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Thursday, February 23rd Daily Discussion
Topic Started: Feb 22 2012, 03:40 PM (13,645 Views)
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Thursday, February 23rd

Ej and Nicole coming home
he says that was more than a victory parade than a press conference, they didnt ask me a single tough question , those
people you hired to throw out the confetti did an amazing job
she says i didnt hire anyone
he says you mean
those people were actually happy im the mayor of salem
she says hey you are still winning
after abes ballot stuffing scandal , i think
the press and people are ready to embrace you and your new leadership
they elected you after all
he says i have some big plans for this town
cant wait to get started
she says whats 1st on the agenda
cut taxes or exiling the bradys?
he says no im going to start with more domestic issues
he takes her into the living room
there is a picnic by the fireplace
with candles and champagne
she says whats the occasion ?
he says oh really ,you dont remember
she says oh my goodness
a year ago today we got remarried
he says its our anniversary
she kisses him

rafe at johns place
with Hope and Bo
he could not get bo or marlena into almanaia, Hope and John have to go
they have to be there in person
they refused to issue visas for Bo and Marlena
john says stefano is behind this no doubt about it

Marlena and Will are still with Sami
Marlena says i know that what happened between john and me, what you saw took a terrible toll on you, keeping that secret
you are right we were selfish
Will says no she cant keep blaming you for everything that she has done wrong in her life especially not after you did the same thing
Sami says i never meant to hurt you Will
he says oh, ill take that to the town square
and see if it buys me a cup of coffee
marlena says now stop it
it breaks my heart to see that the things i have done in the past are still hurting the people that i love the most
if you want to mend the rift between you and Will and if you want to put your marriage back together ,you have to tell rafe what happened otherwise it will destroy you

Ej and Nicole sit by fire
she says i still cant believe i forgot our year wedding anniversary
he says its been a tough year spent most of it fighting or being apart
she says and dont forget working hard on your victorious election campaign but i know i still forgot
he says thats ok, we have a double celebration,i cant tell you how much i appreciate all of your hard work
i could not have done this with out you
still dont know how you managed to get the win at the last minute
she says well i cant give up all my trade secrets
he says oh a woman of mystery eh?
They drink to her

Will tells marlena he has to go
dont let mom hurt you
she says stop
he says im serious, its
not your problem its hers
he leaves

sami says now that makes sense
your relationship,how cozy you are with Will, the word games and e-mails
Marlena says we have always been close
sami says and you used that
when Will came and told you what i had done you had your chance to make sure he hated me, that he would never forgive me for what i had done
so you could be a mother to him like you never were to me

Hope says here we go again
Bo says i feel like one of stefanos chess pieces
Hope says if only we knew the secret gran had we could use it against him
wonder if he looked at it yet
Bo says if he has, i hope its causing him as much hell as it is causing us

Nic says im surprised stefano wasnt at the pres conference, why he wasnt the
proud father basking in his sons victory
Ej says he left kate a note saying he had to go out of town , really dont wish to talk about my wayward father
rather talk about us and our future
she says now that the campaign is over i guess i have to find another job
he says i thought you liked being the first lady of salem sort of a hybrid of lady Diana
she says what little girl doesnt dream about being a princes or a billionaire
could you make me one of those?
He says no,maybe
she says i never wanted to be one of those
he says no you were always more of a power broker
she says and a mommy
he says swept off her feet by a white knight
she says well dreams change and i finally found something in my work that is so fulfilling something that im good at im not ready to give it up yet
he says im glad to hear it more than a mayoral candidate
think about how much im going to need you if i run for state office or if i skip that and jump into the national stage
she says i love it when you aim high
he says you dont have to make a decision now , give it some thought
in the meantime
i will see if i can think of something to do that might sweeten the deal

Will meets Sonny at the pub
says he is so behind in his classes
sonny says thats what happens when you are a slacker student by day and a hotshot political operative by night
Will says he is going through some family stuff
Sonny asks whats going on
Will says he cant talk about it
have to keep it to himself other wise he will hurt his family
wish he could talk about it ,tired of keeping it to himself
Sonny says you dont have to do that tell me whats going on you can trust me

Marlena says how could you say that i would try and take Will away from you
Sami says you want Will all to yourself and i made it easy for you to poison him against me
marlena says no matter what i do its easy for you to think the worse of me
all i really want is for you to be happy
do you want to save your marriage?
Sami says of course
marlena says then you got to tell rafe the truth
sami says get out and stay the hell out of my life
marlena says i know how this works this kind of secret can destroy even the strongest of relationships

Will says i trust you but this is not something i can tell anyone it will tear my family apart
Sonny says maybe you are wrong might bring them closer together
when i told my parents i was gay it
brought them closer together, best thing that ever happened , i didnt have to hide it from them anymore
Will says its not going to happen here
Sonny says you dont know that
i thought Victor was going to disown me
when i came out to him
but our relationship has gotten much better
i gave him a chance to know the real me
and accept me for who i am
im sure your family would be just as supportive
Will laughs and says hey you have the wrong idea
the secret isnt about me its about my mom

Ej says you know its going to take more than a title to convince the people of this town that we have changed
she says give them time
he says i will im going to use every trick known to man
and a few tricks that are known only to women
i will convince these people that we
are legitimate...ish
she tickles him and he laughs
and says you never change
he says does that worry you
she says no, come on, i love you just the way you are are
he says you are a gift you know that
she says a gift thats waiting to be in unwrapped
they kiss and
she falls to the floor
they continue to kiss

Bo says im sure stefano thinks he can create doubt and suspicion in having them travel alone together
mar says thats not going to work i trust john
Bo says and i trust my wife
Hope says stefano must have a bigger plan
john says i have a bad feeling when we get to alamania we will be walking straight into a trap

sami picks her phone up to call rafe
thinks about what her mom said about the secret
then she throws the phone down

Sonny says this thing with your mom has been really bugging you
will says she only cares about herself
she is not a good mother to me
she is selfish , she is a bitch
sonny says thats harsh thats you mother
Will says you have no idea ,i have forgiven her for so much stuff but not for this
sonny says what ever she did cant be that bad
Will says what if i told you she betrayed our entire family
Sonny says how
Will says promise not to tell anyone
remember when johnny was missing
and rafe found him here
anyway the whole time that was going down we couldnt find my mom anywhere
i was looking for her to tell her the good news
i ended up at the dimera mansion
Sonny says then what happened
they dont notice rafe walking in and sitting at the bar
i caught my mom cheating on rafe she was having sex with EJ Dimera
rafe hears the secret

Bo says stefanos plan is to get you guys to leave the country with out us ,we have to find a way to go with you
Hope says we have to get the divorce right away , we cant be living in limbo
Mar says this could be dangerous
john says we will be on guard Hope is a cop,not like we dont know what we are doing
bo says you are walking into a county that has under ground bunkers
earth quakes, coups of state
Stefano has this way of surprising us even when we see it coming
Hope says we have been up against stefano before and we always won in the end
john looks up flights and says they can leave in an hour

nicole and ej are laying by the fire
she says we should be in some marital
record book
he says for what we just did ?
she says there cant be another couple out there that has survived what we have and made it to their first year
he says yeah
and yet you forgot about it
she says sorry but i did come up with a cool idea for a present
in honour of our anniversary im going to go upstairs and rip up those divorce papers i made you sign months ago
he says i have something to give you first, wait here
he leaves

sonny says im sorry you had to carry that around about your mom for so long
Will says i havent been fun to be around
Sonny says lets get out of here
do something fun
there is a club at the town square just opened, my friends are going to be there we can meet them there
Will says great i want to forget about my mom and party

sami calls her gran want her to watch kids for a little longer
there is banging at the door
she opens it its rafe
he says how could yo do it?
how could you sleep with EJ?
She says What are you talking about
he says dont lie to me i know you slept with him
he comes in
she says who told you
he says it doesnt matter
she says i never meant to hurt you
he says why him of all people him, after everything he he has done to us done to you
how could yo let him touch you
are you still in love with him
she says no i dont love him im completely disgusted by him
he yells then why
she says
i thought johnny was dead i was so upset i had to escape it i had to get out, get away from that
he says and that made you feel better to do that with him
she says no it was the
worse mistake of my life
he says why didnt you come to me your husband
she says i wasnt thinking straight wasnt thinking at all ,i never meant for it to happen
he says
you were thinking cuz you blamed me for Johnnys disappearance , you felt like i forced you to go to the pub to see john
and put john y in harms way
you did this to pay me back
she says i didnt do that it had nothing to do with that
i was fighting with EJ and he was yelling at me telling me what a terrible mother i am and he is right
i am a terrible mother i ended up doing the most self destructive thing i could have done
he says the problem is you didnt just destroy yourself you destroyed us and
this entire family

will and sonny go to the square
sitting on the white couch
a guy comes over to Will and says im Neil
its my turn to play beer pong be my partner
will says sure
sonny doesnt hink its a good idea tells Will he isnt 21
Will says im here to have fun
he goes

marlena doesnt want john to go
he says nothing to worry about get the quickest divorce possible be on the plane
be home and
going to celebrate have the most romantic wedding ever and we had quite a few so thats saying something
she wants him to promise to call 3 times a days

rafe yells no wonder you wanted to re new our vows even after all that you kept lying to me those new vows they meant nothing to you just like everything else
she says thats not true
i wanted to tell you the truth i thought about it all the time i just didnt want you to look at me the way you are looking at me right now
he says i cant stand the sight of you right now

hope and bo say goodbye
he says he isnt comfortable with her going away without him
he knows that country better than the 2 of them
mrs h almost died there
she says dont worry she will be careful
he says 2 weeks its going to be rough

rafe says well you sure played me for a fool all this time i have been beating myself up over this strange distance between us
thought i was failing you as a husband
thought i done something wrong
i kept begging you to talk about it, be
honest with me
and every time you just lied to my face
the scariest part about the whole thing you are so good at it
all those years of practice i guess
she says i hated lying to you
he says yeah
ill never believe another word you say all i did was love you thats it
you betrayed me
she says hold on a sec
im not the ony one

nicole is looking out the window
ej comes over to her
puts his hands out to pick one she picks
its a box
she says i have more jewelry than princess Diana
he gets down on one knee
she says what are you doing
he says what does it look like im doing
she says
we are already married
he says technically we are already married
its been quite a year we may have found our way back to one another but we havent officially recommitted to our marriage we arent wearing rings
so i thought
he opens the box she sits down and says its beautiful
he says i want us to start over a new ring could be a fresh start
not exactly what one thinks of when they imagine a knight sweeping you off your feet but
if you would allow me i would love to try
i want you to feel safe and loved
i want us to start over what do you say ?

Will drinking
sits with his friends again on the couch
he says he is the winner of 6 games of beer pong
they tell him to go wash his face
he is drunk
says if im not back in 10 min my grandma

he goes in the tunnel part of the square
the other guy he was playing beer pong with asks him if he is ok
want some water?
will says i down need water
he grabs the guy and starts kissing him
long kiss

sami says you are no saint here i caught you kissing my sister i know there is something going on between the 2
he says are you serious you got to be kidding me you compare what i did to what you did
you had sex with the man who continuously tried to destroy our lives
then on top of it all you kick me out of here
she says we both made mistakes
but i think if we try we can work thru this
he says maybe if you had of come to me in the beginning but you didnt you lied to me day after day
you turned our marriage in to a joke
thats unforgivable
she says i know you are upset but you cant say things you dont mean
you dont mean you are going to break up our family
he says dont you dare put this on me
see this ,he gets a pic of the family
he says this happy family?
you destroyed it
she says im so sorry
he says i got to get out of here
she says i love you
he says you love me ?no
you are not capable of real love i know that now
he leaves

hope and john dont want ba and marlena to take them to them to the airport
bo tells hope he loves her she says she loves him too
john tells marlena he is going to miss her she says please come home safe dont meet anybody, just kidding
they will be back in a couple of weeks
they leave

hope says this isnt goin to be easy
john says no i don think it is

will kisses the guy for a long time
sonny walks in and sees them

sami tries calling Ej , he isnt answering his phone
she leaves the loft crying

EJ doesnt hear his phone
nic says yes i will be your wife fully and completely with all my heart
he puts the ring on her finger
he says we are going to get it right this time i promise
they stand up together
she says i love you
he says I love you
they kiss
rafe comes to the front door knocking
Ej says who can that be,but he doesnt answer it
goes back to kissing Nicole
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I have to give Sami a little credit for at least trying to call and warn Ej! :embarrassed:
Edited by MissLola, Feb 22 2012, 03:45 PM.
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Virgo Twins
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DAMN!!!!! Rafe it took you long enough to find out the kind of person that Sami really is. Always selfish not caring about anyone but herself blaming everyone for her own problems the problems that she is responsible for creating. Typical Sami and now you finally see it for yourself guess he had to learn the hard way. So Rafe what have you learned.
Edited by Virgo Twins, Feb 22 2012, 03:49 PM.
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Damn those divorce papers...damn Safe, they had to go ruin everything!
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Feb 22 2012, 03:45 PM
I have to give Sami a little credit for at least trying to call and warn Ej! :embarrassed:
She doesn't get any brownie points from me....not a single one.
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Doesnt feel soo good when the beast is lying to you rafe. hmmmm. when he met her she was lying and scheming. So no pity here. The lying was ok until it was HIM. :eyeroll:

OH EJ you should have let Nicole rip up those papers. :'(

Will kissy face with a boy. cant wait to see it. :rockon:

Another train has left the beast station. No worries. another one will be coming along in five minutes.

Edited by Twilightsucks, Feb 22 2012, 03:56 PM.
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Aaaaah I've waited years for the demise of safe
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This John and Hope stuff is boring and a piece of crap.
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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Oh goody...more tickling! :rolleyes: Thank goodness we'll be getting a break from that after this episode - hopefully a very, very long one.

The Safe confrontation sounds great. Looking forward to seeing it all play out.

Thanks for the write up, Skye!
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I love the line where he says to her he wants her to feel safe and loved.......damn you Safe Hernandez!!!

EJ wants to be the knight to sweep her off her feet, he's about to hit a detour but hopefully not for long.
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Did I miss something? When the hell did EJ become mayor?
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Deleted User
Deleted User

I used to look forward to the demise of Safe for a long time, but I have come to the conclusion that they deserve each other.

The Ejole scenes sound wonderful. The schmoopier the better. ;)

Ej is so going to wish that he would have let Nicole rip up those divorce papers beforehand. :'( :shame: But the proposal sounds so sweet. Can't wait to see it. :wub:
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I love the tickling! I love to see the genuine smile on JS face when it happens! We don't see genuine anything on this show anymore! And they do it so well! :)

I have been waiting for this episode for awhile! Can't wait to see Rafe shut Sami up for once! Can't wait to see Will come out! Can't wait to see EJ sweet talk Nicole! Sounds awesome!

Thanks for posting!!

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Nicole said she was good at being a mommy. :wub:
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Deleted User
Deleted User

Feb 22 2012, 04:10 PM
Nicole said she was good at being a mommy. :wub:
A nice hint of what's to come. :cheer:
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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

It was not just one kiss, it was many, many, many, many, kisses. A very physical exchange. :wow:
It was an extremely intense in what seemed to a sudden fatal attraction and heated exchange. :whooohooo:
Will, come up for air...OMG.. I was shocked beyond belief. :ig:
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Yah Rafe did pretty good..Someone said that Rafe was one who forgives the one he loves quickly....Dunno if THAT's gonna happen. His choice of words like "I'll never believe a word you say again" and When she suggested they could work it out he said "maybe...had you come to me first"...he's not quite like Lucas...that let's on in his eyes, his words that he still has a cranked window.....or a soft spot for Sami. His character definitely let on that betrayal and being lied to and played for a fool is unforgivable for him. And not only cheating on him....but cheating on him with his one and only worst enemy. He endured a lot of agony and fought long and hard battles with EJ for that brat. He is a calm demeanor type character...but I did expect it to be a little more explosive than it was. The look on his face when she uses that she "thought Johhny was dead" excuse....like "what the f***?" almost as priceless as "AH THE PAIN MADE ME DO IT!!!" comment from will yesterday. She really needs to put to bed the" I thought my son was dead...so i had sex...to numb the pain" thing..sounds ridiculous.
Edited by sals4, Feb 22 2012, 04:17 PM.
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Feb 22 2012, 03:57 PM
Oh goody...more tickling! :rolleyes: Thank goodness we'll be getting a break from that after this episode - hopefully a very, very long one.

LMAO!!!!! There're getting as bad as Brady and Madison. :eyeroll:
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I absolutely love the all tickling and all the schmoopiness we've had since they got back together. It was sweet EJole and I enjoyed it.
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Feb 22 2012, 03:40 PM
he goes in the tunnel part of the square
the other guy he was playing beer pong with asks him if he is ok
want some water?
will says i down need water
he grabs the guy and starts kissing him
long kiss

will kisses the guy for a long time
sonny walks in and sees them
FINALLY! :wub: :wub: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cart:

Sounds amazing!
Edited by Aldo, Feb 22 2012, 04:22 PM.
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