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Spoilers for the week of October 8th; *updated 10/5*
Topic Started: Sep 27 2012, 12:04 AM (53,715 Views)
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TV Guide US Previews

10/8, Stefano reaches out to EJ; Daniel tells Jennifer that he is resigning from his position at the hospital; Sami and Rafe agree to a fresh start built on honesty; Nicole goes to great lengths to keep her secret from everyone.

10/9, Bo and Hope discuss what he wants to do with his life; Daniel tells Nicole he'll go with her to Utah; Sami and Rafe return to the scene of their first date and reminisce; Gabi promises Bo that she'll keep an eye on Caroline.

10/10, Jennifer accuses Nicole of ruining Daniel's life; Bo tells Hope that he's concerned about Caroline; Kate presents Nick with an opportunity; Abigail blasts Chad for his actions.

10/11, Nicole takes a fall; EJ tells Sami that Rafe hasn't been honest with her; Victor confronts Daniel about his decisions; Caroline's condition continues to worsen; Stefano meets with a mysterious woman in Europe.

10/12, John and Marlena bask in their happiness; Roman questions Jennifer about the fight; Daniel defends his choices to Maggie and Victor; Bo and Kayla vow to support their mother; Sami and Rafe decide to table their discussion about Nicole.
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Monday, October 8

Despite feeling pressured, Rafe stonewalls, when Sami asks to be let in on Nicole's paternity secret.

Nicole steals and destroys the medical records from her hospital visit; then, shows off baby clothes to Billie.

Daniel and Jennifer's warm moment ends, when she brings up Nicole, and Daniel shuts her down.

Jennifer leans on a supportive Kayla, while Daniel seeks advice from Victor.

EJ rejects Stefano's attempt to console him over losing Sami.

Reality hits Nicole hard, when she runs into Rafe and prepares to confess her tragic news.

Stefano places a call to a mystery person asking for help with EJ.

DVR Alert: Daniel tells Jennifer she doesn't have to resign from her hospital job to avoid him, because he's quitting.

Tuesday, October 9

Nicole feels totally alone, when Sami interrupts her attempt to share her loss with Rafe.

Daniel erupts, when Jennifer suggests he's leaving Salem to avoid legal trouble and possibly even prison.

Bo tells Hope he wants to sail around the world with their family.

Hope points out that all the stops on Bo's port map have connections to DiMera enterprises.

Nicole feels her prayers have been answered, when Daniel reveals he wants to move to Utah with her.

Sami and Rafe return to the scene of their first "date", where Rafe admits he forgives Sami and they share a passionate kiss.

Bo questions Gabi about Caroline's forgetfulness, and she promises to keep an eye on his mother.

After a talk with Marlena, Hope admits to Bo that she's not sure about taking this trip.

DVR Alert: Nicole goes to the Horton house to start packing and comes face-to-face with Jennifer.

Wednesday, October 10

Jennifer confronts Nicole about ruining Daniel's life, but Nicole insists they have a bright future ahead of them.

Bo tells Hope he's rethinking his trip and fills her in on the situation with Caroline.

Abigail presses Gabi for details about Melanie's abrupt departure.

Upon seeing Nick's bruises, Abigail realizes Chad and Nick fought and heads to Chad for answers.

When Kate questions Chad about Stefano, he urges her to move on.

Jennifer tells Brady she's going to stop Nicole from hurting Daniel.

Nicole panics when Daniel suggests she see her doctor to get clearance to travel.

Kate offers Nick a job at Mad World, but he's reluctant to accept.

DVR Alert: Caroline gets defensive and makes a major slip, when Bo broaches the subject of her forgetfulness.

Thursday, October 11

Bo and Caroline head to Kayla's office, where Caroline explains what's been happening to her.

Maggie is caught in the middle, as Victor confronts Daniel about leaving Salem and throwing his life away for Nicole.

After overhearing a voice message from Jennifer asking Daniel to meet her at the town square, Nicole snaps.

Nicole is about to stab Jennifer, but is foiled.

Before Rafe and Sami head out on their date, they run into EJ who accuses Rafe of lying about being Nicole's baby's father.

EJ shows up at the Horton house demanding to see Nicole, but Abigail informs him she moved out.

While arguing with Jennifer, Nicole loses her balance and goes tumbling down the stairs.

Brady and Billie witness Nicole's fall, as Brady rushes to Nicole's side.

DVR Alert: Stefano meets with Kristen and explains he needs her help to unite their family.

Friday, October 12

Jennifer feels horribly, when Nicole goes into labor.

Brady and Billie tell the police that they heard arguing and it looked like Jennifer may have pushed Nicole.

Nicole is taken to the hospital, where she gives birth to a stillborn son.

Roman questions Jennifer about Nicole's fall.

When Daniel arrives at the hospital, Nicole blames Jennifer for her baby's death and Brady confirms what happened.

Sami and Rafe run into John and Marlena, who are surprised, yet pleased, to find them out on a date.

John and Marlena discuss their happiness, unaware that Stefano is trying to convince Kristen to return to Salem.

Caroline faces her fear of Alzheimer's disease head-on with Bo and Kayla's support.

DVR Alert: Jennifer is arrested for the murder of Nicole's baby.

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Bright Eyes
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An EJ / Abby scene? Maybe to get back at Jennifer for killing his baby, EJ seduces Abby, taking her V-Card!
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I guess it's official that the baby is dead, so Nicole will go bonkers and Eric will come to save her. It could be good.
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Don't get up. So how are you? What happened, eh? Let me guess, Stefano told you that you could fly,and you jumped off a building. HeHe It's funny right, no I'm sorry Bad EJ, I should'nt be that cruel!

Bright Eyes
Oct 6 2012, 10:26 AM
An EJ / Abby scene? Maybe to get back at Jennifer for killing his baby, EJ seduces Abby, taking her V-Card!
I hate that I got intrigued about the possibility :P
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I just remembered that September was World Alzheimer's Month. Too bad Days couldn't start Caroline's storyline earlier and tie it in with the occasion.
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There better be some Nick and Gabi mixed in here this week or else I'm not watching. Maybe Wednesday.
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Oct 2 2012, 08:46 PM
PLEASE stop posting repetitive spoilers. If there's something new, post the something new and not the 18th reworded version of the same crap.
Seriously. Stop. I've asked three times over the last two weeks.
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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

I see a very alone Jennifer Horton...."everyone blames her" something that I would acutally like to see
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BJ Deveraux
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I would have been cheering Nicole on for stabbing Jennifer and putting us all out of our misery. I really want to watch again but that bitch needs to be GONE first. I wish her and Dr. Douche would move to Utah. Or go to hell, whichever...
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Bright Eyes
Oct 6 2012, 10:26 AM
An EJ / Abby scene? Maybe to get back at Jennifer for killing his baby, EJ seduces Abby, taking her V-Card!
I think KM and JS could be hot. I'm all for EJ being as cruel as he wants to JenJen but not to Abby. If he was legit interested in dating Abby, I wouldn't mind seeing it. The only problem is I would be missing Jack even more for all the missed opportunities that would bring of standoff scenes between my two favorite guys. JenJen could sit and spin over it for all I care.....preferably off screen.

Anyways, bummer Nicole's plan to stab JenJen is foiled. Damn.
Edited by spartan, Oct 7 2012, 09:52 AM.
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Seriously, Sami and Rafe....AGAIN????? Why oh why? I just don't know how I can stomach this pair....they are so boring!! They could of at least made it not so easy for them to get back together....there was really no build up. Sami went from deciding to make a go at it with EJ to being back together with Rafe? Why are the writers so determined not to give us any sort of "normal" EJAMI relationship. I mean it would of been nice to see them dating and trying to make a go at it longer than one day!! I just feel as an EJAMI fan I am never satisfied, at least EJOLE fans got to see their couple together for a while. If we go back to EJOLE again that will just about do it in for me!
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camera shy

Oct 7 2012, 10:01 AM
Seriously, Sami and Rafe....AGAIN????? Why oh why? I just don't know how I can stomach this pair....they are so boring!! They could of at least made it not so easy for them to get back together....there was really no build up. Sami went from deciding to make a go at it with EJ to being back together with Rafe? Why are the writers so determined not to give us any sort of "normal" EJAMI relationship. I mean it would of been nice to see them dating and trying to make a go at it longer than one day!! I just feel as an EJAMI fan I am never satisfied, at least EJOLE fans got to see their couple together for a while. If we go back to EJOLE again that will just about do it in for me!
Exactly, why havent' they put ejami together as a real couple? They wrote poor Lucas off the show to see if EJ and Sami would work years ago and instead of following through they brought in Rafe. Tptb seem for whatever reason don't want EJ and Sami together, for real. And like they say, never say never when it comes to soaps so one day they could be a real couple, but even now when Rafe's secrets come out about the baby Galen has already tweeted things that suggest that Safe will be together months from now.
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Glad Marlena and John happy to see SAFE together but i still think Rafe should tell Sami the truth cause now the babies gone :unsure:
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MarDar tried to write EJ/Sami as normal as these two seriously f'ed characters can be written, i hated every awful minute of it. TomSell are just driving them deeper into the ground which is fine by me, it's just still too much for me to handle though. EJ is a sadistic toad every time he's in touching distance of Sami. And she a sanctimonious hypocrite that is more petulant child than a grown woman. They refuse to grow up, I won't get into the business of them not talking about the crap they have pulled on one another and how they never will because it will only highlight why they should never even breath the same air. Them being together in any way is not healthy for either of them, the writers need to move on from this already. What's on screen now serves no other purpose except to torture us viewers.
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Oct 2 2012, 08:51 AM
This baby story is gruesome, but it does sound very soapy.

So now it's clear why the OB/Gyn was a temporary one. Add in that Nicole delivers a stillborn and I think it's safe to say that her baby is really gone. Ugh. I hate the idea that Nicole is focused on Dan when her baby just died, so hopefully they play it that she's so heartbroken about the baby's death that she basically loses it. I betcha AZ was pumped about playing these upcoming scenes. Heartbreak + crazy rage = Emmy bait.

Man, the reveal of this story could be very big and soapy. I'm thinking a murder trial for Jen with all the truths set to explode during November sweeps. They could have a huge reveal scene that involves all the major players in this story. You have Nicole who has totally lost it after the baby's death, but who is trying desperately to cover up what she did to hang onto Daniel. You have Jen feeling guilty about the baby's death, but also believing that Nicole isn't trustworthy and having strong suspicions that she manipulated Dan into switching the paternity tests. You have Dan who really loves Jen, but is focused on helping Nicole through this trauma and also bonding with her because they continue to cover up Dan's paternity switch. You have Rafe playing the part of the grieving father because he doesn't want Dan to lose his medical license, but feeling guilty about his lie to Sami. You have Sami who believes Rafe's promise about total honesty moving forward, but has EJ in her ear telling her that Rafe is lying to her. And you have EJ who is committed to uncovering the proof about the paternity switch to get revenge on Rafe/Dan/Nicole, as well as to get Sami back. THAT could make for a killer reveal when all the secrets come out.
We have already seen Nicole go crazy after the loss of her child .I can understand her doing so and trying to hang on to the father of the child she lost but to have her used her dead "miracle baby" trying to hang on to Daniel,a man with so few scruples he would seduce a pregnant former patient then tell her he does not want her is adding insult to injury and the most gag inducing storyline I have seen in many many years.I feel absolutely no sympathy for Jennifer who, as has been stated many times on this board,should be mourning the death of the love of her life who died saving their child instead of trying to save a grown man who has a mother and a godfather who are perfectly capable of lending him support.Jennifer is the biggest "B" on screen.I have to force myself to watch any scene she is in which shows or mentions Daniel or Nicole.

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Oct 2 2012, 08:59 AM
The Jennifer/Nicole stuff sounds straight up crappy.
You are a master of the understatement.
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Oct 2 2012, 12:02 PM
Oct 2 2012, 11:12 AM
Oct 2 2012, 11:04 AM
Oct 2 2012, 10:58 AM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deepone
Really? I can't think of any stories where anyone has paid for a paternity lie. I don't remember it ever being a big deal until it started affecting EJ. Even with Sami/Austin in 97 it was only one more thing in a long list of things that made Austin dump Sami.
Maybe we have different definitions of "paying." I would consider the way Sami got humiliated at the 97 wedding and had to deal with Lucas being angry with her payment. Then it happened again when Brandon had their marriage annulled when he found out she'd switched Theo's paternity. The same situation played out with Mimi and Shawn over Claire.

If Sami would rip into Rafe for lying to her and break things off with him, I'd feel that he suffered the consequences of what he did, but since Sami is asking to get in on the scam, it doesn't look like that day will come.
The thing is, it doesn't affect Sami. So her tearing into him about it would be irrelevant. Sami's past paternity lies negatively affected the people she was with, so them berating her made sense. EJ berating Rafe would be the equivalent payment in this case.

Ultimately, I just don't see why Rafe's "crimes" should ever be a big deal when EJ and Stefano an even Sami and Nicole are walking around free as can be. Rafe is a nothing character with no personality and no real relevance to Days and trying to make him pay for all the nothing he does while organ thieves, money thieves, kidnappers, and shooters can walk freely about town seems ridiculous to me. It's not like he's the only one in the group to get away with something. And his something is a lot smaller than any of the rest of them can claim. I will give him credit for being able to snatch this story right out from under Nicoke though. Maybe he's more relevant than I am willing to acknowledge.
Is "Nicoke" some kind of knock on Nicole (Nicole behaving like she is on crack) or a typo?
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Oct 2 2012, 12:14 PM
camera shy
Oct 2 2012, 11:59 AM
Oct 2 2012, 11:52 AM
Spoilers from SoapsSheKnows:
-Nicole is furious about seeing Dannifer together, and rushes to the hospital to destroy the evidence of her most recent visit. She and Dan plan to move to Utah, since Daniel quits. Nicole gets into a huge clash with Jennifer and considers stabbing her. Jennifer and her get into a fight where Nicole falls down the stairs. Nicole blames her for forcing her into labor, where she gives birth to a stillborn baby boy. Billie and Brady tells the police he heard the women arguing when Nicole fell, and Jennifer is arrested for the murder of Nicole's baby.

-Sami and Rafe kiss, but run into EJ on their date. She asks Rafe to tell him the truth of the paternity secret. He doesn't, but she is willing to keep the child from EJ. Rafe does end up telling Sami that he forgive her for her tryst with EJ.

-Caroline worries her family. Kayla tests her and realizes she has Alzheimer's. Her family will be there for her.
-Bo wants to travel the world, but Hope isn't too keen on the idea, and Caroline gives him second thoughts.
-Kate gives Nick an offer. Then, Chad advises her to let go of Stefano.
-Abby wants to uncover the truth about Melanie's sudden departure.
-Stefano tries from Europe to reach out to EJ. When EJ declines, Stefano calls Kristen for assistance.
-Jennifer tells Billie about her frustration with Nicole. She also confronts Nicole-again-for ruining Daniel's life.
-Jennifer vows in front of Brady to take down Nicole.
-Sami and Rafe share yet another passionate kiss.

I'm glad to see Safe together, and also glad to see Jennifer suffer. Still, this show has gone to crap.
Who the hell would care about anything but your baby after getting news like that? You sure wouldn't rush back to destroy all of your medical records. Although I thought Sami should have the good sense to go out and find The Day After Pill after the griefsex.
I think the whole point is that Nicole is not in her right mind. She even said way back when she found out she was pregnant that she went crazy the last time she lost the baby and was afraid of it happening again. And it looks like it will. Last time she faked a pregnancy. This time she fakes a miscarriage (or at least the cause of the miscarriage).

The lesson being -- Nicole should never be pregnant. She's much more entertaining when she's not.
I found Nicole very entertaining until her sexcapades on the office desk with Dr.Dan.Its been pretty much all downhill since that dark day.I shudder even thinking about.
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Oct 2 2012, 12:45 PM
Oct 2 2012, 12:41 PM
Oct 2 2012, 12:14 PM
Oct 2 2012, 11:43 AM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
Blaming Sami for helping 3 other people keep the baby a secret is interesting since Nicole herself doesn't want EJ to know either. So that's Rafe, Dan, and Sami all helping Nicole. Face it, Nicole is the reason EJ doesn't know he's the father because it was her plan to keep him from his child all along. Whether Sami boinked him last year is irrelevant. Nicole started this whole thing in motion when she found out she was pregnant. Her hurt feelings over EJ sleeping with Sami is the reason EJ doesn't know, period. Safe are back together and if the psycho wants to leave Sami alone he's welcome to do so any minute now. But he insists on being a pest like he was since 2006 and can't stand it when Sami chooses not to be with him. That's his problem not Sami's, lol. And if Nicole wants to tell EJ the truth, she's welcome to. I don't see anyone stopping her since it is completely her decision.
If Nicole chose to tell EJ now she'd be putting both Rafe and Dan at risk because they are both duplicitous in switching/covering up the switch of the paternity test. So it's really not as cut and dry as you've stated.
Yes, but now that Daniel has quit, and Sami has made it clear that she only wants Rafe, what can EJ do?
Daniel still has a medical license that could be suspended/revoked and I' m reasonably sure EJ would have grounds for a civil suit against him and/the hospital.
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