Tracy Q and her new role as keeper of secrets.

I do not have any update on Dillon.

RC would like Ned back. Possibly for the Nurse's Ball.

Ancient ties will be resurrected including the Qs with the Cassadines.

John McBain is a former FBI agent with experience in bringing down rogue CIA black ops.

RC is every excited about writing Helena Cassadine's final chapter.

I do not know if he will mention it in an interiew, but, Liz Taylor cursing L&L was one of his favorite GH memories.

The mob are one of three stories that collide into the larger umbrella story.

However, instead of focusing on the mob's enemies and villains, RC's focus is on ancient enemies of the Spencers and Scorpios.

These enemies will also interfere, "hurt" the mob and their interests.

Eventually most of the canvas will unite against these enemies.

RC is toying with idea "Think of Laura" may apply to more than just Robin.

Q: Emily????? :cheer

Very good guess. Also, possibly the original namesake for that song. Put this in bold somewhere, this is all very preliminary information for the finale-

Super villains, so powerful they can freeze the world, open up so many more possibilities than run of the mill mobsters.

Q: Have you heard any rumblings of a return for Kin Shriner or Scotty?
he was a big part of GH history


A Q hired a Spencer to go after a Cassadines treasure.

It appears Tracy knows something about the original Qs stake in the Cassadines.

Sam will be very protective of Jason who is one of John McBain's targets.

They will be adversaries. For some time. Until the real villains are uncovered.

Q: Do you think this will have anything to do with a Quartermaine/Cassadine heir soon to be born?

There may be such an heir already, and no I cannot explain further. Again, I am sharing some of RC's notes. There are pieces still to be signed, sealed and delivered to make his dream umbrella story a reality.

Regarding whether AG would extend on FV's terms or return for the finale, is one of those undecided pieces. I cannot answer what is not decided yet.

I was told Mikkos and Edward were mentioned as having some business history.

Q: Have you heard any talks about Audrey hardy, Jeff webber, Lesley Webber or Bobbie spencer?

Bobbie and Leslie.

[In response to Question about Todd and Blair]
Todd and Blair do not really impact story here. Starr serves as a catalyst for Michael's full Quartermaine to emerge.

It appears GW was heading towards Edward dies and Michael takes over ELQ story.

I did not get access to Michael/Starr's storyboard.

From RC's notes he is positioning Starr to encourage Michael to use money, not the mob, as a means to his ends. Starr adores her father, sins and all. This will bind them.

Starr is a Manning and a Cramer. She learned to scheme at a very young age.

Expect an update on Dorian's career, too, via Starr.

That is the little I have on her.

I do not know anything about SBu leaving early.

It is possible MB may exit early. MB remains very firm in wanting to Sonny's exit from the mob to be tied to Brenda. This decision is tied to the VMG situation. I do not have any new information there.

Thank you for the respectful discourse.

Q: Tony and Alexandria Q were lovers

Correct. The Qs were at the heart/start of the original Ice Princess story.


Source said Sam will have her baby. Perhaps premature. Nothing on Jason leaving the canvas. The explosive events will be redemption story for Sonny and Jason. The mob will be blamed. But a more evil presence will be to blame. Nothing new actually other than source has not heard Jason is leaving I asked source specifically about this.

Q: I hear that Sam & John will be on opposite sides, anything you can share on this story?

Source heard nothing specific but it would make sense since Mc Bain will be investigating the aftermath of what was supposedly a mob hit gone bad

Q: Source, anything new on Liz and Ewen?

Source heard last week that Liz and Ewen get very close. But Ewen was a very bad boy. I asked source if Ewen would be redeemed. No answer yet but source had heard Valentini and co want JJ back. Source speculates that Ewens redemption may hinge on that

Q: Are you still standing firm on BW and BB (Johnny) are out?

Source still has them out.

Q: Will this prompt Jason and/or Sonny to leave the mob for good?

Source heard that the redemption story was tied to teaming up with Scorpios/ McBain to find the real culprits. That would mean leaving the mob. Source said look for Jason to begin to feel the need to separate from the mob earlier than Sonny due to the baby and being suspect.

Q: Source, anything on KMc coming back in the summer?

Nothing regarding a KMc return but sources feeder said Valentini and co have been known to tape ahead and tape alternate scenes. Also the talent has been spoken to about sharing scene partners.

Q: Did the Source indicate if Patrick becomes a drunk like Daddy? I really need this to happen.

Source heard Patirck starts drinking. Also that they want RS back for a short time.

Q: Source, do you have anything on Lante? Do you know why they decided to have a Jolu redux and then changed their mind? TIA

Source heard the switch was made by Valentini and co. Remove LuLu. Insert

Q: Weren't you telling us a few months ago that Genie was being let go? What do you think changed? Thanks.

To clarify source has nothing of a GF return. Source speculates that any loaning would happen after cancellation Source says that Y&R s hiring of GH vets leads to speculation that if there I'd story for GFs character there Y&R won't loan until cancellation. Also not sure if I dropped this but BA is a possible talent cast on Y&R. PB is a big fan of BA.

Q: So basically Robin's death is a shake up the canvas kind of thing if I'm reading that right.

Correct. Robin's "death" is one of RC's big events that shakes everything up.

Take note, it may not be clear at first how much is changed as a result of Robin's death. The editing and even lighting may start to feel different to you.

Q: noticed with Lulu/Luke scenes is they backtracked on the whole Laura was fragile and weak route GW was taking it. It's like LL are being backtracked from everything GW has been spitting out the past 7 months. I assume its Shelly's doing? I know it sure isn't GW. lol

I do not know for sure if RC edited this scene. I can share RC began editing scenes in December and he does not share Guza/GW's vision of Laura. Expect more Laura mentions coming up and not in a negative light.

Liz is not the one who picks Patrick up when he pulls a Noah. Noah himself plays a part in that. There is nothing in the plans for Patrick/another woman. Never say never but right now that isn't in the plans.

Don't know specifically. Just that his drinking causes issues at work. If I had to guess probably has also to do with him lashing out at the mobsters, even though Jason has little to nothing to do with all of the current violence going down between Sonny and the Z's.

Q: Is JT still taking a month off? What is Kimberly filming now post her death?

Not everything she is taping now post her death. She has some Anna and Emma scenes pre death that are being taped.

Q: That great. Do you know if she gets a change to tape with Tristan ?

She does but not sure if that is pre "death" or post "death" scenes. They all think of her after she "dies"

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Hunter Tylo let it slip on her Facebook page that Jack Wagner is indeed headed back to GH. He finishes up B&B by April, than is coming back to GH.

Hunter Tylo
Will miss you Jack Wagner! So sad you will be leaving B&B ... Please let Jack know how he has been appreciated by all of us!
Like · · Share · Yesterday at 2:49pm near Santa Monica, CA ·

Hunter Tylo I think he is over in April -- then he will go to GH
Yesterday at 3:24pm · Like · 5


EmmaSamms1 Emma Samms
I believe the first show I'm in (this time around) airs Feb 28th. I really hope you'll be pleased.

EmmaSamms1 Emma Samms
I'm LOVING playing Holly again. Today I did my first scene with both Tristan and Tony. Bliss.


Q: Ie wants a platform [the Nurses ball] for kip and ka to sing

Or maybe he wants to bring back history? Because RC is huge about history.
Why would he have people have no history tied to Robin sing at something FOR her?

Q: Thanks, but I admit I don't get this, if Robin isn't dying of AIDS there really isn't a need for a tribute nurse's ball.

Robin had HIV. Robin was a doctor. Robin loved the Nurse's ball so why wouldn't they bring back an old love of her's to help raise money for AIDS? Something that was about as near and dear to her heart as her family?

Q: Who has history with Robin that would sing at the Nurse's Ball? Seriously?

Oy, okay, I'm not explaining every single detail because I don't know every single detail. All i know was he wanted to do a Nurse's ball in honor of Robin. And he was also told that this was a yearly thing people miss.

Liz did the nurse's ball before, Edward has, Luke has, Patrick has sang on the show, Ethan has sang on the show. Her parents. There are tons of people not on the OLTL side that can do it. I actually found this to be positive and dropped it. I didn't mean for people to get upset or angry or whatever. I saw this as a nice touch to GH of past. I'm seriously gone now because I don't feel like explaining anything else.

Q: Anything on Scrubs? I can't take anymore Jason and Liz insertions

Scrubs story is locked up tight. That's all I can say. I also can say it will get vastly better with RC.

Q: You say Helena is involved with Jasam is it bc of the Casssdine and Quartermaine blood?

I can't exactly explain why or I'll give away story that can't be given away yet. All I can say is Helena IS involved with JaSam&Baby.

Q: Do you know when jasam find out the baby's father???

I don't know timetable for when scenes show up. But *I* think it's before their run in with Liz. They're a lot happier when she hears the news. Liz finds out before Carly I do believe. Again, I don't know timetables when scenes show up.

Q: lol Steve probalby read that Serial Killer shit and ran out to the parking lot crying and shaking his fist in the air like Celie in the Color Purple!

Steve wasn't happy at all. He knew it would ruin the core center of his character.

Q: seriously. I don't know if the drops are legit but they were going to have him be responsible for Abby and then kill Olivia, and attack his mom and MIL and Sam. Spin I hadn't heard. But I was like really, Michaels GF and one of Sonny's baby mammas and his wife. There is no coming back from that.

Who said they wanted Jason to come back from that?

Q: BF [Frons] was fired? I thought he stepped down.

He was fired. The stepping down stuff was to save face, IMO.

Q: Do you know anything about Jason hurting Sam or knocking her down?

I don't know anything about that. I do know however much to my dislike, Jason's head issue ain't going away. And it seems the Helena part in Sam's pregnancy has been dropped. That's why Helena lurking around JaSam hasn't played out. IF it plays out the story is a go. If it doesn't, RC dropped it. Hope that answers your question and the person asking about Jason.

Q: SA, anything on Holly? TIA!

Nope. Her story is directly linked to Robin's and that story is locked up tight starting after her "death". RC made sure of it.

Q: Where does the explosion take place? Do you have anything post-Robin on Patrick? It sucks for Scrubs right now

I can only say where it's NOT taking place. It's not at the hospital. Patrick is going to get ugly before he gets better. He's going to snap at a lot of people. Not just Jason and Sonny. But anyone and everyone who's ever been friends or family to those two. Especially those at the hospital. Things will be rough. I'll be surprised if the guy has any friends by summer...

All I can share for now. But I hear Patrick is REALLY nasty to Jason about Jake. Elizabeth and Sam both overhear. Both come to his defense and Patrick rips into them as well.

This is after Robin's death. He's drunk as skunk and doesn't care who he hurts. He even tells Sam (who's secret is pretty much outted to all by now. The baby secret anyways.) that she'll bury her child before it's old enough to hate Jason.

Q: Do you have anything you can share on McBain's stay/visit to Port Charles?
Anything you could share on TK? (Who he might be playing, when he might start taping, etc.)

I don't know much about the OLTL folks. I have heard nothing about TK. But that does not mean he's not coming. Just means I haven't heard anything. And as for McBain, he will not be well liked by many. However, he does form a friendship with Dante. And I was told the reason Natalie doesn't follow John to PC is because it's dangerous. He tells her to stay home. However, we do see him on the phone with her. One way conversation but still.

Q: [regarding the mention of Stefan Cassadine] Maybe all the dead characters will come back from dead.

That's an interesting thought.

Q: *Thinks of many things I would do to NB for Stefan to come back. *

Oh RC wants him back. But we'll see how that works out. They need to get TC (Nik) back first.

Q: SA anything on Liz and Ewen? thanks

I don't. I wish I did. I like Elizabeth.

Q: How can it be if even ES states she is here for a short term? ABC stated she was involved with Ethan and Spencer.

What does short term have to do with it? She's a way to usher Ethan out. She's also a way to help jump start Robin's aftermath death story.

Q: Anything on Tracy? Do you know if this az marriage is legit or not or what the heck Luke is doing playing along? Will she be involved at all with anything else under RC?

Her wedding is not legit. The wedding was written by GW. RC is going to tweak it. Can't say how but he is. She's got quite a bit coming up. She's an oldie. RC likes people with background on the show. The bigger the better. Tracy is one of those people. As is Monica and Luke. He's got stories for all of them coming up.

Q: Anything new on Lulu?

Lulu's story is connected to two people. Dante and Luke. She's going to prove she's a Spencer in more ways then one. They want her roots back. The girl who stole Edward's car without blinking an eyeball. That's what RC sees for Lulu.

Q: do u have any info on Sam finding out who her father is? thanks so much

Sam's father story is something they want to get out of the way. But that depends on if they get the actor they want and if they have time for the story.

Q: hi SA -- any chance Lante has some kind of s.l coming up? Doesn't seem like JMB is taping very much. TIA for any info!

Dante's reaction to Lulu's 'problem' is pretty heartbreaking. Outside that I have nothing to drop for them.

Q: Do you know why they have Liz snooping on Jasam? is that scene going anywhere? TIA

Not for RC it's not. That was a GW story unfolding.

Q: Back in November you said that you thought Robin would be a victim of the serial killer storyline. Did you ever get that confirmed? Just wanted to see how truly bad Robin's exit could have been.

No. Robin was suppose to die of AIDS by the pen of GW. RC changed it.

Q: anything for Sam or is she just stuck dealing with Jason and his 10 millionth head injury?

I have nothing on Sam. Doesn't mean she won't have story. Just got nothing to share at this moment.

Q: Anything on Matt? Do you know if he's being written out?

Not from my understanding. But I hear from a source that JC won't be hurting for work if he is. I hear Days would really love to get their boy back.

Q: Anything new on M&M or Matt/Patrick/Noah?

Noah will have his hands full with Patrick and Matt. As for M&M. Got nothing.

Q: he's only back two episodes how can he have his hands full?

Matt resenting daddy. Patrick drinking. Two days is all it takes for your hands to be full.

Source says Spinelli/Mac scenes added today to set up Matt/Maxie angst Matt will go to bat for Liz when Maxie reports her snooping. Maxie will be right but Matt, along with Ewen will fight to get Liz reinstated. Maxie will be the girl who cried wolf.

Q: Ok so the guys "think" she is crying wolf because of her hate for Liz and previous lies but this time she is not lying. Is that what you mean?

Source says yes the men back Liz. Not sure what context snooping is. Source didn't know. Asked source re Spinelli as well. still has him out Source did not say anything about medical records to be clear, [source] said snooping.

Source said GWs vision of Liz is much different than Valentini and co.. What is being seen with Liz is GW at this point. Source also said that Maxie and Mac finding out re Robins status late is not going to go over well.

Q: If Maxie "cries wolf" that means she's lying. That's what crying wolf means.

Source says she is accused of crying wolf...because no one believes her but Maxie is supposed to be right. At least that's what I got from their drop.

Q: What? Now Liz isn't looking in med records but snooping? How does that.....Liz cant be suspended for watching jasasm

She said her source said snooping, no one said what it was about.

Q: kinda confused here you mean mac/maxie finding out this late isn't going over well wit the audience?

Source said over well with Maxie and Mac.

Q: What is the difference between GW's and RC's view? Can you ask source to explain?

Source said GW wanted to make Liz more interesting. Having more of an edge but less sympathetic. GW loved the character of Liz but source said it did not come across ( that is sources opinion) Valentini and co want Lucky back to reunite with Liz, although there will be some Ewen time coming up

Q: Source anything on Alexis

GW had some stuff with Mac and Diane and Alexis being jealous and the menopause story. Not sure if that has been cut

Q: To just end that story you mean? Will we ever find out why luke is being so strange about the marriage? You still think Tracy will have scenes with Todd regarding ELQ?

Source heard that ELQ would be in trouble financially regarding the Az/ Tracy union and heard Todd would be involved That was close to a month ago.

Q: Source are you still here?
Any new info on what tracy might be up to? Or if she is at all in luke's story or still az?

Source said Johnny's scenes with Tracy were to be longer today. Said the Solieto money played heavily into GWs plan but source thinks this is being tweaked.

Q: Anything on Kimberly returning? Feels like Robin and Scrubs are only ones not benefiting from her death. Can you give any hope that RC is going to do right by them in the end?

Do you ever get tired of repeating the same question for hours on end? If Robin is returning you won't know about it. It will be a well kept secret. No one knew TSJ/Victor was returning until his face showed up on screen.

Q: Do you ever get tired of answering for HNY? I am speaking specifically to them and that is why it id addressed to them. If I wanted a random anon response I would ask for that.

Not a random response. I spoiled several weeks ago that Patrick would be pulling a Noah and that the explosion takes place on a little used GH set.

Q: So RC had the chance to edit out that crap robin spewed and they keep spewing and left it in. Fail almost immediately

I can take this one. He could only edit out so much and still have material to fill the episode. Editing out those Liz/Robin scenes would have left the episode substantially short. Why do you think the Robin/Jason scenes were so damn short today? They were edited to the bone.

Q: I knew that they could have cut all of that and chose not to. If JC is gone a s Ewen appears to be following, I still see Patrick being the next liz victim. They were screaming it in these episodes. Making sure everyone knew it was Robin's dying wish so when she really dies it is inevitable.

No they couldn't have cut all of that because there was not other material to fill it. Notice how long the Skate and Johnny/Carly scenes are in comparison to the Jason/Robin and Jason/Sam ones? That is because some have been cut to hell to cut down on the worst part of GW's Robin's dying story and the Franco story and the others don't need to be.

Q: Robin and Jason scenes were not short at all.I would have preferred they left it at her telling him his brain was swelling and ending it before she once again started talking about her replacement. Then drop some scenes in there somewhere. The only scenes extremely short were Sam and Jason's.

Robin and Jason scenes were extremely short today and the Liz line was one line meant to try and illustrate to Jason that he can't be making stupid decisions to spare his wife like she tried to do with Patrick

Q: LOL yeah right. Robin still spewing about Liz being perfect for Patrick and Liz not saying no is enough to make sure the nasty plan is still out there for when Robin really dies.

Liz is not the one who picks Patrick up when he pulls a Noah. Noah himself plays a part in that. There is nothing in the plans for Patrick/another woman. Never say never but right now that isn't in the plans.

Q: Liz is so going to "save" Patrick. It is obvious.

No what is obvious is that you are seeing a hybrid of RC/GW scripts. For example the Robin asking Liz scenes were taped shortly after the new team started so they had little edits to them but as time has gone on there have been more edits. Liz was going to be interacting a lot more with Patrick these last couple of weeks but that was cut. The Robin asking Liz references were kept in mostly to build up Matt's reaction to Liz. If you notice he is the one obsessing about it.

Q: Noah is back for two episodes that seems quick to be able to really help. So Liz isn't the [one] helping? What happens to Patrick professionally?

Don't know specifically. Just that his drinking causes issues at work. If I had to guess probably has also to do with him lashing out at the mobsters, even though Jason has little to nothing to do with all of the current violence going down between Sonny and the Z's....

He [RC] had little choice to let the Liz/Robin scenes stand as they were taped shortly after they started. Go back and look at the scenes this week that stood. Neither Robin nor Patrick were in them. They were all about how Matt was reacting to it. Robin had one line but all of the rest his week was about Matt's reaction to it which then builds to his reaction to Liz/Ewan.

Q: The franco stuff is not gone because for some strange reason they get another gift next week that sends the headcase screaming It was already spoiled that it is the DVD that tells them whether Sam was raped or not.

They were supposed to get that by Xmas/NYE. It didn't air. So if they get it now then it will prob be referenced by Jasam but not shown.

Q: Thank goodness. A "PIZ" pairing would be awful. They let it stand and have now mentioned it too much for it not to be going somewhere.

It is going somewhere - to Matt freaking out over Liz and things ending with Maxie. This all sets up his exit.

Q: I wish an insider could tell me when and where do we see Sam & John in their 1 scene together.

Well you can relax because it's not going to be for at least another 5 weeks or so since he hasn't even started filming yet and won't for another couple of weeks.

Q: JMB hasnt worked. It may be when he scrapped the story, he now has to go back and add her in to other story.

You guys need to calm down and get use to a different way of filming. They film in blocks now. All the scenes in this set. All the scenes for this story and so on. No one is working more than their guarantee so if it looks like someone hasn't worked in a week that in no way means that that person won't be on screen for a week. They can film three or four episodes in the day they work.

Call times can tell you who is on what set and in what story but they are not indicitive of air time. and my last post cause suddenly I am in the insider lounge.
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Thanks for posting all of this. It saves me hours of searching around. I would have never seen the Hunter Tylo slip up. I love what I'm reading about Luke, Holly, Robert, and Frisco. Wow, good ole days. Bring it on.
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People are actually giving the new team crap for resurrecting (if I'm understanding this correctly) the Nurses Ball? Isn't that what GH fans have been crying out for for the last decade?
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I would love to see another Nurse's ball! They were always so good and so funny but they must have Lucy Coe back it. It would be a great tribute to Robin.
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Feb 5 2012, 03:17 PM
People are actually giving the new team crap for resurrecting (if I'm understanding this correctly) the Nurses Ball? Isn't that what GH fans have been crying out for for the last decade?
All the people at DD care about is Jason/Sam and Mabby or whatever the fuck those two were called.

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Feb 5 2012, 04:08 PM
Feb 5 2012, 03:17 PM
People are actually giving the new team crap for resurrecting (if I'm understanding this correctly) the Nurses Ball? Isn't that what GH fans have been crying out for for the last decade?
All the people at DD care about is Jason/Sam and Mabby or whatever the fuck those two were called.

You're not kidding, don't you dare go over there if you're not a fan of Jason and Sam :eyeroll:
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What about Michael - anything about him and Starr? Thankms
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New JJ Interview

Q: Is Lucky going to return to Port Charles? (Jackson left the show in December; the character left Port Charles for Ireland.)

A: That is still in the same place it was when I left. It's still open.

Read more: http://www.ctpost.com/music/article/General-Hospital-star-Jonathan-Jackson-s-band-3347664.php#ixzz1n7lMj5b4


Okay well I told you all about a month ago that Jonathan (Lucky) had not been contacted by anyone in the new regime about returning. Well that's changed. He has been contacted now but he's asking for something that no one in willing to promise him at this time not because they don't want him back but because it would mean changing up a storyline already in the works. So far no compromise has been reached.

Q: Thanks. what is he asking for?

That I don't know. This person just knows I'm a Jonathan fan and so they've been keeping me in the loop about whether he's coming back or not and this is just the last thing they told me.

Brenda's first visit is supposed to be for the revived Nurses Ball run by Lucy. She is the big speaker on behalf of Robin. Doesn't want anything to do with Sonny but of course, it doesn't turn out that way.

Todd Manning and his wife will be coming in and out. March isn't the last you'll see of them. When the actors are not taping, Manning wages a campaign against Sonny from afar which will impact the PC community and specifically Michael and Starr.

GH is still in LOCKDOWN (and that edict doesn’t seem to be uplifted anytime soon), folks, so don’t count on any rumors, spumors, or spoilers as absolute. Ron Carviletti is infamously known to drop “fake” spoilers and then mix things up in a way NO ONE sees coming. With that, here’s some backstage stuff…

**No word yet on a Laura return, even though Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner) is confirmed to be headed back to PC.

**The “lead” actor on his way out may not be Steve Burton OR Maurice Benard. It’s rumored that Anthony Geary is not real thrilled with the way Carviletti is planning on taking Luke. Carviletti is a big fan of Claire Labine’s writing, and remember that Geary publicly stated that he hated the way Labine wrote Luke when she was at GH’s writing helm. According to Geary, he didn’t like the way Labine took away Luke’s scoundrel-ness (I know, not a word) by making him a happy family man. Rumor is, Geary is also very unhappy with the idea of possibly making Ethan a Scorpio. Geary originally fought hard to make Ethan Luke’s illegitimate son, was all for the whole Luke-cheated-on-Laura-and-she-was-okay-with-it crap, even though the fans - especially long-time GH and Luke and Laura fans - were disgusted with it. So it’s possible Geary may be out before Laura can even make a comeback. Which may mean…

**It has yet to be confirmed that Jonathan Jackson will reprise his role of Lucky, and he may not at all, especially if Anthony Geary leaves and Genie Francis is a no-go. Although Carviletti and Valenti will do and agree to almost anything to make Jackson return, they may not assure him the one thing he’s insisting on if he DOES decide to come back - and that’s an LnL2 reunion. Reportedly, Carlivetti and Valenti aren’t sure a LnL2 reunion is worth it.

**It also has yet to be confirmed that Kristina Wagner and Jack Wagner may reprise their roles as Felicia and Friscoe Jones, respectively. Though Kristina Wager hinted at it, as did Hunter Tylo when Jack Wagner was let go from B&B, there’s no word from the higher-ups if this will come to fruition.

**Katie Couric has reportedly stated she would love for GH to be the lead-in for her new show this fall. But that could be because she doesn’t want to face a backlash from daytime fans if GH is cancelled. It’s well-known that this backlash is the reason “The Chew” and “The Revolution” are fairing so poorly in the ratings. But will ABC’s Paul Lee listen? It’s possible. Lee has publicly stated no decision has been made yet regarding GH’s future, but with Couric’s support of GH, things look more promising that GH may be given a reprieve (albeit temporary).

**GH’s ratings for February sweeps were abysmal, though that was to be expected, even by the network. But now that Carlivetti’s episodes have officially begun airing, GH and ABC are expecting (praying! hoping!) that the ratings will rise. And they should, if not temporarily, simply because fans will most likely check back in again to see what Carlivetti’s made of, but some fans have already shut the door on GH before Carlivetti could even open it.

**Carlivetti met with all the main players of GH to go over his plans for their characters’ storylines, and many are excited about the prospects.

**Some GH actors are already looking for gigs for when GH does officially get their pinkslip. Some may be leaving acting all together, some are putting out feelers to what would be the three remaining daytime soaps, others are hoping to jump to primetime and the big-screen. But it’s rumored that all the actors are prepared for GH’s end, considering its’ end has been rumored for months and months.

**You’ve all probably read Jenn Lilley’s tweet regarding the harsh and mean treatment she’s been receiving, especially since it was announced that she’s now officially Kirsten Storms replacement as Maxie. She’s received support from fellow actors who empathize with the actress, but many fans seem to think she needs to grow a thicker skin. Maybe she should visit the Rebecca Herbst and Kelly Monaco School on how to grow a Thick Skin. Herbst and Monaco are probably the most viciously attacked actresses in daytime, personally and regarding their characters, and yet both women know how to handle it, and more importantly, ignore it and move on.

Rumors, Spumors, Spoilers or…fanfic?

Robin’s Death:
**Sam, Monica and Patrick agree to keep Robin’s “death” from Jason for his protection, but when he finds out the truth, he is NOT going to happy. Especially with Monica and Sam?
**Maxie feels like Robin’s “death” is her fault?
**A drunk and grieving Patrick will still confront Jason over his being a crappy non-father to Jake?
**Liason Fans Heads-Up: Jason and Elizabeth are reported to have quite a few scenes in the upcoming month as they grieve Robin’s “death”.
**Maxie will insert her unwanted self into Patrick and Emma’s life now that Robin is “dead”?
**Maxie flips out when she learned what her beloved cousin promised of Elizabeth?
**Robert Scorpio may return to GH at some point in the near future?
**Many vets return for Robin’s funeral?

**Monica and Sam keep Robin’s “death” a secret from Jason for the sake of his health, but will his anger at being kept in the dark only make his condition worse?
**Jason dreams on the OR table again of Jake and the JaSam baby?
**Sam risks her baby’s life to save Jason? (Think: Genetic protocol)
**Sam won’t risk her baby’s life but asks Elizabeth the unbelievable: to exhume Jake’s body for his genetic material to save Jason’s life? (FYI: This is medically accurate. Bones are able to carry genetic material for years after being buried.)
**Robin’s death is start of many secrets Sam will end up keeping from Jason for his protection regarding his health?
**There’s a reason why Dr. Lee used the term “genetic markers” when talking about the JaSam baby’s paternity?

**Heather Webber, Tracey Quartermaine, Susan Moore will all be involved in this Jason/Franco mystery?
**Tracey will use what she knows to keep Sam and that baby out of the Q family for good?
**Tracey and Luke’s messing with Alan’s will might come into play?
**The mystery regarding Jason and Franco will also involve Steven Webber?
**Steven Webber is the one who is ultimately Jason’s saving grace?
**Jason wakes up from his operation a “changed” man?
**The baby in the DVD is assumed to be Jason…but is it really?

**Matt decides to persistently pursue Elizabeth who rebuffs his advances?
**Matt’s “obsession” with Elizabeth NOT being with Ewen has him going a little nutty?
**Elizabeth learns Ewen saved her the night of the Matt’s party, thanks to some help from Spinelli?
**Elizabeth soon realizes Ewen is up to no good? (possibly paving the way for Nathan Butler’s exit?)
**Maxie learns the truth about Ewen but deliberately keeps his bad deeds to herself as revenge towards Elizabeth?
**Elizabeth to be involved in the Jason/Franco mess because of the possible Steven connection?
**Elizabeth to go head-to-head with Heather Webber, Helena Cassadine, and Maxie Jones at some point?
**Elizabeth’s father to finally come back to PC?
**Elizabeth starts talking less and less about Lucky and finally lets him go?
**While Elizabeth is on suspension, she starts concentrating on her art?
**Elizabeth makes a major career decision?

Other stuff:
**Kate’s DID story her exit s/l, paving the way for Brenda’s return?
**Steven, Maggie and Olivia end up in a triangle?
**Helena Cassadine learns of Steven and Maggie’s secret, blackmailing them to do her bidding?
**Heather’s returns spells doom for Steven?
**Olivia meets a grisly end, courtesy of Heather and Helena? Maggie, the same?
**Are Helena and Heather working together?
**John McBain arrives in PC, but his real reason for being in town isn’t what it appears? And what is his connection to Robert Scorpio?
**Michael and Starr to become GH’s next great young love story?
**Frisco and Felicia step up as parents and whisk Maxie out of town when she begins to go off the deep end?
**Anthony Z. is not yet done with Maxie?
**Monica’s good intentions may finally give her what she wanted all along, but it doesn’t matter because she still ends up losing it?
**Is there more to young Jacob Martin’s death than what the town has been believing?


I stand by my drop where I said that Robin is absolutely not dead and that Kimberly has/is taping material that features Robin AFTER her "death".

I see people are confused about Tristan. I did not know for how long, or short, Tristan would be around. I did not make any statement at all about the length of time Tristan would be sticking around. Here are my old scoops about Robert and the "adventure sets":

"The key to this new regime, again, is restoration. Keep that in mind because it will play heavily in how story unfolds. Robert and Anna play heavily in this idea, with John McBain being woven into the theme of restoring order. The mob takes front in center, but in the direct opposite manner that it played out under Guza and Wolf."

"The adventure set return characters have a profound effect on each other, from what I'm told. RC seems to be looking to recreate, to some extent, the camaraderie between these characters back in the 80's. Them all being together will remind them of how truly great the "good ole days" were, which sparks some life changing decisions, some sharp changes in perspective...and a couple romantic reunions for long apart lovers."

I stand by all of this information. Robert's stay, however long, plays into the greater vision of "restoration". As does Anna. I mention John McBain in reference to the mob front, but if you look again I did NOT say that Robert and Anna were teaming up with John, or that they had anything at all to do with the mob. That is John's story, his own contribution to the "restoration" theme that plays very heavily with this team.

You will see, according to my sources, conversations between the old adventure set which lead to some profound changes, shifts in perspective, and is more in line with the interactions with one another you saw back in the 80's. Less hijink, more grounded.

I still am getting info that romantic reunions are spilling out for SOME of the older set. In particular Luke is someone who's behavior you should take note of. Some of this material may take awhile to unfold, and does not include just the people currently confirmed for return.

I did however warn that "Most of the onslaught of returning characters are short term, but a few will be here for a longer haul to restore and reestablish families long neglected."

- Emma Samms Insider

Hey guys!

Just a little tidbit. I preface this by saying this is NOT a spoiler, at least not one I can stand behind! So be warned. I already know some tend to get very touchy about information being 100% precise, in perfect time and order, and I don't want to leave any doubt before I pass this along.

I just heard that one of the very early story considerations for the Ethan paternity switch involved Holly knowing all along that Ethan is Robert's son. That the switch heavily involves Helena, and Holly was being retooled to now appear to have been trying very hard to protect the lives of all involved. It appears as if Helena has been strong arming Holly for years and orchestrated the Ethan paternity, as well as the affair, to further obliterated the Spencer family. Luke was to be revealed to have been under some kind of persuasion or brain washing from Helena for many years, hence him truly believing the affair happened and Ethan is his son.

I have no idea if any of these elements will make the final story or if it was all just the banter of early ideas. But thought it was interesting and worth sharing.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: Hi ESI! How are you?

Have you heard anything about Sam lately? TIA

Hi! I'm doing ok. Thank you for asking, I do appreciate that. :)

Yes. I've heard several things early on but nothing in quite awhile. Rumblings of a past connection to a certain brooding cop. Also that her paternity was very much on the table for exploration. Just vague early whispers nothing more.

Most of the talk that I heard was about Sam being revitalized as a much more independent figure. Spreading her outside of her husband's sphere, building connections to other characters, new to the canvas, and old, and giving her a stronger voice and presence. I hear Frank just adores Kelly Monaco and feels that her potential has been squandered.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: ESI - Any word on if Emma Samms, Tristan Rogers or Nathan Parsons will return to GH?

Definitely plans for more Holly down the line. I hear that RC made it clear to Samms that he really adores Holly and needs her back.

I hear Robert leaves with much more story left to tell. I don't know anything about Tristan's plans to return, or not, or if anything has been planned yet.

I don't really want to comment on the Nathan Parsons situation right now.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: ESI, have you heard anything on Liz?

Not much more than what I've dropped in the past, sorry. Her romantic status appears to be dependent on a lot of factors, JJ included. I gather that Liz's romantic status depends a lot on the status of the actors behind the few men who could be paired with her.

I've been told Liz is being carried back to her roots more. I hear RC believes Liz is pretty undefined and smothered. He'd like to add more definition, and fire to her.

- Emma Samms Insider

Do you know what kind of demand JJ would be making? Someone dropped that earlier


Demands? I've heard no such thing. Sorry.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: Thank you for sharing! Do you have anything on Jason or Jasam together (I saw that you dropped for Sam )

Jason's being thrown back into Quartermaine land in a big way, care of his mother Susan Moore. I hear that the Susan Moore murder mystery was one of RC's absolutely favorite GH tales, and he finds little loopholes he can go back and exploit to tie into today. The details about this are pretty well locked down, at least at my level of access. I hear that a hoped for Scott Baldwin return might be tied heavily into the Susan/Jason story, with of course Heather factoring in on some level. How much, or little, Heather is involved is beyond me because I know she's got story coming up with her son. I don't have any clue how long they have Robin.

I imagine Sam will be supporting him in that, but I stress that the plans as I know them are for Sam to be pulled in her own direction independent of Jason. I believe the days are over where Sam is nothing but support for Jason's story. I get a very strong sense of that from the things I've been told.

I can not make comment at this time about the Franco/Jason potential situation. I hear there is some conflict behind the scenes about how much, or little, James Franco the actor and his character should be factoring into the show at this point.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: ESI do you think RC has any plans to do something with Sonny & Carly again?

Romantically? Haven't a clue. If they do I imagine it would either be short term, or because they couldn't secure Vanessa. Because the plans, as last I heard them, were 100% for an eventual Sonny and Brenda reunion at some point.

Someone asked about Laura. My stance on that has not changed. I stand behind that info. If my source turns out wrong, I will be more than happy to humble myself and apologize.

On one of my earliest drops, I said that there were several returns planned for the funeral. I do not know if they've secured all of them for the funeral as they originally hoped to. For example, Lucy, possibly Kevin, and Felicia were definitely originally suppose to be there. They were not the only ones. I fully expect both will be showing up, but I do not know if they've been secured in time. The original plans for Robin's funeral were akin to Asa's funeral on OLTL. A real symbol of a turning point in tone, vision, and a spark for several returns (most short term but not all). A lot of the "hopes", which is a word I do try and use, might either fall threw, or just happen later, and in different ways, than expected.

There is more going on with Robin's exit than meets the eye. This is the huge Feb sweeps story I talked of back when I first started dropping, that spirals out into a very large umbrella. Robin's faux death is THE big story that RC and FV are using to say "here we are".

Speaking of Asa there is a real possibility of Edward finally being put to rest. NO solid decisions have been made as far as I'm aware. It would serve to revitalize the Quartermaines, and bring them together in a way you have no seen in a very long time. Even if Edward is allowed to leave, there are plans to galvanize and rebuild the Quartermaines at some point. RC has dreams and hopes of bringing life back to that old house.

Robert is more "in the know" than you, and a few characters, might think. Keep that in mind.

For the many who offered thanks, no thank you! I'm glad to drop what I can.

Take care everyone!

- Emma Samms Insider

Hello all!

Not sticking around for long. Just wanted to clarify a point.

Again, I have no info on Hope and Cole perishing. I have admitted that my information is old, but I have received no update on that. My old info has Cole heading to be with his parents and dead to the world, like he was at OLTL. I had Hope being with her mother early on, and after that I don't know if she goes back to Llanview with her grandmother or grandfather, off with Cole, or sticks around in PC.

If another insider has out scooped me, I applaud them. I am not in any kind of contest with anyone.

- Emma Samms Insider

Brenda fans who want to see her again have no need to worry. I will leave it at that.

The only info I have on Holly was back during the early planning stages, and I mentioned that in an earlier drop. Most, or all, of that could have changed. The early ideas for Holly were all about redemption. That she's been stuck between a rock and a hard place for years. RC has visions for Holly being restored and her more recent bizarre behavior being explained. As my very first drop on the board said, they knew it was short term from the get go. I do believe that there is already another Holly return on the board.

The whole Susan Moore story thread was crafted as another umbrella story. It's suppose to drive Jason back more into the Quartermaine fold, give the Quartermaines a revisit to their history, and tie into the Webbers. The Webbers and Quartermaines have close connections that date back a long time. RC knows this and plans to exploit it. I would not be surprised if he mentions loving the Susan Moore murder mystery in an interview, as I've been told it's one of his favorite GH sagas.

The spring is more Webber/Quartermaine focused.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: ESI Do you know what the plans might be for Tracy or to use Jane? So far it seems she isn't even working hardly at all. Do you think it will pick up soon? Are you hearing that Tracy/Luke will still be involved in any way or will Tracy just be used down he line?
I wonder if luke will be moved on with anna in story until Genie is back.

I don't have many specifics on Tracy, other than her being involved in the larger Quartermaine story that's planned for a bit down the road from now. I have heard she has a crucial place in that tale.

I have mentioned that RC is a fan of Ms. Elliot's work. That is at least what I have been told.

There has absolutely been talk of Ned and Dillion.

I know nothing about what they plan to do with Luke and Tracy. The over arching goal was for Luke to reunite with Laura, even before Genie was secured. I have mentioned before that RC sees Tracy as a Quartermaine, not a Spencer.

I am not sure what, if anything, they are doing with the Zacchara clan. There is a big blank spot there with my info. Someone else might know better than I.

- Emma Samms Insider

There is a planned healing between Felicia and Maxie. Frisco was not initially due back, not in the info I had, so I don't know how he factors in.

I've mentioned, and will reiterate again. Old school villainy is on the way. Evil bonds Port Charles together in the coming months.

Sonny has his hands full with a very much unstable Kate. But no matter what it looks like, or how devoted Sonny seems, the ground underneath that pairing is anything but solid. Sonny will lose Kate.

It is strange, but I can't get an update on Carly's future down the line. That's not saying much because my info always comes in fits and starts and is limited.

People are leaving. It might not appear like that for a time. But as I've always said, RC will finish out current stories while building new ones. Exits are coming, from newer people, and established players.

Ok, take care. I will not be back to this board for awhile. So farewell for now!

- Emma Samms Insider


Q: JSI, hope all has been well with you since the last time you were here.

I will happily wait my turn as we all are anxious for info but if you could please give anything on Maxie I would be ever so grateful. I'm hoping she will be out this Matt/Liz orbit soon as it just regresses her.

Also, we've heard Frisco may be coming back. Do you have any insight into this and if true how they would possibly hope to redeem him? Thanks for any and all info you can share.

Hi anon! Thank you, everything's been good :) As it turns out, the only info I have to drop tonight is on the Lucky/Liz/Ewen/(Matt add-in) s/l. I'm gonna Cliff Note it:

Ewen encourages Liz to date Matt. Why? Hell if I know. This s/l has been changed so many times on paper that I can't believe they're still doing it with the new writers [lolz] Anyway...

Liz dates Matt, but continues to be attracted/drawn to Ewen, as is he to her.

Exit Matt. Why? I dunno. Last I heard it was for his research [dunno]

Ewen/Liz get together. The plan is still as it was in August - bad Ewen, enter Lucky, which leads to [drum roll]

LL2 [cheer] (sorry, I still love them)

Q: thanks for the info. this is so last minute. basically it'd be a wham bam thank you ma'am type reunion

Sorry if I was unclear, the plan is still as it was LAST August, when I originally dropped the Lucky/Liz/Ewen s/l. Before JJ left and before NB was hired. That's why I said I can't believe that not only are they still doing this story, but it's basically the same as it was when I first heard about it in August, with the exception of Matt being added in (I assume that was done because JJ left kind of suddenly, but that's JMO).

Q: JJ has signed? Thx.

I know nothing about hirings/firings with the new guys. I just know that this is the plan for the story on paper. If they get JJ back, I'd imagine that's how the story will play out, more or less :)

Q: Do you know when Matt is suppose to leave?

I don't, sorry [dunno] If the story plays out the way it's written (if they get JJ back), I would *think* he'd be gone by or during May Sweeps, but don't hold me to that, it's just a guesstimate.

Q: Wait JSI Did you get told this AFTER JJ left?

The stuff I dropped tonight I was told yesterday. The first time I dropped the Lucky/Liz/Ewen s/l was last August, months before JJ left. I just assumed the story would be scrapped because of JJ's exit. Imagine my surprise

Q: Thanks JSI! I'm a little confused though. How is this the same story from last August if Matt is an add-in? How was this supposed to play?

The second half of the story was basically the whole story when I first heard about it. This is what I dropped in August about the s/l (Cliff Noting it):

Sio dies.
LL2 grow closer, but come to the realization that their relationship/personal issues indirectly caused Sio to die and go their separate ways.
Liz meets the new doc, Ewen.
They get together.
Bad Ewen.
Lucky to the rescue.

There was no Matt in the s/l (as a romantic option for Liz, at least).

Q: But JJ still hasn't been hired back. So I guess Liz gets to play with Matt and Ewen eventually leading to E&E until that happens right?

Yes, from what I was told, it goes in order: Matt/Liz --> Ewen/Liz --> Lucky/Liz.

Hey DD :) A couple things:

- I said yesterday that Liz/Ewen would be drawn to each other while she was dating Matt. Correction: Liz is drawn/attracted to Ewen, but Ewen tries to keep his distance.

- I said yesterday that last I heard Matt left because of his research. This is still an option, but another possibility is that he finds out Ewen's secret/agenda and is forced to leave town.

- From what I gather, Helena is behind Robin's "death"/disappearance, and if TPTB can secure these returns, Helena also has Lucky and Emily.

That's all I have for today :)

The gist of it is they like skate/lante/jasam and not 100% sure on this one but CarJon as well. Oh and I wouldn't rule out Jolivia just yet either.

Spixie isn't a done deal, RC isn't sure they have the right chem.

Elizabeth/Ewen are good to go, until or unless JJ returns.

Sam does deliver. Jason will want out but can he? Jasam/baby will have danger hovering over them.


GOS but here is what I was emailed goes down:

Robin isn't dead.

Robert and Patrick experience "visitations" from Robin. They assumed it's her ghost reaching out to them. But it's not. A drugged Robin is unconscious and her mind tries to reach out to her loved ones for help. RC is going for some psychic link or astro-projection concept.

Through end of March no one suspects Robin is alive. She doesn't know yet what comes up in April.

RC has a really good story coming for Lante. Can't share details yet but fans will like it.
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Emily being resurrected? A Quartermaine/Cassadine heir already born? Nik/Em baby? I would cry tears of happiness. But these rumors have been going around since 2008... I'll have to see it to believe it.

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Feb 24 2012, 10:43 PM
But these rumors have been going around since 2008... I'll have to see it to believe it.

You and me both.
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Okay Gang, here's some more stuff from the rumor mill at DD. As always take this with a BIG helping of salt.

DD Insider's Lounge

Todd and Blair try to flip Carly against Sonny. Their plans against Sonny will go on even with them offscreen and will impact Carly, Michael, Starr, the Zs and the Qs going into May. Think media.

May is when they and possibly other OLTLers are scheduled to appear again.

Viki and Senator Cramer Vickers Buchanan would guest.

Possibly Clint and Natalie to appear briefly as well.

T&B are "playing" Carly but also not. They are playing ON her many issues with Sonny, from what has happened with Jax and Michael over the years and now with Starr. In a short time they will make their goals clear to Carly, but Manning methods may be more than she can accept.

This entire storyline is veering back towards the Quartermaines in sweeps as well. At one point a month ago there was the idea of having Todd and Blair team with Jax as a shadow partner but Ingo's status with GH brass is shaky at best.

John and Natalie were/are planning a spring wedding. His new mission has postponed that.

This as well as the Todd/Victor story is covered in dialogue.

Viki's potential appearance during sweeps would be both to check on Starr with the Qs and light a fire under John on behalf of her daughter.

I don't have script access. I do know Victor is back with Tea in Llanview but that Todd is still facing legal fallout from his shenanigans. One tidbit passed to me which is likely from the scripts has Todd saying that Tea refused to represent him this time.

Starr does stay with the Quartermaines. Expect a lot of mournful talk from Edward and company about how Starr reminds them of Emily. It's there to cement Michael and Starr as the rightful heirs of the Q legacy, and probably to hint at a potential Emily return.

The information I was passed said Todd and Blair have reconciled but it is not without rocky straits given the sequence of events.

Someone asked about the Manning marriage. According to what I was told Blair and Todd remarried out of town for love, but they also did it in haste without all their issues being resolved. This was in order to protect Blair from having to testify. They're together but on edge.

This plays into a thematic parallel to the bickering Quartermaines which Starr and her family provide for Michael. They have chaos, but they are still family and still love each other.

A poster mentioned Todd and Blair mirroring Sonny and Carly and that is right on target as well. Those issues will be explored for the Corinthos couple. The difference is Sonny and Carly are not likely to reunite, just resolve, unless they can't secure VM which looks to be a done deal.

I don't know the details. All I was told is that they married in part to keep her off the stand in Todd's ongoing case. They're in love but there is an element of crime to it, as usual.

no clue on Ted King.

I had heard word that he might have a character with a double identity, either Tomas Delgado posing as Lorenzo Alcazar, or Lorenzo posing as Tomas and that he could be Carly's endgame. But that was something I heard before word of the OLTL crossover came and nothing since.

One more thing before I go for awhile.

IF Todd and Blair return for May and I am hearing it's definitely happening, the real key to their attack on Sonny is someone already on the PC canvas and more dangerous than anyone knows.


I did not say there was a full blown Patrick and Liz romance coming.

I didn't suggest that Robin was going to be disrespected or that an eventual Scrubs reunion was impossible.

I certainly never mentioned Liz preying on Patrick.

- Emma Samms Insider


Putting all the pieces together.

I have no info on a full blown romance going through.

I have no info on a sexual hook up.

I am, however, trying to very tactfully prepare people for the possibility of something murkier happening between Patrick and Liz. A revisit to the ideas and wishes that Robin discussed before.

That will be mulled over. Patrick (not Liz) might even do something inappropriate in his grief. Patrick will be doing a few things that are off the wall and out of grief. I do not have any info at all about that going anyplace, them getting involved in a sexual affair, or becoming romantic partners.

- Emma Samms Insider


ESI, I keep seeing you talking about Patrick - about why Patrick is acting this way - that Patrick loves his wife - that Patrick will end up with his wife.

What about Elizabeth?


Elizabeth will not be lurking in the shadows, looking to pounce on a grieving husband and father.

She will, however, try and be there for Patrick. My info has here offering herself to Patrick as a shoulder to lean on.

I was fairly recently that there would be material featuring Patrick and Elizabeth discussing their losses, their grief. That serves as a bond between them.

- Emma Samms Insider

No matter what Patrick does, how he behaves, if he gets close to another woman/women, one thing will be made very clear for as far ahead as I have info. Patrick is broken over Robin. He is madly in love with her. He will NOT want to let her go.

The overarching love story for Patrick is with Robin, even while they are apart.

- Emma Samms Insider


I am restating (as was the case with The Tale of Two Todds) RC's top priority is resolving a mystery; how, what, why and whom happened to Robin.

I clarified RC, unlike prior regimes, very much values Robin's legacy as a Scorpio. As the risk of upsetting Patrick/Robin fans, that is a sentiment I heard KMc shares.

I never stated RC was not planning on a Patrick/Robin reunion.

I did state Patrick/Robin will not share any "immediate" reunion.

I did state KMc was swayed for a return visit. Anyone who tells you that visit/reunion is already scripted would be misleading you. RC is still working out which of his three endings can logistically be worked out. RC always dreams big. It it FV's job to yank him back to budgetary earth.

As for comparing Patrick/Elizabeth to Rex/Aubrey? I feel a more apt analogy is Blair/"Todd" in the wake of Tea's "death."

Patrick's grief will re-spark Elizabeth's memories of Lucky's "death." Some clues are being dropped and much setup work going on if you listen very closely. And the setup work is not for a Patrick/Elizabeth love affair.

In closing, do not be misled into believing what you are seeing onscreen currently is totally indicative of RC's priorities and where you will see characters say in 1-2 months down the road. This is only the start of launching RC's vision for GH.

I posted about Sam/Ewen scenes increasing and not even my source believes Jasam are ending.


So the sam/Ewen scenes taping this week or next?

I was told later this week and early next week.


Are you the same one that dropped something similar a few weeks ago about Sam, Ewen and Molly?

It was a few items and then we had the dark week. They tape again later this week and next. I was told Molly will be involved in the story. I do not know when they start filming her involvement.


For those of us that never watched OLTL, could you tell us what you mean by Blair/"Todd". In seeing promos, I thought they were an actual couple?

If a Scrubs reunion is planned at all, why bother to have Patrick involved at all with another woman? Isn't GH ending in a few months?

I love the Scorpios, but I think RC is going to find that Robin having her own family back is as important to fans as anything involving her birth family.

Are these three scenarios all resulting in Robin alive/ Scrubs reuniting?

The story I referred to was Tea's presumed death story which was a year prior to the reveal of Two Todds. Prior to Tea's "death" she asked Blair to be a guardian for her daughter. When "Todd" was devastated after Tea's "death," Blair stepped in to as his major source of support.

There are real misconceptions on this board on how FV/RC work.

This board insists the actor must first be approached AND signed before RC will start the setup onscreen for that return. While, there have been a few times where FV wanted a particular actor or actress, and only then did RC draft a story, it's far more the NORMAL practice for RC to draft a story, pitch it to FV and then FV sign the actor.

For example, RC began the setup work for a Roger Howarth return a full year before the actor signed.

In similar fashion, the setup work for a Lucky return already started. Patrick/Elizabeth scenes will be part of that setup.

How much plainer can I get?

-Happy New Years

Can you tell us if Liz will still be involved in her own family (webbers) storyline? Also, is the focus
still on Liz returning to her roots and the character being more defined and stronger?

I don't really care about a pairing. I want Liz returned to her strong, spirited, independent self.

I stand by my earlier drop,

RC feels Liz needs to face a crucible on her own two feet. An attempt to drive Liz back into Shadybrook's arms will fail. Think along the lines of his rebuilding Jessica to withstand so much stress her last few months.

-Happy New Years


Can you confirm or deny that Elizabeth and Ewen's story together has been dropped?

They are not dropped.

RC been reworking parts of GW's plans there.

-Happy New Years

HNY - Do you have anything on a Scott Baldwin return and what he would be doing if he did come back?

Relevant old drops:
Posted on January 30 9:55 PM
Can confirm KS (Scott) and JZ (Bobbie) return.

Posted on February 9 2011 6:46 PM:
Scott is on his way back. He brings news of Laura, too.

Scott mixes it up with Heather, the Qs and Sam.

His return also serves to change the "tone" where Laura is concerned, and setup her later return.

-Happy New Years

He's saying the overall MYSTERY of what happened to Robin is important.

I just need to know when that mystery begins to unfold because it's the part of the story I'm looking forward to now.


RC often loves juicy whodunit or presumed dead mysteries more than penning romance. That has been an often voiced complaint from OLTL couple fans regarding RC's writing style.

Patience, grasshopper!

The mystery was only launched a week ago.

-Happy New Years

It is extremely frustrating to drop info the best way you can and then have your words twisted over and over again
After a while coming back to clarify gets old
and then you no longer want to bother anymore so I tip my hat to ESI and HNY for having the patience to deal with this

It can try one's patience and tolerance. I grant you that.

However, to be perfectly candid nothing on this board equals being attacked as a rapist on the OLTL board. As a man that was the end of my tolerance.

-Happy New Years

What I don't understand though is RC planning a reunion for LL2 when Lucky is not even there. Why not give a good storyline for the existing couples that are there since the show is probably ending soon anyway? Why LL2 more important than the other couples?

Ending soon being the key phrase.

-Happy New Years


If you are here, can you comment on if Jason will be leaving the mob?


RC plans for both Jason and Sonny to leave the mob.

-Happy New Years

Question HNY before I go to bed (only up now because of that dang race...lol)

But RC seemed to drop that LIW story like a hot potato - is that the reason the Ewen story is being reworked? Was he supposed to play a bigger role in that mess?


From what little I gathered GW wanted to give Nikolas a twin that Helena raised secretly.

Do not hold me to that as GW's LIW story was in tatters before RC even took over.

-Happy New Years

do we know when heather hits town? Beginning of april?

ALso HNY are Scotty and heather back very short term like TR and Emma or will they be around a bit longer for story arcs?

Also if JI isn't back working will they still have the Qs involved?

Have you heard anything about STarr living with the Qs? We saw that somewhere this weekend.

I rarely give out dates because breakdowns set the pacing of scenes.

RC plans on both TR and ES returning.

My understanding GW planned to retire Edward. I do not know JI's current status.

It appears GW was heading towards Edward dies and Michael takes over ELQ story.

I did not get access to Michael/Starr's storyboard.

My understanding RC is positioning Starr as a catalyst for Michael to eventually flex Q money and power versus engage in violence like Sonny. In a strange twist of fate, I was told Michael emerges more Edward/Jax than Sonny-like. This will be noted onscreen.

-Happy New Years


When are we going to start seeing these exist stories on-screen? Is he going to stagger them? Is Robin only showing up at the very end or will it be earlier according to Kimberly's schedule?

I do not know the prior regime's practice, however, RC will use exits to serve particular plot lines or drive a story to a destination he wants.

Anthony, Matt and Kate are all getting exit stories. The setups already started and they take months to play out onscreen.

-Happy New Years

Is it logical to assume that Lucky is being held captive too with Robin?

I never stated Lucky was being held captive. The deja vu drop referred to the brainwashing revisit being under consideration.

-Happy New Years


You said on January 8: "RC/FV are very determined to inject lightness, comedy and especially the old adventure stories back into GH's wrap up."

When is the lightness coming? Because so far, they have "killed" 4 characters from legacies families of two soaps on freaking Valentine's Day no less. That's like worse than Guza.

RC certainly threw darkness, violence and mayhem, everything but the kitchen sink, onto the canvas all at once.

Now RC must heal the sorrows and that is the challenge. How to pivot-

-Happy New Years

With my project moved up by a few days, I have a little time today,

As for my "apples and oranges," I was told the network comparing The Revolution versus its timeslot competitors (ie The Talk).

Cost is the bigger driving concern than "lead-in" ratings. OLTL was providing the best lead-in of all their afternoon programming yet still canceled.

It is a mistake to conflate network and syndication slots.

-Happy New Years

According to my friends in the industry,

The ABC News division been experiencing "BIG PROBLEMS" long before Katie Couric was hired. They are on their 4th or 5th round of down-sizing and restructuring. There have also been several good reads in the Wall Street Journal covering those problems.

I do not know Katie's contract specifics. From what I am told her contract is similar in some respects to Barbara Walter's old deal.

I would like nothing more than to believe Disney has broken their deal to completely restructure away from soaps. Please assure me where you find any such evidence?

-Happy New Years

A few questions that not sure if anyone has asked you before
1) any plans you know of for monica? or will she be part of the story with heather mixing up with Qs ?
2) any new characters you know of coming to town who are not from OLTL? not specifics but do you think RC would rather tie in GH history and wrap up stories rather than bringing in more new people?
3) Do you think we will see ELQ in a busines sense at all...it seemed like there were business and people who worked on OLTL like Buchanan enterprises and the sun paper etcd


1) Jason/Moore revisit. Another insider dropped Alan. I can say he is on RC's wishlist.

2) There are a few more returns in the pipeline. I am not sure when or who they will be announced. That is not part of my access.

3) I am not really sure yet, as I did not get access to Starr/Michael storyboard and those ELQ dealings in there.

-Happy New Years


Any word yet on the sex of Jason and Sam's baby?

Biggest question will it be named Robin or Robyn

cuz its a universal name . :winkwink

Last name? Morgan or Quartermaine?

Heard there is a push for Jason to really assume the Qs heritage and name. RC likes these full circle type of stories.

-Happy New Years


You said that RC sees Sam/John as Tea/Todd. Does this mean he sees Todd as the guy played by RH and not TSJ who suddenly became Victor?

Also can you elaborate of what Sam would be doing with Scott baldwin. TIA

I heard ME/KMO interaction and tensions will strike a chord similar to how RH/FL were written last year.

Not yet.

-Happy New Years

Question: How angry is Jason at Sam for not telling him about Robin's death? Can you shed any light on this burning question. tia

I do not have access to the breakdowns to describe scenes to you.

I know there will be later fallout from Patrick performing this surgery.

-Happy New Years

Please do not twist my drops.

I did not state Robin's protocol failed in its quest to reduce the swelling and save Jason's life.

Patrick performing the surgery in his mental state is an issue.

Done in for the night.

-Happy New Years

A few words,

I have urged you to pay attention to the Elizabeth/Patrick dialogue. As I dropped, they will mirror Blair/"Todd" scenes after Tea's "death." The setup and dialogue are already quite similar if you pay close attention; Patrick lamented he "cannot do this without you" (Robin), and Eilizabeth is intent on keeping her "promise."

As I have shared previously, one of RC's foibles is to reuse his themes and material.

As for "suddenly?" That is an incorrect characterization.

I dropped RC was rewriting to a presumed death twist back in December, and he was a big fan of Lucky's "death." I have urged you to note the similarities. They are not coincidences.

I have never wavered RC wanted a Elizabeth/Lucky reunion and if you listen closely some setup work begun. I have maintained that is his direction, despite risking upsetting Ewen/Elizabeth and Matt/Elizabeth fans.

-Happy New Years

I dropped RC was planning a trip for Maxie, and this trip appeared to help facilitate a KS return.

I have stressed I am not unclear how the change in KS' status impacted Maxie's story.

Contrary to several posts here today, I have always maintained I do not get access to every storyboard.

-Happy New Years

so Ewen and Elizabeth is not happening romantically?

I made clear from the start,

Ewen was only a short-term plan.

Long-term goal is Lucky.

-Happy New Years

Good evening HNY

Always good to get some insight from you. Can't say any of it makes this Liz FF happy or hopeful but I don't blame you,. Just seems the qriters don't have a clear vision for her and I think that sucks.

Ewen/Elizabeth scenes provide some insights.

Elizabeth feels almost paralyzed by her own losses.

As I dropped previously, RC feels Elizabeth needs to face a crucible on her own two feet. It is similar situation to OLTL's Jessica who had become so weakened until RC set out to rebuild her.

-Happy New Years

I respect the frustration.

Generally speaking? For RC, it truly depends on the story.

For example, RC re-inserted John into Natalie's grieving immediately after Jared's death. I dropped that was no coincidence and their coming reunion arc including Marty's exit.

However, in a different example the similarities between Elizabeth and Blair making promises to a "dead" woman and stepping up two minutes after her "death" should not be ignored.

The similiarities to Lucky's "death" will be noted by more than one character. However, I was not suggesting they drive Patrick to believe she is alive. That referred to the impact on Elizabeth's character.

I understand the impatience for the Robin is alive reveal. However, this mystery literally only launched. The more viewers worry Robin is truly "dead" the more emotional punch she's alive! reveal carries.

-Happy New Years


Hi DD!

Not a lot new but there's a few things coming to pay close attention soon regarding Robin/Patrick/Anna in dialogue at the Drake house. Huge hints...


The Matt/Maxie/Ewen/Liz quad is about to get really interesting soon as well.

Emphasis on the Maxie part.

Do you have anything on Skate ending? Please?

Not a timeline but they aren't long for GH's world.

Insider do you have info on romantic E&E stuff around the week of 3/19? thanks

No timelines but that is the plan for them to be romantic.

That storyline has been changed and rechanged so many times under RC.

Matt also has a big secret.

Insider, anything romantic for Latte coming?

Yes. Liz is about to be very torn.

Heather Webber/Susan Moore.

This story is hard to get info for. thats all i really know for now.

Torn between Matt and Ewen or is she thinking about Lucky?

Torn between Matt and Ewen. Ewens unpredicitability continues with Liz which concerns her.

Patrick punching Jason doesn't end well.

Jason is still not in perfect health and Jason doesn't strike back.

Wait till Sam hears of it though.

Will Matt be there for Patrick?

Friends and family will try and reach out to Patrick but he doesn't respond well at all.

Patrick is going punch Jason actually in a drunken state.

Do you have anything on Sonny?


Mostly trying to figure out what is wrong with Kate and kissing up to Dante.

Scratch that, I do have one small thing on Sonny, nothing big but he's going to get in Carlys face and tell her to leave Sam alone in regards to Jason.

Matt is going to fall really fast and get too serious too quick for Liz.

She wants to take things slow.

There is no romantic Piz happening either. Just friendship.

Sam is not living at the LH, she lives at the PH still.

And there is nothing in my info on a jasam split.

Again no timeline,

But I think Matt is supposed to propose which sends Maxie reeling even further.

Matt proposes to Maxie?

Sorry no, Matt proposes to Liz. And I never said Liz accepts Matts proposal.

Don't care if you don't believe me on this one but word is SBu was given word on shirtless scenes, RC even lets the women know.

And as far as Jason finding out about Robin, my info states he is in shock, and angry initially, but realizes Sam's motives.

Then he feels guilty.

They were also going to have Alexis have sex with Shawn.

Don't know why they dropped it.


But just wanted to let you guys know that the Robert/Ethan paternity switch I hinted at happens next week. It's still a go from everything I heard, no matter what Holly said to Luke and Ethan recently.

- Emma Samms Insider

Thanks for the drop about Ethan's paternity ESI. It's really appreciated. Any chance Holly is going to look any better? So far, she's not faring too well.

I posted one of the very early story ideas for this paternity tale. It very much involved Holly being redeemed and lying because she is stuck in between a rock and a hard place with Helena.

But like I said when I dropped that, I have no idea at all how much of that was kept, and how much was scrapped. Back then, at least, in the very early stages there were clear attempts to make Holly look a lot better by the time she was gone.

- Emma Samms Insider

Did any insider mention Felicia coming back at all? Just wondering because of Carolyn Hinsey's tweet.

Hi! You are welcome.

Yes I did a couple of drops about Felicia. I said that she was originally planned to be back in time for Robin's funeral. I suppose things fell apart? Felicia was always someone I knew they were bringing back.

My last drop about Felicia is one I posted the 20th of last month.

There is a planned healing between Felicia and Maxie. Frisco was not initially due back, not in the info I had, so I don't know how he factors in.

- Emma Samms Insider

SI anything new on VMG's return?

Brenda will definitely be returning. You can count on that. I have been adamant about that and I continue to be.

- Emma Samms Insider

Yes, the Luke repair is a very conscious thing. I believe Happy New Year was the first to mention that RC is a big fan of old school L&L, and my info definitely backs that up. I said awhile ago to really listen particularly to what Luke says now. The change should be a stark contrast from years past.

- Emma Samms Insider

Elizabeth becomes a mainstay in Patrick's life for the foreseeable future.

But Elizabeth's story isn't all about Patrick. She is going to be all over the place, and crossing into several different stories, in the coming months.

That's all I will say.

- Emma Samms Insider

Again, one of the original story ideas that I was made aware of involved Helena using Holly.

And again, as I dropped form the beginning, that was a VERY early story consideration and I do not know how much of that survived.

The original plans were to redeem Holly in some way. To explain her actions in a way that cleaned her up. I just hope, for the sake of her fans, that they decided to keep that thread.

- Emma Samms Insider


Sorry about that, but it is a very sensitive topic given how insulting the show is being since Robin isn't even cold yet. Given that the plan was discussed again yesterday, I don't see where you were far off. I really hope they don't go anywhere because it is vile. Would appreciate it if you stick around.

Yes, I knew the subject was a sensitive one for a lot of people right now. I hesitated to even talk on it. I tried to be as tactful and understanding as I could though, please know that.

That is why I said the scenes look murky. I believe a lot of people will see a lot of things in their scenes together, even if I do not have info on Patrick and Elizabeth going into a full blown romantic and sexual relationship at this time.

It's a touchy subject.

- Emma Samms Insider


Then you will love him (Luke) even more after he saves Robert.

Make note of the positive changes in Luke's "tone."

[Jason] "Might" take back his name. Even considering doing so is a major step forward to embracing his family.

RC imagining the smile on Alan's face if his son 'finally comes home to him."

It is over time for Jason to come back home.

Add Michael and a new baby, and there will be four genearations of Qs.

The Spencers repair and a new positive "tone" been alerting you to watch for, has only begun reflecting onscreen.

After recent events, I share much of ESI's feelings. Especially regarding dropping more until the change in RC's vision is more, for lack of a better description, "more widely acknowledged."

RC re-emphasizing positive facets of his character shredded over the last years. Luke, in the past, was always a trusted friend to those he deeply loved.

Luke helped save many others in his past

Very good insight as to Robert's need to be the hero who can save anyone and everyone he loves. Robert was always fearless. Too fearless at times. Anna was the more cautious soul.

The more important the character, the more earth-shaking the impact her "death" should have on those who loved her. Such is the case with Robert and Patrick. They should be "broken" by her death.

Jason, as well, for Robin, after all, helped give birth to Jason Morgan. Consider her "death" may bring Jason back full circle.

Rapprochement with Monica was already well underway.

I am suggesting RC is fond of bringing characters "full circle" type storytelling.

And what Robin failed to do in "life," she may accomplish in "death."

Jason embracing his Q heritage for his child would fulfill Robin wishes for him.

RC considering the emotional impact of Alan welcoming his son finally back home.

An oft-asked question, how and when will RC rebuild the decimated Qs?

Michael and Jason are Qs, too. So, too, any offspring.


I really hope tracy/monica/edward (if john is ok) can be included in this heather stuff
she was last scene marrying edward and trying to kill him while tracy tried to get rid of her and got luke to help her

They will be.

Again, the Heather story is Jason's reconnection point to the Quartermaines. It is a very large umbrella story designed for Jason, the Quartermaines, and the Webbers and friends. This is a huge Spring storyline, and involves other returns that I have mentioned recently.

They are all involved (though sadly I do not know how JI's tragic happenings play into those changes).

- Emma Samms Insider

Just curious but when you say storyline coming in the spring, do you mean starting maybe April May June?
I'm assuming March is mostly wrapping up and start of new things

Latter March, through May sweeps as an apex, possibly beyond.

I know you are worried about Tracy. You should definitely see Jane's taping picking up very soon.

- Emma Samms Insider

And IMO Elizabeth should be involved - this is the story she belongs in! Steven is her brother and I would much rather see her involved in that and dealing with her life than being all up in Patrick's ass. I don't have an issue with her being Patrick's friend but holding his hand a pulling him back from the brink should be Maxie or Anna. As a Liz fan I do not want to see that.

Yes, as I have said before, she is involved. I mentioned previously that part (not all) of Elizabeth's upcoming story would involve her own family.

Elizabeth plays her part in the upcoming Webber/Quartermaine story. She, along with Jason, Sam, Tracy, Edward, Heather, Monica, Steve, Olivia, Anna, the returnees, and more, play their part.

It's a big story.

- Emma Samms Insider

Well, there it is.
Liz is in Jasam's story too.
FML :headslap

Liz is not in "Jasam's story". Heather's return is part of a much larger umbrella that merely involves Jasam, among many other people.

Go back to the original Susan Moore story with her involvement with Alan, and then her murder and the mystery following. This story is an homage/throwback to that tale, which involved a great deal of the canvas.

As it was then is how it will be now.

- Emma Samms Insider
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DD Insider's Lounge

Starr and Michael are not viewed as the new "Luke and Laura".

RC is too enamored with the real "Luke and Laura" than to be branding a new one.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: Hey ESI,

So is Kate a goner for sure? Do you know if RC plans to bring on Victor/TSJ? Also anything story line wise about Alexis or is it all supporting her kids stuff?

No, I said Sonny will lose Kate.

I can not confirm a Kelly Sullivan exit. The only thing I know about her is that Frank and Ron think she's a very talented actress. They know of her from her background in NYC theatre.

That does not guarantee she's staying, but I just wanted to offer that bit of background.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: Esi, any word on nikolas? As in tyler maybe making an appearance?

Definitely still on the books as far as I know. I do not have any update on casting for him.

The same goes for JJ.

- Emma Samms Insider

Since people are clearly upset, to the point of actually lying on me, let me state this as plain as I can:

I do not have any information about Jasam's marriage breaking up.

I do not have any information about Jason/Liz reuniting romantically.

I do not have any information about Patrick/Liz entering into a sexual/romantic relationship.

None of my information has ever suggested any of that. If you actually go back and read what is actually written, not what you insinuate into my words, the information is pretty clear cut.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: Does the upcoming Liason story rebuild their friendship? I mean do we get to see them grow closer? Will Sam find out about their meetings?

I think this wording is a lot more seedy than the reality.

Jason and Elizabeth won't be secretly growing closer, or having clandestine meetings that his wife needs to "find out about".

Not in any information I have.

- Emma Samms Insider

The Elizabeth "harem" is a bit overblown. As I mentioned quite a few times in the past, her romantic status has been up in the air since most of her potential suitors are played by actors with serious contract issues.

Now according to my info (and my info is hardly the end all be all)

Jason is not for Elizabeth.
Patrick is not for Elizabeth.
Matt, in the end, will not be for Elizabeth.
Ewen was for Elizabeth, but everything about him has changed recently and I am unsure about where he is going.

Lucky is, and always was intended to be, for Elizabeth. Every romantic road for Elizabeth leads eventually to Lucky.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: ESI anything on Anna or anymore returns

Yes! I have no idea how long Finola is sticking around, but I know FV in particular adores her. I might have mentioned this in the past, not sure, but she is being woven into the canvas. You will definitely get to see Devane the doting grandmother, as well as professional Devane. The vision for Anna is, again, all about "restoration". Also she is scene by this new team as a rock.

Lots more returns, quite a few I have mentioned for a long time now. I don't want to give any more names at this time though.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: ESI, thanks for your drops, which I find are usually quite accurate. Two questions...Will JASAM ever get a chance to be happy they are having a baby and how does Sonny/Sam relationship and their last conversations,relate to JIZ and their relationship?

Jasam has a great deal to handle in the coming months. Obstacles in the form of Heather, the changes from Jason's own mind, the fall out from Robin, John McBain, possibly Sam's own paternity issues later on (yes, again, her farther is still on the table), the coming birth.

However, as far as I am aware, their will be plenty of moments of bonding, and love, among all that turmoil.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: ESI what is the story coming up for Carly and Johnny? What does RC think of them as a couple?

I'll answer new Carly questions because I haven't had info on her in a long time.

Carly and Johnny are short term. It'll be Carly/Johnny/Sonny/Kate for awhile.

Carly and Sonny continue their back and forth, love and hate. Carly sides against Sonny in the whole Cole/Hope "death" business. Kate also serves as a point of contention for them.

Sonny will become almost obsessed with Kate, according to my info. He clings desperately to Kate, and their relationship, even as clues begin to surface that something is dangerously wrong. This is before it becomes clear that Kate's "other side" is a true demon and has caused a lot of damage.

Sonny and Carly grow closer in the end after Sonny loses Kate. Carly/Johnny are sacrificed in all the drama.

Carly, I have at least, is terribly apologetic for accusing Sonny of Kate's crime.

How far they will go with the Sonny/Carly revisit I do not know, but Brenda is the end result.

- Emma Samms Insider

Q: ESI, so you have not heard anything about Liz and Ewen still having a romance?

My info is old, but that info did have Ewen and Liz involved in a romantic relationship for a season.

I am just saying that since that info, I do know Ewen's trajectory has changed radically, and I am not sure of exactly what he's involved in.

- Emma Samms Insider

I am finally home from my AAA nightmare
Didn't get to catch up with the thread but speaking of starr and michael
Will they be movinig into the Q orbit or mansion?
or will Michael be going back to ELQ?

Any idea of if Luke/Tracy will remain friends or is luke moving on to Anna for short term?
Are you hearing Tracy/az marraige will turn out to be a scam?


Way back when I first started dropping I said that RC was surprised to see just how badly the Quartermaines have been decimated.

There is a coming migration back into the Quartermaine mansion. Everyone won't be moving back in, but there will be far more life in the old house again, in the form of blood relatives, family friends, and even enemies.

I have absolutely nothing about a Luke/Anna romance. I do not have any info on Anthony leaving, or their marriage being revealed to be a fraud.

I do know that Luke and Tracy will cross again, but as a part of story that isn't focused specifically on their time as lovers.

- Emma Samms Insider

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DD Insiders Lounge

A few quick drops as time is limited,

For Tracyfan,
Could there be another explosive Quartermaine diary?
Expect Tracy's "conscience" to make an appearance. SD plays a "role" in the Susan Moore revisit.

For Monica fans,
Heard Pierce Dorman's name bandied about. I do not know yet where or how this ties in.

For Robin fans,
KMc committed to a limited return.

-Happy New Years

Stressing I am not stating Pierce Dorman will be resurrected.

I am dropping his name been bandied about. Could be in reference to the new Q diary idea. I do not know yet where RC is heading here.

-Happy New Years

I can't remember if it was you or ESI that said RC was working on May sweeps and beyond a couple weeks ago
So is this new info on Tracy and a SD possible return for like summer or past that if it is already written?

A: I cannot speak for any other insider. I did drop RC was finalizing May Sweeps and my access was limited.

-Happy New Years

Q: HNY said they're not saying PD is coming back. They've heard the name mentioned and don't know the context yet.

A: Correct. Pierce Dorman may be like Susan Moore, and part of revisiting old Q "secrets."

Stressing this is preliminary information. Please do not twist my drops further than that.

-Happy New Years

Q: HNY has already said the show is being written in wrap up mode

A: Correct. Jason and Sonny leaving the mob.

Exposing secrets. Jason finally embracing his Q heritage, and "coming back home to Alan," etc

All part of wrap up plans.

-Happy New Years

Q: I understand what you're saying HNY and that it may just be a mention.

It just burns me up as a Brenda fan that they would mention him but act as though Brenda never existed.

A: Dropping on the Qs mainly only today.

There is some setup work coming for Brenda. That is all I can share today.

-Happy New Years

The Upfronts are held in May. Sometime prior to that the new lineup will leak out.

Examples of a wrap-up,
"walks down memory lane" and reunions - vets returning who played key roles in GH history; juicy old secrets finally coming to light; and bringing closure to characters - Robin is alive! Jason returning to the Q fold and departures from the mob.

-Happy New Years

Q: HNY I appreciate all that you do share. As a fan of GH I am happy to see that some care is being given to give it a proper sendoff and all the characters get HEA. It's hard waiting on your stuff to pan out though but I am trusting it will.

A: I have always maintained no one's information is 100% reliable.

However, I believe some of my GH drops have already been confirmed; by actors, interviews, and onscreen events.

-Happy New Years

Q: When do you expect GH to end? How much of this will happen by May? I guess I'm unclear as to the pacing and timing? Do these juicy old secrets get kept to the last week of airing for example?

A: September.

At least one juicy Q secret comes to light this spring.

Do not know yet.

-Happy New Years

Q: Since you are mainly dropping on the Qs today
1) any more talk of ned/dillon making an appearance before wrap up? Woudl be nice if tracy had her sons there at some point since their relationships always were rocky
2) if john ingle isn't able to return to work for a while do you think they will continue the stories you have mentioned without him or just mentioning him?

1) Heard Ned. No update on Dillon.

2) Not sure on JI's status.

All I have time for today as my time limited this week!

-Happy New Years
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Q: Have they told Jason Cook that he is no longer on the show? Is there anyone else they are letting go next month along with Jason? Does he leave in April?

I do not know what JC has been told or not told. From a sad experience on OLTL, it appeared those exiting were too often kept in the dark.

I heard RC was writing off his character and the setup already began. That is all I have for now.

Please bear in mind, sometimes I get the exit story (ie Kate) and other times I only hear pieces of plans.

-Happy New Years

Q: I am specifically concerned that the story about looking for Robin and bringing Kimberly in to film will keep getting pushed off. She is very busy this summer and if it isn't done before then, the fans will get screwed again. Has this story been slotted for a specific time? I know you can't say when, but if you can just say it has a timeline it will ease my anxiety.

I can only share, I heard KMc "committed" to a "limited" return.

This return has not been scripted yet.

I do not want to comment on timelines for any story as recently heard RC been reshuffling 1-2 stories for later.

-Happy New Years

Q: Hi HNY. HNY, have you heard anything new about TSJ (Victor) & FL (Tea) making an appearence on GH?

I shared here in January TSJ was on RC's wishlist. I recently heard RC was in contact with TSJ.

-Happy New Years

Q: Hi HNY, can you please give a clue about this Scorpio mess? In interview after interview Finola Hughes said it was big, and I think she said twists, but the writing for her and Scorpio has been awful. When can we expect to see some method to this madness?

There are more twists coming up.

I will leave it up to you viewers at the end to decide if RC told a good yarn or not.

-Happy New Years

Q: Are Todd and Carly a sure thing or were you just addressing posts about them?

I was making clear I do not know any such plans for Todd and Carly.

-Happy New Years

Q: Hi HNY!! Thank you so much for what you do share with us!

We did have a drop here earlier about Ewen saying that RC had reworked his story as he did not like what GW had come up with. Also that Ewen and Liz romance would pick up in April...

It all sounds great to me, but I was just curious if you had heard anything similar.

Thanks for any info!!

I heard GW's LIW story was a shredded mess of rewrites. The decision to gut it was already made prior to RC assuming control.

Except for timed sweep events, RC gives the breakdown writers some real leeway to stall or speed up story, as needed. This leeway is partly why I avoid timelines.

-Happy New Years


I tip my hat to whoever correctly scooped the OLTL cast contracts. As is obvious, my information on those been wrong. It is quite all right to question my drops. I only have ever asked please hold me accountable only for what I did drop, not things I never ever said. I believe that is only fair.

To clarify what I did hear regarding OLTL cast additions to GH,
Last December I shared TK was set to return as Lorenzo under GW. I heard FV put that story and return on hold because he preferred Tomas.

I did share here last month RC had TSJ on his wishlist and recently contacted him. I only hazarded a guess a TSJ return indicated RC really wanted to do his alive reveal onscreen, however, I never saw any storyboard draft. I only recently heard RC began reshuffling the timing of certain stories, shifting 1-2 to later to later.

As for Todd and Carly? I did not see any Todd returns storyboard so I honestly do not know the plan for those two. I can only share the plans I heard include Skate explodes as Sonny & Carly are forced to confront their unresolved feelings. This storyboard already began playing out onscreen.

I want to stress one last time, I do not have nor ever made any claim to have access to every GH story, return or contract. Other insiders may have more information than I, or differing information. I can only share what I hear, sometimes that information is more complete and other times it is merely tidbits.

-Happy New Years

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Q: HNY do you have an ETA on the blending of 80s and 90s GH, the revival of the Spencers, Lulu discovering her world saving roots and the big adventure? This last week has soured me on GH as it currently stands.

The blending of the 80s and 90s was not my drop.

The Spencers "reset" already commenced; derogatory Laura comments were dropped and replaced with positive Luke/Laura references. Lulu was moved into a position to stumble upon investigations. Luke's love for his children and friends is being restored.

-Happy New Years

Q: Hi HNY,

I am wondering is RC really going anywhere with Steve and Olivia in the form of a long term coupling at all? Because they sure are a mess and completely boring. Just seems like a real waste. Thanks.

Kate's psychotic break will impact Olivia's story direction.

-Happy New Years

Q: Thank you HNY. JJ confirmed talks with tptb as well this week. Any new info on him or possibly GF?

I would urge you to cut KMc, JJ, and other returnees some slack.

FV is well known for asking actors to mislead fans, in order to keep an element of surprise.

-Happy New Years

Q: HNY do you have anything on Liz and Jason, Some think there is room to hope for a new beginning for them? Can you say if Becky has been working much with Steve?

For Elizabeth,

Short-term = rebuilding her stronger, more a support to others versus needy and in need of support herself. Her romantic interest is Ewen.

Long-term = reunion with Lucky.

I have not read any plans to reunite her with Jason.

-Happy New Years

Q: HNY, I just wanted to thank you for all the drops and for hanging in there with the board. Just sad that there doesn't seem to be much for Patrick. I was hoping he and Anna would start to suspect something was up and would be off on an adventure searching for Robin. Just discouraged with the way this story has been written so far, but still wanted to thank you again! Hope you have a good weekend.

I never dropped Patrick, Robert or Anna would suspect Robin was alive.

I dropped an investigation would lead them to pursue justice for Robin. I am awaiting to see if the fire marshall's findings was stalled or rewritten.

-Happy New Years

Q: HNY you said in the long-term for Alexis there will be the paternity reveal. Is that person going to be Alexis' love interest or do they plan on ever giving her one? TIA

I really do not have much in the way of a real romantic interest for Alexis. Mac was tossed around only a bit.

It appears RC wants to play connect the dots with Sam's father. It is someone from GH's past.

-Happy New Years


Here is the TV Guide Link:


Thank you.

I can only say last year Michael Logan served as a reliable source for ABC's true intentions. This spring he again restates ABC's firm commitment to non-scripted programming. That commitment was ordered from the upper echelons of Disney, and it is part of a larger restructuring deal with the affiliates.

-Happy New Years


Do you have anything on Felicia's return?

I read two early drafts for a Felicia and Frisco reunion.

I hesitate to drop anything on Maxie because that storyboard was rewritten due to the KS situation.

-Happy New Years

Q: HNY any chance for a JoLu reunion? Or being friends

As with Sonny and Carly, RC feels there are unresolved feelings between Johnny and Olivia.

Kate's psychotic break will have a major impact on Olivia's story direction.

-Happy New Years

Q: So just keeping up to speed? Jason is nolt the one who originally becoems suspicious about Robin's death? Its the fire marshall report? Liz is going romantic with Ewan? Sam's father is someone from Gh's past?

In the original storyboard, the fire marshall's report is the start.

I have stated for months here that Elizabeth's short-term romantic interest is Ewen.

Sam's father will be revealed. I have shared all I will there as it is in early drafts.

-Happy New Years

Q: HSN..
Can you shed any light on the Heather Webber story regarding Jason/Sam?
Is Jason the father of Sam's baby? The Jasam fans are being baited regarding that issue.
Do Jason and Sam have any lighter/happier moments coming up that you can share with us?
Thank you for anything you can tell us Jasam fans.

Jason is the father. However, the paternity and the test will be called into question again. The "rape" will be resolved once and for all. So too will Franco's "ties" to Jason.

I would not expect a stress-free or drama-free pregnancy. Far from it. Jason and Sam will face many external obstacles and some internal conflicts. However, the plan is for them to overcome those obstacles.

-Happy New Years

Q: HNY, the writers had Anna tell Luke onscreen that the lab explosion was a series of random accidents. We never even saw anyone get a report but it appeared that Anna already knew about the gas leak mixing with the chemicals which led to the explosion. We saw onscreen that it was an accident caused by Maxie and Patrick. No one seems intent on getting justice.

What you saw onscreen was deliberate misdirection. It was not accident.

The report would raise some questions, however, down the line.

It has only been two days since Robin's death and "she" is not even buried yet.

-Happy New Years

Q: I was a huge OLTL fan and I am still confused about the "similar phrasing" regarding another "praised" actress' exit? Clues please. Thanks.

Susan Haskell was a two-time Emmy winner who FV/RC praised intensely in interviews. When I broke the story SH was exiting, I dropped Marty would suffer a "psychotic break" and go on a "violent" rampage. Months later Marty was kidnapping infants, going to the nuthouse, throwing one rival off the roof and gutting another, and murdering her therapist.

It proved a cautionary tale for OLTLers who believed FV/RC's praising words meant a particular actress or actor was "safe."

-Happy New Years

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Pardon the interruption.

Regarding rumors about Rick Hearst: A short return had been considered for the Ric Lansing character, who would come in to mix it up with his past associations and possibly ally himself with Todd. Todd's primary ally against the Corinthos crime family come May is Kate/Connie and the Zaccharas, with a Quatermaine sideline, but Ric was also considered to play a role that would crisscross several stories. Whether or not that has been greenlit is beyond my knowledge.

Ric was also supposed to have learned the secret of Sam's paternity, and would confront Alexis with it in order to negotiate access to his daughter (Molly).

A few things to look for heading towards sweeps: More of Elizabeth and Steve with their families. A callback to a deadly disease from GH long past. And Sonny discovers Victor Lord Jr., but Victor has a reason for staying hidden. Also, look for Luke to detail for his friends (and the audience) why he has fallen so far, after feeling helpless to save Laura from a trauma that pre-dated their life together. Much will be made of Laura's strength and personal trials, pre and post-Luke.

Less Johnny and Todd, more Todd working with Connie who is working with Anthony Z. Johnny is not fully involved in his father's dirty deeds, and Todd is kept in the dark about Anthony's involvement with Connie. In turn, Todd keeps his own scheme secret from Blair and Starr.

"Tomas" uses the chaos with the warring factions to his own ends. As a decorated federal agent his machinations go undetected, for now, but will have big ripple effects on all parties

Sonny wants to pull Jason into his battle with Todd. Sam and Jason resist, facing their own crisis of faith and family. In one heated moment Jason tells Sonny he has become Frank Smith

Blair returns to town shortly after Todd.

I try to avoid dropping about the big GH couples. That way leads madness.

One more thing: The blowback from the exposure of Connie and the fall of the Zaccharas leads to several deaths, and the official start of GH's final big adventure.


Did you guys see this from the OLTL board-

Dropping over here.

Currently the plan is for Carly to face a final choice between letting her obsession with Jason and Sonny rule her life, and moving on by herself.

You've seen examples of this recently already, from the affair with Johnny to her clash with Sam. Johnny tells her she can't put Sonny behind her while Sam tells Carly she is Jason's wife and that Carly no longer has a say. The destruction of her happy life with Jax will also rear its head as Carly faces up to that.

The current Sonny and Carly reconnect is in order to put both their "houses" in order for their final pairings. Sonny will leave the mob for Brenda. Carly will have to choose between true love and her lingering loyalty to the two men who have defined most of her adult life. At one point the true love in question was going to be Jasper Jacks. Now it may be "Tomas" aka Lorenzo, whose secret will not stay hidden forever.



Do you have any new info to drop on spring stories, specifically whether the search for Robin will begin then?

I never dropped there was a search for an "alive Robin." That was another insider.

I took great care to note Patrick, Robert and Anna will not suspect she is alive. The adventure was about seeking justice for her death. Obviously, the Robert role changed. The timeline been reshuffled and I do not have an update yet.

-Happy New Years

Morning HNY

I have a few of quick questions

Do you know why part of Robert's story was given to McBain ?

Will Robert eventually figure out Luke,Holly & Ethan's Con and return to Port Charles to help Anna,Mac,Patrick get justice for Robin ?

When will they get the fire marshal's report & what will clue them off that the explosion in the lab was not an accident ?

As I dropped previously, it appears Robert's impact on Lulu and Sonny/Dante relationship was given to John McBain.

I do not know on Robert's return yet. I do know he has more story to tell and it was left open for that.

The fire marshall report would find "irregularities" which set off an investigation. I do not yet if that piece was retained or not, as that story timeline was reshuffled.

-Happy New Years


How will they ever find her if they never suspect she is alive? Does the adventure lead them to information that they question or do they just find her by accident? Confused a bit because I would think this is the story the leads to them finding her?

The original story, as structured, had an investigation leading to clues of some sort of malfeasance. The search for justice would at the end reveal an alive Robin.

-Happy New Years


So you are confirming then that whatever the story is about Robin has been shuffled back or is RC still shuffling everything and you aren't sure what the end result will be?

Losing hope that Robin/Kimberly is ever going to come back :-(

Do you know if JT is solid with the show? Is he in danger of being cut?

This spring Robin "should" be revealed alive to viewers.

However, there are only 2 stories delayed until summer boards and the search for justice/adventure appears one of them. Summer boards launch after May Sweeps.

I do not have any information on JT being cut.

-Happy New Years


Is it possible that the storyline "seeking justice for Robin's death" for Robin's family has been given over to Starr, Todd, Blair, and John McBain as "seeking justice" for the deaths of Cole and baby Hope?


The Cole/Hope/Starr/Todd/Blair characters were woven into RC's existing plans to "explode" Skate and explore Sonny/Carly's unresolved feelings. This is why I initially felt Todd and Blair would not really impact story. Essentially the GH characters "directions" stayed the same. For example, irregardless of Todd and Blair additions, Kate's "psychotic break" remained a driving force.

As for John McBain, he assumed pieces of Robert's story which originally intended to impact Sonny and his relationship with Dante.

-Happy New Years


Anything more on a Brenda return? :biglove

This spring, the Brenda mentions should start up. As is the case with the Spencers, there is setup work to do first onscreen.

-Happy New Years


How are you doing? I have dropped some info on the Brenda/Sonny/Carly/possible Jax situation. Do you have similar info. I have that VM is all but a don deal, but Jax (IR) not so much on the table. I have heard they are actually going back to S&C (and it just really doesn't go well) and that is the mob/Brenda catalyst? Anything to share or is my source off on her info?

I have not heard of any Jax plans. Not yet at least.

As I dropped previously, RC rewrote GW's plans for Skate and explodes them instead. Sonny's road back to Brenda goes through Carly first. RC wants to explore Sonny and Carly's unresolved feelings.

Brenda will be back.

-Happy New Years


Then what is the twist to the Robin story? None of it makes any sense.

It is a mystery and mysteries do not make sense at first.

It was no series of "random accidents."

Robin did not die.

Who orchestrated her disappearance and why is the biggest twist of all.

The plan is reveal Robin is alive and KMc already agreed for a "limited" return. That is the information I have and I stand by that.

-Happy New Years

Those drops from the OLTL board could be true. They had Todd being involved with Connie's crazy schemes.

I would urge caution on those OLTL drops.

Those drops do not match RC's views of the Tomas and "Victor" characters.

-Happy New Years

Does someone want to covet the Jasam baby before or after the baby is born? :confused


And I cannot say more as I should not have spoiled that much.

-Happy New Years

I mean Heather could become interested in Sam because of her visit, if Sam would have stayed away, Heather might not even know she existed.

And I'm only stating that based on spoilers last week.

Come hither said the spider to the fly.

You are on the wrong track if you believe Heather does not know who Sam is.

-Happy New Years

I agree. Alison being linked with Victor came out of nowhere. I tend to believe the drops about how Sonny will find out that Victor is alive and use it against Todd - somehow.

Tea will probably be back too.

I suspected my BG drop would prove confusing, so let me clarify to avoid further confusion,

I have not heard of any Todd and Sam connection.

I have not heard of any plans for Sonny to find "Victor."

I cannot confirm if TSJ will or will not appear on GH. I can confirm RC wants TSJ for GH.

I only heard BG (OLTL's Alison Perkins) name dropped recently and that she "might" have a connection to a Port Charles mental institution.

Sometimes I do not get the full story all at once. I sometimes can hear the germ of an idea as those pieces are still being brainstormed. This was the case with my first January drop RC wanted to revisit Susan Moore.

Consider the Alison drop very early, unconfirmed drop. It is a germ of an idea at this point.

Now I must really get going!

-Happy New Years

your friend have anything for Liz?

Hinges on JJ. I think E&E are go. Too bad I like Matt, but I think he is gonna get the axe. Corday will scoop him back up and if KS can get her problems together and stay 'able to work', let's say, she will be back as Maxie or go back to Days, I hear. She isn't doing great right now, so best of luck to her.
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So, Rick is NOT coming back?
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Mar 12 2012, 04:27 PM
So, Rick is NOT coming back?
Branco has been wrong before, but honestly, I would take his word over that of an "insider" at DD.

Besides, you'll notice that the "insider" wrote: "Whether or not that has been greenlit is beyond my knowledge."

I don't think the "insider" was suggesting that Ric isn't coming back. I took that line to mean that they had heard rumors of his return, and possible s/ls for Ric, but that the "insider" wasn't sure if TPTB had decided to actually bring him back or not.

What I found interesting about that rumor was the bit about possible s/ls. I would love for Sam's father's identity to finally be revealed and for Ric to play some part in Sonny's downfall.
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If anyone is interested I talked to my source today and she said RC is definately NOT doing Sam/Mcbain romantically.

What are they doing with Sam? And more importantly what are they doing with McBain? TIA.

Mcbain is eventually going to be paired with Carly.

Will McBain have any impact on Jasam at all?

None. She said the same as most that they will interract but nothing romantic.

i don't know. just don't think i'm going to like jason being angry at sam--like at all.

Oh and she said this is being really blown out of proportion. Jason gets angry but he's over it pretty quick. I know, go ahead and call me a Jasam handholder. lol
Just what she said.

Does your source have any info on Lante? Thanks.

I asked. She had absolutely nothing on them. Actually this is kinda about Lante but she said they and Micheal/Starr will be pretty tight.


3 more OLTL cast members on their way.
The CEO of Disney gave his seal of approval to FV's hybrid concept.

- an old friend

The hybrid idea came from Andy Cohen. Brian Frons considered then dismissed the idea of AMC/OLTL.

Know what else? Prospect Park's Jeff Kwatinetz never had any intention of producing two soaps. The deal was always for one hybrid AMC/OLTL/GH. Lucci walked away when she learned about it.

- an old friend

They don't have much time left so I'm not sure why he's (Iger's) saying he's not making any promises. They have to announce a decision about GH very soon.

This isn't about saving GH on ABC. Disney is just letting them test it out on ABC first.

- an old friend

Andy Cohen from NBC owned Bravo? Who is owning this hybrid?

Andy is one of the biggest soap freaks around and he expressed a little interest in 2010 in working out a deal with ABC. This hybrid idea been kicking around since then. The whole idea isn't about saving GH on ABC. It's about trying to find a new home with a show that can appeal to all three shows fans.

-an old friend


This is the part of the Disney Shareholder's meeting is referencing.

From 1:07 mark
Full transcript of Iger's response to GH's future

Q: There's been a lot of changes at ABC Daytime. We're just curious to how well the new shows are doing compared to the shows they replaced, and what the future of General Hospital might be?

Iger: Actually I started at ABC in 1974 working on AMC and OLTL so they were kinda near and dear to my heart. The business of daytime television changed a lot over the years. Soap operas were once powerful profit centers for ABC and for the company. And over time due to the changes in viewing habits, the profitability decreased substantially so ABC created a new strategy that we're in the process of implementing. They put on two shows that replaced AMC and OLTL, one is called the Chew and one is called the Revolution. The Chew is doing extremely well. The Revolution is just getting started. They took some of the characters and some of the stories from OLTL and put them into GH, and that is actually breathing some new life into GH, and that is a good sign, but I am not going to make any more promises beyond that right now because this is all relatively new. We know there a lot of very, very avid fans, loyal fans, not just for seasons but for decades of those two shows AMC and OLTL but it came down to a business decision on ABC's part to really work hard to improve on its profitability, so the shows of many decades wound up being canceled.
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