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What would you do next?
Topic Started: Jun 17 2012, 06:46 PM (47,803 Views)
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Queen of Texas

The return of the "Secret Room" opens up a lot of possibilities....

**The John Kristen sees is the "real John" and the John walking around in Salem is a Stefano plant to wreck havoc on Salem and harass Kristen.

**Ejerk puts Stefano in the secret room in an effort to take him down and gain control of Dimera Enterprises.

**Nick is put in the secret room.

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Give Nicole a baby..

Don't care whose baby - hell it can be the baby daddy version of a whodunnit.
Brady, Rafe, Lucas, Victor, John, Roman, Ej, Stefano Eric, Vargas, Bo's I don't care.

Just give her a baby that she has a legitimate claim to, that can't be taken away from her, and with good enough DNA that it doesn't die, get runover, etc in its first 10 years.

At this point I would be happy for her to leave town for six months and come back heavily pregnant with unspecified mystery man in tow.

Just give the poor woman a kid .
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Streetcorner Philosopher

I'm not feeling Kristen's plan. So before anything further happened I'd have her press pause on the whole deal and focus more on demolishing Marlena's family, taking away her kids the way Marlena took away Kristen's (in Kristen's mind).

She's already hurt the Brady/Marlena relationship. I'd have her really bond with and manipulate Sami (all while snarking behind Sami's back, because behind-the-back snark is 75% of what makes Kristen awesome, imho) while planning some kind of tacky-ass double wedding.

Then I'd have her start to bond with Eric, all while Nicole is watching, lurking in the background, to set up a fun Kristen-Nicole rivalry for down the road.

Marlena wouldn't passively sit back and let Kristen do her thing, but her counter-plots would always backfire (sort of like they did in the beginning).

I'd leave Marlena with only Will and John (I'd send him off on business for awhile, to return being a bit more normal) to really talk to- Sami, Brady, and Eric would all be Team Kristen. I'd have her attempt to contact Belle to find her missing, setting up an adventure to locate the missing Belle Black.

I dunno. Maybe it's watching "Game of Thrones," or even the sci-fi show "Defiance" but I feel like Kristen could be a much better manipulator, with grander, more elaborate schemes. Marlena could step up a bit, too, and it'd still be fun television.
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Queen of Texas

Ejerk is arrested for assaulting Rafe. The evidence points only to him

Rafe dies

Ejerk is charged with murder
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Shawn and Belle (played by Martha Madison) return to Salem with teenage daughter Claire in tow. Claire enters Salem High and meets fellow new student Jonathan. His parents died when he was very young and he was raised by a foster parent. He is a bad boy, rebellious type who Claire quickly falls for. Although Claire's parents initial don't trust Jonathan, they eventually welcome him and accept him with Claire. Unbeknownst to any of them, Jonathan is actually JT Reiber, and he was raised by the venomous Jan Spears after his parents, Glen and Barb Reiber, died violently in a car accident. Jonathan intends to do great harm to the Brady family in revenge for the life of misery his foster mother had to endure because of their happiness...

Stephanie Johnshon scores a job at Titan Industries: Chicago and is shocked to realize that Philip Kiriakis is her new boss. Philip is cold-hearted and bitter since losing Parker, and plans to sue Daniel Jonas for custody of the boy. Stephanie secretly fears the new Philip, but ultimately is able to break through his walls and the two fall in love again. Unbeknownst to Stephanie, Philip plans to return to Salem, get Parker back, make Chloe pay for taking his son away from him, and bring down DiMera Enterprises to prove his value to his father. Will Stephanie choose to stay with Philip after she realizes what he may be capable of?
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I read that Rafe will most likely have retrograde amnesia? It would be fun to see Marlena take him as a patient (it would be interesting to see him lose not only the memory of his attack, but lose memory of everything Sami-related as well). He falls in love with Marlena (BUT the feeling is not mutual for Marlena's case).

I'm sure Sami's head will explode given that 1) Rafe does not remember her at all 2) Rafe has fallen in love with her mother. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. I'm sure Sami can't live with the fact that it's not all about her anymore and her own mother has one over her. LOLs
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I've already said it a dozen times, but I'll happily say it again:
"kill" Bo, have Hope struggle to move on knowing that he's never coming home & that she'll never talk to him again, all while trying to keep Ciara from totally rebelling. Ultimately, Hope finds support in Vargas & they begin to develop feelings for each other.
For an even more soapy touch, we can have Ciara get into some sort of messy situation & Vargas be the one who rescues her.
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Oak Alley
Member Avatar

As much as it pains me to think about Bo being "killed", it IS the right way for Hope to start a new chapter in her life. When Hope "died" back in 1990 the show already had Carly in mind to be with Bo. Why can't the same thing happen to Hope & Vargas...?? But Bo sadly needs to "die" first.
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Queen of Texas

Stefano discovers Ejerk's plans arranges an "accident" that proves to be fatal.

Will needs PT to recover from being shot. Sami and Lucas join forces to help him along.

JJ continues to make Dr. Dan miserable as possible.

Chloe returns and takes her son back and departs.

Ciara continues to misbehave, getting into fights and talking back to Hope. Marlena recommends a child therapist.

Bo comes back and finds Ciara not to be as welcoming as he expected.

John pursues Marlena with a passion to woo her back.

Kristen goes off the deep end and ends up in a straight jacket.
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Take Nick and Gabi, send them to an island to which to never return from.

Break up Sami and EJ; reunite Sami and Lucas, and reunite EJ with Nicole.

Send Hope away, forever with her brat of a child.

Return Taylor Walker to cause a riff between EJ and Nicole again.

Have Ava Vitali return as a love interest for John, and have a battle against Kristen DiMera.

Madison James returns from the grave, reclaims Mad World and steals Brady back like she should always should have!
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After Nick confesses (per spoilers), I want Gabi to lay down the law with him.

* Gabi should demand Nick re-instate Will's parental rights AND formally come to a shared custody agreement.
* The birth certificate lists Will as the father and the child's name as Arianna Grace HORTON.
* Personally, I don't want Nick allowed access to Arianna for a LOOOOOOOOOONG time. After all the hell he put Will through and the danger he put Gabi and Arianna in, he does NOT deserve to experience the joys of fatherhood. He must suffer the consequences of his actions. And it's going to take more than a confession and an apology. He did WAY to much damage to FAR too many people. He must start extensive therapy. And if Gabi and Nick want to stay married, they damn well better enter couples counseling.
* If Nick doesn't do the above, I want him to be written out of the show. I don't care how - mental institution, death or just move out of town. If he does even the TINEST thing to keep Will from his child, I. WANT. HIM.GONE.
* I think Nick should move out of the Kiriakis mansion and move in with Hope.
* I want Will and Sonny to move INTO the Kiriakis mansion so Will can be near his daughter and Sonny can be near Will.
* I want the writers to milk the comedy and drama of Gabi, Will and Sonny trying to piece together a family out of an extremely awkward situation.

ETA: And I think Gabi should ask Sonny to become Arianna's godfather. He's certainly earned it.
Edited by Pookie, May 25 2013, 03:33 PM.
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Move Jen Jen in with Dr. Tan and let some of the homeless Hortons live at Horton House. Have Maggie turn Victor's mansion into a bed and breakfast for some of the other homeless people in town and stop having private family meetings at the pub or coffee shop. Oh and have Lurch answer the door at the DiMera mansion. :blink:
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RE: Father Eric

I still want to know more about his time in the Congo. Personally, after hearing him tell his story to Nicole, I firmly believe his choice to enter the priesthood was completely out of GUILT over what happened over there. And NOT because he felt a true calling.

And in order for Eric to figure that out, I think he needs to revisit the Congo. Or it needs to revisit him. I've stated before that I think it would be awesome if he heard from Neema again and we find out that he had a sexual relationship with her which resulted in a child he never knew about. If Neema and/or the child show up in town, that will force him to re-think the priesthood.
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I would let Rafe die.
Paternity test is done on AG and it turns out that Will is not the father. Andrew is, and through that Gabiís past crimes come out. With Rafe dead and the town not so nice to her, Gabi runs back to Mama Hernandez with her baby.
I think that Victor and Stefano need true successors. I would let EJ and Kristen to be Stefanoís and I would bring Philip Kiriakis and Alex Kiriakis to be Victors.
I would bring Sonnyís ex in as a new bad Dimera. Obviously gay or bi. I see EJ and Kirsten as focusing on making Marlena, Sami and Lucasís life a living hell. And this new guy can be the enemy of the Kiriakis.
I would hook Kate up with Victor or Stefano. She would go back to being her bad self. So does Nicole. She can hook up with EJ.
I would have Kristen kill Eric and let that lead into the end of Ejami.
I would let Sami and Lucas find their way back to each other.
I bring back old Roman. I would get rid of John, Brady and Cameron.
I would end the Victor/Maggie marriage. Either get rid of Maggie or let her be the Horton matriarchy.
I would bring Kaylaís family in.
I would bring Jack back. He survived the elevator but badly hurt and some crazy woman who was stalking him saved him and decided to keep him until he escaped. Dannifer would be dead and buried under million feet.
Chloe comes back and gets her son and she reveals that he is Philips after all. Hook her back up with Philip.

That is it for now.
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May 25 2013, 02:00 PM

Paternity test is done on AG and it turns out that Will is not the father.
I would be shocked if that happens. As far as the show's legacy goes, they need a child to continue the Horton family name. Right now there's only Will. Not to mention that the child is anchored into TWO Salem family legacies - Horton AND Brady. I think it's safe to say Will's paternity is locked in for good.

So, sorry, unless they kill HER off, you're stuck with Gabi for the time being.
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Panda Panda
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After her wedding is called off, Peter Blake comes back to Salem to help Kristen deal with her latest heartbreak. While back in town a certain feisty blonde secretary catches his eye. . . .

Peter Blake/Nicole Walker: Peter, in town for Kristen, has more than just his sister on his mind. Things heat up between him and Nicole as he starts to work on a new community center project in collaboration with St. Lukes. Not knowing his true identity as Kristen's older biological sibling, Nicole develops a strong attraction towards Peter and begins to act on it which greatly upsets Eric as he recently began questioning his own life choices. But once Brady finds out about Peter, he warns Nicole that she's playing with fire.

Can Nicole resists Peter's charm and what about Eric? Will Nicole give up on the Holy Father just as he's about to give in?*

Meanwhile, Stefano catches wind of EJ's latest scheme to bring the Phoenix down and decides to teach his wayward son a hard lesson that bears repeating; A Phoenix always rises from the ashes but can the same be said about Elvis Jr?

Stefano/EJ: Stefano's many ears in Salem has heard stories of Elvis Jr plotting to take down the Phoenix himself. Stefano guffs at the idea but decides to teach EJ a lesson in family loyalty that he'll never forget. EJ is ousted from all DiMera companies and family run "businesses" but that's not all. Stefano has even taken EJ's DiMera identity from him! EJ has no choice but to, once again, make it in Salem as a non-DiMera, but with so many bridges burnt and milk spilt. EJ finds that there really is no place in Salem for a DiMera, even a defanged DiMera.

Still sore from Abby kicking his butt to the curb in favor of Cameron, Chad needs a distraction from his unsatisfied life by taking an interest in working with his family. But with his father and brother at war is it really the best time for Chad to delving into the DiMera family Business? Worry not, Chadsworth. Big brother, Peter is glad to take you under his wing!

Peter Blake/Chad: Not filling fulfilled with his shared Business with Sonny, Chad decides to take a swing at working at one his father's many subsidiaries; although he dismayed by his father and brother's fighting. Peter, in hopes of building a bond with his newly discovered brother, decides to hire Chad as his personal assistant for his brand new law firm in Salem. As Chad continues to spend time with Peter, he learns more about Stefano and the DiMera lineage which causes him to rethink about his place in the family dynasty.

With help from her family, Kristen picks her pummeled heart up off the floor and decides to win back Brady! But Brady's DiMera/Kiriakis blood is starting to boil and this bad boy is about to get badder. Kristen may want to run for cover. . . .

Kristen/Brady: Brady decides to break Kristen's heart the same way she did his. He plans to "rekindle" his relationship with Kristen long enough to be approved for baby to adopt. Only on the last day of the adoption process when they go to pick up their child, Brady reveals that he had Kristen sign dummy papers all along and there's no way in hell he would ever allow her to be a mother.

However, there's another threat looming for the Diva DiMera but is this Brady's doing or someone else's?

Kristen: As if things couldn't get any worse for Kristen, she sees a familiar face. . . . a face that she only knows from her Island Prison! Weeks after having her heart torn from her body and stomped on right in front of her, Kristen begins seeing a new therapist at the behest of Stefano, who is afraid of losing his daughter to her own insanity yet again. One evening while walking through HTC after her therapy session. Kristen spots an alarmingly familiar face in the window of a nearby cafe. It's none other than her Island captor! Kristen runs away in sheer terror only to be stopped by a nearby Roman and Hope who just got a fresh coffee refill for their long night at Salem PD. Seeing a hysterical, pale, out of breath Kristen, Roman and Hope decide to bring her to Salem university hospital to get her checked out. Once there Kristen reluctantly begins to tell her tale of captivity. . . .

To be continued. . .
Edited by Panda Panda, Jun 27 2013, 11:41 PM.
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- Jack returns from the dead and kills Daniel believing he was the man who tried to kill him months ago. Jack has more mystery with his motives though. Jack believes his name is Steve Johnson and a man told him that Daniel destroyed his life and he needed to kill him. Jennifer soon learns that Jack has developed a split personality in his absence from Salem and he thinks his name is Steve because it's what his ID said inside his wallet. The other personality hates Daniel and is glad for what he's done. Jennifer is torn between telling someone that Jack is really alive and protecting him from getting arrested for murder. She continues to hide him at the Horton cabin.
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J&M and Family Fanatic!

I was just thinking about what I would do to change Dool and here my thoughts. Note: (some my plans are inspired what DrewHamilton did on As Days Go By and a little of Matt's ideas from his blog)

Resolution of Current Stories:

I would have a twist where EJ is responsible for Rafe's accident. Rafe wakes up and "kills" EJ, and then goes to prison. (Galen and James exit the show)
Gabi decides to leave Salem, Sonny and Will go along so the three can raise Arianna Grace. (Camilla, Chandler and Freddie exit the show)
Jennifer finds evidence that Jack may be alive. Jennifer and Daniel go off in search of Jack. (Melissa and Shawn exit) NOTE: I plan to bring back Jack and Jen at a later time.

New Format:
Now my Dool may not be for everyone but I would choose a direction and go with it.

Christie Clark as Carrie Brady Reed
Martha Madison as Belle Black Brady
Jay K. Johnson or recast as Phillip Kirakis
Recast - Shawn D Brady
Recast - Stephanie Johnson only if I cant get Shelley.
Recast - Mike Horton

New Casting: Alexander Kiriakis
Upgrade: Bryan Datillo back on contract as Lucas Horton

Ciara, Johnny, Allie, Theo, Claire

Basic Stories

My Dool would be similar to the late 90s 1997-1999 Dool. I would make Titan a major focus again and bring back Basic Black. I also play out family dynamics and let them drive storyline especially between Carrie, Sami, Belle their other family members, children and significant others.


Phillip and Lucas would run Titan together and often be pitted against Basic Black. John would leave Basic Black with Brady, Sami and Belle who also works as a nurse. Sami would defect to Titan once Carrie returns as BB's Public Relations Manager, this places her again somewhat as a black sheep and plays up the rivalry with Carrie. While as Titan, Sami and Lucas clash and butt heads but don't turn romantic anytime soon. Meanwhile Alexander Kiriakis (who I would write as the character EJ should have been) will start up a flirtation with Sami that drives Lucas crazy. I would use the Vets (Victor, Maggie, John, Marlena in a strong supporting role in this story). Kate would also return to Titan and try to push Alex/Sami closer to keep her away from Lucas, she would also manipulate Belle to get her closer to Phillip. We would see classic meddling in her kids life version of Kate. I would also add Kate to the Maggic/Victor mix and begin a rivalry between Kate/Maggie. Stephanie would also be added to the mix as a possible interest for Phillip as well as starting up a new relationship with Nick.

The Hospital

Mike Horton returns and takes Daniel's place. He, Maxine, Kayla and Belle run the main shift at the hospital. I would write Belle as the do-everything character. She would constantly run interference between her family, playing peace-maker for Sami/Carrie, being the doting daughter for Marlena, and perfect husband for Shawn. However in her quest for perfection she face a lot of demons, and reach the breaking point when a secret from the past leads to her near destruction. I would write a killer breakdown story for Belle and really explore the history between Shawn/Belle/Phillip/Chloe. As for Mike he would serve as the do-all doctor but also supportive friend for Carrie who is struggling to raise her baby girl alone without Austin. Mike and Carrie would slowly start up their relationship again. Mike would also serve as a mentor for the reformed version of Nick. I love Blake Berris and would continue to play in him in a gray role walking that line between good guy and near-villian. I would return Nick to his former genius days and have him serve as a Lab Technician. He would grow close to Stephanie before (likely) Chelsea returns.

Kristen vs Marlena and Eric/Nicole/Brady

Kristen after losing Brady is motivated by revenge again. She returns to work at the church and integrates herself into Eric's life as he seethes over Nicole and Brady. Somehow Kristen manages to get Eric to sleep with her and she becomes pregnant. Eric ashamed of his actions, leaves his position as priest and starts up a community outreach organization that would be the center of the teen story (Ciara, Claire, Johnny Allie, JJ, Theo). No longer a priest, Eric and Nicole finally reunite but a secret hangs over them. Kristen meanwhile is satisifed with carrying Marlena's grandchild but is her love for Brady stronger than her lust for revenge? Kristen tells Brady she got pregnant by a sperm donor, and they slowly grow closer again.

The Police Force

Without Bo around, Shawn-D takes his spot and becomes the younger hotheaded detective played opposite his mother Hope is who is more experienced and meticulous. Shawn- D would truly be the main young "hero" character of the show. He and Belle have this seemingly perfect life and perfect marriage, but in actuality things are not as they seem and the cracks get larger and larger.

The Teens

The teen characters would mostly support their parents/siblings and have mini stories. Claire would be a spoiled brat ala Hope Brady 1983. Johnny would be a the apple of his family's eye but cunning and manipulative while Allie would be very much Sami circa 1993, insecure and angry. Ciara and Theo would be the more mature teens and have a slow budding romance ala Miranda/AJ on AMC. JJ would be the trouble making playboy and I would probably bring in SORAS Joy Wesley for him to play off of.

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#1 Fan of Daytime Psychos!

May 20 2013, 11:07 PM
Shawn and Belle (played by Martha Madison) return to Salem with teenage daughter Claire in tow. Claire enters Salem High and meets fellow new student Jonathan. His parents died when he was very young and he was raised by a foster parent. He is a bad boy, rebellious type who Claire quickly falls for. Although Claire's parents initial don't trust Jonathan, they eventually welcome him and accept him with Claire. Unbeknownst to any of them, Jonathan is actually JT Reiber, and he was raised by the venomous Jan Spears after his parents, Glen and Barb Reiber, died violently in a car accident. Jonathan intends to do great harm to the Brady family in revenge for the life of misery his foster mother had to endure because of their happiness...
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Queen of Texas

Kristen totally loses it and ends up in the mental hospital.
Brady reunites with Nicole. The baby they adopt ends up being Nicole's supposedly dead baby.
Stefano squashes ejerk like the bug he is. Lumi reunites as they continue to share the joy of being grandparents.
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