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Spoilers for the week of September 17; *updated 9/11*
Topic Started: Sep 6 2012, 06:45 PM (30,301 Views)

National Enquirer

-Justin supports the decision that Sonny has made about Will
-Meanwhile, Will thinks he's not good enough for Sonny
-Daniel clearly expresses his strong opposition to Melanie's wedding
-Nicole slyly manipulates Abigail
-Sami asks Rafe to have dinner with her
-Nicole springs her clever plan on Sami

**UPDATED 9/8**

Monday ("The Fight")
John breaks up a fight between EJ and Rafe; Daniel tells Nicole that they don't have a romantic future.

Tuesday ("Daniel's Career")
Jennifer and Nicole have a heated confrontation; EJ formulates a scheme to ruin Rafe's career.

**UPDATED 9/10**

Monday, September 17th
Rafe and E.J.'s argument escalates; Nicole kisses Daniel; Bo considers a change after receiving news from Roman.

Tuesday, September 18th
Jennifer confronts Nicole; E.J. shares advice with Chad; Melanie asks Gabi about Nick; Will is shaken when he overhears an argument between Adrienne and Justin.

Wednesday, September 19th
Chad's paranoia increases when he sees Nick and Gabi together; Nicole realizes that Jennifer is a threat; Sami tries to bolster Will's confidence.

Thursday, September 20th
Rafe tries to help Sami with a problem; Maggie faces negative reactions to news about Melanie and Chad's wedding; Hope and Bo discuss the future.

Friday, September 21st
Rafe agrees to dinner with Sami; Chad attacks Nick; Marlena comforts Will; Sonny is furious with his mother.


As previously reported, Wally Kurth and Judi Evans' appearances as Justin and Adrienne are increasing. Look for the duo to have more screen time, this month.
Evans also resurfaces on September 18, 19 and 21, during which time Adrienne faces off with Sami and Kate. Kurth shares father/son scenes with Smith on September 17 and has a heated exchange with Evans' Adrienne on September 18.


Monday September 17:

EJ and Rafe's argument about Sami turns into a fistfight. Lucas watches the men fighting, amused.

John breaks up EJ and Rafe's fight.

EJ goes to Justin to discuss getting a DNA test run on Nicole's baby the moment he is born.

If EJ learns Rafe has switched the previous DNA test, EJ will destroy his career.

Sami and Bo have it out.

Daniel insists to Nicole that they remain just friends, when she kisses him.

Nicole attacks Jennifer.

Bo and Hope's salaries are being cut at SPD, prompting Bo to reconsider his life.

Sonny and Justin predict Adrienne will not be happy about Sonny's involvement with Will.

Tuesday September 18:

Jenn is concerned after hearing EJ's threats about Rafe lying that he's Nicole's baby daddy.

Nicole reveals to Jenn that she and Daniel had sex.

Abby worries about Jenn's bursts of anger since Jack's death.

Daniel expresses opposition to Mel moving her wedding day up.

Daniel doesn't want to go to a party held in Jenn's honor.

Sami tells EJ she can't commit to him right now.

EJ gives Chad advice about his wedding.

Chad gets a little paranoid about Nick.

Will's crushed after hearing Adrienne doesn't approve of him dating Sonny.

Wednesday September 19:

Chad's paranoia grows so much he picks a fight with Nick.

Nick and Gabi acknowledge their friendship.

Jenn confronts Daniel about the DNA switch. Jenn judges Daniel harshly.

Will confronts Sami and Kate about passing down the family gene of screwing up one's life.

Thursday September 20:

Sami tells Lucas that both Rafe and EJ have backed off but he reminds her he has no interest in rekindling anything.

Gabi tells Rafe he was the happiest when he was with Sami.

Maggie faces Victor and Brady, who both disapprove of Melanie and Chad marrying.

Maggie has a heart-to-heart with Melanie.

Mel seeks out Nick...

Bo is still torn about leaving SPD.

Friday September 21:

Sami asks Rafe to dinner to discuss their relationship.

Nicole has a bad dream about EJ taking away her son. She comes up with a plan to ensure he knows she had sex with Rafe.

Melanie is convinced Nick's not a threat.

Nick is found by Chad holding an item of Melanie's.

Chad violently attacks Nick.

Maggie and Adrienne have it out over Melanie's wedding.

Marlena gives Will advice on dating.


Fighting in Salem.
A brawl breaks out between EJ and Rafe. Lucas watches and laughs his arse off as the two men box over Sami. John shows up and stops the fight. Since EJ is clearly the loser, he decides that he better do something more underhanded if he wants to win their little war. He goes to meet with Justin and orders a DNA test on Nicís baby the moment it pops out. Heís less interested in the baby than in using evidence of fraud to ruin the copís career. He doesnít mind taking Daniel down either if heís in cahoots with them. Jenn just happens to eavesdrop on this.

When Sami runs into Rafe, she wants to talk about their kiss. He refuses to admit it meant something to him. After he walks off, she bumps into EJ and informs him that Rafe doesnít want her. However, she would rather focus on work than have a relationship with Elvis. He claims to be cool with that, but he turns around and continues his plan to destroy Rafe. Already in a mood for scheming, he doles out advice to his baby brother about his wedding and Nick. Chad keeps getting more paranoid about the released felon thanks to spending all of his time on internet message boards. This only gets worse when he notices that Gabi and Nick have become friends. He starts to assume that they must be plotting to ruin his happy day. When he gets violent with Gabi, Nick defends her and Caroline kicks Chad out of the pub. Chad has a fit and tells Mel they need to leave town forever. She refuses to run away. Maggie shows up, fresh from getting an earful from Victor and Brady about what a daft idea this wedding is. Maggie urges Mel to just follow her heart. After some reflection, Mel goes to see Nick. They have an honest discussion and she decides heís changed for the better. She accidentally leaves her scarf behind. As Nick strokes it, Chad finds him and freaks out, pummeling him.

Nicole tries kissing Daniel but the doctor repeats to her that they can only be friends. She wants to argue about that but Jenn gets in the way. She confronts Nicole about the paternity ruse and the threat it poses to Danielís career. When Nic breaks the news that the doctor has been administering more than medical care to her, Jenn explodes. Abby walks in on the fight and her mom stalks off. Nicole warns the young lady that her mom is a loose cannon and asks her to keep an eye on Jenn. At that moment, Jenn tracks down Daniel in a panic that his life is about to be destroyed. Heís hurt when he learns how disappointed she is in him for getting involved with Nicole. Meanwhile, Nicole has been having nightmares about EJ taking her baby. She decides to make sure EJ really believes that she and Rafe lifted legs and enlists the help of an unwitting Sami.

Sami and Lucas have a run-in. She tells him that EJ and Rafe have both backed off. He makes it clear that he still doesnít want her. She starts to worry that Rafe might actually feel the same way. After things get busy at work, she decides that she needs someone to complain to. She bumps into Rafe, who has just been getting a push from Gabi to get back with Sami. The blond unloads on him and asks him out to dinner. Heís reluctant but she prods him. On his way to the meal that evening, he has a run-in with EJ and they bicker about Nicole.

Roman has heartbreaking news for Bo and Hope. It looks like they need to take a pay cut to keep the Salem PD afloat. Hope agrees, but Bo decides heíd rather do something else with his life. Hopeís supportive, even if that means heís leaving town.

Justin tries being positive about his sonís relationship with Will. Adrienne isnít feeling the same way. Will walks in on them bickering about it. Adrienne bluntly tells William that heís very nice but he also has a few screws loose. Will mopes home and cancels his date with Sonny, telling his mom that heís not good enough for the boy he likes. He blames Sami and Kate for giving him the Ďscrew-upí genes. This leads to Kate and Sami double teaming Adrienne, but she battles them back and insists that Will would break her sonís heart. Still in a fighting mood, Adrienne later winds up having a fight with Maggie about Melís wedding. When her son hears about her trashing Will, he gives her a lecture and then runs out to find him. Sonny assures Will that he is good enough for him.
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Sep 6 2012, 06:45 PM
-Nicole springs her clever plan on Sami
OMG yes, DESTROY her. Please! Please! :spank:
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National Enquirer

-Justin supports the decision that Sonny has made about Will - Yay Justin scenes! :cheer:
-Meanwhile, Will thinks he's not good enough for Sonny - Well that's obvious. Sonny needs to get with Brian!
-Daniel clearly expresses his strong opposition to Melanie's wedding - :sleep:
-Nicole slyly manipulates Abigail - Random but could be good.
-Sami asks Rafe to have dinner with her - :drunk:
-Nicole springs her clever plan on Sami :eyeroll:
Edited by Ireland98, Sep 6 2012, 07:20 PM.
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I'm excited that Justin is back again :applause: . I'd love to see him and Adrienne much more involved in their son's life. Adrienne has reservations and Justin is ok with it so that's interesting. Hopefully there are family scenes with all. But where is Victor? He needs to be involved. And wish Justin and Adrienne would get their own story.

Love the Will spoiler. He's consistently recognizing now that he has many faults. I also think part of it is him feeling that Sonny has been openly gay for a while and he's new to this and doesn't want to hold him back.

Intrigued about the Abby and Nicole spoiler. That sounds interesting.

So Sami and Rafe is on the menu for this week but probably back to EJ the next?
Edited by michr544125, Sep 6 2012, 07:02 PM.
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Deleted User
Deleted User

Looking forward to the Sonny and Justin scenes. :cheer:
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Team Nicole...ALL THE WAY!

Yes Will, you don't deserve Sonny. He's WAY BETTER then you!
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YAY! Finally more Justin scenes. Can't wait to see those.

Yes, Will you don't deserve to walk the same path as Sonny. Sonny does deserve better than your sorry ass.

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Sep 6 2012, 06:45 PM
National Enquirer

-Justin supports the decision that Sonny has made about Will
-Meanwhile, Will thinks he's not good enough for Sonny
-Daniel clearly expresses his strong opposition to Melanie's wedding
-Nicole slyly manipulates Abigail
-Sami asks Rafe to have dinner with her
-Nicole springs her clever plan on Sami
Hmmm....Thoughts so far are...

Yay Justin!

Will isn't good enough for Sonny. Not yet. ;-p

Daniel/Mel Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

More Nicole and Abby scenes could be interesting. Too bad it involves Dannifer blech.

SAFE- Ha! My FFWD finger wil be at the ready.

Yay! Nicole! Team up with Kate goddammit@
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Dare i say that these sound really interesting. I actually think the the abby nicole stuff could be good. Abby and nicole scheming to keep dannifer apart
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pssh of course...they didn't even give EJami 5 minutes to blossom, and they already have Scami trying to win back Rafe!! why are TIIC allowing the kiss of death a.k.a SAFE to bombard our screens again? So sick of it!
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I just have no interest. Which sucks, because I had been watching every episode in full for the past 3 months. GT is completely fucking tone deaf and I have better things to do with my time. GH's promo looks pretty good. Maybe I'll start watching that.
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Queen of Texas

No LUMI, sounds like a boring week.
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never mind
Edited by Dany_E, Sep 6 2012, 08:02 PM.
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Glad nicole is scheming
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Why would Daniel object?He did not seem to have a problem with Melanie living/sleeping with Chad but now that Chad wants to marry her,he objects.
I bet Nicole tells Abby about having sex with Daniel knowing Abby would likely tell Jennifer,if Abby saw Jennifer and Daniel getting close.
Are they trying to make Jennifer totally unlikeable and undo all they had to do to repair the character.She rebuffed Jack when he returned after being held captive,made him compete for her love,then he dies saving their daughter and before his ashes hit the ground they are putting her back with Daniel.I really don't know why they would write her character this way,they are moving way too fast with Jennifer and Daniel.
I guess they figure they don't have to worry about Sami.They have her jumping into bed with Lucas after she ruined his relationship with Autumm,having her son aid a felony escape,abandoning her children to go on the run with EJ,kissing EJ now she is kissing Rafe and inviting him to dinner.I give up.I have no idea what is going on with Sami/Rafe/EJ but I bet Nicole says something to Sami about Rafe and the baby.
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Please write 4 Bryan Dattilo, Give him a love interest.

I just wish Nicole were scheming to get Ej back. I so want to see her use his baby to unnerve and annoy the heck out of Sami. I thought Nic and Dan were supposed to be over with, they keep dragging them on. A Safe dinner .....zzzzzzz....Nic and Abby, nahhhh, I'm sick of Dancole
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People lacking from the spoilers: Bo, Hope, John, Marlena, Kate, Victor. :shame:
Edited by Supergirlx2, Sep 6 2012, 08:31 PM.
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Okay ej since u aren't gonna get with Sami
Its time u head back to nicole..

Preferably with no clothes on
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Lucas, where the hell is he Tomlin!
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