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Rumors from DD's Insider's Lounge & GHH; Updated 4/5 in Post #46
Topic Started: Jan 31 2012, 07:28 AM (23,223 Views)
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^You're welcome, bstreis.
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I know you said you dont know much about Michaels story, but I wonder if Michael finds out that Todd was a rapist and whether he tells Starr what happened to him in prison.
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Mar 28 2012, 09:39 PM
I know you said you dont know much about Michaels story, but I wonder if Michael finds out that Todd was a rapist and whether he tells Starr what happened to him in prison.
I haven't seen any mention of Michael learning about Marty's rape, but I've been wondering the same thing. It would be very interesting to see how Michael reacts when/if he learns of Todd's past.
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To avoid further confusion and/or twisting of my drops, let me make these perfectly clear,

I did say I would not drop any more on Jason/Sam and John/Sam due to the firestorming. I simply will not reward using/twisting of my drops to fuel attacks on others. This is not personal against any fanbase. I simply learned my lesson from the Todd firestorming not reward/encourage bad behavior because it only escalates.

I did drop a Heather and Tracy connection:
What I have for Tracy comes later as a result of Heather shaking up the past.

I did say Heather knows of Sam. Whether Heather shows her hand immediately is a different question.

I did not say Heather lies about "everything."

I did say to think of Heather as a spider.

I did give away a clue about one of Heather's lies in this drop:
What a tangled web she weaved when she first practiced to deceive. (literary license taken!)

I did not say Heather set the fire.

I did give another clue in this drop:
RC drafted an umbrella story using Heather to revisit Susan Moore, the Qs and puppet masters pulling Franco's strings.

-Happy New Years


Q: Hmm, there are puppet masters? This is all too confusing.

Correct and Heather is one puppet master.

I am sorry if my drops are confusing. I believe if you put together my Susan Moore clues over the last months, the pieces of the puzzle come together.

Last fall, out of necessity, I stopped breaking down each arc of a storyboard in complete detail.

-Happy New Years


Q: Do you have any updates at all on Robin/Scrubs and when that story might start to play out? Will the who killed Lisa story lead to where she is? Who will have the last vision of her?

I have really changed all I can on the Robin story.

There is one more "vision" of her I am expecting at the hospital. I am waiting to see if that clue was preserved in breakdowns.

-Happy New Years


I really am tired today.

The line should read, of course,
I have really shared all I can on the Robin story.

-Happy New Years

History shows Heather lied in the past.

I can confirm Heather is telling lies again, in this present story. The questions should be, what things is Heather lying about versus what is she telling the truth about?

I can confirm Heather will continue to lie. The question should be Why lie? And what then are her true intentions?

Parsing the truth from her lies is the journey the characters embark on to unravel this mystery.

-Happy New Years


Q: Hi! How are you tonight
I heard that Heather will be obsessed with luke again and tracy will be a threat to her regarding luke as will anna and she will target them
Is this consistent with any story you have or is this false or simpky rumor?

As I shared with you before,
There is hope for Heather to mix it up with Tracy.

However, I believe you are being misled that Heather's "main" focus will be Luke.

As I stressed previously,
Steve and Olivia are also pulled into this umbrella story, however, the main focus is Jason Q/Sam/Heather/Franco.

-Happy New Years


Q: Just wondering if you have any information on whether or not there will be a modified Nurse's Ball

One of my first drops here was to share RC's wish to write one last Nurse's Ball. He envisioned the Ball as the perfect vehicle for some old familiar faces to check back in.

The first timeline I heard was May Sweeps. As of last update, Paul was still working on singing acts and timing May/June. More I honestly do not know yet.

I should add I have not heard the name change from "The Nurses Ball" as another insider dropped. That could be true. However, it would surprise me as I heard RC wanted to restore that tradition.

-Happy New Years


Q: Would I be way off base to say Franco was maybe more of a fly than a spider?

An intriguing question :)

My answer would be to consider why not both?

Was not Heather herself a spider then a fly?

-Happy New Years

Q: My big question is who does everyone suspect has Robin & Why ? How do you guys seeing this story playing out ?

I was told the biggest clue was in one of my old drops: RC will be taking license with Robin's life the last year.

I also recently urged the fallout changed up some when FV secured KMc's commitment.

-Happy New Years


Q: anything on Liz and Ewen? are they in danger from Connie? thanks

I am not dropping any more on Elizabeth/Ewen at this time. I noted a change from the original storyboard with Ewen spilling so casually the big secret he saved her. I prefer only to drop more when I feel confident on story.

-Happy New Years


Q: HNY..do you have any info on Lante and the Stripper case?

I only caught peeks at "broad" outlines and most of the details I have relate to Lulu's "reset" into early Laura stumbling into investigations than snowball into dangerous situations. This reset would leave to spicing up Dante/Lulu.

In early drafts I heard Ronnie would be the guilty party and Anthony would blackmail him somehow. I honestly have not heard any more details.

-Happy New Years


Q: LOL well for every Alexis spoiler where she is smart, two must indicate how pathetic she is, so everyone will probably deduce Alexis wants Konnie in jail so she can go after Sonny.

Alexis will not be alone in suspecting something is "off" with Kate and warning Sonny of such.

The question becomes how long will Sonny be blind to "Connie's" machinations? For plot purposes, you may expect Sonny will remain blind for far too long.

-Happy New Years


Q: HNY, any idea on what could be causing the delay in this "big" casting news? Is it possible the deal fell through? Thanks in advance.

I know of 3 returns in the works. However, I do not know which one FV is referring to or why there is a delay.

It is odd behavior for a normally cautious FV to make such an annoucement without having a deal in place.

-Happy New Years


Q: BTW thanks for answering about Heather. I didn't mean to insinuate that Luke was the focus of Heather, rather than just an aside that she is still obsessed with Luke (to continue the total rewrite from 2004).

You are welcome.

I did not want to mislead you.

Hurricane Heather will impact many characters including Luke. However, I do not believe he will her major focus or the bulk of her airtime on this visit.

-Happy New Years


Q: I know you said that AZ/Tracy marriage will be revealed to be a sham at some point and that AZ may not be long for this world or possibly leaving in a body bag (please forgive me if that wasn't you it is so hard to remember exact wording), is that a longer term story resolution or will there be some movement in that soon. Seems in a holding pattern at the moment

There is a distinction between a story intentionally "stalled" and unresolved plot points left over from a gutted storyboard. Tracy/Az's marriage appears the latter.

Take note, only this week Tracy attempted again to obtain a divorce. That plot point was retained while the Tracy/Az/ELQ/Michael/Soleitos was gutted.

-Happy New Years


Q: I was wondering if he was doing it to generate interest and keep people guessing and engaged, but then he seemed to indicate still in the works and cross your fingers

GH's promotional budget was slashed.

Social media is free and one of the few tools in FV's arsenal.

-Happy New Years


Q: I wasn't home most of the day today but that had to be an anvil that GH FB and tweeted the Helena Cassadine curse to LnL I'm sure this was already discussed....but HNY didn't you say that that was RC's fav GH moment or something to that affect Also noticed that Starr did give a rundown on the Cramer women! :)

Correct. I dropped Liz Taylor cursing L&L was one of RC's favorite GH memories. He truly is a huge fan of the 80s . I do respect that love may not always be clear in his writing, however.

Not the Cramer women. Starr was to give an update on Dorian and her political career. I do hope that note survives breakdowns.

-Happy New Years


Q: HNY, do you have any s/l info on Delores at all?

I only saw a broad outline of that story. Most of the information I learned dealt with "resetting" Lulu and Dante/Lulu through that story.

-Happy New Years


Q: NOt sure about TG's usual summer hiatus....he clearly renewed or extended some contract as it was up this month. I guess if the show is ending in July taping wise, he isn't going to take off from end of April til Sept!

I would suggest the Robert/Ethan lie was left open-ended to provide TG his next exit door.

-Happy New Years


Q: Just thinking aloud, but isn't heather supposed to immediately dislke Olivia? Crazy Heather might get Crazy AZ to target Olivia
Just a thought

I think Heather is going to somehow be pulling the puppet strings for Helena somehow too

Did RC mention yet his fondness for Heather drugging Diana Taylor story?

-Happy New Years


Q: Would the Dorian update be important for future storyline at all or to sort of "wrap up" Dorian or what had transpired since OLTL ended.

Again, forgive me if this wasn't you but someone said somewhere along the line that Dorian was supposed to have been running for president or something? I may be imagining that since I am slap happy tired from being up at 5 today on my way to the airport

The Dorian update was a nod to RC's PP OLTL Bible. Dorian would have been too busy to visit home as she was off running for the oval office.

-Happy New Years


Q: That campus disco was used for Richard Simmos exercise classes

There were some scenes gosh from 1979 maybe when they are all in their spandex (bobbie, laura, hospital peeps doing his exercise class there and Tracy is there in some crazy turban hat or something doing the class

Richard Simmons is one of the former GH stars who contacted FV about doing a cameo!

I can only imagine what RC, the "king of the absurd" would write for Richard!

-Happy New Years


Q: I do love how they brought the "Floating Rib" name back just in time for the Susan Moore/revisit/Heather storyline considering Susan was the manager at the Floating Rib or hostess I can't remember which

RC enjoys heavy handed writing!

-Happy New Years


Edited by AuroraPhoenix, Mar 31 2012, 04:48 PM.
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Anna tells John that Sonny may be a criminal but he was good to Robin in many ways.

Luke receives a cryptic text from a land far away

Sam confronts Jason after finding John's file asking if Jason is willing to go after John's family to protect Sonny.

Luke agrees to allow Heather to move in to Kelly's knowing it'll be easier to monitor her, plus Kelly's gets a new waitress.

Liz is put out when Ewan cancels their 3rd attempt at a date with a text message

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**There’s really not much to drop s/l wise, since there’s really nothing new to report. FV/RC keeping things close to the vest…drama, drama, drama for everyone in PC…


**The insiders that are “dropping” that JaSam is “safe” uh, no…they are most definitely not. IF GH gets an extended shelf-life (and it’s appearing more and more that they are), JaSam is pretty much guaranteed to end. I realize that those fans who are serious, die-hard JaSam fans are determined to believe that JaSam is safe, but they need to accept that they’re not. At all. And NO, RC nor FV have NEVER said publicly or otherwise that they will be. Paraphrasing, they’ve said JaSam will weather storms to see if they CAN overcome them, but they HAVE NOT said that JaSam is a FOR SURE GOING TO.

**FV/RC is SERIOUSLY testing McBam. So far, the majority of response towards McBam has been very positive (not only with fans but with the press as well). They WILL capitalize on that.

**The Jason identity s/l is more about JASON, not necessarily FRANCO. Franco’s dead and he’s staying dead, but being related in someway to Franco is about shaking up Jason and what he’s always believed to be true regarding who he is as Morgan AND a Quartermaine.

**Sam will keep her “knowledge” about the Jason/Franco connection a secret for now. Eventually she’ll spill, and the fall out is supposed to be very, very bad. For HER. And who swoops in with a sympathetic shoulder? McBain anyone? Reportedly, McBain wants to manipulate Sam a bit to get to Jason but he’s ends up having a hard time remembering to keep separate his job and his feelings.

**Jason may be taking a reflective journey without Sam for a while (to accommodate SBu’s vacation). Oops…by “journey” I mean no reference to the couple of Courtney/Jason. Just that he leaves town for a for a bit while Sam stays back in PC.

**Right now, the plan for Sam is that she’s all involved in the Who Is Jason Mystery? That’s going to be the character’s focus right now. Oh, and John McBain, which kind of go hand-in-hand.

**Heather will seriously get under Sam’s skin and possibly send Sam running for her life as Heather seems to know all her past bad deeds.

**There’s a reason for all this fear concerning Franco possibly being the father of Sam’s baby that’s supposed to extend past when Sam actually gives birth.

Now, to bring up the popular character who seems to be in limbo: ELIZABETH…

**Right now, there’s a reason why much of her upcoming s/l isn’t really anywhere in the spoilers, and that’s because RC kind of putting things on hold for her based on three scenarios: Jonathan Jackson, GH’s future, and, believe it or not, Steve Burton.

**There are plans for Elizabeth and Ewen to be involved, but IT WILL BE SHORT TERM, whether JJ returns or not. Like I’ve said and said and said, Ewen and Liz are NOT TO BE A LONG TERM COUPLE. NB is scheduled be out sometime this summer. However, during the time he IS here, RC plans on using NB’s eye-candy status as much as he can. But there are some rumored twists. Ewen genuinely cares for Liz, and vice-versa, but his interest in her may be self-serving as well. In other words, Ewen may not be above using Liz, and her interest in him, for his own selfish purposes/agenda. Plus, there’s still a rumor going around that Ewen may be gaslighting Liz.

Here are some other tentative plans regarding Liz, so far…

**IF GH IS cancelled, JJ will return and LnL2 will have their happy ending.

**If GH is NOT cancelled and JJ returns, expect LnL to end, permanently (well, as permanently as a relationship can end in soaps.) It would be impossible for JJ to return to GH on a permanent basis because of his new show. (Technically, it’s still a pilot, but the buzz is that it’s the show to watch come fall.)

**IF GH is NOT cancelled and Steve Burton decides to re-up his contract this summer, there are serious plans for a Liason reunion down the line. This is why RC is so determined to re-connect the Liason friendship. The Liason relationship started as a friendship, and he wants that re-established before they move on to anything else. In RC’s opinion, it seems that he thinks that Liason is the one friendship that has been the most destroyed over the past couple of years. For those fans who were moved by the Liasons Bridge Scene (and I haven’t seen one Liason fan yet that wasn’t) expect more scenes like that to come.

**Right now, the plan is for Liz to be involved in almost ALL the stories on GH right now: Jason’s paternity mystery which involves a good number of the cast (Steven/Heather/Franco/Jason/Sam and even McBain to a degree), Connie/Kate/Sonny/Ewen, Olivia/Steve/Heather, Heather/Luke, Anna/Patrick/Emma etc. RC wants to use the fact that Liz has all these connections to the residents of PC to his, and Liz’s, advantage.

**So what happens if SBu leaves and JJ isn’t back permanently and GH is still extended? Liz may find herself in the life of the least expected male on the show. (Ewen will be gone by then, and it’s not going to be Patrick. Or Ric.)

**Rumor is that Patrick will begin to believe that Robin is really alive, and it’s Liz who encourages him to search for her if that’s the case.


**Rumor is: The “big casting announcement” that was supposed to happen last week is that Natalie was supposed to head to PC (Melissa Archer). That has since been put on ice. Rumor: Melissa Archer doesn’t want to do daytime anymore, so they may be working on a re-cast. Regardless, it seems that RC would like Natalie in PC to have her and Sam go head to head over Sam’s unusually “protective” nature towards John.

**Jonathan Jackson’s first commitment (besides his family, of course) is his band and then his new pilot. Anything after that - like GH - is an afterthought. He WILL NOT commit to anything that is GH if it doesn’t work around his two - well, three - top commitments.

**Rumor is: The decision has already been made to extend GH in the lead-in show for Katie Couric’s new show, just has not been made public yet.

**Rumor is: RC specifically would like to move more OLTL’ers to GH, but fears reprisal from fans. But if GH continues, expect more to come forth while GH’ers are slowly weeded out. No plans made to bring any ex-AMC’ers to GH, though.

**There are still rumors that Dr. Jeff Webber will be coming to GH in the near future. But no word on Liz’s mom (Note: I think MRS. WEBBER should come to PC before Jeff, since, you know, it’d be nice to even know her first name!)

**Kristina still set to come back to PC with a new face sometime in the near future.

**Reportedly, FV/RC has contacted OLTL’er BW about reprising Jessica, but she doesn’t want to. May be interested in new character, though. (No, it doesn’t appear to be Sarah Webber.)

**Judith Light (ex-OLTL) is NOT joining the GH cast. (That rumor has been floating around.)

**RC not happy that many GH fans not thrilled with Starr, is happy they like Todd.
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John offers to help Sam search for more details before making a decision. A grateful Sam accepts, but swears John to secrecy

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And still nothing about Michael, with or without Starr?
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is Lucy coming back yet?
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Apr 5 2012, 08:13 PM
And still nothing about Michael, with or without Starr?
No, RC, I'm sorry.

is Lucy coming back yet?
I hope so!
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