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GH: ABC Plot Points and Down the Road Previews
Topic Started: Jul 24 2012, 07:07 PM (7,112 Views)
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Kate wants to know what Joe Jr. knows about her child.
Lulu and Dante talk about their marriage.
Maxie and Lulu talk about Patrick and how much they are worried about him.
Lulu falls ill.
To prove she isnít an uptight bitch, Alexis proposes that she and Shawn play strip poker.
Mac advises Alexis to try asking Shawn out, like on a date.
Mikey thinks he wants out of the mob.
Trey, who is using Kristina to get to Sonny for his dad, starts to feel guilty.
Joe Jr. makes Johnny an offer.
Johnny tells Todd he knows all about the baby switch.
Jason asks Sam if she wants his help investigating Todd.
Sam tells Kristina that she has feelings for McBain and they wonít go away.
Elizabeth and Ewen rekindle their romance; but the doc is keeping a secret.
Ewen gets a phone call that makes Elizabeth suspicious.

Credit: CrimsonNCream

SOC Thread

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No matter what you think, I DO love you.

TFP. How the hell does Johnny find out about the baby switch...stooooopid. As if Heather blackmailing Todd wasn't bad enough (and I like Heather) now we'll have Johnny holding that damn secret over his head too. I can't wait til this whole thing is over and Todd can go back to being an asshole.
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Lulu pregnant?
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is tea still on the show?
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Deleted User
Deleted User

Jul 25 2012, 12:45 PM
is tea still on the show?
When did we last see her?
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From wubs:

**Confirmed: Kirsten Storms will be back as Maxie, she's taping now
**Sebastian Roche back as Jerry Jacks

**COMING UP: Anna tries to unravel the mystery, Someone is shot and Joe moves to town
**Todd goes on a Johnny-Rampage
**Michael tells Starr what his real dreams of a career are **Jason offers to help Sam with her investigation of Todd

Edited by Daytime, Jul 25 2012, 02:01 PM.
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From TV Guide

Friday, August 3, 2012: A POPULAR [and supposedly dead!) VILLIAN is BACK on the scene. and HE'S got a VERY BIG SECRET.
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Jul 25 2012, 02:04 PM
From TV Guide

Friday, August 3, 2012: A POPULAR [and supposedly dead!) VILLIAN is BACK on the scene. and HE'S got a VERY BIG SECRET.
I think it's Jerry, since Nancy (Alexis) tweeted she just shared a kiss with a new ex-lover.
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Spoilers from Wubs

**COMING UP: Dante and Lulu talk the realities of marriage, John McBain makes a terrible discovery and Michael and Starr make love
**Mac tells Alexis about he and Felicia--and encourages her to ask Shawn out!
**Just when Todd thinks he has the upper hand, Johnny slaps HIM with cross-blackmail!!
**McBain finds out Todd sent that photo to Natalie!!
**Someone plays Strip Poker!
**Jerry Jacks is back and has a bunch of secrets in his pockets!
**Will Johnny and Joe make a pact?
**Ewan has some deep buried secrets about his painful past
**Lulu is ill...and something's up
**ConKate tries to get Joe to open up about her baby
**The women are not safe in Port Charles!
**When will Sonny make the Joe/Trey connection? **Sam almost gets into Todd's safe but is interrupted at the last minute


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July 28 Update

After the charges against Joe are dropped and he decides to set down roots in Port Charles.

Kate isn't being completely honest with Sonny about what she remembers.

As posted here earlier, when McBain returns to town, he will tell Anna he can stay as long as needed, his personal status has changed.

Will Michael try to revive L&B just to keep Starr away from Johnny Z?

Delores gets entangled in Johnny's mess.

Lulu notices Johnny's erratic behavior.
Dante's suspicion of Johnny grows.

Carly could end up in serious danger.

Todd warns Carly not to be too trusting of Johnny (the same advice to his daughter falls on deaf ears). Will they both come to regret not taking his advice to heart?

Heather's actions end up bringing a brother and sister closer (Liz and Steve W).

Although Maxie will be leaning on Patrick for a period of time (not romantically),
she still has feelings for Spinelli that she is just not ready to acknowledge.

Sam's baby story plays at least into the early fall.

September is expected to be a happening month on GH.

One man has had a major impact on three very different lives.

Look for Llanview to become a more prominent part of GH this fall.

Robin Scorpio will pop up briefly a bit later this summer (July)...but will any of her friends and family actually see her (discover she is alive)?...Perhaps not this time...BUT!...down the road... However, we will see the nurse (Mary Pat Green) caring for Robin again in July too.

As time goes on, some of Robin's family/friends may start to come thisclose to stumbling up on the truth, quite literally. This story will take time to unravel.

Ewen becomes a thorn in Johnny's side.

Ewen is curious about the status of Liz's friendship with Jason.

SOC Thread

Edited by Daytime, Jul 28 2012, 01:32 PM.
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General Hospital Critical List Updated July 28


*Todd and Johnny are in a standoff when carly walks in.
*Neither man wants to reveal why the tension is SO high.
*Johnny will become more desperate to hide the truth from Carly.
*Liz hears Ewen on the phone and becomes suspicious.
*Liz tells Jason she is going to try again with Ewen.
*Ewen is a danger to Liz.
*Jerry is back.
*Joe Jr. uses Trey to do his dirty work.
*Trey tells Kristina he is thinking of dumping Mob Princess (Yippee!)
*Kristina demands answers..
*Kristina admits to Sonny that she has some concerns about Trey.
*Kate begins to wonder if her son is alive.
*Joe Jr. won't give any info on the child..
*Joe Jr. wants his birthright back..Sonnys business.
*Trey feels guilty over his role in daddys revenge.
*Anna makes a choice to look for Robin, despite everyone telling her not to..
*Lulu is sick..(no, she isn't going to die.)
*Dante and Lulu have the talk..and lay out their feelings.
*The Falconeri's are blissfully wed..
*Alexis is attracted to Shawn.
*She talks to Mac, and he says to go for it.
*Alexis is lost on the art of seduction, but challenges Shawn to a game of strip pool.
*Shawn is intrigued!
*Alexis tries to talk to Sam about Jason..
*Sam confides in Kristina that she has feelings for John McBain.
*Jason catches Sam snooping in Todds files.
*She tells him she wants to find what Todd is hiding, and he offers to help.
*Michael tells Starr he wants to go into business,,NOT mob business!
*John and Natalie are done, courtesy of Todds mail service.
*John is on a tear and confronts Todd.
*Starr and Michael make love...
*Tracy is not going anywhere, in fact, her past is about to become her present.
*Jason becomes protective of Liz..
*Joe Jr. makes Johnny an offer..
*Ewen and Patrick discuss his addiction, and Ewen references a tragic past.
*Liz tells Steven she is dating Ewen.
*Ewen pulls out all the stops with Liz.
*John Ingle will return soon as Edward Q.
*Todd will be hard pressed to keep Johnnys secret, even if it means thr baby switch is revealed.
*Heather returns to Ferncliff...for now. Hi Nurse Fletcher!
*Sam and Jason make a decision.
*Patrick encourages Liz to be with Ewen.
*Jason finds Sam at Manning Enterprises.
*Sam tries to get into Todds safe.
*Heather attempts to use Todd to get her out of trouble...
*Natalie and John are done.
*John sees Tea and the baby.
*Michael and Starr meet up with Sonny and Kate.
*Michael tells them that he and Starr are a couple.
*Trey uses Mob Princess to get info for Joe Jr to take down Sonny.
*Who has Robin and how are they connected to Anna?
*Still a rocky road ahead for Sam and Jason..
*They still love each other, but forgiveness is hard.
*Sam is still digging for info about heather and Todds "secret".
*Heather has a partner...
*Heather will go away for a while, but will be back for sweeps. †
*Is Ewen in league with Jerry Jax?
*Natalie and John part ways..time and distance (and Sam) strained the relationship.
*Kristina and Trey cozy up..she is in the dark about his motives.
*Trey and Joe Jr want to take Sonny down.
*Kate confronts Joe jr..and Trey.
*Trey gets jealous over Starr and Michael.
*Dante is still suspicious of Johnny.
*GH is casting for a young girl, 3-4 with blond hair and blue eyes. Look for the return of HOPE.

Edited by Daytime, Jul 29 2012, 11:22 AM.
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So is Felicia gone again? LOL. Why can't Carlivati balance the writing? It makes no sense that Monica isn't being used, either. Sigh.

And who wants to bet Lulu is pregnant? All soaps writers write anymore are baby stories. It's getting tiresome as hell. But I guess I could be wrong, so IDK.

And how predictable of Joe to be using Trey. Sigh.

Carlivati is such a BASIC soap writer. He's not downright terrible, but he just relies too much on the standard formula without any real investment or depth. The bones are there ... he needs a co-head-writer who can write REAL soap.
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Jul 29 2012, 11:17 AM

*GH is casting for a young girl, 3-4 with blond hair and blue eyes. Look for the return of HOPE.

Or Josslyn.
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Alexis and Shawn? O_O
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Snowing Fan
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John and Natalie may be done,but HELLO writers,they do still have a kid,what about being there for his son?
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ABC Plot Points Updated July 30

ABCD Plot Points:

-Spinelli decides to do online dating. He asks Jason to train him so he will look good in his online profile. They box.

-McBain is arrested for hitting Todd.

-Carly talks Todd into dropping the charges.

-Todd and Heather make a deal.

-Carly worries about Josslyn.

-Sonny plans to propose to Kate.

-Trey, saying he cares about Kristina, pulls the plug on the reality show.

-Joe Jr. tells Trey to romance Kristina.

-Joe Jr. makes Johnny an offer: Letís team up and take down Sonny.

-Joe Jr. has a connection to someone in Port Charles.

-Lulu takes a pregnancy test.

-Jason warns Ewen not to keep secrets from Liz.

-Jason tells Ewen if he hurts Liz, he will answer to Jason.

-Jason and Sam talk about their marriage and whether they should end it.

SOC Thread
Edited by Daytime, Jul 30 2012, 04:39 PM.
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No matter what you think, I DO love you.

So not looking forward to the Joe Jr and crew storyline. Everyone in it annoys me :-(
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Alexis wants to know what John's attentions are towards Sam.
Carly questions Sam on whether John may be one of the reasons Sam is deciding to end things with Jason for good.
Carly tells Todd that revenge won't help him get over Blair, but maybe a new woman would.
Jason refuses to let go of his suspicions of Ewen.
Luke decides to join Anna on her trip, although he thinks it will lead no where.
Sonny makes not-so-veiled threats towards Trey.
Trey let's Joe Jr. That Sonny is suspicious of him.
Trey tells Kristina he fears Sonny will hurt him.
Sonny proposes to Kate. Inwardly Connie is furious and decides to turn to the enemy.
Connie betrays Sonny.
Olivia becomes to Lulu what Heather was to Olivia. Watch out Lulu.
They ultimately convinces Kristina that Sonny would never kill his son-in-law. Meanwhile his real feelings for Kristina are holding him back from doing what Joe Jr. Really wants him to do.
Scott heads to town.
Jax and Carly rekindle their relationship as Josslyn fights for her life
Alexis is taken seriously ill
Jerry visits Alexis.
John and Jason are forced to team up.
One of Todd's secrets is revealed.
Shawn worries about Alexis.
Jax is on to Ewen and spills to all to Jason. Who goes to Liz.
Anna and Luke run into an old enemy. Robert joins in and learns about Anna and as well.
Starr and Michael rush to save Kristina from Trey. Starr feels guilty.
Johnny and Carly make love only for one of his secrets to explode. Carly suspects Todd.
Johnny keeps Todd's secret even when it looks like Johnny is losing everything.
Heather makes a trip to llanview.
Sam and John almost make love.
Patrick sees a change in Ewen and agrees to keep his eyes open.

From DD

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Cool previews. Hope it's true that Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) and Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) are coming back, and I hope both for good. Wonder what old enemy Luke and Anna encounter? Helena(Constance Towers) or Cesar Faison(Anders T. Hove)?
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When is this nurses ball happening?? Bobbie/Lucy ???
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