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GH: ABC Plot Points and Down the Road Previews
Topic Started: Jul 24 2012, 07:07 PM (7,118 Views)
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Updated 8/15

COMING UP: Sickness fills Port Charles, Surprises are around every corner and Lante go in to see Dr. Lee!

Trey spills to Starr

Josslyn is ill

Ewan is frantic to save Liz from the coming danger.

Jax visits his daughter and finds out about Johnny and Carly!

Anna gets closer to finding Robin, but one step forward may mean 2 steps back!

Joe Jr and Tracy— connection?

Jerry actually SAVED Alexis and Josslyn from a coming epidemic

Connie is furious about the engagement

Olivia will have some of the ‘Heather Crazy’ inside her!

Jax warns Jason about Ewan

Carly finds out one of Johnny’s secret

Heather heads to Llandview

John and Jason team up

Tracy is blackmailed..again.

Jerry cares about two people: Joss and Alexis

Olivia is not the same

Joe Jr and Jerry team up

Kate plans a giant wedding…what could go wrong?! lol

The Tea story/reveal unfolds

Luke and Anna go on an adventure

Michael and Starr try to stop Trey and Krissy before they say “I DO” in Atlantic City

Heather and Todd make another deal

Alexis is injected (I think with the antidote)

Sonny thinks about retiring. Not for long.

Ewan has some deep buried secrets about his painful past

ConKate tries to get Joe to open up about her baby

The women are not safe in Port Charles!

When will Sonny make the Joe/Trey connection?

A return brings the Robin mystery closer

Michael and Starr make love

RUMOR: Trey sleeps with Krissy

Joe moves to Port Charles

The Robin story starts to unfold and word is vets are involved and some newbies as well!

Look under the bed…and further down the line, it’s not just you, it might be the wine

John and Sam will try to solve the Night of the Storm mystery

ConKate’s flashbacks have her realize she may not have shot out those tire

Will Dolores risk her life to be undercover?

John returns to Port Charles and the PCPD

John goes to Llanview and thinks something’s familiar about “Victor Jr”

There’s an organ harvesting ring in operation

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, things are not what they seem, no not at all…


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From GH Critical List:

*Jax is back!

*Jax is concerned about Joss, and Carly.

*Johnny can feel the disapproval from Jax.

*Joe Jr. takes Tracy out to dinner.

*Jerry intends to poison the water supply.

*Luke is released from GH and goes after Anna.

*Olivia still has flashes of unreality..that are actually visions.

*Luke uses his Dr. Schimmelman persona to help Anna.

*Sonny and Kate are very happy together..Connie? Not so much.

*Trey convinces Kristina to elope to Las Vegas.

*Joe Jr. and Jerry begin their plan for destruction.

*Todd tells Kate she can have Crimson back.

*Michael thinks Kristina has been kidnapped by Trey.

*Ewens guilt has him ready to confess his role in Jerry's plan.

*Ewen is a liability to Jerry...and expendable.

*John tells Sonny that Joe was released with the help of an unknown associate.

*John tells Sonny he can do whatever he likes to Joe Jr.

*Kate is upset at Joes release.

*Sonny is sorry he didn't kill Joe Jr.

*Luke meets Todd, and has a sense of Deja Vu.

*Jax makes sure that Johnny knows that Carly and Jax are still married.

*Jason puts Spinelli on Ewens trail...

*Ewen realizes that he has set Liz in the path of destruction and she will be a victim.

*Ewen is worried about Jason, and his feelings for Liz.

*More people become suspicious of Ewen.

*Patrick senses that Ewen is hiding something.

*Jerry uses threats against Liz to keep Ewen in line.

*Ewen wants to make love to Elizabeth.

*John begins to piece together the truth about Heather.

*Jax' return is unexpected for Jerry..and messes with his plan.

*Sonny and Joe Jr. face off..Joe isn't going anywhere.

*Todd offers Carly a shoulder...

*Trey tells Starr that Sonny and Joe know each other.

*Starr is torn, and wants to reveal Treys secret.

*Starr goes to Johnny for advice.

*Todd wants to let Kate know that she did not shoot out Anthonys tires.

*Todd keeps the secret..for now.

*More past characters will be returning as the show heads into fall..and sweeps!
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Lante receive the results of the pregnancy test

They’ll make a big choice regarding their family

Dante worries about his mom

Luke & Anna passion

Luke becomes Dr. Schimmelman to help Anna

SKate are very happy. Connie isn’t

Sonny pulls a gun on Joe Jr...Joe isn't going anywhere

Joe takes Tracy out to dinner

He promises to protect her

Starr is torn wanting to reveal Trey’s secret

Starr goes to Johnny for advice

Trey wants the wedding on camera. How will Sonny react?

Kristina agrees to marry Trey in Vegas

Jax is concerned about Joss & Carly

Johnny & Jax confrontation over Carly!…

Jax is NOT pleased with CarJohn being 2gether & tells Johnny that Carly may be his girlfriend….but she's still his wife

Jax's return messes with Jerry’s plan

As E&E get closer, he almost reveals secret….but manages not to

Will E&E make love? Will Elizabeth regret it?

Ewen doesn't like Jason as Jason poisons Elizabeth 's mind against him
Jerry uses threats against Elizabeth to keep Ewen in line

Spin tells Jason that Ewen spent a lot of time in Alaska where both Jax bros spent a lot of time

Ewen realizes Elizabeth will be a victim

He is also a liability to Jerry...& expendable

Jax tries to warn people about Ewen

McBain begins to piece 2gether Heather’s truth

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A little bit of everything....

Source: DD

John tries to stop the mess Jerry has created but fails. Jerry injects him. Everyone else who falls ill does so becaus they ingest the toxin which Jerry has released thanks to Joe, Jr's help. Kelly's & The MetroCourt are where seven of the eight who get ill ingesting the toxin...the last being John who is injected.

Patrick realizes Ewen is tied to the outbreak. He also becomes ill and upon learning Maxie is also sick, asks Anna to take care of Emma.

Jason & Sam getting their divorce decree in the mail has been confirmed by one insider. However, the same insider admits those scenes haven't been taped yet...take this tidbit with a huge grain of salt. Another insider states divorce papers aren't even filed.

Carly learns of Johnny's secrets & dumps him leading to Johnny teaming up with Joe, Jr. & Tarly getting horizontal. RC loves Todd & Carly....lots of flirting & sex coming up. Johnny gets sick & he's the one who gets the worst of it.

Ewen sends Patrick a clue that Robin is alive but dies before he provides details. Patrick doesn't believe him although eventually he & Anna will swap info. Patrick figures out Robin is alive via a phone call.

Kate sashays down the aisle, but before she can say I do, the wedding is interrupted by someone surprising who announces Trey is Kate's son. Kate freaks out & turns into...someone. As the story unfolds, Joe actually did rape Kate but only because he's been having sex with 'Connie for months. There were two personalities before the "rape"...one was having consensual sex with Joe; the other...the one who loves Sonny wasn't.

Spinelli will use his cyber skills to expose Ewen. Alexis will knock boots with Shawn & soon. Thereafter Alexis runs into an old acquaintance.

Jason gets sick...but not severe. He has some symptoms but the headache & dizziness is what Patrick is concerned about & orders tests. Sam is quite concerned about Jason when he gets sick.

McBam - A couple of near misses coming as they work together to find out what is going on....trying to avert the Jerry mess. Jason is involved after he's well. Sam is used to working alongside Jason. McBain prefers for his women to be safe. Sam isn't searching for her baby with John. John eyes Sam's baby in Llanview with Tea; Sam isn't there. John goes to Llanview regarding Liam & his case. No McBam sex in September, October nor November.

Lante - Lulu is pregnant. Dante is going to hover & want Lulu home barefott on the couch. Lulu as other ideas.

Liz is in nurse mode during the toxin crisis. Ewen & Liz get closer. There's no Liason sex

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ABCD Plot Points updated 8/20

*As Trey and Krissy are about to get married, Michael and Starr go to Vegas to prevent it from happening.

*Port Charles is running out of time as Jerry reveals to everyone that he is still alive.

*Carly figures out that Jerry did what he did to Josslyn to save her.

*Todd informs Carly that he was tricked by Jerry.

*Jax tries to get in touch with the human side of Jerry.

*Jason begins to question how Robin and Jerry are connected.

*Spinelli informs Jason on what he has found on Ewen.

*Tracy and Joe Jr. spend time in bed - Without Tracy knowing he has a connection to Jerry Jacks

*Patrick begins to be more of a lab rat then a surgeon as he tries to come up an antidote for the poison Jerry unleashed.

*As Shawn faces death, he does his best to tell Alexis he loves her.

*Elizabeth is kidnapped by Ewen.

*John McBain may have just figured out a way to save everyone in Port Charles.

*The richest citizens of Port Charles come together.

*A surprise visitor comes to Tea Delgado.


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