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Rumors from DD's Insider's Lounge & GHH; Updated 4/5 in Post #46
Topic Started: Jan 31 2012, 07:28 AM (23,221 Views)
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General Hospital Happenings

GH: The Guilty Party and Jasam's Discord
Posted by ghhshirley on Friday, March 2, 2012
Rumorville: Despite her confession, Maxie didn't kill Lisa.

Matt has a flashback of pushing Lisa over the side of the yacht by accident.
Matt will keeps this to himself while at the same time he is trying to support Maxie.

Mac enlists Alexis to represent Maxie's interests which brings the two closer.
Mac cannot bear to lose his last daughter.

Spinelli eventually solves the mystery of Lisa's death.
Maxie will be less than pleased.

Jason is upset with Sam for keeping Robin's death from him, for making choices for him.
Spinelli comes to Sam's defense.

Later on at the bridge, Jason asks Robin and Jake to take care of each other.

Spinelli will begin to sense that something is "off" with Jason.

Spinelli will see himself as a self-appointed protector of family and children.

Expect to see more Quartermaine, than Corinthos, in Michael as he grows closer to Starr.

Spinelli updates Sam and Jason on what he has discovered about the DVD's origins shortly before Heather Webber makes her first appearance.

Keep in mind that there are only a few things that have ever motivated Heather Webber: vengeance, greed, and on occasion- insanity. One other thing--she has a pattern of using babies and children to get what she wants.


General Hospital Happenings

GH: The Plot Thickens...
Posted by ghhshirley on Friday, March 9, 2012
Rumorville: Jason gets upset that Sam is following up on Franco's DVD. After telling her to leave it to him, she takes off to NYC where she speaks with the nurse who delivered baby boy Moore. This will lead Sam to Ferncliff and to Heather Webber, where Jason follows her.

Liz helps Ewen with his patient by keeping Johnny away from "Connie."

Johnny remains conflicted about using "Connie" to pay Sonny back because of his growing attraction to Carly. Johnny is even more torn when Carly admits she wants to see where she and Johnny could go, despite the warnings from those around her.

Maxie breaks down at Robin's funeral and claims she is the reason Robin is dead. Brushing it aside as her guilt and grief, Matt attempts to talk her down. Maxie then confesses to murdering Lisa Niles while Matt continues to have disturbing flashbacks of the night of Lisa's death.

Tracy is aggravated by Luke and Anna's close quarters.

When Anthony re-emerges, he stakes his claim on his wife and his position as the "new head" of the Quartermaine household.

McBain worked with Anna in the past.

McBain plans to take Jason down, along with Sonny and his organization.

Sam sees McBain as a threat. McBain sees Sam as a way to get to Sonny.
Meanwhile, the pregnant Sam is in danger.

While trying to keep Sonny from going to prison for the deaths of Cole and Hope, Alexis begins to worry about McBain's true intentions towards Sam.

Alexis manages to get Maxie to reveal her scheme with Anthony in the case of Lisa Niles' murder. The information leads Alexis, Mac, Maxie and Matt down a dangerous path.
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Q: HNY has always spoke in generalities and then used them to recant the impression he gives of storyline direction. He told us Mcbain was in Sonny's story. That jasam had enough to deal with Heather and franco and Jason's continuing brain issues.

Incorrect. Out of necessity, I was forced last year to stick to vaguer clues versus giving out too many details. I try to "steer" you on the right track when I can. For example, it is the wrong track to assume RC dropped the Franco story completely. FV only terminated the two JF returns JFP had been planning on. There is a distinct difference.

Perhaps your confusion stems from my drop John replaced Robert's impact on Lulu, Sonny and Dante? If so, kindly re-read my January 29th extensive answers where I suggest think of Todd/Tea for the vision for John/Sam. Both women highly protective when their husbands were targets.

-Happy New Years


Q: Just wanted to say, I can totally see Luke's "reset". When Anna asked if Lulu was fragile today, his response of "I thought she was, because she was a girl..." gave me high hopes he realizes she isn't that fragile at all. Thanks for everything. Do you happen to have anything new on Lante as a couple you can share?

There is still more positive rebuilding to come for all the Spencers. There is also setup coming to rebuild Lucky and Laura.

Lulu should start really trusting her "Spencer instincts" for spotting trouble. "Instincts" will be a key word I am told.

-Happy New Years


Q: Do you have anything further on Robin/Scrubs? Did RC start planning a new timeframe for the story surrounding the investigation into her death? Really sad today would love some good news.

Today was the type of well-crafted episode mourning Robin's life I was urging you to expect months ago. Everyone on the canvas was impacted by her loss and it really "upends" lives.

The pacing did suffer from taking away the focus from Robin "death."

I am still hearing Robin is revealed "alive" this spring.

When the investigation picks up I do not know yet.

-Happy New Years


Q: Sheesh.....I wish JJ would make a decision already.

He already did.

-Happy New Years


Q: HNY----Do you have any idea when JJ's decision might start to leak to the magazines?

I do not have access to the magazines.

I can only share I disagree with an earlier drop (stating) Lucky would be remaining in Ireland.

-Happy New Years


Q: John McBain has a new bio up , it says he has an insatiable need to protect. Can you say whether that will in any way extend to Sam at any point? Also will sam still be giving birth May sweeps?

RC writes John McBain as suffering from a rather pronounced "damsels in distress" syndrome. It will extend beyond Sam.

I do not like to give out timelines as those are decided at breakdowns. I will only say that arc of the story appears set for May/June.

-Happy New Years


Q: Hi HNY any idea as yet when Kate's final break will come? Who else will she target?

I would warn Kate's rampage has only just begun.

-Happy New Years


Q: Has Matt's exit story started?

I do not know. My exits and returns information typically stems from peeks at the story planning. However, that was not the source for my JC exiting drop.

-Happy New Years


Q: HNY, anything on Mac? Is he leaving the show too? Do you know if Felicia is long term? TIA

I have not seen any plans for a Mac exit. Felicia is not long-term.

-Happy New Years


Q: Is there any truth to Todd Manning's trial being done in Port Charles? And, will Ric Lansing be prosecuting or defending Todd?

Ric Lansing was on RC's wishlist. However, I have not heard plans for Todd's trial.

As of last update, I heard RC contacted TSJ seeking to reveal "Victor" is alive on GH.

-Happy New Years


Q: Always good to see you posting. I know you don't get breakdowns, but do have any info if they will even mention Brenda, Felicia, Sean, etc. at Robin's funeral? It has been bothering me and I can't get any info on it. Anything new to report on Sonny or Johnny either?

Expect Felicia mentions soon as she ties into Maxie's breakdown.

There is some setup work coming for Brenda later this spring.

-Happy New Years


Q: HNY, I don't know if this was asked and answered, but do you have anything new you can share about Alexis?

Short-term Alexis has her hands full mothering and lawyering.

However, a big twist to address her back story been percolating.

-Happy New Years

Q: Do you know if Michael will have seperation from his parents due to Starr and the trial and the line you said Johnny crosses, does it have to do with Connie/Kate. Once again thank you so much for your patience and sticking with us and thank you for all the jasam and lante info you have shared.

Mostly Kate, however, there is another he will impact.

RC is very fond of foreshadowing. Rewatch the scene where Carly makes the mistake a) she has any real "control" over Johnny and b) there some lines he will not cross to gain revenge on Sonny.

-Happy New Years


Q: Thanks for the info. Do you know any details about Patrick's story? Is the story about him doing something wrong in regards to Jason's brain still in play? It doesn't seem like JT has been working and Jasam are with Heather. Is it a longer story or has it been dropped maybe? Will he still face a professional crisis?

I never stated Patrick committed a mistake in the surgery. I stated Patrick faced a professional and personal crisis as a result of Robin's "death," and there would be fallout from Patrick, in his mental state, performing the surgery.

-Happy New Years


Q: Can you help with this a little though? If there was no mistake and Jason is fine, why would there be a crisis? Isn't that part of the plot over? Everyone including the COS insisted that he do the surgery? I am very confused? Are you still hearing he might lose his license?

Patrick does not lose his license. The issue of his performing that surgery in that state becomes an issue and that is all I can share.

-Happy New Years


Q: Anymore u can share on tracy or the Qs. Todays tracy/edward was so good. The magazines this week talk about luke wanting to win tracy back and make her jealous. Hasnt that shipped sailed with luke all about laura?

I believe the tone shift will be apparent there. As I dropped previously, losing Laura no longer "set Luke free" as previous regimes wrote him.

Tracy plays into the Heather arc later when one of her old secrets comes back to haunt her.

-Happy New Years


Q: Someone named Toodeles says there is no Luke/Laura reunion.
Are you still hearing that a reunion is possible ?
I will be livid if they reunite Luke/Tracy.

Since Cole's monologue, RC began laying the groundwork for Luke/Laura.

I stand by one of my first drops here that RC could not envision ending GH without reuniting Luke/Laura.

I urge caution in reading too much into short-term spoilers. They are not always indicative of the long-term plan.

-Happy New Years


Q: Is it bad news? Did JJ decide on not returning? My access maintained since December,

It was never an issue of "if" JJ would return or wanted to return.

The issue has always been working out a mutually agreeable schedule for his return.

-Happy New Years


Q: Based on stiryboards you have seen does it look like tracy is exiting anytime soon

No. I have not heard any plans to exit Tracy.

-Happy New Years


Q: HYN's latest drops are a little confusing. I'm pretty sure that he is not going to be staying with Carly because if I read his drops right it's pretty obvious that Carly is wrong in trusting Johnny and whatever lines he may cross obviously comes between them in some way.

His other drop was about Johnny and Olivia having unresolved feelings? Not quite sure how that works when Olivia has just confessed that she loves Steve and is going to start blackmailing Johnny in some way?? Right now I guess anything is possible. :dunno

Carly/Johnny are not long-term. They serve more as part of the catalyst to drive Sonny/Carly.

Current appearances to the contrary, Steve/Olivia are not set either. RC plans to explore unresolved feelings between Olivia and Johnny.

-Happy New Years


Q: Can you say if the baby actually gets taken or if someone just wants it?


But I can suggest you consider making that someone plural.

-Happy New Years


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My reaction to current Y&R ...

Why the hell does GH not want to give Liz and Jason a chance? Jasam is killing me, I struggle to watch the show because of them.
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Mar 16 2012, 12:36 AM
Why the hell does GH not want to give Liz and Jason a chance?
After the trashing of Liz carried out by Guza and Wolf, RC is determined to rebuild her character. For that reason, I imagine he is probably pretty reluctant to have her run off with a guy who has a very pregnant wife.
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JaSam makes more sense then Liason ...always have IMO ......yes JaSam baby is almost here!
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Mclame stay away from my girl Sam!!!!!!!!! Hate mumbles when he talks...
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Mar 16 2012, 01:16 AM
Mclame stay away from my girl Sam!!!!!!!!!
I don't see RC going there for the same reason I don't see him revisiting Liason - Sam's pregnant. Even if JaSam hits the rocks for a while I doubt there will be anyone else involved - no would be lovers, at least. I'm sure McBain will cause problems for Jason, but I'm betting those problems are of a legal nature and have zero to do with Sam.
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Glad there will be no Jason & Elizabeth pairing. The fans of this never was a couple, just a fuck and a bastard child, aren't getting their way. Good IMHO. I hope GH brings back either Jonathan Jackson or Greg Vaughan as Lucky and re-establish the real Lucky & Elizabeth, not the ruined characters that the previous mob-loving regime made up!
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Kind of off subject but I just saw this on twitter:

@Dawn4Soaptown: Everyone, please join me in saying a prayer for RavenBeauty. She has learned that her illness is now terminal.

Raven Beauty is a gal that has blogged about spoilers she's gotten for all of ABC's soaps. So very sad.....
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Mar 16 2012, 07:40 PM
Kind of off subject but I just saw this on twitter:

@Dawn4Soaptown: Everyone, please join me in saying a prayer for RavenBeauty. She has learned that her illness is now terminal.

Raven Beauty is a gal that has blogged about spoilers she's gotten for all of ABC's soaps. So very sad.....
I feared as much from her recent posts. I'll be sure to send good thoughts her way and post my best wishes on her board. If anyone else would like to do the same here is the link to her board: http://www.voy.com/191220/
Edited by AuroraPhoenix, Mar 16 2012, 07:51 PM.
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Mar 16 2012, 07:50 PM
Mar 16 2012, 07:40 PM
Kind of off subject but I just saw this on twitter:

@Dawn4Soaptown: Everyone, please join me in saying a prayer for RavenBeauty. She has learned that her illness is now terminal.

Raven Beauty is a gal that has blogged about spoilers she's gotten for all of ABC's soaps. So very sad.....
I feared as much from her recent posts. I'll be sure to send good thoughts her way and post my best wishes on her board.
Can you link her board so that we all can wish her the best? Thank you!
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I had the same thought. I actually updated my post with the link just before you wrote this. Here it is, again: Ravenbeauty's Board
Edited by AuroraPhoenix, Mar 16 2012, 07:55 PM.
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As I said two months ago, McBain and Robin's ghost offer far more issues to jasam than Liz does. If the show gets a year extension then I think there's a good possibiity they'll go with romantic McBain. All bets are then off. But between now and July Do NOT expect romantic Liason. Its not happening.

Q: A year extension? When will they know because I seriously doubt they are giving it a year extension

SO do I (doubt it) but thats what everyone is hoping for.

I don't know for sure But good chance LW (Laura Wright/Carly) is talking about ME. They will be workign together Quite a bit If so, the heated remark does not refer to sex.

Q: Do you know anything about Patrick? Will Robin be revealed to be alive? Are they moving him on to someone else?

Its my understanding Robin is alive. And you should know that Soon. As for moving on, I told everyone months ago Patrick and Liz will be close (not necessarily romantic) And Matt willl not like it. That should still play out in May And will lead to some startling revelations.

Q: Bwhahahahahaha So Carly gets Sam's relationship with McBain that we were told about ad nausium.The adverserial role. funny

Sam will be involved with McBain as well. Neither relationship will be sexual - For the time being.

Q: GGCB, heard anything about a Kristina return, Lexi or not? Heard if Nathan (Ethan) is returning or not? Thanks! :bigsmile

Nothing on either Sorry. Baby born mid-May 18th, I believe. Girl. Normal birth Abnormal after birth. Big test for Jasam love and trust.

Sylvia, I still have no info indicating big romance for E&E Sorry.

Q: Can you elaborate on abnormal? :pleaseplease

Nothing abnormal With baby, mom Abnormal happenings after birth Sorry for confusion Really gone now.


*Maxies meltdown is just the beginning of her mental decline.

*Luke still wants Tracy

*Lulu and Luke talk, he tells her he lied to Robert. *Luke asks Lulu to keep the secret that Ethan is not Roberts son.

*An upset Sam talks to a stranger about Jason.. *Sam discovers that she is talking to police Lt. John McBain. *Sam shuts up fast and exits.

*Jason runs into Liz, and they have a talk.

*Its the one year anniversary of Jakes death. *Jason and Liz find common ground.

*Olivia has the info to neutralize Johnnys blackmail.

*Sam asks him if he still needs time alone. *Jason tells Sam he wasn't alone..he was with Elizabeth.

*Sam wants to make it up to Jason by unearthing Franco's secrets

*John McBain goes to Jasons, and warns him that he is targeting Sonny.

*He warns Jason to stay out of his way. *Jason listens quietly, but he will protect Sonny.

*Mac and Alexis try to get to the real truth.

*Dante arrests Maxie..

*Jason tells Sonny that McBain has a son, and other tidbits Sam heard from him..

*Ewen hynotizes Kate to find out her real issues.

*Sam realizes that she broke Jasons trust.

*Dante tells Lulu tha he has to arrest Maxie.

From "insider" Happy New Year

RC feels the surprise reveal carries more punch if more viewers become convinced the character must be "not only merely dead, she's really, most sincerely dead!"

Robin is as "dead" as Tea and Gigi were.

-Happy New Years

Q: and don't forget his brain is still messed up according to HNY..
Still an ass though. :lolz

No. I stressed in February to you Jason's medical problems will continue to haunt Jason, and Sam throughout her pregnancy.

-Happy New Years

How are you? How your little one is doing?
anything on Liz and Ewen? FV confirmed him and JJ are in talk? anything on Lucky? thanks

Been busy on the new project. Little one's motor skills are improving which is a relief.
I can only share there is already a deal in the works with JJ.

-Happy New Years

RC is in the drivers seat now - he could have changed it or just let her seek help but going this route seems very RCish and hard for me to believe this isn't his doing since he's been there from December and here we are almost in April.

My understanding GW was planning more of a PTSD breakdown for Kate.

RC rewrote it a "psychotic break" and introduced a more violent rampage.

-Happy New Years

HNY ---
what does this story that invokes Liason entail?

At the risk of upsetting some fans here, I have not seen any Elizabeth/Jason story.

-Happy New Years

Do you have anything new on Lulu? or Luke? Or Lulu and Luke? LOL

Nothing really new.

Luke abstained from drinking which continues his reset.

Lulu listens more and more to her Spencer instincts. This will spice up her relationship with Dante.

-Happy New Years


Don't know if this is something you can answer but I was really disappointed that the focus of Robin's funeral seemed to only include her life with Stone and not her adult life with her husband. Absolutely no flashbacks of Scrubs and their six year story. I know that you have talked about RC's love of the Scorpios, but what about Patrick and Robin? Just getting concerned that whatever story he ends up telling won't get a lot of focus because we have next to nothing on what Patrick's story is going to be in the interim.

Thanks if you can answer. :)

I stressed before RC saw Robin as greater than merely the other half of Robin/Patrick. Her entire life from childhood through Anna's eyes, to teen years Stone through Sonny and Mac were included in the tributes.

However, the lion's share of the grieving scenes belonged to Patrick. While others had flashbacks, Robin "visited" Patrick several times. I do not get breakdowns, however, the funeral does not spell the end of Patrick grieving scenes. On the contrary.

I will agree the pacing of the story is suffering due to several factors.

-Happy New Years


When is this big Quatermaine, Spencer, Scorpio, Cassadine story happening and why is RC against bringing any dead Q's back?

As I have been stressing for months, unlike prior regimes RC views Jason and Michael as Qs. The coming story is about those two characters, especially Jason, finally embracing his Q heritage.

Additionally, Alan is being scheduled for a "return."

-Happy New Years

Hi HNY -

Let's see, who else? Elizabeth and Ewen are going to start dating, but I'm well aware that there's a big fan base out there for Jason and Elizabeth, too. It's my intention to play that history whenever we can. They're friends, and they've gone through the death of a child together, so they'll always be in each other's orbit because of that. But they will be in story together, too, so stay tuned!

RC on ABC.Com Q&A - Jason and Liz will be in story together!!! :cheer

I read the entire interview.

Their paths may cross, however, that does not make them sharing a storyboard together.

There is a distinction.

-Happy New Years

Did BH or Steve mention who they worked with today or how do we know this??

Jason/Spinelli/Liz - something to do with Liz's childhood memories/Heather. JaSpin investigating.


Do you know what the hell RC was thinking when writing this contrived Jasam fight these past two days? Especially towards Jason's dialogue. It is just so WTF.

As I warned Robin's "death" would upend Jason's life. Robin helped give "birth" to Jason Morgan so her "death" serves to bring his story full circle. RC is fond of bringing characters full circle in such a way.

Take note Carly's dialogue intentionally revisited the cause of Jason Morgan's break from the Qs.

Heather/Susan Moore revisits also force him to revisit his roots.

The end goal is for Jason Morgan to understand the Qs and embrace versus reject them.

-Happy New Years

Is RC still planning on revealing Tracy/Az marriage was a fake?
Is he going for a luke/tracy/anna triangle?


I do not have anything on such a triangle. RC plans on addressing and resolving Luke and Tracy's relationship.

Robert/Ethan/Holly were left open-ended on purpose to drive future story.

-Happy New Years

I noticed you didn't mention Robert. Is he gone for good? :confused


There should be more Robert story left to unfold.

-Happy New Years
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A bit more from Happy New Year.


Do you have any update you can share on the birth of Sam and Jason's baby? RC said today the Franco stuff is tied to Heather. Does she and someone else kidnap the baby?

We also had a drop saying they would have a baby girl on May 18th. I know you dont do dates, but do you think that's about right?


I have already shared, more than I should have really. on the Heather/Susan Moore storyboard. Read through my old drops regarding GW's original plans for Franco and my hints how RC was rewriting the tie-ins through Heather/Susan Moore.

I will urge caution for any drops insisting Sam will have a crisis-free birth.

-Happy New Years

HNY you also said there was some interest in Ned, Dillon and perhaps Emily returning along with this and I have heard nothing nor anything about some larger than life enemy like Helena or any Cassadines returning.

Early in December I dropped Ned and Dillon were on RC's wishlist.

Emily's resurrection is part of the ideas brainstormed for the finale storyboard.

I can only share Helena will be back and so will another villain. If your information differs, I cannot speak to that.

-Happy New Years


Anything on Michael?

I am not ignoring your questions.

As I shared previously, I did not gain access to the Michael/Starr storyboard.

-Happy New Years

I remember you saying they will cross paths in story later on
any update on the ice princess revisit origin story? Was that one that was pushed back til later?
Is Tracy still a part of heather's story/secret?

The Ice Princess revisit drops were part of brainstorming the finale. I do not have any update on the finale storyboards.

One of Tracy's secrets will be exposed as part of the Heather/Susan Moore revisit.

-Happy New Years

Have you heard any update on John Ingle? I hope he will be able to return to work
Anything for Monica coming up?
Have you heard anything about L&B records making a comeback for Starr?

I do not know JI's status.

I have no updates for Edward, Monica, Starr, Michael or Alexis.

-Happy New Years

He (RC) doesn'ty sound as enthused about Sonny & Kate the couple as he does with the DID storyline in general. That's a good sign I think.

You are on the right track.

-Happy New Years

Happy New Years is you still here I need ask you something about Brenda/Vanessa.

I have nothing new on VMG/Brenda, Cece.

My information still stands,
RC plans on exploding Skate, then resolving S&C feelings before ending Sonny with Brenda.

-Happy New Years

Did HNY ever drop anything on Alexis?

I have nothing new on Alexis.

With that, I am done in. My time is more limited these days.

-Happy New Years
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More from GGCB at DD

One question - Do you know when JC is suppose to leave?

JC's contract is up in June
If, he leaves it'll be then.
Storyline coming up will make it
appear he is deffinitely on his way out.
There's a twist coming though
So no way of knowing for sure

Hey GGCB, do you know when Crazy Connie's rampage of violence will start for real?

Connie takes control
Around April 24th, I think
Don't hold me to that specific date
I said around which could mean 20-27th
something like that
Things get progressively worse afterwards.

I think the big problem is
that people don't realize
that the show and storyboard
is like a house of cards.
Things change when people leave
Even if its not the people directly affected, leaving.
Stories are built on one another.

In response to a question about Ewen/Lulu:

Not sure I follow, can you share an example?
Ok, since Lulu/Ewan seems to be a matter of concern.
Try this.
Lulu was written to become an alcoholic.
Major havoc was planned.
But with Ethan gone, Lucky gone,
RC deciding to clean up Luke
And McBain coming to the show to harass Sonny
And keep Dante busy defending baby brother,
the Lulu alcoholic story didn't really have the impact
originally planned.
So it was dropped.
Which ended the need for Ewan and Lulu to share scenes
Or have a story.
Now, from the overall perspective, none of what I listed above really seems to play into a story with Lulu/Ewan.
But all of it coming to pass, did affect the story by not making it a story.
So instead of treating Lulu and dealing with the ramifications thereof, Ewan is now treating DID Kate, and there will be ramifications.
See how that works?
Stories are often changed, on the basis of things that don't even seem to be related. But they are

Are you still not hearing anything about Liz and Ewen dating?

Thanks for asking.
Because I need to say a few things about this.
First of all, I think what I said, was no big romance.
Not much little romance either.
You tell me what you think after a month, or so more.
To the best of my knowledge
there's not going to be a lot of one on one
Ewan and Elizabeth
storyline dedicated to them.
Doesn't mean they won't share scenes.
Attack again, but a month from today, I'm going to ask you
If I was wrong.

And speaking for Elizabeth,
I've said several times,
I checked in the insiders lounge to make sure I'm not dreaming,
Piz (Patrick/Elizabeth)get closer,(not necessarily romantic) and that will bother Matt.
Matt has some interesting revelations coming up
This all plays together.
I did not say Piz are going romantic.
I've said they get closer and that will bother Matt.
You know I get enough grief from what I do say
Without people misquoting me.
I stand by what I have said.
Not much in the way of romance for Ewan and Elizabeth.
Matt bothered by Piz getting closer (not necessarily romantic)
But all this Piz is coming and stuff. NOPE. go to the IL and read what I did say.

From an anonymous poster:

Expect two reveals:

Ronnie will be revealed as the stripper beater.

Maggie will be revealed as Lisa's murder. Anyone remember this.

Edited by AuroraPhoenix, Mar 21 2012, 08:48 PM.
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RavenB.. I know things look terribly Grim.. But KNOW this (I Dont know your religeon but anyways)
GOD is ALL POWERFUL !!!!! He decides who lives and dies and Maybe he HAS decided, But that does not mean you shoukd give up,.

GOD wants us to pray in a BOLD way.. It shows our faith. He WANTS us to ask for him to do what everyone says he cant do. It PROVES you belive he can, and will for us if we have faith, AND its his will.

Recently my Brother became VERY VERY Ill, And was septic repeatedly with almost ZERO blood pressure
He was on Life support, Dyalisis.. And our family was told to prepare for the worst..

I REFUSED to believe or accept this, even knowing that Gods will is what prevails no mtter what I wanted .

I also believed in his power, his ability to grant miracles.. So That's what I asked of him. ""Every Day""
Ofcourse if you ask.. You MUST believe its possible,

I dont know His plan for you, perhaps he is testing your faith.. or perhaps not.. But YOU must not fear asking him to BOLDLY cure you.. not because your family will hurt, not because of this or that..
Give him a good reason.. and make a promise to make your life and your living a value to the world. In truth what do you have to lose by doing this? Can you lose more that your facing now ?

Remember.. He is the GOD and Maker of Miracles
Through Him ALL things are possible
Ask GOD to fight with you, be by your side in all things, not just for you
Request that he give Wisdom, insight, Skill and faith to your Doctors so they dont give up.. (Dont allow them to anyway)
Ask him to give you the strength and courage to fight, and give your family the will to take up the slack when you tire and fight for you, But BELIEVE that God is by your sie the entire time..

Arrange things, yes, Say and/or record all the things you always wanted to say and never did, or fear you never will for your kids/grandkids/whoever..Maybe you can even give yourself messages that will make you think twice if and when you get through this... But never give up, Do your RESEARCH, Then research alternative, and ALL methods of treatment.. Some common treatments do nothing more then weaken you.. Chemo destroys bad and GOOD cells.. If your strong and it has a good chance to work its a good thing.. If not, it only destroys your ability to fight and speeds things along sending one to Hospice, where the patient is OD' in the name of "Mercy"

MY main opint is no matter what even though you must make arrangments.. NEVER GIVE UP !!!! Dont sign a DNR that allows them to ignore your needs if you can be helped.. existing long term on support is not the same as using it as needed.. But you could choke on a nut in Hospice and they wont try to help you, Cuz they are not in the business of saving lives.. They almost killed my grandma when she was misdiagnosed and refused to suction her to prevent her choking on saliva. (we later discovered she had a mere bowel obstruction, which was repaired).. Not saying they are all bad, but one should never be less than positive its the right thing, AND nobody should ever be alone there.

Life..... While it may never be easy, or the same is worth living if possible.. My Brother was predicted would very possibly die before he ever saw his namesake who had just been born who he thinks of as his grandson..
After 3 trips to the ICU, and being told he wouldnt make it (He is a parapalegic and has a weak immune system) and almost a YEAR in the hospital....
My Brother came home yesterday, And he says he KNOWS and felt God fighting by his side like 2 Warriors defeating the illness,(And his saying that is "A LOT") Then after that, He would take trips to Hawaii to visit little Liam (The Baby) In his dreams to relax and gain strength.. It was strange, but productive :-)
Also his family was a HUGE factor because we would not give up, nor allow the Doctors to give up.. His life will be hard every day..But he fought like hell to have these days..

So NEVER Give up.. Have MORE Than faith.. Demand and BELIEVE that GOD can heal you..But he will know if you dont believe.. Im sure he understands our doubt and fear.. whats important is that you Believe He CAN do.. Pray for BOLD and GUTSY prayers, and expect him to grant them.. And tell his WHY you are valued and important to this world.. we all are, so just let him know you recognize your worth and will make an impact.

I know you must be angry and terrified.. I will pray for you as well.. I will pray Bold prayers for you and your family..
You are NOT alone....

(I just noticed this is in the rumor/spoiler section.. I dont belong to her board.. If this is moved will someone PLEASE send it to her? Thanks)
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Taelyn, you don't have to be a remember of her board to post there. Anyone can post there.

Here is the link:

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Gossip for the week of 26-Mar-2012
Expect Rick Hearst (Ric) to make his way back sometime early in May.

Luke will start to make serious amends with those he felt he wronged. But the return of Heather Webber could make him her Fatal Attraction target.

Jonathan Jackson is very close to reprising Lucky for Elizabeth.

From GHH

GH: Heather/Anthony Scheme...
Posted by ghhshirley on Monday, March 26, 2012
Rumorville: Heather resorts to her old tricks when dealing with Olivia, who she regards as an inconvenience...she drugs her!

Maxie confides her secret in Connie.

Matt covers for Patrick.

Molly tries to warn Michael about Starr's intention.

Anthony finds out he is dying and decides to use his death to frame Sonny!

Alexis turns Carly's request for a favor down.

From DD:

@carlivatiron ron Is john married to nat now or not? Dialogue gave two different interpretations please answer. It is confusing

@XXXX They are not married. That line was misleading.


Lulu will be held hostage

Sam will keep important information from Jason fearing the affect it could have on their family

Anna will encourage Liz to let go of past hurt and move forward

Heather insists she wants to make amends with all those she's wronged

"Kate" makes a spectacle of herself in public when she plants a big wet one on someone other than Sonny

Johnny keeps adding to his list of enemies, which will eventually become a list of suspects

Luke asks Anna if she wants to "hitch a ride" with him to the fundraiser

Shouldn't all elevators have monthly maintenance performed?

Liz convinces Jason to accept Luke's olive branch

Dante discovers Dolores in the parking lot

Matt flashes back to the night of Lisa's murder



A few morsels and clarifications, yes!

I have Liz and Ewen not making it much further than the early romance/dating phase. As I have stated all along, there are real contract issues when it comes to Liz and her potential suitors. The plans are still for an eventual Lucky return, and reunion with Elizabeth. I personally don't feel confident in stating that Nathin Butler's status is secure enough for a full blown, lengthy romance between Ewen and Elizabeth.

The main focus when it comes with the Elizabeth Webber character is NOT romance. It is, as I've mentioned in the past, reestablishing her character.

On the Robert/Ethan front, as unpopular as this might be right now because the timing got all screwed over, I still have them as biological father and son. I still have no idea what went down with the massive cuts/changes to Robert's story, but I am getting indications that there is still much more to that story.

I would like to mention that I was never one of the insiders who had GH down as an automatic "done deal". I always said that Ron and Frank were told to approach the show as if they had a chance to save it, and they have been doing that. They have been aware from the get go that the chances of cancellation loomed over their heads, but that is NOT the attitude they've been approaching the show with. To that end know that there are Endgame ideas in place, but those won't necessarily be launched and apparent until after GH's fall time fate is official.

This is especially true of couples.

I would like to point out that quite a few of my drops were confirmed recently by Ron Carlivati himself. I am not infallible, never claimed myself to be, but I do think that is worth noting for those who like to proclaim that I've gotten "nothing" correct.

- Emma Samms Insider

All I know, which I've stated before, is that Frank and Ron love Kelly Sullivan (Kate/Connie) as an actor. When I initially stated that there were some scoffs, but I think that's come to be very apparent.

She could very well be exiting down the line, but until she does expect to continue to see Kelly featured and thrown a lot of big scenes to chew. They are fixated one her.

Yes there is a Sonny/Carly revisit, but not a full out reunion.

- Emma Samms Insider

He's (Michael) a part of the Quartermaine revitalization in the coming months. RC has plans to bring as many current biological Quartermaines on canvas back into the fold in order to fatten up that too lean family.

I'm not sure at what point they're going to do the Cole/Hope resurrection, but I imagine that he'll be majorly impacted by that.

- Emma Samms Insider

Frank said there would be no more exits.
Frank lied.

- Emma Samms Insider

For those who asked, as far as I know there are no immediate plans for an Anna exit. Finola is having a good time, and Frank adores her.

- Emma Samms Insider

Some asked about the casting announcement, and I can not say. I am a broken record on this, but a lot of people are coming on/back.

I will say that I am surprised Ted King hasn't been announced yet.

- Emma Samms Insider

I am not sure what their core connection is, but I have heard that part of John's bone of contention rests in Sonny "destroying" former FBI colleagues.

Think certain women(an).

- Emma Samms Insider

I spoiled Robin's story having twists and yes I did mention old school villains, and possibly being in cahoots.

I believe there has been talk from other insiders about a big adventure to find Robin, but I don't have that info.

I know nothing at all about Lulu becoming a crime fighting heroine in the vain of her parents.

- Emma Samms Insider

hey'll be cheeky and flirty at times, but I have heard absolutely nothing about a real Luke/Anna romance.

They still have to get through Luke/Tracy and set up for Luke/Laura.

- Emma Samms Insider

Sonny's trajectory, as far as I know:

Sonny working obsessively to hold on to Kate. He's apparently going to be working VERY hard to keep her in his life. He sees her as his "it".

Sonny and Carly growing closer, especially after he loses Kate.

S&B ultimately (whenever ultimately is).

- Emma Samms Insider

I'm not killing hope. He could very well be around for however long GH is.

I'm just saying that I personally don't feel comfortable saying Nathin Butler is intended for long term use. It's a wishy washy situation and my info has him being very up in the air.

- Emma Samms Insider

The thinking is that Ted King is, in theory, suppose to be someone who appeals to GH as well as OLTL fans.

- Emma Samms Insider

She (Robin) is absolutely, most certainly NOT dead.

- Emma Samms Insider

Yes. I hear Lulu and Dante are RC's answer to all the couple shifts and shake ups. They remain solid, and in love, from what I hear, with their challenges being external, NOT internal.

There was some questions awhile back about JMB's status, and I have no update on whether those issues have been resolved.

- Emma Samms Insider

Not much more than I've dropped in the past about Jasam's obstacles/romance, Jason's changes, his reconnection with the Quartermaines, and his major part in the big Webber/Quartermaine umbrella story.

In other words, a ton of stuff. :)

- Emma Samms Insider

I dropped ages ago that RC was interested in exploring Sam's paternity.

As far as I know that is still on the table.

- Emma Samms Insider

I am the one who has been saying for awhile that Jason and Liz's story would be crossing and that RC would be fanning the flames by having them reconnect.

That does not, however, equal a romantic reunion. I think that people hoping for a full out Jason/Liz romantic reunion might be setting themselves up for huge disappointment.

- Emma Samms Insider

As I've dropped in the past, Jasam will be just fine in the end. They have a ton of challenges and obstacles coming up, but they also will have romance and connection.

They're going to go through hell, internal and external, but come out stronger than ever eventually.

- Emma Samms Insider

They (CarJohn) will try to be more than a cheap fling, but they will fail.

- Emma Samms Insider

Look for a beloved daytime writer to be added to the team.

- Emma Samms Insider

All of this ties into a drop I did ages ago where I said RC looks at Sam as an autonomous character who has a strong identity outside of her husband.

This Jasam angst provides the perfect road to expand Sam outside of Jason's orbit, reestablish her fire and strength. He and Frank both disapproved of the previous regime's take on the Samantha McCall character and feel Kelly was being wasted.

So a lot of this shake up is temporary for Jasam to the benefit of Sam as a character and Kelly as an actor. It's about making a stronger Sam, and eventually a stronger, albeit different, Jasam.

- Emma Samms Insider

There is the revisit/ending of Luke and Tracy. She was suppose to tie into the Quartermaine/Webber story at some point.

Otherwise, I don't have a ton of stuff. Some of the stuff shifted with the recent troubles in John Ingle's life. RC had Quartermaine plans, as a whole, and Tracy/Edward were tied together in those plans.

- Emma Samms Insider

I have heard faint whispers of Jane Elliot being either already put on recurring, or those are the plans. But l haven't heard much on that front.

But with FV and RC, if that is indeed the case, that could be simply a cost saving measure. They used recurring characters on OLTL well.

- Emma Samms Insider


I likened John/Sam to Todd/Tea, chemistry deliberately exploited without any romance plans.

As was case with Todd/Tea, it is really whenever John badmouths or targets her husband, that Sam's protective instincts turn on overdrive.

Due to his history with Marty, John does have a sensitivity to rape victims.

The "rape" is resolved, however, to my information is not John who resolves for Sam.

-Happy New Years

RC gutted the Tracy/ELQ/Zs/Solietos story. Starr replaced Gina and steers Michael in a different direction.

-Happy New Years

Q: If you get a chance and can define "resolve" that would be great. Does this mean they find out the "rape" never occurred?

You will learn what really happened that night and why it happened.

-Happy New Years

Q: HNY any info on how McBain will impact Lulu?

Through Dante.

Q: Is GF (Laura) still slated to return?


-Happy New Years

Q: Are Jason and Franco related?

What a tangled web she weaved when she first practiced to deceive. (literary license taken!)

-Happy New Years

Q: So what is going to happen with Robin now? We will never know who has her and how she is alive?

You will know! Though take heed, misdirection the name of RC's favorite game.

Take note, the fallout changed up some when FV secured KMc's commitment.

-Happy New Years

Q: I don't know - as reveals go, it was sort of meh. I mean - It was pretty obvious Robin was going to be revealed alive eventually, so it's not that. I mean the scene itself - it just kind of popped up out of nowhere. No slow build, no shadowy figures or secret phone calls, no drama....

Re-using material is one of RC's foibles.

Patrick holding the urn with cut away to the reveal was a re-enactment of "Victor" holding Tea's urn and cut to her alive and unconscious in a hospital bed.

-Happy New Years

I still hear there is more Robert story left to tell.

I dropped Robin would be revealed alive this spring. However, the fallout from the reveal was reshuffled past spring. Partly due to KMc.

-Happy New Years

I have not heard any change in JE's status. I respect your frustration with lack of Tracy story.

I am still hearing KS (Maxie) and SD (Alan Q) will be returning.

-Happy New Years

TGW planned on revealing Jason and Franco were brothers. JFP had scheduled two JF returns for that story. One of FV's first steps was cutting those returns because RC wanted to rewrite a bigger impact story.

RC drafted an umbrella story using Heather to revisit Susan Moore, the Qs and puppet masters pulling Franco's strings. Steve and Olivia are also pulled into this umbrella story, however, the main focus is Jason Q/Sam/Heather/Franco.

-Happy New Years

Q: We had an insider here saying that NB could be out soon? Have you heard similar?

Ewen/Liz was to be tied back to Helena. I do not know if that connection will be preserved or not anymore, so I honestly cannot answer this one.

The reveal was dropped in and for those that found it anti-climatic, I concur.

-Happy New Years

Q: HNY, anything on Carly besides Johnny/Sonny? Will someone, anyone, slap her and tell her to mind her own business? :lolz


Happy New Years

Q: He also said that Matt and Maxie are having a storyline as them as a Couple and it is not M&M it is all Spixie.

Matt should become more embroiled in Maxie's breakdown soon.

However, you are on the right track asking where is the "emotional" investment? Is Maxie/Matt or Maxie/Spinelli?

-Happy New Years

Q: I was OVER THE MOON that he (Ewen) told her (Liz) he was the one who saved her. I really thought that would be used to cause problems between them.

The reveal today was a rewrite. It was planned for later as part of a larger story which is either cut or reshuffled. I do not know yet.

-Happy New Years

Q: With the possibility of Ewen/Liz being cut, do you know what else they would do with Liz?

Let me be perfectly clear, I do not say Ewen/Liz were cut. I said the reveal of Ewen saving Liz took me by surprise. It was anti-climatic because originally it was saved for the Helena/Ewen connection reveal. Now I am not sure if RC intends to preserve that connection or not. Put down my answer as I do not know yet.

-Happy New Years

Q: Hi HNY, what happens with Dante--does he leave the PCPD?

No. However, John is not Mac. John has little tolerance for those who defend Sonny.

-Happy New Years

Q: LOL, I forgot all about that inheritance money for Jason's future children. I think last I heard about that was in 2007.

RC has not forgotten. Tracy holds a nasty little secret about Alan's will.

-Happy New Years

Q: Any idea of what's in stored for Luke beside sniffing after Anna? It doesn't seem like much is going on for this iconic character. TIA

The Luke "reset" been mostly setup work for future story.

-Happy New Years

Q: Sean Blakemore i'm assuming. RC confirmed on twitter that he took a leave of absence to film star trek.

Correct. RC had set up Shawn and Alexis to play into TJ and Molly.

Molly's onscreen absence, as with Lulu and Tracy, results from the story rewrites. However, in the Molly/TJ case, I am hearing the story was postponed not gutted.

I have no problem admitting when my information was incorrect or incomplete as was the case with the original OLTL cast hirings.

I have always stressed storyboarding is the merely start of the writing process. I can share what RC "wants" to write and sometimes that does not match with what FV, budget and cast availability "allows" him to do write.

I do believe RC's interviews have backed up several of my drops regarding his vision for the show.

-Happy New Years

Q: So Heather is lying is what Im getting....right track? :think

Lied. Lying. And will continue to lie.

All tenses do apply.

-Happy New Years



Anthony finds out he is dying and decides to use his death to frame Sonny
Carly needs a favor from Alexis who turns her down
Heather drugs Olivia
Maxie tells Connie her secret
Matt covers for Patrick
Molly tries to warn Michael about Starr's intentions


patrick killed lisa

maxie is covering for him because Emma only has one parent left

matt remembers and picks up where maxie leaves off

Um yeah, there's no Jasam/mcbain 3some happening anytime soon. That was cute though...

But RC is bringing the sexy for a few couples coming up...

Should air in the next 2 1/2 to 3 to 3 1/2 weeks.


Sorry don't have a better timeline.

McBain does not deliver Sam's baby.

I'll just say this board is really off on whats going to play between Mcbain/Jasam and their dynamic.

Mcbain is nowhere near Sam's birth.

Q: Can you please give a hint how Sam's delivery happens :pleaseplease :pleaseplease

No I really can't. But Jason is there.


Q: Thanks. Can you tell us a little more on what goes down with JaSam/McBain and how long this lasts? Is Jason going to get jealous of McBain in Sam's life. KeMo and ME have been taping together a whole lot lately.

Jason may get jealous but its not what this board is making it out to be. He isn't going to scream and shout at Sam for talking to him.

Sam will be shown loyal and faithful to her husband.

As for how long I don't know for sure...Mcbain has big stuff coming with Sonny alone and Anna as well.


Q: I guarantee you, and I ain't no insider, but guarantee Jason will be with either Carly or Liz when that baby is born.

He is with neither. I'm telling you he's not. Why are you so insistant on this can I ask?


Q: Thanks. Can you say if the stripper case is over soon? Will they tie up the stripper case and Delo's sisters murder all together?

Oh yes. Thats one of the first things RC cut to hell.

Should be wrapped up very soon.


Q: Thanks very much. Do you have anything on Patrick?

Nothing major sorry. Patrick will have a really hard time returning to work and his drinking is just going to get worse.


Also I know I said that CarJohn have some sexy stuff coming, but they aren't longterm. RC is going back to Jolivia.


E&E are getting sexy time!!!

Until or if even JJ comes back expect quite a bit of this pattern for E&E.

RC loves shirtless men onscreen and is dying to get his first lovescene out there.


Oh and I have no idea what KMc schedule has been taping.

But supposedly there are still quite a few ghost Robin scenes with Patrick coming.


Q: Insider anything on Lulu?

Lulu plays a big part in solving the stripper case.


Jason is going to warn Carly not to upset Sam again while she'd pregnant.


Jason and Sam are supposed to also tell Molly they'd rather her babysit than Carly.
Well I'm not sure if its actually Jason that says it but maybe he agrees after Sam says it.
Its there somehow.


Vincent Irizarry (David-AMC) coming to GH as Leo Voss


Franco and Jason are twins. Susan wasn't aware that she was pregnant with twins so Heather took the opportunity to make a deal and sell one of the babies to Dr. Frank, whose wife was desperate for child but they couldn't adopt because of psychiatric problems. Heather sympathized plus she needed the money. She was hoping with enough money she could fight Jeff for Steven Lars.


In direct contradiction to what some have been saying, story comes before character casting:

@carlivatiron Do you write story first for certain characters & then Frank works on casting or is it the other way around?

His reply: @xxxxxxx Usually the former.


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Carly steals information off of Johnny's phone
Molly asks TJ to follow Starr
Mac gets mad at Alexis for calling Felicia
Jason can't seem to trust Sam
Heather visits Tracy


Since Robin being revealed alive supposedly is happening sooner then planned, does that mean KMc is coming back soon?

Let me make this perfectly clear,

I did not drop Robin was revealed alive sooner than planned.

I dropped KMc "committed" to a "limited" return.

I dropped Robin fans will no longer need to wait for the finale for KMc's return.

-Happy New Years

I don't think we're going to actually find out who has Robin.

A phone call will give away a hint.

-Happy New Years


It's so Robert who has Robin!

You are on the wrong track.

-Happy New Years


Hi HNY, without giving specifics could you tell us if Anna knows Robin is alive or not?

Anna does not know Robin is alive.

-Happy New Years



Who gets the phone call that gives the clue away?

Someone makes a phone call and that is all I can really share.

-Happy New Years



I'm both LL2 and E&E fan and I really liked today writing. Is Lucky coming back and E&E are a couple? thanks

The prior regimes wrote Elizabeth into a similar corner to OLTL's Jessica. These characters had become too easily broken by loss and stress. They were needy and unable to stand on their own two feet. RC rebuilt them stronger and to be support systems for others in crisis (ie Elizabeth aiding Patrick and Anna).

The setup for Lucky's return already started. Lucky is another Spencer who undergoes a "reset." RC does not share the prior regimes view of Spencers as needy and "addicts."

RC's plan is to reunite Lucky and Liz.

-Happy New Years


Hello, HNY! ....Loved all the little hints/dialogue today about Lulu's instincts. You have been scarily correct about Lulu. :lolz Hopefully we'll get more Lante working together/adventure. :biglove

I respect the frustration of Lulu fans through the drought caused by gutting GW's story for her.

Look to her Spencer "instincts" for trouble and solving mysteries!

-Happy New Years


None of your jasam info is translating onscreen according to upcoming spoilers.

Its completely off.

I do recall my Susan Moore revisit was deemed "completely off" too when I first dropped it.

Once again, I can only urge that "short-term" spoilers can often be misleading as to the long-term story direction.

I believe my Susan Moore revisit, the Jason/Franco connection and an over protective Sam, amongst other drops, are playing out.

-Happy New Years


It is hilarious that RC reset of Liz is basically to ignore everything that happened to her before and have her sit listening to other peoples problems.That is just plain lazy writing.That is not making her stronger that is basically just ignoring her history and actually showing us her getting stronger

I disagree.

I fail to see Elizabeth working through her own losses of Jake and Lucky equals a writer "ignoring" everything that happened to her.

-Happy New Years


But HNY can you tell us when the Lucky mentions start? When does Liz relive his death and share those experiences with Patrick? So far she hasn't even mentioned him once. Also when does she fall apart and feel paralyzed by her losses? IMO she seems stronger than she's been in a long time. IS that about to change?

Perhaps you missed,

Elizabeth already discussing with Ewen feeling paralyzed by losses which include losing Lucky?

Lulu contacting Lucky?

Luke discussing Lucky with Robert?

Elizabeth today again discussing her relationship with Lucky?

-Happy New Years


HNY if you don't have summer storyboard how do you know RC is going to put Ll2 back together?

Because there is a distinct difference between knowing summer story arc "details" and knowing RC's long-term plans for characters.
I believe FV recently confirmed how hard they have been working on getting Lucky back. I will leave it at that.

-Happy New Years


Any info for others?

Any word on Matt's exit story?
What is Micheal's story looking like?
Does Todd have a story in place for his return?
Is Spinelli in any outlines?
Johnny have a story past sweeps?
Is Ewen sticking around after Lucky shows up?

Nothing new to share on Matt, Michael or Todd.

Felicia will see something special in Spinelli.

I dropped quite a bit already on Johnny and Ewen.

-Happy New Years



Any possible chance that Carly will ever pay for the things she has done? She needs a karma boomerang to come around and beat her ass imo.

What fans and writers consider "karma" often differs.

From this viewer's perspective several characters are in dire need of karma.

-Happy New Years


Is there still any reason to hope that "Robert and Anna" will reunite. I know things have been reshuffled for the Robin story for after spring, just curious if you think this is still a possibility

I honestly am not sure yet where RC will be taking the Robert arc.

-Happy New Years


If John Ingle's health prevents him from returning to work, do you think RC will write an exit story for Edward as a contingency plan or a way for the Jason back to the Q fold

I have not heard any update on JI or Edward.

-Happy New Years


And she is not paralyzed by her losses (especially Lucky) on screen at all. In fact, for the first time in forever she seems to have genuinely moved on and is stronger than she's been in a long time. As far as the mentions go, I guess I did miss all the times she brought up Lucky's death and relived the horror of it.

You missed the conversation between Elizabeth and Ewen discussing how she felt paralyzed by loss and the struggle to move on past that.

You missed the symbolism of releasing Jake's "ashes" (the leaves) on the bridge as a step forward for her.

You missed her horror at the firey end for Robin.

You are either intentionally confusing my drops or perhaps do not watch the show very closely. Either way I have explained in much detail already.

-Happy New Years


I think it was you who also mentioned that there was supposed to be a fire marshall's report. If it isn't you I apologize. Anything on that?

Thanks so much.

The fire marshalls report with "irregularities" was part of Robert's arc. I honestly do not know the status of that arc.

-Happy New Years



Do you know anything about TG's contract ?

It expired this week.

I have not heard any update on TG's status.

-Happy New Years


So I quess after today we're not going to see anymore Robin, RC just leaves it "she's alive and being held" and that's it.

Just as Lucky was left off with a "held in captivity" cliffhanger,

You should have been feeling deja vu to Lucky's "death" since the fire.

It is intentional!

-Happy New Years


Hi HNY! I remember you saying a while back that a toxin was introduced into Jason's system at some point. Is that still happening, and if it is, was it done to get Robin into her lab? Thanks for all you share :)

The toxin was part of my early drops discussing RC's brainstorming.

I shared one idea he was leaning towards was "gaslighting" both Robin and Jason to tie their illnesses together.

-Happy New Years


I didn't miss any of that. But that isn't what you spoiled. You said Liz relives the horrors of Lucky's death. You said she shares these experiences with Patrick. You said she was to face a crucible. You said several characters would talk about Lucky's death and compare it to robin. You said she would be paralyzed by her loss.

However, you never said that i would need to have psychic abilities to actually see that stuff happen.

The crucible drop was always tied to future story with Ewen.

In the storyboards a note is made Elizabeth feels horror at Robin dying in a fire as did Lucky. I do not get breakdowns or scripts, however, I do see that empathy very clearly onscreen in her scenes with Patrick.

You missed Luke brought up Lucky's death to Robert. With Robert noting it was not the same because Lucky was not really dead!

Elizabeth explicity told Ewen she felt paralyzed by loss. That is a key scene you missed! The start of Elizabeth's new story arc began with feeling paralyzed by loss. RC is rebuilding her stronger.

-Happy New Years



**It looks as if GH may be getting their reprieve. With Katie Couric on the GH bandwagon, ABC seems to be listening. “The Revolution” is thisclose to being cancelled and GH will be bumped as the lead-in show.

**FV apparently has two “Bibles” - one for if the show gets cancelled, one for if it isn’t. Right now, he’s sprucing up the one for the latter.

**JJ’s speculated return may be pushed back if GH is extended. But there is another rumor that if JJ does come back this summer, FV may pull a Frons and fire Rebecca Herbst just so he can have his much wanted LnL2 endgame. Regardless, JJ’s return will not be permanent or for very long. With his new pilot gaining a lot of big names in their cast, it will be picked up for fall.


**FV is VERY WELL AWARE of the consequences from the last time Rebecca Herbst was fired and may not risk it, meaning LnL will end permanently, leaving Liz open to a new - or perhaps former - relationship.


**IF GH is extended and RH doesn’t lose her job, expect RC to toy with Liason very, very seriously.


**Ewen and Elizabeth will NOT be a long-term couple. FV/RC are planning on canning NB by sometime in the summer, regardless if JJ comes back or not.


**Trust will be a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE issue between JaSam. And it won’t be ending any time soon. How many times will Jason be able to forgive Sam regarding her “secrets”? And will Sam end up crying wolf one too many times? Meaning, it’s being thrown out there that the most important truth out there Sam is being honest about, but her husband won’t believe her.


**Alan’s Will is supposed to coming up…


**Sam may find herself in hot water with the law once her bundle of joy arrives and her baby goes missing. Seems someone knows that Sam has a history with missing/endangering children.


**The new rumor seems to be that Jason and Franco are fraternal twins. Regarding the rumor that Steven is Jason and Jason is Steven…nope. Sorry. Not happening. Jason and Franco are the two related but Steven’s mother is involved in the whole Franco/Jason mess, meaning Steven will also be involved. As will Liz.


**Does that still mean that Jason is still a Q? Or is his father someone else? Someone else in Port Charles…


**Who is Sam’s daddy has once again put on hold. But her daddy is expected to be connected in a serious way to P.C.


**The Scrubs fans can relax. LIZ AND PATRICK WILL NOT BE ROMATNICALLY INVOLVED! Rumor is, Jason Thompson will be off the show this summer and Kimberly McCullough will usher him off. Meaning: Scrubs (and their fans) will have a happy ending.


**I have never claimed to have up-close-personal knowledge of the inner-workings of FV or RC’s minds. Nor do I claim that my sister’s former college roommate’s aunt’s best friend’s young sister works at GH/ABC/Prospect and is handing me what I have. I have what I have. Some of it happens, some of it doesn’t. I think we all know that drops (regardless of claims of sources) are dubious at best. No one knows what’s going to happen in the future regarding s/l’s except for RC/FV.

Now, I’m well aware that I’ve been called all kinds of nasty names by people if I post something “against” their favorite couple/character, but not one single “dropper” that I’ve seen in all my years as a m/b lurker has ever gotten 100% of their stuff correct. Some, yes…all, no.


**If GH is cancelled, JaSam will get their happy ending


**IF GH is extended, JaSam will end and McBam will be explored. Also, there is a very good possibility of a John/Natalie/Sam triangle.


**Liason will be reunited but there will be a Jason/Elizabeth/(possibly Lucky or even Ewen) triangle.


**RC wants triangles without it specifically being a Liason/Jasam triangle. If you remember, it was dropped (And it wasn’t even by me!) that RC wants to split fanbases. So the goal will be JaSam vs. McBam and Liason vs. either E&E or LnL.


**FV/RC were THRILLED with the Liason scenes that aired last week.


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No matter what you think, I DO love you.

Thanks for posting these. I've had fun reading them.
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