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Locked Topic
Tuesday, October 2nd Daily Discussion
Topic Started: Oct 1 2012, 02:03 PM (7,331 Views)
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Tuesday, October 2nd

Dan catches Jennifer on the phone
saying she is calling on behalf of EJ Dimera
He grabs the phone out of her hand and hangs it up
he says what the hell do you think you are doing ?
She says nothing
he picks up the papers on her desk and says you are
working your way thru a list of dna companies and saying
you are working for Ej dimera
there is no way in hell im going to let you throw away your career again
she says and you want me to sit back and watch you throw away yours for a witch like Nicole walker

Nicole runs into rafe outside the square
she says what did that bitch sami do to you this time ?

EJ & Sami in her apartment
she is in his arms on the couch
she says
i feel awkward crying on your shoulder, after the way i treated you
he says i havent been blameless myself
she says i shouldnt ask you to dry my tears about rafe
he says i dont care why you are crying , i just care that you are upset
so what can i do to make you feel better

you know it doesnt matter how mad i get at you or how many times i swear you out of my life
i cant bare to see you cry
i just cant stand it
she is about to kiss him
when they hear
banging on Ejs door
They run out
its chad
yelling open this damn door right now
Ej says whats wrong
chad says what do you think?

Nicole and rafe sit on the bench
he says sami did not do this i did it
i said everything
she says when it comes to sami what you say doesnt make
a damn bit of difference
sami doesnt listen to you anyway
i wish you would want to end things with sami but you cant ,she is like malaria or the shingles
she is this virus ,please
let me find you a vaccine
i want to help you, i owe you so much,tell me everything

jen says what ever i do is none of your business
he says yes it is, you think you are trying to help me, but what you are really doing is
you are getting all mixed up in a messy situation
you dont want ej on your bad side
not a fan of yours or has the time in jail slipped your mind
she says no it hasnt
but you have lost your mind
Nicole walker?
she helped chloe lie to you about the baby , she helped chloe betray you
if you dont like Nicole, few do
but that doesnt mean you risk fraud
using ejs name
what do you think he will do if he finds out ?
She says i dont care i heard him he is angry and dangerous and he is targeting you
he says i am none of your business i dont want your help i dont need your help or anything else from you ,not now ,not ever

sami says you and mel were so happy what happened?
Chad says nick fallon happened
from the time she found out he might be getting out
she hasnt been thinking straight
why should she have to put up with him walking around
i should have killed him
Ej says enough ,Samantha could you give us a moment please?
She says absolutely chad im really sorry
she goes into her apartment
he says chad i understand but you need to be careful
what you say in public
chad says i lose melanie and whats important to you is what i say in public ?
EJ says whats important to me is you, with our last name
chad freaks out and says screw our last name
Ej says take it easy buddy
chad says im going to find my finance , it was great talking to you
EJ says you are not going anywhere
you are staying right there

Maggie delivers a note for chad
she slips it under his door
and leaves

gabi leaves rafe a message about
being afraid of ending up in prison

rafe says he will see her around
she says im sorry you need a friend
dont walk away from me
he says i dont want to talk about it
she says how about i buy you a martini and ill watch you drink it
he says i dont drink martinis you do
she says i know ill just sniff the fumes, probably not good for the baby , why risk it, no fumes
the baby starts kicking again
she says i talked to dan and he has a way to deal with the paternity test Ej is going to demand
he gave me a list
and the hospital has a new
policy , its only allowing 3 companies to conduct
paternity tests
the reason they are using these 3
is because they use the software that is compatible with the one the hospital uses
rafe says and dan is familiar with this one?
Nicole says yes he just needs access
rafe says i might be able to help you there
i have a good tech guy at the bureau , he is good ,knows how to keep a secret , if this works out
Ej is going to be running out of moves
he is not
she says what?
he has the flashback of Ej telling him his sister will go away for a long time
she says whats wrong
you arent sure you want to do this are you?

Dan says you want the whole story
i dont want you ruining my life again
just cuz i was the one who walked out, bowing out gracefully
i did that when
you picked jack over me
and i tried to make it easy but loosing you hurt like hell
cuz you used me when you thought jack was gone
and then you threw me away when he walked back in your life
you have no right to care for me
i am sorry you lost jack but
i moved on
she says you moved on with who?
I have a sick feeling i know the answer to that question

Maggie goes into the pub
talks to nick
she is sorry for what chad did to him
now Melanie left maybe the trouble with chad will die down
nick says now he will blame me for Melanie leaving

chad is very upset
EJ says im your brother
i am on your side,im looking out for you , i recognize this situation with Melanie is frustrating
but i am on it
chad says how
ej says trust me
chad says then you can trust me ,if i lose her and will have nothing left to lose and will have no problem going to the cops and telling them how involved gabi was with melanies kidnapping
i want her to hurt just as bad
sami comes out
Ej says shhh
chad says its already too late

nicole says if you are having 2nd thoughts i need to know now
i have to make sure my son stays away from Ej
this is about sami and her reeling you back in and you dont want her to thinking you are the father
if we fake the paternity test once the baby is born , everyone is going to know that you are the babys father
including sami
he says im aware of that
she says you need to tell me and dan and my son
if you are through with sami or not

jen says you are not going to answer me?
Dan says i know you have been through hell and back
she says im not being irrational because of jacks death
he says you are angry right now, traumatized because of jacks death
she says why is everyone telling me how jacks death is affecting me
he says just an observation
she yells i shouldnt dignify that with a response cuz everyone keeps chalking up my behaviour to jacks death
he says no need to yell
she says im yelling cuz my good friend ,,who is a great man and a decent person
who is ruining his life and i cant get through to you thats why
he says i know what im doing and i know what i need to do
this is my life and my choices
the person im going for right now is Nicole walker
jen says i never thought you were a complete idiot
she takes you to her bed and gets you to commit a felony for her and she gets what she wants
and you lose your medical license
dan says my life its my business
i am none of your business
and you have as much right to talk about Nicole as i have to talk about jack
she says you were talking about jack, how traumatized i am by him and how you think i made a mistake
but i know you made a mistake
what you did is illegal and unethical and
this is not who you are ,its who she is and you get nothing out of it
he says i get her and thats who i want
this way we get to be together
without EJ coming after her or us
she says i dont believe this
he says well i dont believe you walked away from being happy just cuz jack was helpless with out you
guess we shouldnt be talking about these things
she says that was intentionally cruel and thats not who you use to be
good luck cleaning up the mess you made of your life
she rolls up the papers and throws at him , one good thing came of this
i never doubted for a minute choosing jack over you, but now i know i made the right choice
she leaves
dan is mad

rafe says there is no chance at all that im going to end up with sami
i will be in touch with Dan and figure out what to do next
he leaves

sami says i was going to go over and offer to make tea or something to eat
is everything ok?
EJ says i think we are both very new with this brother thing and
im not good at it
sami says im an idiot , im offering to make something to eat cuz i dont know what else to say
chad says mrs Brady im sorry
sami says its sami
i know when i have disasters
im in control and polite all the time , ask him
hang in there ok
she goes back into her apartment
Ej says im not very good at the brother thing
sometimes i can sound very cold
but i am your brother i have your back,im on your side
go home and get some rest
promise me you arent going to do anything
dont talk to the police about gabi
chad says why is that it doesnt make any sense, what difference does it make and why is that what you are worried about ?
what are you up to?

Maggie thanks Caroline for giving Nick a job
Caroline says i needed a dish washer
he is still in his apprenticeship
Caroline leaves
Maggie talks to nick
tells him he handled a bad situation but if chad ever does this again she wants him to tell her about it

jen goes into the square
Nicole comes up to her

Maggie hugs Nick good bye
gabi tells Caroline Maggie is going to miss Melanie
Caroline says i should hate that woman for marrying my Shawn
but she is too nice to hate
gabi says didnt she marry victor
caroline says i know
gabi says you said she married shawn
Caroline says thats what i get for being cooped up in here all day
im going to take a walk and clear my mind whats left of it

chad says why do you care what happens to gabi
when i told you what she had done without telling you who it was
you were ready to go in for the kill
and now you know who it is and you are protecting the sister of a man you despise why is that
ej has the flashback of telling rafe he will keep gabi out of prison if he gives sami up
ej says i dont care about her
i care about you
you should have played more chess with father
whats that got to do with anything
Ej says everything, father drove it over and over, you have to be 5 moves ahead of your opponent
if you want to be successful
lets says i find melanie and bring her back and put the 2 of you together , do you think everything will be resolved , think she is going to forget
about this dark side of your personality
if you want to fix this you have to work really hard
to fix it
her finding out that you put gabi in prison isnt going to help with your reconciliation
chad says everything i did was to protect Melanie ,thats the truth
ej says the truth is subjective
not important
whats important is melanies perception of truth , discretion is the better part of valor
ok when you have had some rest and give it some thought
you will know im right
dont do anything
chad says he wants to do something
ej says doing something is what got you into this mes sin the first place
go home and get some sleep
promise me you wont do anything
chad says ok
Ej says good man get some rest call me
he leaves
ej goes back into samis
says chad is fine im more concerned about you
she says im fine
he says lets go for a walk
we will talk about the kids
they leave

dan goes home
gets out the liquor
and pours himself a drink
he looks at a pic of him and Melanie
knock on the door
he answers
its Maggie
she says is this a bad time?
He says hell no misery loves company
he says i miss her
she says i miss her too
she will be back
we can keep in touch with her
dan says she made the right choice and she needs time away
maggie says mel talked about what a great dad and great person he is
i agree with her
he says not everybody does

Nicole says are you ok
looks like you are about to have another meltdown
jen says why would i waste a one of my good meltdowns on you i would save it for daniel, make him feel sorry for me
to manipulate him and get him to do what i want
i had a breakdown cuz my husband died and it destroyed me and my children, this is real emotion im talking about, im a real person with real feelings
i know to you that might look calculated, cuz
everything you do is calculated
you dont want me telling you what it is you are doing so you turn it around and you accuse me of what you are doing
as deep as your hooks are in Daniel, im a threat to you
you are not always wrong

dan tells maggie its hard to keep jennifer from being jennifer
she is trying to take care of everyone and she should be taking care of her self
i tried to sever the ties and make her give up on me , i was brutal
maggie says i get this feeling it has something to do with Nicole
he says i have to get nicole out of that house
jen has to take care of herself
he says you were brutal,you did this on purpose
he says i did and it nearly killed me

nicole says i understand
it must be awful for you going thru what you are going thru
the emptiness in your life
and dealing with a woman who has everything
jen says yeah im so jealous of what you and dan share its so special
nic says did he tell you i had my hooks in him
jen says he painted a rosy picture
i hope the 2 of you stay as happy as you are today
what was it
of dan many qualities sealed the deal for you
crinkly smile ,sense of humour
or was it the fact he could doctor paternity tests for you
nic says you are such a bitch
jen says maybe
maybe im not the cream puff you think i am
thats makes you a stupid bitch
Caroline is listening

chad goes home and finds his good bye note from melanie
written on pretty stationary
he rolls it up and screams and throws it
screams some more and leaves

nick asked gabi if she found a lawyer
she says my brother got me one
he says things will work out its cool you have a brother

rafe is listening to his message from gabi
outside the coffee place

sami and ej are at the coffee place
she says i know that i have been jerking you around and its not fair to you
he says alls fair in love and war
she says which one is it this time , it seems like the more i push you away the closer you get
how can you be so nice to me when i have been so terrible to you
he says i think you know the answer to that
i love you , i always have and i always will.

Dan paces the floor
maggie says could it be if you are still in love with her
he says what if i am it doesnt change anything
talking makes it worse
maggie says jen might have a low opinion of you but i don t
she says call me in the morning
i dont know whats going on with Nicole but i never saw anything involving nicole that wasnt a mess
he says it is a mess
Jennifer might not be able to care for anyone again like jack
maybe jen was so upset with you
is because maybe she still cares for you too ,very much
she leaves

Nicole says ok cream puff
if you need to be mad at someone it may as well be me
jen says cut the crap ,you used my husband, my children and my dignity , you used everything you could to keep Daniel away from me and now you are using him for your own purposes
you have ruined him and his life and im not going to let you use me , i promise you ,im going to make you pay for what you have done.
Caroline is still listening.

gabi tells nick his headache is back
take some aspirin and call her in the morning
he says thanks and leaves
chad walks in
says im gonna hurt you gabi just like you hurt me

rafe is watching EJ and sami through the window of the coffee place
Sami says i know you love me
i just have to figure out...
he says how you feel about me
she says i just need time to figure everything out
rafe walks in, slams the door
sami turns around to see him
and he looks at the 2 of them
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Wow. Sami is nothing but a big ol slut. This is nothing but a bad fanfiction.
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Buh-Bye Tan of Our Lives

Oct 1 2012, 02:08 PM
Wow. Sami is nothing but a big ol slut. This is nothing but a bad fanfiction.
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Deleted User
Deleted User

Please NBC just put this show out of its misery. :rip: TomSell is killing what little hope I had. :(
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Daniel calling jen out finally and jen looks like a nut job. If ej really wanted to blackmail rafe it should have been about nicole and his sons paternity not about sami. He just looks pathetic
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Renee Dimera
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Same shit, different day. Or, I should say, same shitty *characters*, different day. ^o)
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Sami Posted Image

so an episode to pimp Dannifer and Safe

Posted Image
Edited by Ilovecandy, Oct 1 2012, 02:24 PM.
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Virgo Twins
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I am getting REALLY bored. I really hope things pick up soon.
Edited by Virgo Twins, Oct 1 2012, 02:25 PM.
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Queen of Texas

another CAN MISS episode
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Jen is bonkers
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Revisionist history, much? Daniel didn't "bow out" gracefully. He dumped Jen-Jen because, after four months of the stupid dating game he proposed, she still couldn't make up her teeny little mind about whom she wanted and his ego was getting bruised. And she sure as hell didn't run to Jack when he returned, and certainly not because Jack was "helpless" without her. She didn't give a damn about what he was going through--she told him she wasn't the person to fix him and she wanted "a happy man." She strung both men along unconscionably until they both dumped her. And then she bullied Jack into a reunion before he was ready for it.

And now that Jack's gone, she's throwing herself at Daniel under the guise of being his protector and defender. All her tirades against Nicole amount to the same neediness, jealousy, and desperation that drives her rival. With the added impetus of being a self-righteous harpy. I know we're supposed to sympathize with Jen-Jen in whatever revenge scenario Nicole dreams up, but I just . . . can't.

Couldn't care less about Sami. Or Chad (CD's screaming scene must have been godawful). Or Rafe. And can Maggie just STFU about Dannifer's so-called great love?
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can someone explain to me how that its nicoles fault about chloe lying although to be fair chloe thought daniel was the father.Interesting that carolina is listening to Jennifer and nicoles convo
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I think this clinches it for me. Tomsell hate their audience. They despise us or resent us or something, because they certainly are not trying to write anything to engage us. Is there one single character that they have not shit on? Even their pets are being written shitty. Rafe is a tool, Dan is a schmuck. Nice job, assholes. You will get this show canceled if it's the last thing you do, and you will ruin every last good thing about it before you do.
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Bring back Jack!

Sorry what did Daniel say? Jennifer used him when she thought Jack was gone and then threw him away when Jack came back into her life. Seriously did I miss that because all I saw was Jennifer falling all over Daniel and not giving a crap how Jack felt or what he was going through. Then even when Daniel dumped her 10 times (he didn't nobly walk away) she decided to "choose" Jack - but only after she was completely sure Daniel didn't want her. Ugh why are they trying to make these two tortured soulmates. They suck as a couple and this person calling herself Jennifer is horrible. Oh and if Jennifer is going to keep referring to Jack as her husband then maybe she should be correcting people who refer to her as Jennifer Horton (not Deveraux).

Edit: I guess it's not just me as I see Romancer66 basically said the same;)
Edited by Guinevere, Oct 1 2012, 02:32 PM.
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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

I don't recall Jennifer ever choosing Jack over Daniel. Perhaps the fact that Jennifer just couldn't stay with Daniel when Jack came back was reason enough to put doubts in his mind. Jennifer playing torn between 2 men, and getting dumped by both is how it played out. Jack just ended up with her, because she decided he was all she had left and Jack had never stopped loving and wanting her. IMO Jennifer was with Jack for all the wrong reasons, history, children, need, not for love. I think that Daniel is partly right for calling her out on her shit. Daniel either didn't want her that bad or felt that he was no competion to Jack in the long run and would be the loser, that is how I saw him bow out gracefully.

At one part iof the convo, Daniel tells her that she made a mistake, was the mistake that she chose with be Jack instead of him?... what other mistake is Dan referring to? If that is what he meant, I too found it offensive.

Dannifer scenes comes aff better than the written dialogue suggests, haters might enjoy it. The most acting I've seeen from either SC or MR in a long time.
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AS might be getting lots of screen time under these writers, but her character has become completely unlikeable once again. Can't stand her indecisiveness, the way she fawns over St. Rafe, and the way she uses EJ to build up her self esteem when Rafe trashes her (again). It's toxic and completely erodes any enjoyment I had for the once-spunky, vulnerable, Sami Brady. I might have cared before the EJ loved her - and hearing him say it must be lovely - but the way they write for Rafe and Sami is one-sided favouritism. Who cares if EJ has feelings for a character that is "in love" (gag) with the character that always, always seems to profit from this regime? Rafe's going to win Sami - with the penguin, scarves, and little purse to boot - so why bother watching?

Hope Nicole finds some happiness and the upper hand soon.
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Buh-Bye Tan of Our Lives

Oct 1 2012, 02:21 PM
Sami Posted Image

so an episode to pimp Dannifer and Safe

Posted Image
This post is more entertaining than the show :)
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So Jack is now a pathetic, "helpless" character whose sole purpose was to separate Dannifer through pity. Way to go TomSell how to destroy one of the greatest Days characters ever! Man just when I think it can't suck any more than it already does I'm proved wrong again. :moon:

And if Nic's baby really does die I'm more then happy to lead the "Kill Jennifer Horton and Dr Dicker" lynchmob.
Edited by bomber, Oct 1 2012, 03:02 PM.
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Wow. For EJ to be the leading man of the show, they are sure doing a number on him. The way how he grab what crumbs Sami throws out to him is really pathetic. This show is so boring.

Thanks for posting.
Edited by peaches179, Oct 1 2012, 02:58 PM.
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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

If Dr. Dicker loves Jennifer he has a weird way of showing it. TomSell are trying to sell JnJ fans a replica 1990 SL of when Jack pushes Jennifer away SL. FYI... Daniel is not Jack, how many times do we have to send these nutjobs the message. Daniel's victimized pain and tortutured soul for living a loveless life with out a woman and his lame personally, will never amount to anything to close to Jack Deveraux. Wake up TomSell you picked the wrong man!

So now Dr. Dicker is going to push Jennifer away, saying all these mean things to her, and we all know that Jennifer will feel sorry for him and want to apologize and kiss his boo-boos. No matter how they swing this SL, it better have a suprising twist. I pray that Jennifer never does the deed with him or falls for Dr. Dicker's line about how much she hurt him. GMAFB, bitchifer should have been focused on her husband living in hell from his of horrific Afghan cave ordeal, not snuggle bunnying up to tan man.

I totally blame MARDAR for this fuckup...Agnst is one thing, but chosing the wrong rooting couple was a big no-no.
Edited by Dreamer, Oct 1 2012, 03:01 PM.
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